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May 25, 2015

Six stories including: Elena of Oak Hall, by Alexia

Elena bent over and held the left edge of the chair, then lowered herself across the man's lap. She inched forward, positioning her bottom so that it was at the best angle to receive the licks. Her toes just barely reached the floor. Her hands were planted on the thick carpeting. The dark hair cascaded down around her face, and as she reached around to sweep it to one side of her head, she felt her skirt lift up. It was folded back to her waist, exposing the round, fullness of her arched backside.

She glanced to her right. The Director was still watching. Then she felt Denis' weight shift beneath her as he got a secure grip on her waist with his left hand, and raised the paddle in his right. She dropped her head and closed her eyes.

Also in this update:

Equal Treatment Under the Cane, by A.L. Purvis
Crossroads, by Robert Johnson
How Dare You, by C. Flint
Neddy, by Iona
Oh Dear! Abby!, Part One, by Z.Z.


May 22, 2015

Six stories including: Spanking in Fantasy Land, by A.W.

"What protection are you talking about?" I asked, not really getting the point myself but indeed curious.

"I mean silly, that you can paddle us across our panties," the half smile returning.

As the word "panties" registered, you have knocked me over with a whisper; I was that unprepared for such a response! Trying to fake making an actual decision, I gazed out an open window, hoping my excitement would not show. Knowing I'd just stumbled onto a no lose situation, I accepted their offer, producing the chosen instrument of correction from its hiding place.

Also in this update:

Fire and Ice, by E. Finn
A Well Thought Out Corporate Punishment, by Dlaniger
Counselor Troi's Other Method's, by Mike
Libby's Apology, by DyAnne
Like Sister, Like Sister, by Mike Burke


May 18, 2015

Six stories including: A Doctor's Medicine, by Tom

When the doctor paused again and waited for Judy to calm down a bit, he looked over to the head nurse and asked her if the other two nurses to whom Judy was so rude were on duty. The head nurse said that they were and the doctor then asked her to go and get them and bring them to the room. Judy was too preoccupied with the smarting burn in her bottom to hear the doctor's instructions and did not notice the head nurse leaving the room. While the head nurse was gone the doctor took the time to talk to Judy in a firm but fatherly manner. He told Judy that she was really acting like a baby rather than an eighteen year old young lady and that the paddling he had given her so far was hardly such that would warrant all her carrying on. "You know, Judy, I have two daughters of my own, one almost as old as you are. They both answer to this paddle when they misbehave themselves. And, believe, they get it just as hard as you are getting it this afternoon.

Also in this update:

A Doctor's Debt, by Ken Harding
The Aunt Fanny Show, Part Two, by Jason
Smoke Beaters, by B.C. and Wife
The Table, by Ashley
Unfinished Business, by Jeff


May 15, 2015

Six stories including: Going Steady, by Barbie

Uncle Grant left her to "get ready." Getting ready for the hairbrush meant that she got into her pajamas and stood in the corner with her bottom bare for about half an hour. Barbie struggled out of the jeans and thankfully stuffed her pretty panties into the back of her lingerie drawer. Once in her pajamas, she picked up the hairbrush. She was supposed to hold its smooth oval surface against her bottom as she stood waiting but this time she threw the nasty thing on the bed.

"Seven spankings! Seven!" She stomped her feet as she headed toward the corner. She pulled her pajama panties down to her knees and then let her hands go back to rub her bottom. She hated the hairbrush. It hurt forever and ever. She fumed. Why couldn't Uncle Grant understand about boys? She was supposed to have boyfriends. Lots of the other girls did. Everyone expected a girl to have boyfriends. It was bad enough that she got good grades, if she couldn't have a boyfriend everyone would think she was like Emmy Lou Parkins. Emmy Lou wore funnier clothes than Uncle Grant liked. They called Emmy Lou "The Brain." Kids weren't being nice either. Barbie was very careful not to advertise her brain at college. Uncle Grant was the only one who saw her report card. He appreciated "A's".

Also in this update:

Not So Happy Days, by C.J. West
Aunt Shoshona Lets Bert Have It!, by Rachel Heath
Bailed Out, by N.G.
A Summer to Remember, by Mike Burke
A Tradition in the Family, by C. Allen


May 11, 2015

Six stories including: Fair's Fair, by E. Finn

Barb caught her breath at the fascinating sounds emanating from the bedroom. Obviously, the old brush still packed its old wallop. Also, the frantic desperation already being expressed in Kim's whoops and yelps indicated that either she had an unusually tender bottom, or Jack was an extremely able disciplinarian. Barb presumed the former, since Kim's sassy rear end had been spared the rigors of such chastisement for way too long. Besides, Jack did not strike her as especially strict or enthusiastic regarding spanking. Hopefully this little session would rekindle his appreciation for the salutary effect of such punishment. There is no better method for correcting a naughty young lady's misbehavior.

Also in this update:

The Family, by Mark Stiles
Take Me Out to the Ballgame, by Rob Birch & Bridget Striker
Aunt Fanny Show, by Jason
The Payment for Stealing Underwear, by Don Barton
Another Visit to Aunt Sally, by SFG


May 8, 2015

Six stories including: In Need of Discipline, by Uncle George

I ignored her pleadings and protestations and got on with the job of administering what I thought was a reasonable spanking. I covered every inch of Bonnie's behind and before twenty slaps had landed, Bonnie was no longer protesting. She remained quietly over my knee, accepting whatever punishment came her way. She didn't make any attempt to cover her behind, even though her right hand was free to try if she wanted. After about thirty slaps or so, she was involuntarily clenching her bottom cheeks with each spank, and even kicking her legs occassionally. I continued to rain the spanks down on the girl's blue-jean-covered bottom and after about forty-five slaps, Bonnie looked back over her left shoulder at me. "How many...(spank)... am I getting... (spank) OUCH! ... Jason?" she asked.

Also in this update:

Elaine's Deja Vu All Over Again, by Millicent's Friend
Ann and Greg, Fun at a Party, by A.M.
Auntie Tales Control, by Angela
Stormy Path to Knowledge, by Kevin O'Toole
Different Strokes, by Bridget Striker


May 4, 2015

Six stories including: Denise Learns Her Lesson, by Don Barton

And with her confidence somewhat shaken, Denise had only her desperate need of passing the test to help guide her through her dishonest deed. And with a final push of resolve - and an unfortunate lack of honesty - she took her captivating, cold-blue eyes off her test and looked up to see what Mr. Mitchell was doing. And smiling happily, she saw that he was reading a magazine. She then panned the classroom, and she saw that all of her classmates were paying attention to their test. And with that, she slowly leaned her body slightly to the right - quickly feeling her femininely curved, right bottom cheek press into her chair as she shifted her weight to the right - and cocked her head to the right, directly toward the test paper on Karen Caldwell's desk, then she brushed her light-brown hair out of the way, directed her eyes at Karen's test paper and cautiously began to copy the girl's answers.

Also in this update:

Private Detective, by Jay Ellis
Ann and Greg, Ruminations Over a Knee, by A.M.
Anniversary Dance, by Victoria
Julie's Diary, by Ed Finn
Aunt June, by Ralph Greco, Jr.


May 1, 2015

Six stories including: Brenda's Desperate Need, by Don Barton

"Well, umm, yes sir," Brenda answered. "See, I know I'm supposed to be behave. It's just that I don't seem to be able to behave, and I think the reason is because I haven't been spanked for a long time. Years ago, when my parents were still giving me spankings, it was like the spanking gave me the power to behave, or at least made me regret misbehaving. But because I haven't been spanked since I was thirteen, I've really changed a lot. And, well, I don't really like who I've become," Brenda told her teacher. "And it's not just that, but I need to feel the security that comes with a spanking... how it showed me that my parents loved me. But since my last spanking was so long ago I guess it makes me wonder if they still love me," she said.

"Well, I can understand how that might bother you, Brenda," Mr. Johnson said, "but I'm sure your parents love you. Like some parents, they've probably just gotten the idea that there's supposed to be some sort of age-limit with spanking, that's all," he told her.

Also in this update:

Assistant Means Assistant, by Victoria
Brian and his Grandmother, by Thomas Bruns
Ann and Greg, The Birthday Boy, by Greg Babcock
You Had Your Chance, by Joe Bullard
Cathy's Tail, by James Philmore

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