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March 30, 2015

Six stories including: Uncle Arnold, Part 1, The House Guest, by Al Purvis

Then, on a Saturday, things took a turn for the worse. Arnold returned from a shopping trip, parked the car at the curb, and heard his hostesses berating at each other as soon as he got out of the car. He couldn't make out what they were yelling about, but he heard "BY GOD" several times and knew that voice must be Janet's. The other voice, obviously Amelia's, was punctuated with the word "BITCH!" He followed the shouting to the master bedroom and as he approached the open bedroom door he heard Amelia shriek: "you stupid BITCH!" "That's it," Janet announced in reply. When Arnold reached the door Amelia's tone had changed abruptly and the scene stopped him in his tracks. Janet was sitting on the bed with Amelia over her lap and was tugging down her daughter's shorts and panties.

Also in this update:

Authority, by A.B.
GyneDomnia, Part One, by Papa
Hairbrush Hunting, by Ed Finn
Nights at the Round Table, by Mike Burke
Paddles and White Panties, by Al Purvis


March 27, 2015

Six stories including: Jessica 2: Tiffany, by C. Flint

I felt as foolish sitting in Dr. Lewis' office listening to the MRI report confirming the diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff as I had two days before when I felt my feet slip out from under me on the wet pavement. As visions of surgery danced in my head, I protectively put my left hand on the bicep of my right arm as it hung painfully at my side.

The doctor soothed my fears telling me that, with traumatic injuries, physical therapy was tried first. He made a telephone call and handed me a manila folder and directed me to another doctor. The sign on her door read "West Side Rehabilitation Center," and, in smaller letter, "Jessica Moyer, M.D."

Also in this update:

Angie and Kyle, by Dyane
Out of the Frying Pan, Part Two, by P.B. Whiting
A Spanking Good Marriage, by Greg Babcock
Heather Babysits, by ZZ
Hawk & Dove, Part Two, by Mike Burke


March 23, 2015

Six stories including: Jessica: Amber, by C. Flint

Amber sprawled helpless in that embarrassing position. Her arms were fastened behind her back and her spread legs hung limp, the toes of her high-heeled shoes several inches from the floor. Amber's bare mound was pressed hard against my legs. I could feel a wet smear from her juices seep through my bluejeans.

Unsure of what to do I stared down at Amber's naked backside laying submissively over my lap. I looked down at her taut backside and the bright red letters emblazoned across the flesh. It was both an invitation and an instruction; it was almost a demand. Even spread over my lap her bottom seemed small. The white globes were round and hard with a wide crevice between them emphasized by the way her legs were spread. There was a dark ravine between her buttocks that displayed the brown circle of her anus and the shaven lips of her vagina. The flesh was smooth and white as though it had been polished for the occasion; it was not even disfigured by goosebumps. I held Amber in place and looked up at Kenny.

Also in this update:

Angie & Trisha, by Dyane
Out of the Frying Pan, by P.B. Whiting
George's Gamble, by Rick
Hairbrush Diet, by Pat Kamerer
Hawk & Dove, Part One, by Mike Burke


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