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April 18, 2016

Six stories including: Peg's Party, by Lizbeth

"Oh my god please no more!" Chris wailed over and over again, but Nathan, true to form - as a well-practiced dominant man - knew exactly when she'd had enough. He'd been listening to the pleas of naughty women for years, and knew that the harder more impassioned and longer a spanking, the more satisfying it would be in the end. He knew that Chris and Jacob would have one wild rollicking time when this was over, and that pleased him almost as much as seeing the sight of Chris's wiggling bottom on his lap.

Also in this update:

Playing School, by Eric Rosemont
Melanie's Seminar, by Jason
Winner Spanks All, by Victoria
The Purloined Tapes, by Steve Ivy
Miss Suzy Q, by C. Flint


April 15, 2016

Six stories including: Carrie Got Spanked, Part Two, by Ed Finn

I've never really experienced that. With my folks, it was more like, "I warned you, young lady! You're getting spanked - right now!" Into my parents' bedroom we'd march, pants down, bottom up. Smack! "Ouch!" Smack! "Ouch!" Smack! Smack! "Oww! Ouch!" Smacksmacksmacksmacksmack! "Owwwwwwweeeeee! And so on until...cry, cry, cry and promises to be oh so good. Don't misunderstand, they were good, hard spankings. My folks, especially my dad, are experts at corporally wringing every last vestige of ego and pride from their daughters, whether by hand, hairbrush, or the dreaded razor strap. Maybe sometime I'll write some of my childhood and teenage reminiscences for you. For some reason, I have amazing recall where spanking is involved.

Also in this update:

Catherine Gets It, by The Mysterious R
Mrs. Danvers & Rebecca Late One Evening, by Rachel Heath
Strike Night, by Victoria
Alice's Boss, by T.B.
Michelle Wish Comes True, by Thomas Bruns


April 11, 2016

Six stories including: An Expensive Shopping Trip, by Steve Ivy

Mike was quite impressed with his handiwork as he was treated to the sight of the three punished feminine posteriors bustling around the kitchen. Even Teresa retained a hot reddish glow and all three sets of buns displayed dark spots where the speeding hairbrush landed with particular ferocity. It is doubtful that any of the three penitents really enjoyed their meal as there was an unusually large amount of fidgeting and shifting of weight as tender, hot bottom flesh came in rude contact with hard kitchen chairs.

Also in this update:

Mama Gets What For, by The Sergeant
The Boss' Wife, by Jason
The Holdup, by Gregory Babcock
The School, by S.S.
The Worst Day of their Lives, by Steve Press


April 8, 2016

Six stories including: The Cadillac, by Amy Shelton

I know my cheeks were flaming as I complied with his request, and we ate our dinner with no further mention of my missing undergarment. We talked about work instead, and he told me a little about his family. We compared siblings, and laughed a lot. But despite the pleasant conversation with a man I was growing very fond of, my bare behind was constantly in my thought.

Also in this update:

Carrie Got Spanked, Part One, by Ed Finn
Friend of a Friend, by Ralph Greco, Jr.
Honoring Your Don, by Gregory Babcock
Serving Mistress Abracadabra, by Rachel Heath
Slumber Party Slapping, by Randy Slapp


April 4, 2016

Six stories including: Caught in the Act, by Barbie

Angie scrambled to comply. She hoped that she was going to get spanked on top of her panties. All of a sudden receiving a bare bottomed spanking from an infuriated husband didn't seem the best idea in the world. It didn't feel so romantic or so sexy. It felt scary. Dread walked up and down her spine and as it reached her bottom, she clinched her buttocks. She felt like her heart was in her stomach and the lump in her throat might choke her. She shivered as if something had walked on her grave and a chill ran down her body. She was about to get a spanking. This was not a fantasy. She was really in Sally's place only she had a feeling that Bill's spanking was going to be a lot worse than any she had ever given out.

Also in this update:

A Spanking Business, Part One, by Chuck
The Lothario, by Gregory Babcock
Sisters Under the Skin, by Rod Birch
Kerry's Last Spanking, by A.B.
Susan's Seventeenth Summer, by Agi


April 1, 2016

Six stories including: Apple Tree Switches, by Al Purvis

I looked at the two women looking back at me in anticipation. I took a deep breath and unbuttoned my silk blouse. My abbreviated push-up bra drew 'oohs' from Lilly and Sue. I assumed they were less impressed with its perfect fit and color than they were with the cost of it, probably more than their entire wardrobes, combined. I put my arms in the babydoll dress and lowered it over my head. I had to remove my hand-tooled cowboy boots to get out of my designer jeans. While I was putting my boots back on I remember that the bikini panties I wore weren't much more than a thong! My panties matched the bra and don't make visible panty-lines in my tight fitting jeans, but, of course, should never be worn under a short dress. I was afraid to mention this to Lilly or Sue, since one of them might have a spare pair of panties and, clean or not, I would never wear panties another woman had worn, nor would I consider donning undies from Wal-Mart. I would simply have to avoid bending over or standing too close to the front edge of the stage.

Also in this update:

Chrysalis, by C. Flint
Desire, by Bonnie
Faulty Directions, by Victoria
Amanda, by Helier
Mrs. Bates and the Roommates, Part Two, by Jason


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