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July 18, 2014

Six stories including: Ava Learns to Spell.....Definitely! by Ida

"Yes...Yes I would...Booohooo" much as I hate to cry in front of him, I can't help myself. I know I look a mess as it is and mascara-streaked eyes will only making me look more like a thoroughly spanked baby. But it feels so good. Howling and crying like an infant helps my emotions as much as wiggling helps my buttocks. How much longer? Surely that wicked paddle has kissed my buns for far longer than fifteen minutes, his single mindedness frightens me. I am beginning to think he will never stop, perhaps if I try a few more sorrowful looks and pleas? Nothing seems to be working, you'd think he would have the decency to get tired of smacking my poor ass! At least now I can move around. Yes, this is a lot better, squirming from side to side helps a lot. Judging from the hard thing pressing my fuzzy mound, I'd say it's helping me too. Maybe this is my way out.Nothing seems to be working. Oh Hell, better to just give it up and lie here and cry my eyes out until he is tired of slapping my behind. Occasionally he smacks the dying embers in my asscheeks into a slowing, intolerable forest fire.

Also in this update:

Barbie Grows Up Courting Trouble, by Barbie
Aunt Amanda by PB Whiting
The Ends Justify the Tesing....of Diana, by Ralph Greco, Jr.
Mrs. Bates & the Roommates, Part One, by Jason
Lazy Hostess Beware, by Nancy

July 15, 2014

Six stories including: At the Old Ballgame, by Dr. Ken

For a brief moment, Elaine felt faint. "Once you have arranged your clothing,” the principal went on, "you are to bend over this desk. Extend your arms in front of you and grasp the far side of the desk. Do not let go. Do not attempt to stand up until you are instructed to do so. Standard punishment calls for anywhere from 6 to 12 spanks with the paddle, the exact number being up to my discretion. Since this is the first offense for all of you, I think 6 strokes apiece should be sufficient. Mrs. Scoggs is in here as an observer, as required by law. Any questions" No" Then please prepare yourselves, and get into position.”

Also in this update:

Elena, by Helier
First for Jake, by Ralph Greco, Jr.
Good for the Gander, by BC & Wife
Second Time Around, by Ed Finn
Megan's Mother, Part Two, by C. Flint

July 11, 2014

Six stories including: You Wouldn't Dare, by MD

Her face turned white. He couldn't possibly mean it, he was bluffing. He wouldn't spank her here, at least not bare-bottomed. But the already well-chastised coed was in no mood to gamble, she would do what he said. Obediently she made little shifts and adjustments in the confines of the booth and winced as the spanked girlflesh made contact with the wood. She wondered what the waitress would think if she knew that the beautiful young woman she was offering the menu to was at that instant sitting with her bare, spanked derriere against the booth bench.

Also in this update:

Ms. Stoner's Week of Shame, Part Two, by RLC
Checking Out the Checker, by Rachel Heath
The Tables Turn, by Ed Finn
Sometimes Crime Does Pay, by Kessily
Megan's Mother, by C. Flint

July 8, 2014

Six stories including: Uncle Bob's Girls by Jason

"Watch your language, young lady," growled Bob. "I'll wash your mouth out with soap after I finish whomping your butt." He spanked in a slow steady rhythm, his big hand coming down hard. To Cathy, it felt like his hand was hitting her whole bottom at once. She cried, sobbed, squirmed, flailed her legs in the air, apologized, and pleaded for it to stop. Bob kept on, deaf to her suffering. When he struck the rapdly reddening skin for the twentieth time, Cathy was lying limp over his lap, just sobbing and yelping with each new spank. Bob wanted to make sure the young lady knew she had paid a high price for her misbehavior and added five harder swats before stopping.

Also in this update:

The Stanley's Family Family Scrapbook, Part 2: Krusty's Long Weekend by Mike Burke
To Reconcile a Marriage by Greg Babcock, Jr.
Too Early for a Spanking by Jack
Phoebe by Helier
A Warm Welcome by Rosy B. Goode

July 4, 2014

Six stories including: Joella Steps Out by Tess

Ken looked thoughtfully at the trembling girl, then snapped the switch decisively against the pick-up. "No," he agreed, "I can't say that I think it would be any more right for me to spank your bare butt than it was right for men at the bar to come on to you. Your Dad would have a right to take a horsewhip to me, if I went that far. I reckon I can make this switch felt plenty through that skimpy little dress you're wearing though. Let's get on over to the bench..."

Also in this update:

Mrs. Stoner's Week of Shame, Part One by RLC
Bar None by NG
Understanding in the Mirror by Ralph Greco, Jr.
Katya by Helier
Mother-Daughter Driving Lessons by David Stone

July 1, 2014

Six stories including: The Attic by Gregory Babcock

"Did I say you did? I want to give you a good whipping. That's all it takes. All I have to do is to want to whip you. So, I'm gonna whip you. Whether you did anything wrong is beside the point. Now, get your clothes off. I want you naked for this whipping. I've been looking all over for a real-life, true, razor strop! And today I found one. Stopped at this yard sale, in Piscataway, and ta-DAH! there it was. Only cost me four bucks. Can you imagine? I've got girl friends who'd give sixty or eighty bucks for one. All of 'em they've all said that they wanted to use a razor strop on their old man's bare ass! But, I'm the one who's got one."

Also in this update:

Katrina & I by Vanessa Fielding
Buttoning up Bert by Rachel Heath
A Hot Licking for a Smug Devil by Kiara Sarong
Naughty Newlywed by Juliette
Noisy Neighbors by Felicity

June 27, 2014

Six stories including: Understanding Emma by Caroline

"No! No, Gary, please...please. I'm sorry." Her voice choked with panic. The brush was awful, but the strap was both the object and agent of torturous imaginings. He had used it only once, on their honeymoon, and that seemed such a long time ago, but she remembered the burgundy welts and purpling bruises he forced her to see in the bedroom mirror. She remembered the shame and humiliation she endured as he left her, bottom bared and up over the low sofa back while she waited for him. Emma cringed at the memory of the lecture he subjected her to as she waited in that position. Gary then removed his jacket and slowly rolled up each shirt sleeve to elbow length, and then snapped the belt in the air to prolong her discomfiture...

Also in this update:

The Stanley Family Scrapbook, Part One: Connie's Brush with the Law by Mike Burke
Anticipation & Fulfillment by Ralph Greco, Jr.
This is a Job Gregory Babcock
Mischief at the Mansion by Jason
Two by Randy by Randy Slapp


June 24, 2014

Six stories including: Daddy Uses the Borrowed Paddle by Tess

So it was that my father gave me a spanking right there in the den, in front of Mr. Perry. And it was unfortunate that my own respectful attitude towards Mr. Perry had a lot to do with my father deciding that spanking must have more to recommend it as punishment than grounding or loss of privileges. Daddy was impressed with how I obeyed Mr. Perry when sent to get the paddle out of the closet.

Also in this update:

A Smoking Bottom by Mike Burke
The Story of ann by HB
Taweka Tames Her Wild Man by Rachel Heath
Even Teenage Super Heroes Get Disciplined, Part One by Dr. Dlaniger
Wash Day, Part One by Nigel McParr






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