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June 26, 2015

Six stories including: The Latest Fashion, by James Ganier

Valerie had never felt so humiliated as she did that moment. She couldn't remember ever having been spanked. Yet here she was, being paddlewacked in public! The second vice-president of the Business and Professional Women's Association. Soundly spanked!

It was a good thing Valerie had so much paddling back there. She needed it! That little shovel was proving to be a potent spanking paddle. It made a most satisfying ringing sound each time it made contact with the pantied posterior of Michael's mate. The photographers, after some initial hesitation, were now flashing away. And the audience, while still astonished, was responding with laughs, gasps, squeals and some excited commentary.

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Fire Alarm, Barbie Grows Up, by Barbie
You Touch My Kid, by Greg Babcock
Mystic, by Greg Babcock
Backfire, Wendy
Bad Influence, by SFG


June 22, 2015

Six stories including: The Spanking Class, by A.M.

I gave her bottom a minute rub before having her stand so that she could retrieve the maple oval backed hairbrush from the bathroom. She brought it back to me immediately and positioned herself across my lap again. WHACK on the right cheek, WHACK on the left cheek and WHACK across both cheeks. Thirty times the brush smacked into her blazing behind. Lisa yelled "OUCH” and "SSSTOP! I'LL BE GOOD.” Her behind was a shade of red that I had never seen before. It was a cross between cherry red and ripe apple red.

After the spanking Lisa and I spent the rest of the night making love. The warmth of her bottom againt my pelvic region was a major factor to my ability of having two orgasms. Lisa had four powerful orgasms that night.

Also in this update:

A Coat for Ruthie, by Eileen
Broken Vase, by Alan
Victoria's Principle's, by Pete
Babied Bride, by C. Scott
Bad Kitty, by Tasha


June 19, 2015

Six stories including: Housewarming, by Kristiana

"Oh, ow! No, I don't need anybody", Lisa shouted but her head was beginning to tell her differently as her bottom began to warm from his administrations. She WAS tired of always getting her own way. To her it seemed that no one cared about her because they did not stop her from doing the many foolish things she had done over the years. She remembered how her friends had told her how they were punished for misbehavior and how they had felt loved and forgiven afterwards. Lisa had never known those feelings for she had never been disciplined in her life. Yet here she was being spanked for the first time by the man that she adored and she could not give in to him or the spanking.

Also in this update:

In the Red, by Barbie
Lets Detail the Pickup Truck, by Greg Babcock
Twisters, by Alan O.
Art & Life, by C. Allen
Ashley Shows Off, by ZZ


June 15, 2015

Six stories including: Introduction to Spanking Exploration, by A.M.

Ron gave Leslie a firm swat with the brush on her right cheek and then on her left one. SWAT! "How dare you not tell me what to expect today." WHACK!.. SMACK!.. WHACK!.. SWAT! "I hope you are learning something today young lady. I will not tolerate, you keeping me in the dark about something like this." SWAT!.. WHACK!.. CRACK!.. "How do you feel being across my lap getting your bare ass spanked in front of all these people?" Swat!.. WHACK!.. CRACK!.. Leslie sobbed and kicked the air with each crack of the brush. "I feel funny having you across my lap with these other people watching your ass get redder and redder." He gave her thirty whacks with the brush before he put it down and began to softly rub her scarlet behind. A dollop of lotion was rubbed into her sore throbbing seat before Leslie got off his lap.

Also in this update:

Irene, by C. Flint
Filing a Grievance, by Greg Babcock
John Gets it in the John, by Greg Babcock
1954, by Mark Stiles
Alice is Late Again, by Pat Kammerer


June 12, 2015

Six stories including: Larry's Dream Come True, by Chuck Wilson

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! The ruler suddenly rose and fell in rapid succession on each glowing orb and then across the crack, bringing ever sharper squeals from Amy. Then Larry began a more steady assault and her entire spanking area gradually became a deeper shade of red.

Linda watched in astonishment as her sister's nude buttocks absorbed spank after spank from the ruler. They bounced wildly over Larry's lap and, if Amy had managed to get some enjoyment out of the earlier portion of her punishment, she certainly showed no signs of it at that point. The cheeks were clenched tightly and the once well_defined crevice had become a narrow aperture.

Still the spanking continued. Larry had waited a long time for this opportunity and he likely would never get the chance again. But, as he saw portions of the skin mottling and a few blisters being produced, he eased up on the force of the smacks and concentrated on the less inflamed parts.

Also in this update:

Lianne, by Helier
Trouble on LeFemme, by Jason
Lauren's Sudden Change, by W. Arthur
Sisters in Spanking, Part Two, by C.J. West
Sherry's Midterm Blues, by Ted Harlinton


June 8, 2015

Six stories including: Hot Date, by Greg Lerridence

"That's right, Janice," I said, drawing the strap through my fingers. "I'm afraid you're in for a spanking regardless. You can get it from me or you can get it from your father. Just remember two things. If you get it from me, you get to go to the dance. And your father's a lot bigger and a whole lot stronger than I am. It's up to you, Janice. But I sure know what I'd do in your shoes."

Janice looked pleasingly at me and pleasingly at her mother and couldn't bear to look at her younger sister at all. Then, with a helpless shrug, and in a voice so halting and diminutive I could hardly hear her, she turned to me and said, "I guess ... would it be okay if ... "(a sigh and a deep breath)" ... could I get my spanking from you?"

Also in this update:

Impropriety, by A.J. Wilshire
Judy Tries Her Hand, by Pete
Know Thy Place, by Greg Babcock
Spanking & Ms. Seesaw, by Rachel Heath
Sisters in Spanking, Part One, by C.J. West


June 5, 2015

Six stories including: A Hot Lunch Date, by Barbie

How I wished I hadn't written that stupid letter. If only I had just not mailed it. Written it and dropped it in the drawer of my desk. Why had I mailed it? Because I was mad. Hugh's support had always been so positive. I expected praise from him. I had felt betrayed. Unfortunately he was right, his points had been valid and only constructive. I had to learn to take criticism. But not like this, not over Hugh's knee.

Why did he have to be so right about everything? I hated that too. He knew exactly what I would do if he let me,let our friendship fade. He knew me too well. But not as well as he thought--if he thought that I was going to accept a spanking and remain his friend,he had another think coming. I would never get over if he really spanked me. The idea of the humiliation of that was too much for me.

Also in this update:

What In-Laws Are For, by G.R.M.
Group Picture, by Greg Babcock
Just a Matter of Asking, by The Sergeant
Peaches, by Merideth
Sent Home to Mommie, by Barbie


June 1, 2015

Six stories including: French Lessons, by M.D.

She struggled desperately now, a thrashing tigress, her poor bottom aflame. Tears burst from her pretty blue eyes, running in rivulets down her face.

At first the threats of a spanking, then its actuality had primarily evoked emotions of embarrassment and humiliation in Karyn. A grown woman being spanked like a schoolgirl for ignoring her lessons! But now feelings of embarrassment had abandoned her, only the searing pain in her buttocks mattered, a pain increased and intensified with each application of the male palm rising and descending above her. SPANK!...SPANK! SPANK! ...SPANK! SPANK! SPA...N...K!! SPANK! SPANK!...SPANK!! SPANK! SPAN...KK!! She squirmed and twisted her hips trying desperately, unsuccessfully to avoid the punishing slaps to her backside.

Also in this update:

Girl on the Hood, by Jamie Phillips
Deidre Does, by James Sondance
The State of the Delancey Lawn, by Rachel Heath
Sophie, by Helier
The Snow House, by A.M.M.

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