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July 1, 2016

Six stories including: A Good Neighbor, by Dyane

The rest of the week was uneventful and on Friday, the Taylor’s arrived home. It was after dinner time that Jesse came over. He asked how the week had been and then said that Lisa told him that I had spanked her. I said that I had and he asked me why. I asked him if he had seen his car and he said Lisa had not been home when they arrived. I told him what had happened and how Lisa had behaved. I told him I’d only spanked her 10 times and that was after she provoked me. I then took him outside and showed him the dent on my car and pointed out the dent on the rear bumper of his car. Jess had an angry look on his face and told me that had said I had spanked her for no reason but that she had come to my house. Then he started across the street and told me to come with him and he’d get to the bottom of this matter.

Also in this update:

Daddy Brings the Hairbrush to Work, by Tess
Mona Discovers the Woodshed, by T. Hardin
Mother Knows Best, by James Sondance
Boarding with Mrs. Glasscock, by Jason
Greta's Comeuppance, by Rachel Heath


June 27, 2016

Six stories including: It's Never Too Late, by Alexandra Stephens

The original anger she'd been consumed by at actually finding herself being turned over her husband's knee like a recalcitrant child slowly becoming something…else, the woman who had always prided herself on fierce independence and fearlessness in telling people to go to hell if they irked her listened to her normally devoted husband ordering her to fetch him the hairbrush he'd apparently purchased for this purpose and felt, it was so bizarre, a renewed respect, different than she'd had for him previously, and…a strange, unwilling but overpowering desire to..please him and regain his good favor. Not believing she was really complying with his horrifying dictate, Jennifer shakily walked toward the end table where he'd left the Bath & Body labeled sack once he stood her on her feet, thinking on the return trip, "What in hell are you doing?! You're bringing the man something worse to use on you? Are you insane…?!!"

Also in this update:

A New Idea, by Cassandra
Sisterhood, by Victoria
I Don't Get a Slap on the Fanny, by Greg Babcock
Insouciance, by Helier
I Say, Can I Get a Witness?, by Ralph Greco, Jr.


June 24, 2016

Six stories including: Joella Steps Out, by Tess

Transfixed, Joella watched Ken lead her friend by the arm over to the picnic table next to the trees. There was just enough moonlight so that she could see the whole scene clearly. No matter that she knew her friend wouldn't like her watching, that she herself couldn't stand it if someone saw her being spanked, she couldn't take her eyes away. Ken sat down, still holding Nancy's arm. Then, with a sudden jerk, he flipped the girl forward to that she fell across his knees with a squeal of frightened anticipation. Nancy's hair fell forward and she frantically reached for something to cling to...then she yelped and grabbed one hand onto the edge of the bench, the other onto Ken's boot, as the switch swished down sharply.

Also in this update:

Joyride, by Debra
My New Employer, by Gregory Babcock
The New Governess, by F.P.
Janis, by S.V.N.
Jeni, by Helier

June 20, 2016

Six stories including: Reading is Fundamental, by Ralph Greco, Jr.

"Juli," he started in a whisper. "I won't do anything to hurt you, not really hurt you. But the thought of you bent over here, your ass in full view of the store, is making me crazy." "Every time you walk into the store from now on, you'll think of being bent over this table," Tom continued and with the lightest push, he bent Juli across the hard smooth surface of the reading table. Juli bent at a perfect height, her crotch snug to the table's soft round edge, her ass high in the air. Tom again played with her skirt hem as the girl look up over her shoulder to the boy's wide smile.

Also in this update:

Psychological Applications, by Barbie
Spanking in Suburbia, by Pete
Sugar and Spice and Other Nonsense, by Rod Birch
The House on Ingelheart Avenue, by Nigel McParr
A Hot Seat for Lori, by Jay Ellis


June 17, 2016

Six stories including: Rhapsodies at Midday, by Asparkle

"I want you," she whispered again. "I need you. I need you to strap me. I need to feel your belt on my ass, until my last resistance is broken and my body has collapsed onto the bed from helpless exhaustion. Until my control is completely gone and nothing exists but you and the leather strap between us. And then just you, inside me. In my sex, in my ass, in all of me. Because then, I need you to fuck me. Hard. Until walking is impossible and my muscles twinge with just the memories of it for hours and hours."

Also in this update:

Rick Lends a Hand, by Chuck
Swat a Yupie, by Pete
Taken Down a Few Notches, by Jason
Katherine of Karnell, Part 1, by Nigel McParr
Kirstie, by Helier


June 13, 2016

Six stories including: Roger and the Mystery Woman, by Alexia

Flabbergasted, he drew back and gave her a lick as hard as he thought he could. Suzanna bellowed and her hips wove back and forth in his sight. One dark, crimson streak appeared across her upper buttocks. WHACK A second band, as red as the first, and he thought he heard her whine. WHACK! Both the woman's feet came up and kicked frantically. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" When her feet were still and she no longer moaned, he gave her another fearsome stroke. WHACK! "Oh! I'm soooorrry! I'm sooooorry!" she wept. Her shoulders trembled and her legs beat the air. WHACK! The last lick of the strap fell just where her legs joined her buttocks, and the effect was electrifying. Suzanna threw her head back and sobbed out loud, wordlessly. Her backside, now banded with scarlet, bounded before him, legs kicking and her whole body arching with the effort. Where the strap had landed the skin was scarlet, and each stroke seemed to be slightly swollen.

Also in this update:

Rookie Mistake, by Chuck Wilson
Tom Comes to Stay, by B.C. and Wife
Doctor' Treatment, by Kiara Sarong
Maternal Justice 1950s Style, by B.P.
How to Manage a Menage, by Bluebeard


June 10, 2016

Six stories including: Spanked Sister-in-Law, by David Stone

Kristi knew what Paula meant--she knew her sister got spanked by her husband, although she couldn't understand why she put up with it. It was one of those old-fashioned traits of his that she could never come to grips with. "The problem," injected Louis, "is that no one has ever given you the kind of discipline you need. And now, you're about to find yourself out of a job. Vornholt told me today that unless you learn some discipline, he's going to have to let you go."

Also in this update:

Please Spank Me!, by Chuck Wilson
Vanessa, by Iona
Victora's Compliments, by Victoria
Punishment Party, by Randy Slapp
Paying the Bill, by Dr. Dlaniger


June 6, 2016

Six stories including: The Sequel, by Courtney

"Naughty, shameless little girls need to be punished. Isn't that what he'd say, Theron, me girl? Well brought up young ladies need a good dose of discipline to keep them from doing wanton things like this!” Jimmy turned Theron around to face him, and bent to sear her lips with a bruising kiss, their tongues fencing frantically. His hands teased her aching nipples. His tongue then savored each bared bud. Theron threw her head back and moaned in rapture. Jimmy teased her with his tongue until she was writhing in his grasp.

Also in this update:

Going Shopping, by T. Moore
An Afternoon Visit, by Victoria
Vito Gets Smoked Out, by Rachel Heath
Mrs. Bailey's Bawdy House, by Iona
A Nanny Gets a Spanking, by Yvette Vandel


June 3, 2016

Six stories including: Training a Princess, Part Two, by C.J. West

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Jenny watched her sister's fanny wiggle and bounce under the attack. Though the teenager was proud of her own figure, she had always envied the sexy shape of her older sister's buttocks. Seeing them wiggling under a spanking hand like any little kid was strange, no matter how often she had seen the sight before. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! "Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Please stop. Noooo. Yeeeooww. Please. "Diane wasn't acting like a college graduate. She didn't look like the professional reporter. Lying there - completely naked - with her backside getting more and more red, her legs kicking, her arms flailing and her red face twisting from side to side as she begged for mercy. Her eyes blinked back tears as the stinging and burning got more intense.

Also in this update:

Wake Up Call, by Cerissa
A Sample of Victorias Style, by Victoria
Double Whammy, by Chantall
A Necessary Humbling, by Jason
Nurse's Spanking System, by A.W.

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