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January 29, 2016

Six stories including: Pamela, by C. Flint

Andy knew that in a contest of endurance between the sting in his hand and the sting in Pamela's bottom it was not his hand that would give out first. Gradually Pamela's kicks became more pronounced and her bleats of pain more frequent. Andy knew, also, that his silent determination was also working on Pamela's psyche. Pamela body started to jump each time Andy spanked her. He knew her bouncing was not in response to the spanks but the beginning of her usual attempt to escape his lap. He knew that when Pamela started to wiggle that she was near the end of her endurance. Andy paused to tighten the grip on her waist.

Also in this update:

Southern Man, by Caroline
One Down, Twenty to Go, by Jason
Spankcakes, by Lenny
Judy's Dilemma, by Z.Z.
The Boarding House, by Sam


January 25, 2016

Six stories including: The Primal Fantasy, by Courtney

"No, no, no, no! I won't! You can't make me. Just go away and leave me alone!” He stepped back from her, and swung her around to face him. He pulled her face close to his - he saw her eyes clenched shut. A smile escaped his lips. He drew her closer, and captured her lips in a tender embrace. Jamie's eyes now flew open! She looked directly into Captain X's...uh...Mr. X's brown eyes smiling down at her. Before she could speak, he kissed her again, more vigorously this time. She gave herself over to the impulse... "That was very nice, my dear, however, I'm very disappointed in you.”

Also in this update:

Jenny's Learning Experience, by Lisa
Amanda's Strong Stand, by Rachel Heath
The Burton Hensley Story, All For Her, by Rosy B. Goode
Fran and Emma and Sally, by M.S.
Machinist, Mentor and Mother, by Bruce


January 22, 2016

Six stories including: Hard Time Spanking Style, Part 4, by Chuck

Jason tried to place the first five strokes one under another so that he covered the entirety of both behinds, including the upper thighs and sitting down areas. He would be the only one sitting down at breakfast the next morning, he told himself. The final five covered already strapped territory and had the bottoms bouncing as their owners tried valiantly to stay in position.

He put down the razor strop and let the victims lie on the bed for awhile to cry out their misery. After a few minutes, he ministered to the blistering cheeks by applying cold cream. Then he helped Jennie to rise, handed her the pajama pants and sent her back to her room.

Also in this update:

The pick Up, Annie, by Tess
Digging Jolene, by Rachel Heath
A Woman After Her Own Heart, by Rod Birch
Fran and Emma, by M.S.
Naughty Newlywed, by Juliette


January 18, 2016

Six stories including: Hard Time Spanking Style, Part Three, by Chuck

"MR. THOMAS! PLEASE STOP! OWWWOUUCHHH! MY BUTT'S ON FIRE!" the pretty blonde screamed, feeling the devastation the paddle was creating on her precious behind. Her legs kicked wildly, sending her pajama pants flying across the room and leaving her completely nude from the waist down.

Using an upward motion, he landed the paddle over each half moon where it joined the thigh, causing an even louder shriek of distress from the young woman's throat. Then he moved further down the thighs before returning to the bottom proper. Her tears were now dropping onto the carpet just beneath her face as her legs scissored and then spread apart on the other side of Jason's lap.

Also in this update:

The Pick Up, Annie, by Tess
The Training of Houseboy Harold, by Rachel Heath
New Student Initiation, by Lady Mary
Taking Charge, by Bellaroses
On Their Own, by Jason


January 15, 2016

Six stories including: Daddy Brings Out the Hairbrush, by Tess

"Young lady, you're lucky you aren't over my knee on the couch in the livingroom right now, with your bare bottom blistered. You know if you do something you shouldn't in the presence of other people, you can expect to get punished in front of them. I'm only conceding you the right to this much privacy due to the age of the young man out there and the fact that I do believe you thought you had reason to be angry. I don't believe you can ever justify actually attacking someone though. That's just not how differences of opinion are handled by responsible adults. Do you agree with that?"

Also in this update:

Hard Time Spanking Style, Part Two, by Chuck
Susan Takes Charge, by Rick
Wade Does His Duty & Gets His Due, by Rachel Heath
Boutique Etiguette, by Phillipe Anjour
A Girlish Memory, by James Fox

January 11, 2016

Six stories including: View to a Spanking, by Jack Kennedy

Nikki stood there bare footed in a blue silk dress, Her hair was straight and silken as her dress. I her hand and walked into her apartment. A fluffy gray cat darted act of the room. I led her to the couch and told her to sit dawn. She sat or l the edge of the. couch, back straight, hands folded in her lap, eyes downcast. We did some serious talking, or rather I did - most of it any way. I told her I was serious about what I said about spanking her. Her voice was almost shy when she asked what she had done to be spanked. I took her hand. She wouldn't look at me but her thumb rubbed mine. I explained that there were two reasons. That she had gotten important to me real fast and it scared me to know that she had been 'racing through traffic, something I had found out later. The second reason had more to do with what we had talked about at lunch: that she was a very pretty and desirable woman, that she knew it and used it. I admitted to being physically attracted to her but that behind her appearance there was a person who really attracted me. l sincerely felt that this person needed for someone to care enough to see behind the facade and to care for her behavior as well, to demonstrate that caring in a very direct way.

Also in this update:

Hard Time Spanking Style, Part Once, by Chuck
Michael & His Sisters, by Jason
It Never Rains, It Pours, by Ralph Greco, Jr.
Confessions of a Defiant Girl, by Wyndi
Greta's Comeuppanace, by Rachel Heath

January 8, 2016

Six stories including: Jennifer and Brian at The Falls, by Lisa

"The hell you are Brian I am NOT some child and you can't spank me I am too old and I won’t let you. You hear me Brian you are not going to spank me." Jennifer was yelling now. Brian calmly picked Jennifer up and tossed her easily over his shoulder again and headed back to the log he had sat on before. Jennifer kicked and struggled and shrieked and Brian kept on walking. She gave a mighty pull on his hair and Brian responded with a hearty swat to her bottom.

Jennifer was stunned into silence. He was not kidding he was really going to spank her. Her mind set into motion trying to figure a way out of this. Brian sat down on the log and took Jennifer over his lap. "Jennifer as much as it pains me to have to do this I amgoing to get your attention some way and I may be wrong but since you were acting like a child earlier I am going to treat you as one and see if that works. Now you know you were wrong in being so reckless don’t you? Jennifer said nothing. Jennifer I am talking to you young lady and don’t make me wait for answers or this will only go worse for you."

Also in this update:

Seeing the Light, by Don Barton
Patty by the Pool, by Ralph Greco, Jr.
SWAT on Campus, by Pete
But I Meant to Pay for It, by Felicity
Lauren, by Felicity

January 4, 2016

Six stories including: Ginny's Surprise, by Scherezade

He gripped her firmly in his left arm and raised his hand high over her clenching bottom. It was such a rush of sheer, intoxicating power, to have his beautiful, imperious wife upended over his knee, struggling and pleading like a frantic child even as her womanly curves enticed him. It was a perfect moment in itself, one he almost regretted bringing to an end.

Also in this update:

Headmaster's Solemn Duty, by Richard Watson
Babysitting, by Victoria
Teamwork, by Bridget Striker
A Lesson in Proper Comportment, by Wyndi
The Girl Next Door, by Phillipe Anjour


January 1, 2016

Six stories including: Driver Education, by Nancy Levy

'In that case, missy,'' said Uncle Joe sternly, “I may as well give the sergeant--and everyone else--a real look at that naughty behind of yours." He slid his spanking hand under the waistband of Nancy's panties and tugged them down over the round curves of her fanny. Nancy twisted around as best she could, reached back and grabbed her panties, trying desperately to keep them in place. ''No, please, Uncle Joe,'' she wailed frantically. ''I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. Please, PLEASE don't take my panties down in front of them. Take me home and spank me. I-I-I de-deserve to be punished for breaking the rules and for driving when I shouldn't but PLEASE not with people watching.''

Also in this update:

New Girl at Oak Hall, by Alexia
Grandma's Family Tradition, by Rod Birch
The Wedding Gift, by Ralph Greco, Jr.
Light Fingers, by Felicity
Older But Not Wiser, by Barbie

December 28, 2015

Six stories including: A Caring Father, by Chuck


With the application of the hairbrush, her cries picked up in volume and, had the windows been open, might have been heard by several households along the block. She was in extreme pain as the wood impacted deeply into her soft gluteal muscles and would leave an ache that would last for hours. And she knew she would be sitting very uncomfortably for at least the next couple days.

The punishment session seemed to go on and on and exhaustion was beginning to set in for Pam. Her bottom had almost become a stationary target despite the intensity of the heat within. All she could do at that point was grip the pillow at the head of bed and bury her face in it.

Also in this update:

Kindred Spirits, by Elizabeth
Aunt Mimi's Tradition, by R.G.J.
Choices, by Ralph Greco, Jr.
Peeping Boyfriend, by Frank Q.
Silver Lining, by S.F.G.

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