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April 20, 2015

Six stories including: Blushing Bride, by Juliette

Soon she was moaning and thrusting slightly against him. It was never like this when her father had spanked her. Sure he was aware of her wetness, she moaned again.

Mark paused for a moment and rested his hand on Taylor’s bare, red bottom. His breathing came in short, shallow gasps. If she kept moving against him like that he would surely lose it. He ran his hand seductively around her skin, slipping his fingers down between her cheeks. He could hear her breathing hard.

“Taylor,” he began as he continued to caress her bare skin. “The spanking would normally be over now. But this one is not. There are two reasons why I’m going to continue. The first is that you disobeyed me when I asked you to come here. I had to get up from the chair to pull you over my lap. I expect in the future you will move when I tell you to.” She nodded, lost in the sensations he had, and was, creating in her bottom.

Also in this update:

The Board of Education, by A.B.
Ann and Greg, Part One, by Greg Babcock
Aunt Dee, by Thomas Bruns
Annie Parsons, by Nigel McParr
Another Family's Tradition, by S.F.G.


April 17, 2015

Six stories including: Angie, Sandy and the Shrink, by Jack Kennedy

The last spanking I got wasn't from my father. It was from Bob about a year ago. Bob's parents were 'shopping and we were using his pool. I had just picked up this bathing suit which is real cute, but slightly smaller than the twenty dollar bill I paid for it. It must have given Bob ideas because he started chasing me around the pool. He almost got me when he pulled me over his lap on the diving board, but I wiggled loose and jumped in the water. As I jumped I felt his hand grab for me and the next thing I knew, I was halfway up the pool and Bob was holding on to the lower half of my bathing suit. He jumped in after me but I reached the other end, and I ran into the den, locking the sliding glass door behind me. I admit I started making faces at him through the glass and I was jumping up and down taunting him. I, guess he took it as a challenge to his manhood and rose to the least part of him did.

Also in this update:

A Birthday Spanking, by Alan O.
After the Party, by Ralph Greco, Jr.
Amanda's Strong Stand, by Rachel Heath
Alyssa, by Helier
Amelia's Heinie, Mother's Hairbrush, by M.S.


April 13, 2015

Six stories including: The Adventures of Being Rich, Part 2, by B.C. & Wife

He sat on the chair. "You will promise anything to save your ass from the whipping that you so richly deserve," he told her, as he took hold of her arm and put her back over his knee. "But you aren't getting out of this whipping. You have needed this for a long time and this afternoon it's time that you finally get what you have coming. I'm going to cover your whole cute ass with very hot welts. You are going to be standing up for a long time, you damn brat." He raised the switch and bent his wrist back as far as it would reach. As he brought it down on that fine round ass he flicked his wrist forward just at the end of the stroke. The flexible switch wrapped around her round ass and drew a thin white line across the bright red surface. The brat screamed and kicked. As the first welt turned dark red and swelled up he lay the next right along side of it. She screamed.

Also in this update:

For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Barbie
The Adventures of Ann, Part 2, by B.C. & Wife
All In the Family, by James Sondance
An Apple for the Teacher, by Eileen
The Art Lovers, by Jason


April 10, 2015

Six stories including: The Advantages of Being Rich, Part 1, by B.C & Wife

She soon found that spankings came in all sizes in his house. If he was the slightest unsatisfied with her, he would take up her skirt and give her one very hard slap across her panties while she was standing up. This was by far the most common kind of ass-slapping done by him. She was not the only one who was subject to this form of discipline. In fact, all his servants were women and all were spanked when they displeased him.

Also in this update:

The Bandit, by Amie
The Adventures of Ann, Part 1, by B.C. & Wife
After School Instruction, by Suzanne
Alice Learns Who's in Charge, by Tani
Alanna, by Ionna


April 6, 2015

Six stories including: Uncle Arnold, Part 3, The House Call, by Al Purvis

Amelia swallowed enough of her own grief to sympathize with her mother, whom she hated seeing suffer. Amelia ached along with Janet; she know exactly how much that damned plastic brush hurt. She wished Arnold had spanked her mother first. This way Amelia felt she was getting it twice.

When Arnold had thoroughly smitten Janet hip and thigh, and her backside was the same blazing crimson as Amelia's, he helped her up. She mimicked Amelia in every detail. The towel she had had on her head lay in the tub with Amelia's former turban. Her long damp hair hung in front of her face, being blow-dried by her bawling breaths, and her body towel now hung from her wrists across the small of her back. She made no effort to cover her full frontal nudity as she gyrated slowly and gingerly rubbed her red rump. Amelia finally took one hand away from her own sizzling seat and turned her mother, and herself, away from Arnold.

Facing the mirror, Amelia noticed Arnold was looking at their naked bottoms. Amelia also noticed that one of the cotton balls was stuck to the mirror.

Also in this update:

Ava Learns to Spell....Definitely, by Papa
GyneDomnia, Part Three, by Papa
Jessica, by B.J.
The Usual Saturday Night, by Ralph Greco, Jr.
Sheila Gets Hers, by F.D.


April 3, 2015

Six stories including: Uncle Arnold, Part 2, The House Mate, by Al Purvis

Since that humiliating hairbrush day, the only mention of someone getting a spanking was at Amelia's nineteenth birthday party. Arnold and Janet stopped by the family room on their way to dinner and found Amelia and her friends having a good time. Janet asked, "So who is going to spank the birthday girl?" "Mo-ther," Amelia gasped. Arnold interceded, "Come on Janet, Amelia's much too old for a spanking." Amelia energetically agreed. Janet decided not to disagree when she felt Arnold's powerful hand grip her upper arm and she remembered her own birthday was coming up in less than a month. Arnold had already demonstrated that what's sauce for the gosling is sauce for the goose.

Also in this update:

Ava Gets a Licking, by Ida
His First Time, by Barrister
GyneDomina, Part Two, by Papa
Neighbor's Delight, by Randy Slapp
Paddles and White Panties, Part Two, by Al Purvis


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