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June 2, 2017

Six stories including: Foursome, by A.B.

"NO BUTS!" he absolutely thundered. "There is no such thing as an excuse for thoughtlessness and disobedience!" I had been preparing a summary of the facts in the case, but in the face of such absolutism, anything I might have said about Tom and his car would have sounded pretty pathetic. I felt the wind going out of my sails and could see the same thing happening to Mary Rose. Mr. Flynn looked around once more, impressively. Mary Rose was flushing, and so, no doubt, was I; Janet looked a little sick. Peggy was dead pale: I'd never seen anyone looking so desperate. I think I sensed that a hole was about to open in the floor under me. "I assume," said Mr. Flynn grimly, "that you understood the rules of this house when you chose to flout them. You, Margaret, are most responsible, for it was up to you to make sure your guests understood their duty. You certainly cannot plead ignorance. Obviously, your previous lessons have not been effective. You need another, and a good one." While he was talking, he was opening a cabinet next to the colonial fireplace, and reaching inside. He now pulled out, and laid on the table, a short, thick, nasty_looking razor strap, narrowed at one end into a sort of handle. Peggy looked paler, if that was possible; the rest of us, completely taken by surprise, sucked in our breath. Poor Janet actually moaned.

Also in this update:

Justice for Judith, by James Fox
Martha's Dream Comes True, by Jason
Good Neighbors, by Jason
Courtroom Justice, by Chuck
Debbie Learns an Embarrassing Lesson, by C.F. West


May 29, 2017

Six stories including: Hide and Go Spank, by M.S.

Smiling broadly, he cast his gaze at the poor little girl who had lied to him nary an hour ago. He had suspected it at the time and had admonished Gwen about her behavior, only to have been rebuffed with an obvious lie. Now it was time to pay The Piper in the time honored fashion that the brothers shared. Henry knew that George would punish her good and proper; it was their way. No Conron girls ever left a discipline session before crying buckets of tears and without a raw, burning behind. Henry didn’t expect George to change his standards now. He handed George the stool and grinned broadly at Gwen.

Also in this update:

Jill, Karen and the Swimming Hole, by Daria
Three Spanking Scenes, by Ricardo
Threesome, by Jason
Makes a Sore Behind, by Dr. Dlaniger
A Spanking Life, by Felicity


May 26, 2017

Six stories including: The Director, by Miss Lee

Luanne was beginning to wonder what she had ever found so attractive about being spanked...
He wound up for the tenth and final blow, assuming, of course, she didn't forget to count it. Whistling with contentment, he noted a few darkening places that would be bruises. One more, he thought with satisfaction, and she indeed would avoid sitting for a few days! Raising the paddle above his head, he brought it down fast and hard, with as much wrist snap as he could manage when the wood made contact with Luanne's tenderized flesh. She bucked and pulled against her restraints, and screamed, “EEEEEEEEE! TENNNNN!” Bursting into sobs, she realized this was worse than her sorority paddling. Much worse. Dear God, much, much worse!

Also in this update:

The Discipline & the Brat, by Lisa
Surprise Party, by Greg Babcock
Teaching Them to Respect an Officer of the Law, by Dr. Dlaniger
Modern Immaturity, by Frank Tenava
Mom's Old Fashioned Lesson, by Mike Burke


May 22, 2017

Six stories including: Cheryl's Senior Moment, by C.J. West

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! His hand began spanking her posterior. "Owww, Daddy," she yelled. "Please. Not too hard. Owww."

The rest of the family, still waiting dinner downstairs, listened to the action going on upstairs. First they could hear the "Whack!" as the hard right palm landed on Cheryl's bare bottom. Then the yell as the heat increased in her cheeks. They could hear her pleas and promises. Of course, all of this sounded very familiar to Michelle. She had been across her father's lap many times and had made many of the same sounds as his hand spanked her bare backside.

Meanwhile, upstairs in her room, Cheryl was kicking and crying like a child as her fanny turned bright red. Tears were flowing down her cheeks as her father applied the final two smacks.

Also in this update:

Clare's Erotic Spanking, by A.J. Wilshire
Two of the Best, by Jason
From Up the River, by Gregory Babcock
Joannie Gives and Gets, by Thomas Bruns
Joyride, by Chantal Savage


May 19, 2017

Six stories including: Fishing for a Spanking, by A.L. Purvis

Cheryl's head swivelled side to side like her neck had come unscrewed. "No ... no ... oh no," she begged.

"You'd be surprise," he told her, "how that old strap across the back of your lap will make the truth blubber out of your mouth."

Now her head was bobbing up and down like a canoe in a storm. "Yes ... I mean 'no' ... I mean, 'yes, sir'... I mean, 'please don't' ..." You'd have thought Cheryl was already in the woodshed with her bare bottom up waiting for the old man to start strapping her tender tail. (She says, "That's exactly the picture I had in my mind. Your spankings are merely symbolic compared to the hiding that old bastard would give a girl. Or a grown woman either, for that matter.")

Also in this update:

Fixing the Ticket, by Caroline
A Telemarketer Takes a Spanking, by Rachel Heath
Tenth Reunion, by Victoria
Ginger, by C. Flint
Girlish Memory, by James Fox


May 15, 2017

Six stories including: In the Nick of Time, by Ed Finn

He'd marched them back out to the car, this time wounding Tiff's other delicate arm. What a mean old bastard! But she had been relieved to exit the authoritative confines of the police station. She is still certain she has no cause for alarm despite Dudley Doright's best efforts to get her spanked. Still, she isn't looking forward to the inevitable confrontation with her grandfather. She'll just have to make it crystal clear that he has no say whatever over what she does.

Anyway,Terri had seemed even more upset than before. She just sat there slowly shaking her head and wringing her hands. Every now and then she'd pled with their Storm Trooper chauffeur to drive slower. When they'd come within sight of her house, she'd exclaimed, "Oh no! Please, can't you take Tiff home first? I'm not ready to go in yet. Please!"

Also in this update:

The Sting, by James Fox
A Night to Remember, by H.B.
The Naked Lady, by Pete
Stepdaughters Sue & Spankings, Too, by Jay Ellis
Sugar Mommy, by Trevor


May 12, 2017

Six stories including: Sexual Harassment Suit, by John Burt

Laura remained in position, tears running down her face, her fingers almost clawing at the desktop, but her palms still pressed flat. Then Lane felt hands reaching in front of her and realized that Ervin was trying to unbuckle her pants. She raised her hips, wondering only afterwards why she helped him without thinking about it.

Ervin pulled Lane's slacks down to her ankles, and then her panties. She felt terribly exposed, even more than she would have if she'd had a skirt lifted the way Laura had. Not that it made that much difference; Lane knew she and Laura were now both naked from the waist down, their bottoms making an odd pair, one covered with blazing red marks and the other untouched. Lane shuddered, knowing they'd soon be a matched pair.

Also in this update:

Hot Negotiation, by Ed Finn
Miss Starling's Specialty, by Jason
Natalie, by Ricardo
Submissive Susie & Dominant Donna, by Rachel Heath
Summer School, by Kristiana


May 8, 2017

Six stories including: Spank Trek: The Next Flagellation, by Dr. Ken

Lt. Worf, a Klingon and the chief of Security aboard ship, rolled his eyes. Like all Klingons, Worf was dark-hued, and his the skin on his forehead covered what seemed to be a mass of spiny bumps. This was a product of evolution. The Klingons--a war-like race--had evolved this extra bone-mass to give their heads extra protection in combat.

"Well, once the ambassadors are aboard and safely conducted to their quarters, I see no reason why you and Worf can't have some time for another rehearsal. How is it coming?" Picard asked.

Beverly shook her head. "It's safe to say that, being Klingon, the theater isn't exactly in Worf's blood--especially when it comes to doing the classics! But with another run-through or two, I think we'll be ready."

Also in this update:

Spring Vacation, by A.B.
The Woman's Court, by Jason
Don't Be a Dresser!, by William
Lesley's First Pledge Party, by Jeannie
A Lesson She Never Forgot, by Cerissa


May 5, 2017

Six stories including: Retribution, by A.B.

"I'm 29,'' she said calmly.

"Well, I mean, my God, I can't just take a 29-year-old woman across my knee as if she was a naughty little girl!''

"Why not? Especially if a naughty little girl is exactly what she's just been? Don't forget those two copies of your program I gave away. Those two will probably multiply and deprive you of dozens of sales. Maybe hundreds.''

I brooded. This was true, and it did get some of my juices flowing. As for the prospect of putting this lovely woman across my knee and spanking her soundly, I must admit that got other juices flowing. It was a fantasy I had nurtured for years and never so much as mentioned to another.

Also in this update:

Sabina, by C. Flint
Cathy's Assistant, by Jason
In the Seventies, by Dr. Dlaniger
New Ladies, Clarice and Me, by Rachel Heath
Letters from the Past, by C. Allen


May 1, 2017

Six stories including: Like Mother, Like Daughter, Part Two, by T.C. Stonefox

Patricia was almost in tears as she listened to his words. In some ways he had taken a knife to her very soul and stabbed at her heart. Felicia was the most important thing to her, especially since her husband was dead. It was all she had except her own siblings and parents. Since the phone call yesterday, she had felt nothing but guilt at what happened. Felicia had done wrong and there was no doubt in Patricia's mind that she knew right from wrong, but the temptation should have never been there and wouldn't have been if there were distinct consequences to misbehavior. It was all she could do yesterday to watch her daughter get her beautiful bottom caned as severely as Mr. Marsh had done. Felicia would be raised differently now, but her own feelings and guilt were now to be dealt with.

Also in this update:

Sammy, by Annie
Music to Spank By, Al Purvis
The Burton Hensley Story, All of Her, by Rosy B. Goode
Cabin Fever, by Rianna
Baby Busters Get Spanked at Home, by Al Purvis


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