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October 28, 2016

Six stories including: Mustang Sally, by Z.Z.

“But it stings!” Sally protested. Never the less she put her hands in front of her. She was frightened and did not want to anger her father further. The strap had made a white line across both buttocks when it landed but as blood rushed in the line was now turning a bright pink.

“CRACK!” The leather strap landed a second time making another line next to the first. Sally jerked her bottom and called out again but managed to keep her hands on the car hood.

Also in this update:

Nasty Nancy, by Randy Slapp
Jennifer's Secret, by C. Flint
Shower Spanking, by Ralph Greco, Jr
There's Got to be a Limit, by Rachel Heath
Lauren, by Helier


October 24, 2016

Six stories including: Party Time, by Annie

Smack! "What about getting drunk?" Smack! "What about hanging all over half the guys at the party?" Smack! "What about telling your friend Pam that you wished you had never married me?" Smack! "What about causing a scene because you wanted to drive home?" Smack! "What about fighting with me all the way home AND after we got here?"

Smack! Smack! "I guess since all you did at the party was have a good time, then you can just stare at the floor for a time while I have a good time!" Smack! Smack!

I was really feeling each hard spank of Scott's hand. After everything he had just said, I had a sinking feeling that I wouldn't be getting up anytime soon. Just then he seemed to pick up the pace, with no more pauses for talking. Very quickly the heat in my ass felt like someone set me on fire! I was squealing, and wiggling as much as I could.

Also in this update:

Phone Manners Re-Learned, by Melissa
Reunion with Mama, by Jason
Sharon's Revenge, by Ralph Greco, Jr
Linda's Last Chance, by Bruce
Thanks to Aunt Lydia, by Ed Finn


October 21, 2016

Six stories including: Rob, by Alexia

I scowled, but didn't stomp my foot. It was just my luck that Rob remembered that incident a year ago, when I was so engrossed in following an enormous blue-scrawled filefish that I got separated from the group and had to go to the surface and find my way back to the Bad Dog myself. Rob was furious, but Jess was cool and determined. He bent me over the starboard rail, peeled down my bikini briefs, and spanked me long and hard until I was howling with the sting of it and flailing like a fish out of water. After the spanking I had to go directly to Rob and apologize for my stupidity. If I wasn't already shamed enough to want to die, I then had to endure the dive-master's scathing lecture about safety, delivered in front of the rest of the group that had then arrived back on board. The crisp staccato of his voice echoed out across the water, and I imagined the whole resort knew of it.

Also in this update:

Sally's Stern Sprouse, by M.S.
Summer School, Getting There is Half the Fun, by C. Flint
Sunday in the Colonies, by Michael
Nurses Mansion, by Barbie
Keeping Pace, by Ralph Greco, Jr


October 17, 2016

Six stories including: A Necessary Return to Spanking, by Don Barton

Debbie made every effort to take the sway out of her walk and be calm as she slowly walked up the stairs and down the hall to her room.

Entering her bedroom, Debbie plopped herself down on her bed - her bottom hitting the bed far softer than her bare bottom would be getting swatted very shortly - and waited - waited for her first bare-bottomed spanking - in fact, her first and only spanking since her last one a long three years ago.

Waiting on her bed, Debbie remembered how vicious the last spanking her father had given her had been (it had been one of the few times he'd ever used the razor strap on her), for yelling and swearing at her mother while her mother was scolding her for a bad report card, and over the years, she had been very thankful that it had been her last spanking. Her last one until now, that is.

Also in this update:

Back to Normal, by Barbie
With a Pingpong Paddle in Her Hand, by Greg Babcock
Playing with Patti's Panties, by H.B.
Pink Collar Crime, by Al Purvis
Princess, by Eileen


October 14, 2016

Six stories including: Daddy Borrow a Paddle, by Tess

My father never spanked me until I was nineteen. Until then I was always punished by a variety of grounding, allowance withholding, privileges revoked, and just plain general disapproval and lectures. I had to admit that I preferred spanking, but this admission was never made, of course, when I was actually over someone's knees!

Also in this update:

Joe and Betty-1954, by Alan O.
Faulty Directions, by Victoria
Anne Finishes It Off, by Pete
Hooker Cop, by Taylor Moore
The Homecoming, by Mike Burke


October 10, 2016

Six stories including: Joella Steps Out, by Tess

Ken looked her up and down, then shook his head. "A fancy hairdo, a lot of makeup, a slinky dress ... what you look like, Joella, is a little girl playing at being a slut. And the immature, irresponsible way you've acted tonight goes a long way in showing me that you aren't grown up. Also that it's been too long since you got your butt blistered or you wouldn't even think of acting like you did tonight. I reckon your Dad can straighten you out real damned fast...but I'm going to add my bit right now if you don't get down here by the count of three. One...two..."

Also in this update:

Lay Over Spankings, by Al Purvis
After Hours, by Victoria
Reports from the Disciplinarium, by W. Arthur
Jennifer's Backyard Tanning, by Bruce
The Lady Loves It, by C. Allen


October 7, 2016

Six stories including: Lisa's New Job, by Alexia

"Very well, young lady. You have now earned 10 extra spanks for dawdling! If I have to come and get you it will be 25 extra!" Lisa finally snapped out of it and made her way over to her governess' side. Emily reached up and grabbed her, dragging her over her lap. She took a moment to adjust the naughty girl on her lap, then lifted her dress up to her slender waist. Although she knew it was coming, Lisa still cried out in horror as Emily pulled her white nylon panties down to her knees. With the decks cleared for action, Emily raised the hairbrush and brought it down decisively across both dimpled cheeks. Again the study was filled with the sound of a solid wooden hairbrush spanking soft feminine flesh and the anguished cries of one very sore teenager.

Also in this update:

Lottery Tickets, by M.D.
My Favorite Fantasy, by Ed
The New Governess, by F.P
The Longest Spanking of my Life, by Michael
Mary Ann, by Ashley


October 3, 2016

Six stories including: Little Red Riding Hood, by Alexia

And then she was tumbling off his lap and landing on her tender bottom in the scratchy, coarse straw. The confused and smarting girl scrambled to her feet and hastily pulled up the dropflap to her pantaloons, dashed away from the shed as fast as her legs could carry her, and leapt to her pony's back. Her startled groan as her sore nether regions met with the pony's broad back frightened the beast into a canter, which in turn made poor Rosa sorer still.

Behind her there was a roaring, devilish laugh that faded as her pony plunged back into the forest.
It was a much shorter ride home for Rosa than the way out had been, for the pony took the most direct route and arrived in its own paddock less than ten minutes after its mistress ran from the shed, the spanking, and the forester's humor. Rosa flung herself down and ran for her room in the cottage where she stayed for the rest of the afternoon, shamed and once again angry.

Also in this update:

Reading is Fundamental, by Ralph Greco, Jr.
Mother Knows Best, by James Sondance
Senator Lee's Day in Court, by B.J.
Spanking by the Pool, by James Fox
The Summer of 1950, by Thomas Bruns


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