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April 11, 2014

Six stories including: Hard Time Spanking Style, Part Four by Chuck

Jason tried to place the first five strokes one under another so that he covered the entirety of both behinds, including the upper thighs and sitting down areas. He would be the only one sitting down at breakfast the next morning, he told himself. The final five covered already strapped territory and had the bottoms bouncing as their owners tried valiantly to stay in position.

He put down the razor strop and let the victims lie on the bed for awhile to cry out their misery. After a few minutes, he ministered to the blistering cheeks by applying cold cream. Then he helped Jennie to rise, handed her the pajama pants and sent her back to her room.

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Digging Jolene by Rachel Heath
Give a Damn by Greg Babcock
A Woman After Her Own Heart by Rod Birch
Fran & Emma by MS
Naughty Newlywed by Juliette

April 8, 2014


by Amity Maree



Leah prided herself on being the master when it came to playing April Fools' pranks on people. Everyone that she loved or worked with was subjected to her special brand of humor on what she considered "her" day. It was an April Fools' prank on her husband, David, before they were married that earned her her first spanking from him and cemented their domestic discipline lifestyle.
But, when someone other than her started replaying her practical jokes on people, Leah couldn't figure out what was happening. Everyone should know that she never repeated the same prank twice!

But when the pranks continued and everyone was blaming her, Leah was afraid that David would never believe her. Her only hope lie in finding out who was doing this and trying to get HER in trouble before her husband came home.

Publisher's Note: "Innocent" is a light-hearted domestic discipline novella, featuring the spanking of adult women.

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