That night in Houston the wild mare bucked so hard the cowboy could barely stay in the saddle.

He was not under the lights in the Astrodome, but in the dark in a cheap motel room nearby.

His untamed mount was twenty-five year old Mrs. R. Dwayne Bryant who had finally found a cure for the boredom that her marriage to a rich Texas oil man had brought her. Dwayne was a sweetheart, but he was never around.

Evelyn, the New York snob Dwayne married, was not used to sitting around in dreary luxury. She didn't consider shopping an Olympic sport and she had nothing else in common with the young mothers who made up her new social set.

Suddenly a Colt 44 made an unmistakable sound when the hammer was cocked.

All the whooping and bouncing on the moonlit bed stopped.

"Who's there?" the cowboy said to the darkest corner of the room, from whence had come the thick metallic click.

"Get dressed, cowboy," said the raw boned voice of an unseen woman. "And get gone."

He didn't say a word. He abandoned his shirt and socks. He pulled on his jeans, held them up with one hand and picked up his boots with the other, en route to the door.

The stark naked Evelyn Bryant discretely reached for her panties on the lamp shade, but the gritty female voice she knew so well said, "Stay put, slut." Then to the departing cowboy, "Give me that belt."

The naked woman missed the last line, she was whining. "Oh please, Ma Fay. Please don't kill me." She felt around on the disheveled bed for the top sheet, but didn't find it.

The cowboy dropped his boots next to the pistol packin' mama. He buttoned his jeans, but didn't take the time to zip them. He pulled his precious hand tooled belt out of his belt loops and handed it to the female figure there in the dark. Then he snatched up his boots and ran out the door barefoot, lucky to be alive.

"Please don't shoot, Ma Fay," Evelyn whimpered. She had seen her mother-in-law shoot a rattle snake from the saddle with that same single action Colt 44. The loud explosion had scared the hell of out of the snotty sophisticate.
Everyone calls Faith Bryant, 'Fay,' except her son and daughters, who call her 'Ma Fay.' Evelyn had never called her 'Ma Fay' before.

"On your stomach, slut," the senior Mrs. Bryant said.

"Please don't shoot me."

"I'm not going to shoot you. This time."

"Please don't tell R.D." Evelyn said.

"Don't worry about that, tramp. I'm not going to be the one to break his heart. But I am going be the one to bust your butt, with your buckaroo's belt."

A spanking, even with a thick strip of cowhide, certainly sounded better than a bullet in the face, at least to the Easterner, who had never seen or heard, let alone experienced, a strapping.

"Well ... Well, how do I know you won't tell him anyway, even if I let you whip me." Evelyn had never gotten along with Ma Fay, who could spank her now and then betray her to her husband later.

"You'll take your lickin' like a big girl, whore, or I'll blow your brains out."

The wanton wife knew the angry older woman wasn't kidding. Evelyn had no choice. She slowly rolled over onto her stomach and gripped the low head rail of the cheap brass bed with both hands. She was sweaty and panting before she was caught in flagrante delicto. Now she was in a flop sweat and gasping for air. Strange, since Ma Fay had specifically said she was going to 'bust her butt,' Evelyn somehow thought that she would be flogged on her upper back. She wondered if the belt would sting more on her wet flesh than it would have had she been dry.

The tongue end of the big belt hummed through the dark and exploded across Evelyn's bare bottom, as loud as Ma Fay's Colt 44. The shock left Evelyn thinking for a second that she was the rattle snake and had just been shot through her coils.

The sorry young woman gripped the head rail with all her might as the wide leather hummed again. It burst on her moist skin with the sound and feel of a huge firecracker.

Evelyn gasped and yelped, but she held on tight.

Ma Fay knew just how to lay the leather to a naughty girl. Each lick left a welt one belt width lower than the last, with a sharp red line of overlap, on the bouncing backside of the unfaithful wife. The belt slashed away from the center of her wiggling hips downward.

By the time the strap struck just above her knee backs, Evelyn was screaming and squirming and squealing "Please! Mommy!" after each lick.

Ma Fay paused. "That's right, you shameless hussy, you are my daughter now. I know just how to deal with naughty daughters. I've reared three of them."

"Please stop," Evelyn begged. "I'll never do it again. I'll be the best wife in the world to R.D."

"I just gave you the once over," Ma Fay said. "Now we're gonna tan your hide all over again, starting from the top, just to make sure you remember what happens to wives who stray."

"OH NO! No! Please don't, Ma Fay. Please don't."

"You fit to be tied?" Ma Fay said, "Or can you hang on and ride it out?"

"Please don't tie me up," Evelyn said.

"Then you just stay on your belly on that bed, anyway you can," Ma Fay said. "Otherwise I'll tie you down. Either way, you're gettin' a lickin.' You earned it."

Evelyn burst out bawling, but she held on.

Ma Fay slowed her pace, but not the power she put into every swing of the strap. Each engorged bruise across Evelyn's writhing rump was whacked again, and whacked hard.

The sneaky sex pot kicked and squirmed and bounced and bellowed, but she managed to hold on and keep her blazing bottom up throughout the ordeal. She wagged her tail and howled like a bitch wolf in heat.

Ma Fay knew Evelyn was too swollen to get back into her tight designer jeans, so the older woman wrapped the blubbering wench in one of the skimpy bath towels provided by the seedy motel and helped her hobble to Ma Fay's station wagon.

Nearly naked, Evelyn curled up on her stomach in the back and sobbed all the way home.

There Ma Fay saw the fiery results of her leather work. She emptied the ice trays into cold water in the bathtub and sat her sniveling daughter-in-law in the icy concoction, to keep the swelling down.

When she finally fished the well spanked New Yorker out of the tub, Evelyn was shivering, more from fear than the cold.
Ma Fay sat down on a straight backed chair, pulled the trembling trollop across her lap and spread Aloe Vera lotion on the twitching blisters on Evelyn's bottom.

the fact that she was in the traditional spanking position was not lost on Evelyn. Draped naked over the knees of the tough old Texan, the nervous Knickerbocker chirped and squirmed from the twinges in her tail. She hoped with all her heart that nothing would rekindle her mother-in-law's ire. Even a mild hand spanking on her battered butt would be more that she could stand right now.

Evelyn knew Dwayne was coming home the next night, so she spent the entire day preparing to elude his discovery of her thoroughly thrashed derriere.

She explained the cause of her stiff walk as a backache and, later, she turned off all the lights in their bedroom to make it more romantic.

A husband who hadn't had sex for two weeks, a wife full of fear, and a smarting seat combined to make the sex they shared that night a memorable event.

Dwayne suggested they go horseback riding the next morning.

Evelyn reminded him of her backache, but he insisted a ride would do her good.

Perhaps in a moral sense it did. Saddled with sore bruises, bouncing on blisters and posting on painful welts reminded Evelyn every step of the way that she had committed adultery and had gotten away, so far, with merely a childish punishment. She wasn't sure to which miserable fact caused the tears to well up in her eyes.

For days Evelyn was on pins and needles. She tried to avoid sitting, made a particularly effort to get out of any more horseback riding, and successfully hid from her husband all the hand tooled hide on her posterior.

Two weeks later, Dwayne took off on another business trip.

Evelyn drove over to Ma Fay's spread.

"What can I do for you?" her mother-in-law greeted her.

Evelyn took a deep breath and said, "I just wanted to thank you."

"Well go ahead," Ma Fay said, "unless you've changed your mind."

Evelyn suppressed a chuckle at the older woman's literal interpretation of her words. Then she said, "Thank you, Ma Fay, for not telling Dwayne about what I did in the motel."

"I promised you I wouldn't tell him."
"Well I really appreciate you keeping your word."

"That it?" Ma Fay said.

Evelyn looked puzzled.

"You didn't want to thank me for what I did in the motel?" Ma Fay said, "for whipping your ass back onto the straight and narrow?"

Evelyn gulped, then wheezed in a breath through her nose. She had been trying not to think about the terrible spanking Ma Fay gave her. Reminded of her worst nightmare, the younger woman felt her blush rising and her feet shuffling. She wrung her hands nervously and said, "A good talking to would have been better for me."

"No it wouldn't," Ma Fay said. "You could have wrote that off as the ravings of an old witch you didn't like anyway."

"I also could have sat down without squirming," Evelyn said, sincerely.

After a pregnant pause, both women laughed at that remark.

"You behave yourself, Evie, and we'll get along just fine," Ma Fay said.

"I will," Evelyn said, "You don't have to worry about that."

Ma Fay smiled warmly at her daughter-in-law for the very first time. "I'm not worried, daughter. If you misbehave, I'll take you to the woodshed and straighten you out."

"Couldn't you just give me a good talking to next time?" Evelyn said with a sly smirk. She could quip about it only because she had resolved there would never be a 'next time.'

"No," Ma Fay said. "My mother believed in the strap and she made a believer out of me, just like my grandmother made a believer out of her, and my great grandmother made a believer out of grandma. I reckon lots more generations of my maternal ancestors got their bare bottoms blistered with a leather strap."

"Did you strap your daughters?"

"Not 'til they were teenagers," Ma Fay said. "I spanked them with my hand when they were little, but when they grew out that they found out what a real lickin' is like."

Evelyn's jaw hung open. No wonder her sisters-in-law show such deterrence to their mother.

A lighter thought closed Evelyn's mouth. She said, "I bet you never strapped a married woman my age before."

"Yes, I did," Ma Fay said. She snickered. "When J. Ray went off to Desert Storm, Hope came home with her kids to stay with me 'til he got back. She was twenty-eight then, married, and the mother of two, but I didn't have to put up with her insolence in my own home. Or anywhere else for that matter, she's still my daughter."

Evelyn imagined the statuesque Hope Bryant Henshaw writhing naked on a bed while Ma Fay whacked her with a thick cowboy belt. But that didn't turn out to be the case.

"The first time was down at the barn," the matriarch said.

The FIRST time! Evelyn wondered how many times Ma Fay spanked Hope during her stay, but she was afraid to ask.

"Hope had been giving me and Manuel a ration of shit for almost an hour," Ma Fay said. "She couldn't believe it when I told her to drop her jodhpurs and bend over a stall door."

Evelyn's skin itched just thinking about Hope's humiliation in front of the Chicano stable boy.

Ma Fay said, "She got real polite real fast, but it was too late. She could see Manuel was there to help me get her out of her fancy pants and into position if she refused to do right."

Evelyn panted her excitement.

"Hope assumed the position," Ma Fay said, "I jerked down her panties and Manuel handed me a latigo. He pretended not to watch, but folks in the next county could hear her shrieking.

Evelyn gasp for breath. What a disgrace! It's rotten enough to get punished in private, but to get it in front of a man! And a servant at that!

"I wasn't in any hurry," Ma Fay said. "Me and that saddle strap kept the haughty Mrs. Henshaw kickin' and hollerin' for quite some time. It taught her a lesson she'll never forget."

The younger Mrs. Bryant pictured her regal sister-in-law flailing in the air, suspended on her lower abdomen on one of those Dutch doors in the stable. The very idea made her fidget.

"Hope shied away from Manuel after that," Ma Fay said. "She didn't do much riding the rest of the time she was here."
"Who could blame her?" Evelyn said. She knew how hard it is to ride after getting a strapping from Ma Fay.

"She minded her manners pretty good too," Ma Fay said, "except for that one time when she had all those other young mothers over here."

"You spanked her in front of guests?"

"Not exactly," Ma Fay said. "This room right here was crowded with a herd of mommies and kiddies, so I invited her upstairs to have a word with me in private."

Evelyn thought how horribly humiliating it must have been for Hope to be pulled out of her own party to be punished in private by her mother.

Ma Fay said, "Here's a little trick you might want to remember, in case you ever have a daughter who grows up to be bigger than you."

"Yes, Ma'am," Evelyn said.

"I had Hope stand on my bed with her feet well apart and lower her shorts to her knees. Then I told her to slip her arms down through the leg holes to her elbows and kneel on all fours."

"I see," Evelyn said. She tried to picture the technique in her mind, but she had difficulty deciding whether the woman on all fours with her elbows bound to her knees was her imaginary daughter, or Hope, or herself.

"As she knelt down, I pulled down her panties and her big white moon rose, just where I wanted it. I got grandma's old razor strap out of the closet, went to work and strapped all the sass out of her."

"Oooh," Evelyn said, "Poor Hope." Maybe poor Evelyn too, someday.

"Yeah," Ma Fay said. "It wasn't easy hearing her scream, but when I got through, her moon was blue and she was too."

"Couldn't her guests hear?" How could Hope face her friends knowing they had heard her crying and carrying on to crack of the strap on her big white moon.

"No," Ma Fay said. "My dear departed husband had our bedroom sound proofed when our kids were little."

Evelyn nodded. She again imagined the elegant Hope Henshaw (and perhaps herself someday) hobbled on the king size bed, elbows to knees, squirming and squealing like one of the toddlers downstairs, while Ma Fay 'strapped all the sass out of her.'
"Her cutoffs were long enough to cover the welts," Ma Fay said, "but when we came back down all the other young mothers could see that Hope got a lickin.' Put a damper on their party, but that we her fault, not mine."

"How long was J. Ray gone?"

"Eighteen months."

Two strappings in eighteen months. Or were there more? Evelyn wondered.

"Hope's always been my sassiest kid," Ma Fay said. "She's always needed more lickings than the others."

"Forgive me if I feel sorry for her," Evelyn said.

"Me too," Ma Fay said. "I know what that strap feels like. I've felt sorry for every girl I've ever tanned. You included."

"Thanks for that," Evelyn said sincerely. She felt a warm friendship building between herself and her mother-in-law.

"Hope wasn't the only wife older than you that I've taken to task," Ma Fay said. "The night before her wedding, I laid the leather to Lovey."

"Oh my!" Evelyn knew how hard it is to hide belt tracks from one's husband. How could a bride get away with it on her wedding night?

"She tried to say farewell to her former boyfriend the same way you tried to say hello to that cowboy."

"Oh no!"

"She didn't get so far as you did," Ma Fay said. "But I made her take what was left of her clothes off and lay across the bed for a lasting lesson in fidelity."

The memory of lying naked on a bed for a lasting leather lesson in fidelity made Evelyn's heart pound.

"After their honeymoon, Matt asked me why I whipped those welts on his wife," Ma Fay said. "She wouldn't tell him."

"Of course not!"

"I told him it was just one of those mother/daughter things," Ma Fay said. "And I suggested he should take his belt to her whenever she needed it."
"Poor Lovey," Evelyn said. Her youngest sister-in-law was a charming woman, and a good friend, just three years older than Evie herself.

"Matt said he couldn't spank Lovey, he loved her too much to ever hurt her. So I said, 'Well, when you get her spoiled so bad you can't stand to be around her anymore, bring her on home and I'll straighten her out for you.' And he did."

"He brought her here for a licking?"

"It was here or the divorce court," Ma Fay said. "Then she would have been right back here anyway, since Matt has no money to speak of and Lovey's never worked a day in her life. She knew my grandma's old razor strap was just waiting to kiss her rowdy rump 'hello' if she moved back home."

"How long had they been married?"

"Three years. She was about, ah, twenty-six at the time."

"Did you let Matt watch?"

"I demanded that he watch," Ma Fay said. "First, he deserved the satisfaction of seeing the snippy bitch get what she deserved." Ma Fay counted on her fingers. "Second, he had to learn how to herd a headstrong heifer. Third, he needed to share in her suffering, since he was the one who spoiled her in the first place."

"I see," Evelyn said.

"I wish you had," Ma Fay said, "you'd of never picked up that puncher at the rodeo."

"You got that right!"

"I made Lovey bend over the back of that sofa right there," Ma Fay said, pointing, "naked as the day she was born. I had Matt hold her hands. I wanted him to watch her face while I whacked her ass. I lectured the two of them, for about five minutes. I underscored my major points with grandma's little helper." Ma Fay grinned. "Lovey supplied the exclamations."

Evelyn's heart went out to her friend Lovey as her mind recreated the scene.

"Wasn't long before I had her bawling like a branded calf," Ma Fay said. "Matt kept saying she'd had enough, but I kept telling him to keep watching while I strapped all the disrespect and stubbornness right out of her."

"Oooh," Evelyn said. She could see herself bent over that sofa over there, 'bawling like a branded calf.'
"I reckon she's been a lot easier to live with since I tuned her up," Ma Fay said. "They've seemed real happily married ever since."

Evelyn nodded. "Matt and Lovey are indeed a loving couple."

Ma Fay's newest daughter vowed to herself that she and Dwayne would be happy too. He was easy to please. And she now knew what the consequences would be if she failed to be a good wife to him.

Ma Fay would be a strong woman for years to come. Evelyn didn't want to ever again have her bare bottom on the receiving end of any piece of leather wielded by her strapping mother-in-law.

On the other hand, the severe spanking Ma Fay gave her was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to Evelyn. She wondered if she could ever bring herself to provoke another one. No adultery would be required. It wouldn't be difficult. But it would be hard.

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