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November 16, 2015

Six stories including: The Red Card, Session Three, by Kevin O'Toole

But Luther Dampley was a disciplinarian, both proud and accomplished, and his concept of a good spanking did not include passive acceptance of the spirited punishment he was providing. Tracy's stoic resolve could not have been more misplaced, although her innate conformism combined with the pride with which she performed her duties to deprive her of any awareness of the mistake she was making. The slaps arrived with more vigor and ferocity as the powerful man matched Tracy's determination with his own, oblivious to the sting which the relentless impacts brought forth in his palm. By the time the count reached fifty without pause or any sign of his fury diminishing, the abashed young lady could hold out no longer.

"Aaaaiiii!” Tracy shrieked while unseen by her, Mr. Dampley permitted the faintest hint of a smile to creep across his face and the force of his slaps relaxed, only slightly but perceptibly nonetheless. However, the smarting in her tortured rear had already reached unbearable proportions and the commencement of her physical response was equally dynamic. By now, Tracy was wiggling and squirming around in a frantic attempt to avoid the continuing slaps, but her boss was just now reaching full stride. The arrival of each additional solid whack seemed to hurt worse than the one before, reminding her beyond any shadow of doubt that her boss delivered a far more merciless spanking than her loving mother ever had, hairbrush or no hairbrush. "Eeee-yaaa!”

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Truant Officer, Part 1, by Patricia
A Rich Wife is a Servant Supervisor, by Rachel Heath
A Spanking Memory, by Suzanne
Stepsisters, Part 4, by Bella Roses


November 13, 2015

Six stories including: The Red Card, Session Two, by Kevin O'Toole

Teresa simply could not believe that she, a grown woman, could be expected to put up with being treated so childishly and she even opened her mouth to protest. But Dampley's icy glare silenced her before she could speak and compelled her to shuffle over and meekly stand in the corner like a pre-schooler. With another stab at her vanishing aplomb, the unpleasant realization that the caller might easily have overheard his embarrassing instructions intruded upon and magnified her misery as humiliation washed over her. The last time she had been `stood in the corner' was when she was ten and her mother had just spanked her for riding her bike along the highway.

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Sorority Row, Panties Down, Part 1, by Randi
Sweet as Sugar, by Victoria
Sunday in the Colonies, by Michael
Stepsisters, Part 3, by Bella Roses


November 9, 2015

Six stories including: The Red Card, Session One, by Kevin O'Toole

Dampley closely observed the chubby mounds as they momentarily flattened from the force of each slap and then bounced back immediately to resume their deliciously rounded shape. Daisy's smarting rump was pink all over by now and gradually coloring even further. He systematically covered every square inch of bare hindquarters with hard, stinging slaps, numbering well over a hundred, and still his strong arm continued to fly. As always, the relentless supervisor was determined to spank an increased sense of responsibility into his "girl's" errant bottom. Again he raised his hand over her ruddy seat.

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Profits Down, Panties Down, Part 4, by M.C.P.
Summer School, by C. Flint
Sunday Afternoon with Pat, by H.B.
Stepsisters, Part 2, by Bella Roses
A Painful Cover-Up, by Marina Martin


November 6, 2015

Six stories including: Dean of Discipline, Part 8, by A.B.

“Now, Miz Marinetti,” he said suavely, “perhaps you will honor us by taking a position across this desk”” Kate, apparently trying to master her voice, did not answer. “Well, then, I’ll be glad to help you,” he said, taking her wrists and backing around the desk. He pulled in and down, and the tall young English professor found herself stretched belly-down across the surface of the desk, her wrists pinioned tightly and her already stinging bottom in the air. Her leggings were down around her knees, but the skirt of her tunic covered all but the lowest part of her backside. With a nod, Bob indicated that Liz should raise this. She did so, tucking the skirt into the tunic’s belt for security. Kate now stood completely revealed, except for the white band of the tiny panties. The rosy glow of her buttocks made a charming contrast with the olive-sheened whiteness of her thighs.

Also in this update:

Profits Down, Panties Down, Part 3, by M.C.P.
Strike Night, by Victoria
Student Aid, by Gordon Thomas
Two Weeks with Aunt Janet, Part 2, by C.J. West
Stepsisters, Part 1, by Bella Roses


November 2, 2015

Six stories including: Dean of Discipline, Part 7, by A.B.

Seven, eight, and nine went to the upper part of her buttocks, each line fitted neatly into its slot. Connie sang out loudly at each blow. Clearly they didn’t feel lighter than the first six, and in fact there was not much difference in the force. Although she still managed to stay in place, the agitation of her body increased, and her high heels beat a flamenco dancer’s tattoo on the floor as the pain built up after each stroke, causing her martyred hindquarters to wriggle back and forth adorably. After the ninth, she appeared about to stand erect, but rose only a few inches before she forced herself back down, breathing heavily.

There were only two spaces remaining between the lines I had laid down earlier, and I would have to fit three strokes between them. Both were in the ripely rounded lower part of her buttocks, the narrower gap uppermost. Waiting until she was still, I snapped the tenth stroke into this space. It seemed to be the final straw. “Ahhowowowowowoww” cried Connie shrilly, her tears bursting forth at last. “Aahowoohoohoohoooo!” As Kate had done before, she came helplessly erect and rubbed hard at her peppermint-striped bottomflesh.

Also in this update:

Profits Down Panties Down, Part 2, by M.C.P.
Tea at the St. Francis, by Rob Birch
The Widow Stone and Me, by Jason
Two Weeks With Aunt Janet, Part 1, by C.J. West

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