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May 23, 2016

Six stories including: Two Sisters, Part Three, by S.E.

The man seated himself on the corner of the girl's bed and drew Wendy up and over his lap. The towel lay discarded on the floor. The bikini clad girl lay with her hips resting on the man's left thigh. He worked his right leg over the backs of her bare thighs just above her knee hollows. Her legs extended on the bed to his right. Purposely he sat at the corner of the bed so that the girl's upper body was extended off of the bed forcing her to support herself with open hands pressing to the rugged floor. In an instant the disobedient young lady was positioned in a painfully helpless pose, her rump jutting almost lewdly , owing to the force angling of her upper body off of the high bed. The nubile body lay draped most effectively for the disciplinary swats of the hairbrush. The man's heavy right legs easily kept the girl's feet from thrashing about. Yet her feet were free to kick uselessly at the bed.

Also in this update:

Uncle Gus, by G.R.M.
Schadenfreude, by Rod Birch
Seat of Justice, by Karma Sutra
Cheating Wife, Strapping Mother-the-Law, by Al Purvis
Working Out, by Ralph Greco, Jr.


May 20, 2016

Six stories including: Two Sisters, Part Two, by S.E.

"Enough...enough pleaseee!" she wailed, her fisted right hand waved along her right hip caught between the desperate need to rush back and intercede on behalf of her burning behind and the knowledge that such an act would be inviting, possible, even an angrier and prolonged punishment. Just as the case for her behind was winning out the spanks stopped. Kathy continued to writhe and grind her hips about as the sting of those spanks tormented and burned. The distraught young lady felt herself being put back onto her feet. She stood trembling as her guardian's fingers fumbled at the snap and zipper at the side of her pants. "Ohhh nooo, no, ohh!" was all she could babble as the undoing of her pants proceeded. The pocketless seat of those thin cotton pants had offered little protection but even this was being tugged down. Burning anew with humiliation, she struggled to remain in place, fists clenched tightly at her side as the pants were rolled inside out down to her knees. Kathy shut her eyes, tears streaming down her feverish face as the fingers returned to grasp her panties. Mr. Jeffries' voice could be heard but his words were lost to the young anguished lady as she felt the waist band of her panties slip easily over the sore moons of her pert behind, down, down until the feminine undergarment was stretched twix the firm slender columns of her thighs. Wendy was hypnotised by the sight of her sister's naked bottom facing her. Both sisters were plenty old enough to be embarrassed by the sight presented to their guardian, but he seemed oblivious to this as his lecture continued, a lecture that was falling on burning ears.

Also in this update:

Trouble at the Mall, by Mike Burke
Rupert Serves it Up, by Rachel Heath
Educating Sarah, by Rod Birch
Tardiness is NOT a Virtue, by Nigel McParr
Tina Gets it Burned, by Ted Harlington


May 16, 2016

Six stories including: Two Sisters, Part One, by S.E.

The man patted the panty encased globes for the longest of times, drawing new outbursts of blubbering from the once stoic youngster. As he patted her, the girl's guardian proceeded to lecture her on the need for obedience and submissiveness. The palm smacked smartly now and then to this or that arch of gyrating buttock. The girl's seat was extremely firm and compact, the cheeks desperately trying to clench as if to diminish their vulnerability and compromise the indecent display that caused the girl's face to burn hotly. With a most casual and unhurried manner the man's fingers began to pull the girl's undergarment downward to bare her yawning behind. This slow disrobing was clearly meant to make perfectly clear to the young girl who was in charge .... that she was subject to whatever actions her guardian deemed necessary .... that she would remain helplessly before him until he was quite satisfied with the thoroughness of her chastisement. And so she struggled and sobbed as her panties were worked down to just below the base of her rounded and protruding backside. What a sight &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. softly pink from the initial manual correction, the girl's bared behind was flexed in flawless perfection over her guardian's lap. The young lady's hips and seat were pale in contrast to the deep tan of her legs and arched back. The creamy flesh revealed the modest cut of her bathing suit bottoms and provided an ideal canvas for the rosy handprints that were glowing warmly atop the arches and lower summits of both hillocks.

Also in this update:

Margaret's Enlightenment, by M.S.
Room 211, by Jason
Rosewater, by Erin
Threesome, by Jamie Phillips
The Thunder Rolls, by Desiree LeMoyne


May 13, 2016

Six stories including: Linley and Professor Kingsford, by T.C. Stonefox

"Your father is going to cane you, Linley,” answered her mother. "Six of the best on your bare bottom. Just like you will get if you go to the University!”

Linley lowered her head and sobbed as a wave of fear permeated her body. The news that she was to be caned didn't surprise her, but it was final now and there was nothing that was going to stop it from happening. She had always dreaded it when her mother took her bloomers down before paddling her bottom with the hairbrush, but now her father was going to see her most private girl anatomy.

Also in this update:

A Warm Engagement, by Barbie
The Rushin' Russian, by Victoria
Behind Closed Doors, by David
Sarah's Education, by C. Allen
Summer School, by Kristiana


May 9, 2016

Six stories including: Uncle Gus, by G.R.M.

"I will be glad to do so, young lady," he said sternly," Mr. Thompson, here, is extremely adept in the fine art of spanking disobedient young woman. I asked him to deliver the punishment I suggested if you choose that option. However, Mr. Thompson is married now and does not feel it would be appropriate for him to spank you ladies. However, by a coincidence, Mrs. Thompson has been disobedient and is due a spanking from him. Therefore, the proposition is that there will be a meeting in my home in which we all will be present. Mr. Thompson will deliver a sound spanking to his wife ( here lovely Jennifer hung her blonde head) and Mr. Martin will spank Mrs. Martin, Mr. McKenzie will spank Mrs. McKenzie and Mr. O'Hanlon will spank Mrs. O'Hanlon. If you choose to reject this option, that is perfectly all right. However, in the event, you will be sentenced to a 30 day jail term for larceny and fined $500 a piece. I await your decision before proceeding further."

Also in this update:

Wait Until I Get You Home, by G.R.M.
The Widow Stone and Me, by Jason
Wine, Women and a Sore Fanny, by Gregory Babcock
Rock-N-Roll Forever, by Eileen
A Rookie Mistake, by Chuck Wilson


May 6, 2016

Six stories including: What to do with Paulette, by Don Barton

But Paulette was not about to admit to her intentional, illicit trip to the mall... not while the safety and welfare of her butt was at risk. “See, umm,” she continued, making an intense effort to quickly come up with an explanation to plug the hole in her story, “this was a new girlfriend and I haven't given you guys her number yet,” she privately congratulated herself, “so that's why you weren't able to talk to the right girl. I know I should've given you guys her number last week, but I forgot.”

Tom and Cindy frowned. Both of them were very displeased with their daughter's desire to lie. Tom was first to speak up. “You're sticking to that story!?” he firmly asked.

Also in this update:

Why I Do It, by Uncle George
X Marks the Spot, by Iona
After All These Years, by Greg Babcock
Sharing with Sally, by S.S.
Sadie, by Helier


May 2, 2016

Six stories including: Three Gifts, by C. Flint

The crisp report of the back of the hairbrush banging against Crissy's wiggling backside echoed regularly off the walls of my den. I knew how Crissy felt. I knew she thought that the spanking would never end. I knew that she thought that her backside was so sore that she could not bear another smack but felt helpless knowing that the hairbrush would smack her again. And again. And again.

I watched with wonder as Crissy's bottom turned a dark and angry red from the small of her back to several inches on the tops of her thighs. I felt the heat rising from the inflamed surface of her buttocks. As small purple splotches began to blossom on the crimson, I knew Crissy had been spanked enough.

Also in this update:

True Master, by Rianne
Marriage Contract, by Jade Alanson
My Wife Martha and Her Lawyer, Samantha, by Ricardo
Rude Awakenings, by Nigel McParr
Rueful Rendezvous, by Alan O.

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