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December 12, 2014

Six stories including: Peg Gets It, Alexia Watches, by Alexia

That night was interesting, a milestone in my relationship with Jess. I'm not too hot on non-private spankings, especially if I'm on the receiving end of things, and neither is he. Usually. At least not if the one being spanked has any wits about her at all. He has the patience of a saint and normally will delay a spanking with the heart-chilling phrase, "You and I have an appointment in my study," or something to that effect. This isn't to say that I haven't gotten my bottom whacked in public, but that's different than a panties down, dress up licking. In fact the few times that he's done it, the others present probably hadn't a clue that I had gotten walloped.

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Perkins Pleasure, by James Fox
Partners, by Ralph Greco, Jr
Patti's Dilemma, by CJ West
Redtailed and Blackmailed, by Bruce
A Rookie Mistake, by Chuck Wilson


December 8, 2014

Six stories including: The Politically Correct Spanking, by AL Purvis

" May I get up now," she said evenly. She had regained her poise. There, within reach, was the perfect paddle for her hot pink posterior. The little wooden cheese board on the coffee table behind me. It measured about five by six inches, exclusive of the four inch handle, and was half an inch thick. In addition, it had a four by four inch tile inset which gave it added weight as well as a harder, smoother, spanking surface. "No," I said.

Also in this update:

Popcorn, Peanuts and Paddles, by The Sergeant
Panties and Paddles, by Jason
Take Your Pants Down, Darling, by James Sondance
Late Date, by PRA
Brush with the Law, by Ed Finn


December 5, 2014

Six stories including: Patricia & Ryan, by Alexia

"Nonono! Nonono!" With agonizing slowness the shivering woman came away from the corner and inched towards Ryan who waited patiently for her to do as she had been told. This time he didn't hurry her; if she wanted the misery dragged out, well, he was happy to oblige. Finally she lowered herself across his lap and allowed herself to be shifted forward so that both her hands were flat on the floor and her feet were in the air, her rear end horribly bare, centered across his lap. He caressed the trembling haunches and said, "Should I use a paddle or a strap on you, Patricia? Which would teach you your lessons better?"

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A Trip to the Past, by BC & Wife
Ordeal by Leather, by Jason
One Down, Twenty to Go, by Jason
Judy's Dilemma, by ZZ
His Wife, by Taylor Moore


December 1, 2014

Six stories including: You Wood-n't Dare, by Frank Tenaya

"N000000!" she yelled, followed by, OWWW-WWUH" as the paddle landed across her defenseless bottom with a ringing crack. Her legs, sheathed in a sheer green silk dress, flew up into the air, and her head rose as if to meet them. The pain of the first spank she had ever felt barely had time to register before Allen planted a dozen more, all as hard as the first and all bridging the summit of her finely contoured behind.

Also in this update:

Broken Window, Broken Fanny, by Victoria
When Old Friends Meet, by Greg Babcock
Obvious Need, by Victoria
Kari, by DyAne
A Mother's Justice, by R.K.


November 28, 2014

Six stories including: The Speed Trap, by Cerissa

My eyes had been getting progressively wider through this speech. Dampness on my palms made me rub my hands repeatedly down the gored denim skirt of the sundress. When he finally finished, I couldn't quite contain a semi-hysterical giggle. "You're kidding, right? Nobody does this sort... I mean, this isn't even legal!" I felt some triumph as the officers in the room exchanged glances. It was short lived. My heart sank as Officer Dunkirk finally replied, "Well Cathy, you have already agreed to accept our local remedy, and you have signed a consent form and an acknowledgment. But you are quite free to back out at any time between now and the end of your punishment, and accept the ticket that is rightfully yours."

Also in this update:

Spring Break, by Eric Rosemont
Meg Manages, by Pete
Melonie's Seminar, by Jason
Horizontal Hula, by Al Purvis
Jamie's Untypical Day, by Megan


November 24, 2014

Six stories including: Riding Crop Romance, by A.L. Purvis

The day after Gram's birthday party, I had Brandi in her abbreviated riding togs (helmet, dickey, blazer, boots, and crop, but no jodhpurs or panties) kneeling on all fours on my bed. I mounted her from behind, standing on the floor. I gave Brandi her head at first, but then I let her know I was in charge. I raised her head and kept her face forward by holding back pressure on her single long braid with my left hand. That also kept her body pressed back against mine. She whinnied her approval. I drew the short riding crop from Brandi's right boot and increased her gait by showing it to her. The bed bounced faster and faster and Brandi's breathing kept pace. I slipped the crop under the front of Brandi's blazer and brushed her bra-less breasts with it. Her pace spurted each time the crop flicked one of her nipples. When Brandi thought she could go no faster, I taught her she could by whipping her rump with her riding crop. She was soon bucking and snorting through one orgasm after another. I released my grip on her hair and she fell face down on the bed in a gasping, twitching, jolting, pink puddle.

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Ringless Steadies, by Barbie
Molly & Mike, by Jason
A Mommy I Will Always Be, by Ralph Greco, Jr.
Dirty, by Robert Clark
Discipline in the Air, by Tani


November 21, 2014

Six stories including: Mirabelle, by Helier

Her breath was coming in gasps and the nerves were making her body jump wildly. He stepped across to her and caught her by the arm. He turned her around and without the slightest warning gave her three sharp cane strokes across the backs of her calfs. She shrieked and tried to leap out of the way but he had her fast and quickly she was given three more. She howled, clenching her fists with the pain then she burst into tears and crouched down to hold her legs. Stephen had no sympathy for her. He dragged her up and gave her two strokes across her thighs and two more across her calfs. Mirabelle danced in pain, wailing and stamping her feet. She was crying loudly now and clutching her legs continually.

Also in this update:

The Reserves, by Victoria
Miss Kathy's Way, by Jason
Incident at a Rest Stop, by Gene Hyatt
Discipline Before Friendship, by Papa
Dress Code, by Eileen


November 17, 2014

Six stories including: Punishment, Indeed, by Juliette

Almost instantaneously, he grabbed the strap off the bed and proceeded to strap her soundly. With each stroke the strap whistled through the air to land with a solid CRACK! on her hot, throbbing bottom. Although sounding louder, the strap actually had less of a sting than the paddle, and she found herself thrusting out her bottom to meet it, hoping that the contact would lessen the ache between her legs. She moaned slightly each time contact was made, both from the fire in her bottom and the fire elsewhere. Wiggling her hips, she both wished he would stop and wished he wouldn’t. She was lost in that hazy, foggy mind-mist, somewhere between pleasure and pain, her mind swirling with images, viewing herself from outside her body, hearing the strap, feeling the strap, hearing her own breathing as she tossed her head around, her head spinning, spinning, spinning....

Also in this update:

A Real One, by Barbie
X marks the Spot, by Iona
Practical Joker, by Greg Babcock
Holly's Cleverness, by Trevor
A Clear Communication, by Ed Major


November 14, 2014

Six stories including: A Feather and a Thorn, by Bruce

Blushing, the three girls nodded and acknowledged that Mr. Ives’ was correct in his statement. Fixing them with a stern look, Jeremy said, “I have tried to be as lenient as possible while we all were getting used to each other. However, my lenience appears to have been interpreted by some of you as a sign that I do not intend to enforce discipline in my classes. Well, I am going to dispel that idea today. The three of you will report to my office on the second floor at 3:00 PM today. I will not have my assignments flaunted and I can assure you, when I finish with you today, you will not wish to do so again.” Turning on his heel, Jeremy went to the blackboard and began the day’s lesson, a review of quadratic equations. Stunned by his announcement, the three culprits could barely keep their minds on their work as visions of what might take place that afternoon dominated their consciousness. Their classmates were singularly unsympathetic and, when the class was finally over, several of them came up to the three girls and chided them about the fact that they were going to ‘get the strap’ that afternoon.

Also in this update:

Fiona, by C. Flint
Hung Up! by Victoria
The Neighbor's Husband, by Suzanne
Cindy's Spanking, by M.S.
Clash of Wills, by W. Arthur




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