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January 9, 2017

Six stories including: Jessica, Two: Tiffany, by C. Flint

I felt as foolish sitting in Dr. Lewis' office listening to the MRI report confirming the diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff as I had two days before when I felt my feet slip out from under me on the wet pavement. As visions of surgery danced in my head, I protectively put my left hand on the bicep of my right arm as it hung painfully at my side.

The doctor soothed my fears telling me that, with traumatic injuries, physical therapy was tried first. He made a telephone call and handed me a manila folder and directed me to another doctor. The sign on her door read "West Side Rehabilitation Center," and, in smaller letter, "Jessica Moyer, M.D."

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Angie and Kyle, by Dyane
Out of the Frying Pan, Part Two, by P.B. Whiting
A Spanking Good Marriage, by Greg Babcock
Heather Babysits, by Z.Z.
Hawk and Dove, Part Two, by Mike Burke


January 6, 2017

Six stories including: Jessica: Amber, by C. Flint

Amber sprawled helpless in that embarrassing position. Her arms were fastened behind her back and her spread legs hung limp, the toes of her high-heeled shoes several inches from the floor. Amber's bare mound was pressed hard against my legs. I could feel a wet smear from her juices seep through my bluejeans.

Unsure of what to do I stared down at Amber's naked backside laying submissively over my lap. I looked down at her taut backside and the bright red letters emblazoned across the flesh. It was both an invitation and an instruction; it was almost a demand. Even spread over my lap her bottom seemed small. The white globes were round and hard with a wide crevice between them emphasized by the way her legs were spread. There was a dark ravine between her buttocks that displayed the brown circle of her anus and the shaven lips of her vagina. The flesh was smooth and white as though it had been polished for the occasion; it was not even disfigured by goosebumps. I held Amber in place and looked up at Kenny.

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Angie and Trisha, by Dyane
Out of the Frying Pan, Part One, by P.B. Whiting
George's Gamble, by Rick
Hairbrush Diet, by Pat Kamerer
Hawk and Dove, Part One, by Mike Burke


January 2, 2017

Six stories including: Alaskan Spanking Survey, by Bluebeard

I'm a 36-year-old female school teacher in an all-girl, all-grades Alaskan rural school. As you might expect, many things here are different than in the lower 48 states and one of them is the continued widespread use of spanking.
Before I go any further, I guess I should reveal my personal bias. I'm a longtime spanking enthusiast. I believe in the old fashioned, "bottoms up" treatment for naughty girls and misbehaving women (myself included) and also when used for sexual foreplay (me again).

I have always been interested in the spanking experiences of friends and strangers, and find that many others share this fascination. Last winter, to pass the many dreary, sunless days -- and with assistance from a small tape recorder -- I conducted a formal "spanking survey" among a number of adult women and female students -- and I think you'll find the answers of great interest.

Also in this update:

The Agreement, Part Two, by Uncle George
Ernie Baker's Lessons in Humanity, Part Two, by Rachel Heath
Everybody in the Family, by Eileen
Hair Brush and the Three Bares, Part Two, by Bruce
Hard at Work, by Taylor Moore


December 30, 2016

Six stories including: A New Kind of Adult Ed, by Alexia

Her dorm mates, all nine of them, were present, and her instructor Denny was making no attempt to keep his words private. When he first came in and strode down the line of cots with determination in his eyes, Sandy stood up in deference to him. So did the others, but he had only her in mind and soon enough the other girls returned to what they were doing. But all ears were on him as he verbally chastised her, by calling her a spoiled and willful little girl in need of some good, old-fashioned, discipline to teach her to mind her manners. Sandy was aghast that he spoke to her that way in front of the others. After all, she was their acknowledged leader and had some dignity to maintain, even if she did grant him the right to point out her shortcomings in private, Yes, she did refuse some direct orders from certain instructors, and she was slow in obeying others, and she knew full well that her arrogance had gotten out of hand on more than one occasion, but he had brought these matters up calmly, and in private she would have done her best to correct herself. After all, hadn't she done so on other occasions in the past week?

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The Agreement, by Uncle George
English, History, But What About Math, by Victoria
Ernie Baker's Lessons in Humanity, Part One, by Rachel Heath
Gym Teacher, by Taylor Moore
Hairbrush and the Three Bares, Part One, by Bruce


December 26, 2016

Six stories including: Alexia's Guardian, by Alexia

It took five more minutes of patience for her to answer my question. "Please sir, I need to be spanked on my bare bottom. Would you take me over your knee and wallop me with a ruler for as long as you think necessary? I've been a bitch and need a licking."

Finally I nodded and said yes, I would indeed give her the tanning she asked for and richly earned. "Go to that corner and stand there facing the wall."

She obeyed me meekly, and at my command held up her dress around her waist. I told her to stay put, then left and went upstairs to Alexia, who hugged me fiercely and asked no questions.
"Alexia," I warned gently, quite certain that she would be obedient in this matter, "What is going to happen downstairs is between that woman and me, and I don't want to find out that it's been mentioned outside of this house. Do you understand?"

Also in this update:

Allison, by C. Flint
Family Secrets, by Kiara Sarong
A Few Choice Refined Girls, by Rod Birch
Money Well Spanked, by Diana Gray
Morning Coffee, by Phillipe


December 23, 2016

Six stories including: Careless Betty, by Alan

Betty hardly had time to respond. For right after concluding his little speech her father took hold of her arm with one hand, placed his other arm around her shoulder, and in an instant she was being pulled down across his lap. Whatever resistance she put up was merely reflexive and without effect. “Daddy,” she gasped as she suddenly found herself on her dad’s knee. “Daddy, please!”
“Now never mind that, young lady,” scolded her father. “You’ve earned this,” he said as he pulled up her skirt to expose sheer, white panties and bare legs. “You’re going to get a good spanking over my knee.” Turning to his wife he said, “Harriet, please go to the kitchen and get one of your mixing spoons. The wooden ones. You know which ones?”
“Yes, dear,” said Harriet, nodding not only her assent, but also her approval for her husband’s wonderfully decisive action. “I know what you want.”

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Big Girls Do Cry, by Barbie
Poker Game, by Jason
Gabriella's Revenge, by Victoria
The Sophisticate, by Z.Z.
Spanking the Bori, by Rachel Heath


December 19, 2016

Six stories including: Curses! Foiled Again! by Caroline

"Damn him to hell!" she shouted, loud enough for Mr. Fogarty to hear. "Yeah, he paddled me before, and the last time he paddled me, I got ten swats. And you know what?" she continued, her old cockiness and bravado restored, "I don't care what the Old Fart said... it didn't hurt a bit!" She wheeled around to face them all, and when she saw Mr. Fogarty, she had a defiant gleam in her eye.

"It didn't hurt? How did it feel?" asked Danny.
"Better than kissing you, honey..." And she leaned over to kiss Danny Witherspoon right on the lips. She glared at Mr. Fogarty again and ran away. She hated them all!

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Corvette, by Z.Z.
Four Spankings in One Day, by Dlaniger
Friend of a Friend, by Ralph Greco, Jr.
The Schedule, by S.F.G.
School Rules, by Cathy Scott


December 16, 2016

Six stories including: The Cousins, by Alan

And this would be a lesson that Elizabeth Ann wouldn’t forget either. When her father shooed her away, she bounded down the stairway, but only part of the way when she stopped and stood where she could still see up into the hallway. She could hear her mother and her aunt Betty in the kitchen and hoped nobody would see her. She saw her dad disappear into the master bedroom. A minute later she saw him emerge with the hairbrush in hand. “Ohh!” she gasped, and felt her tummy tighten. She knew what the hairbrush was for and that it was just about the worst thing to be spanked with. Not that she had ever had it used on her. Her mom and dad had given her plenty of spankings but had never used the hairbrush on her. Her older sister, Janie, already in college when Elizabeth Ann was only 5, used to get spanked with the hairbrush. Elizabeth Ann was never allowed to watch, but Jane had told her once how bad it hurt. But even if she hadn’t, she could tell from Jane’s frantic and loud screaming and crying just how terrible it was.

Also in this update:

Crash and Burn, by Tess
Hot Negotiations, by Ed Finn
His and Hers, and Hers, by A.W.
Spanking Redhead, by A.L. Purvis
Sarah's Education, Part Four, by C. Allen


December 12, 2016

Six stories including: Carrie Got Spanked, Part Two, by Ed Finn

Morning came early for Carrie. Virtually sleepless, she was on edge. Who can blame her? Knowing several days ahead that you're getting a spanking must weigh heavily.

I've never really experienced that. With my folks, it was more like, "I warned you, young lady! You're getting spanked - right now!" Into my parents' bedroom we'd march, pants down, bottom up. Smack! "Ouch!" Smack! "Ouch!" Smack! Smack! "Oww! Ouch!" Smacksmacksmacksmacksmack! "Owwwwwwweeeeee! And so on until...cry, cry, cry and promises to be oh so good. Don't misunderstand, they were good, hard spankings. My folks, especially my dad, are experts at corporally wringing every last vestige of ego and pride from their daughters, whether by hand, hairbrush, or the dreaded razor strap. Maybe sometime I'll write some of my childhood and teenage reminiscences for you. For some reason, I have amazing recall where spanking is involved.

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Cassie Lee's New Attitude, by Cassandra
Hairbrush? Whatever..., by Ed Finn
Aunt Harriet & the Long Ride Home, by The Sergeant
Rebecca, by Helier
Sarah's Education, Part Two, by C. Allen


December 9, 2016

Six stories including: Carrie Got Spanked, Part One, by Ed Finn

Here was my first chance to actually help Carrie. I could have said, "Oh, not really. I think spanking is more for the spanker's benefit. You know, to make him feel like he's doing something. It stings, but only for a little while, then I'm back to normal. Basically a waste of time, I'd say." Granted, a specious argument, one I'd tried on my parents, to no avail. They knew better, so did I, and so did Carrie's father. He was simply looking for a little affirmation of his disciplinary policy. I gave it to him.

Also in this update:

Centerfold Stories, by C.J. West
Hellion, by Alexandra
Learning Her Rules, by Jason
Rachel's Sins, by W. Arthur
Sarah's Education, by C. Allen


December 5, 2016

Six stories including: Charlie Keeps the Upper Hand, by C.J. West

When her dad was the spanker she was bent forward over the back of a chair or if it was in her room, over the bed. He would flip up her skirt or pull down her jeans. But her panties remained in place. Then he would take his belt, folded in quarters, and give her fifteen to twenty lashes across the bottom.

The one exception was the last spanking she got. The family was on vacation and Sabrina had broken her curfew, coming in nearly two hours late. To make things worse, it was not the first time. The following morning her mother scolded her and told her to get to her room. Sabrina resisted. They got into an argument. Unfortunately for the misbehaving teenager, her father was close enough to hear the entire thing.

Also in this update:

Chastised Cheerleaders, by Maggie Amberson
Her Mother's Daughter, by Rob Birch
Mother Vera's Secret, by Papa
Physics of the Cane, by C. Allen
The Little Piggy, by Z.Z.


December 2, 2016

Six stories including: All Rise, by Paula

John smoothed her hair and shushed her as if she were a toddler. "Honey, listen to me. The judge and I have talked this out long and hard. Nothing else has worked. You KNOW I have tried to talk to you several times these past weeks, you won't listen." Without thinking, Susan's lower lip began to protrude. John glanced at the judge, who nodded. "Susan, you ARE acting like a defiant kid...won't listen, won't accept the judgments of those who are in a better position that you are right now to see what you are doing---or NOT doing, as the case may be. The judge has convinced me that this is the best method of dealing with this little character flaw of yours." He had maneuvered her to the end of the table, and had his hand on her skirt covered backside. "And as long as we are into disclosure, there is something else you ought to know, darling." She looked up at him, her eyes starting to fill with tears of rage, frustration, and fear. "The judge is giving me the a wedding present."

Also in this update:

Amanda, by Ida
Ginger, by Gregory Babcock
Good Reminders, by Jason
Teacher's Pet, by Barbie
The Phone Call, by Mike Burke

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