Female/Female Stories

Learning What's Real, by J.L.J. (July 3, 2017)

Lori squirmed and tried to pull her hand free, keeping her legs clamped tightly together. Her stepmother’s gray slacks felt rough against her bare skin. Her face was red hot, and she knew that if she looked in the mirror it would be bright scarlet. “That’s not the way my father spanks me,” she said.

“I’m not your father, young lady,” Diane said icily. “And I’m darn sure not going to spank you the way your father does. That comment you made a few minutes ago was just the last straw. You’ve been disrespectful, disobedient, and downright rude to me for far too long, and I have no intention of letting you off with a couple of swats and some fake tears. I intend to blister you the same way my mother blistered me the few times I was disrespectful to her.”

“I said I was sorry,” Lori protested. “Why can’t you justº” SWACK! SWACK! SWACK! “Yeeoww!” Lori jerked, and yelped involuntarily as a flurry of swats exploded without warning onto her rear end like bursting firecrackers. That hurt! She tried to squirm away from the burning sting but her stepmother’s grip was secure. SWACK! SWACK! “Ooh! Owwuch! You’re hurting me!”

You Again, by Dr. Dlaniger (July 3, 2017)

Rhiannon noticed her panties right away.

“ Your panties are very pretty. When I finish your spanking you must tell me where you bought them. They’re adorable. I just have to get a pair for myself.” Eileen was stunned. What was happening almost didn’t seem real. Hereshe was about to get a spanking, be humiliated beyond belief, and the cop who was going to spank her was admiring her panties. This was crazy, she thought as she stood with her skirt up around her waist. “Ok. Be a good girl and bend over the hood.” Embarrassed and humiliated, she obeyed, positioning herself so that her panty-clad bottom faced the highway. The woman removed her leather belt and doubled it. “I’m giving you twenty. And I’m warning…don’t move until I tell you to.”

Suddenly Eileen felt a line of white hot fire across her buttocks, searing her right through the thin nylon of her panties. She shrieked in pain, leaped up, and grabbed her injured buttocks.

Jennifer Ann's Visitors, by Jack (June 30, 2017)

The minutes clicked slowly. Ever so slowly. Jennifer didn't know how long the wait would take or even exactly what she was waiting for. Was Jean just in town? Jennifer recalled sending Jean a picture of her little house when she first bought it, promising to correspond regularly. After only two letters, she ceased trying to stay in touch with Jean. Was this why she was being punished?

The door knob turned as did Jennifer's head.

“Keep your nose in that corner,” the familiar voice barked in that take-charge manner that sent shivers down Jennifer's spine.

Jennifer thought she heard someone else in the house but didn't dare defy her disciplinarian's command by trying to take a peek. Was it someone else to spank her? Could it be someone else to witness her humiliating, juvenile punishment? Maybe no one at all. Jennifer's imagination was getting away from her.

Mother-in-Law Gets Spanked, by Iona (June 30, 2017)

Bessie winced slightly at the smartness of the spanks, even as she felt her genitals become engorged with blood, and her nipples stand up rigid against her flimsy nightgown.

Whack…whack…whack…whack…this second spanking that Molly was administering with a firm strong hand, did not hurt as much as the first one, because this time she was whapping at every part of her mother-in-law’s tiny bottom instead of just over the crack as before.

Whack…whack…whack…whack…Molly’s left hand was circling Bessie’s hips as it had done before, as if holding and framing what she was spanking. While the right one rained down a brisk volley of spanks to the soft little orbs that lay so submissively under her hand.

The Forty Woman Paddle Bus, by B.C. and Wife (June 26, 2017)

I watched her swing. She was careful with each stroke, watching what she was doing all the time and placing them just as she wanted them. She didn't spank slowly but she spanked carefully and very, very hard. Each spank made the driver's screaming more high pitched until it was almost too high to hear. Still the spanking went on. The ass went from white, to red, to bright red, to dark red. And still the spanking went on. She didn't stop the spanking until the lower half of the ass was all covered with purple blisters. This accomplished, she let the well-punished driver slide to the floor.

WOW! What a spanking that was. My pounding headache even forgave the woman who had bounced and jounced it all over New Jersey after watching her get that spanking. That is just what this is all about, I told myself. After punishment, all must be forgiven. That was no problem. When I had watched such punishment as that I could have forgiven almost anything.

A Friend in Need, by Bruce (June 26, 2017)

Trembling and fighting to keep from crying, the girls got out and, walking ahead of Mrs. Weller and her daughter, they left the garage and crossed the lawn to the front door of the house. Opening the door, Mrs. Weller ushered them into the living room and the girls immediately saw three girls, all appearing to be about Tammy's age or a little older, seated on one of the living room sofas and looking at photo albums. The girl in the center looked up and said, "Hi, Mom." Standing up, she walked over, smiled at Tammy and Cindy and said, "And you must be Tammy and Cindy Lawford. I'm Lela Weller and those two girls are my friends LeAnn and Jean." Lowering her voice slightly, she said, "Mom told us all about your, ah, problem and I'll tell you right now, when my Mom gets through with you, you'll think you're behind's on fire! But she'll teach you a lesson that you won't ever forget, I promise you that!"

Computer Games, by Ashley (June 23, 2017)

The rest infused Mrs. Morrow with new strength and the slaps fell even harder. Julie Anne's mother began this round at the top of the girl's tender rounded hips and was working downwards, alternating on each cheek until she reached the base. She paused again, returned once more to the top of the rosy buttocks and now fully warmed to her mission, her face grimly set, her eyes narrowed and her lips parted and moist, Julie Anne's mother concentrated the loud stinging slaps against the apexes of her daughter's naked bottom. They seemed to flatten the hillocks but could not prevent the resilient flesh from immediately springing back up to present itself for yet further chastisement.

These slaps continued at the same fifteen second intervals however the accumulated discomfort now drew more definitive "Oooooooohhhhh!'s" from the pretty young victim. Meanwhile Julie Anne had begun to move her head about, catching watery glimpses of her eager young brother while her trapped fingers wiggled about obsessively. Her shapely bare legs moved about much more actively, stretching her tangled panties and providing glimpses of the secret valley that lay within. Mostly it was views of her feminine thatch but several times, Paul's attentive eye caught sight of the fair salmon colored slit.

Cousin Heather, by C. Allen (June 23, 2017)

“Drop your skirt and panties, young lady,” ordered Aunt Gladys. “Since you’ve given me no choice, I’m going to do this right.”

“When haven’t you done it right?” Heather shot back. She huffed loudly, as if debating whether or not to obey. “You just love spanking me, don’t you? You’re a sadist, you know.”

Girl's Party, by A.M. (June 19, 2017)

Anne in a teasing way answered "Maybe, after I hear about how all of you got your butts walloped. Peggy you're next, but I must tell you all something that is kind of embarrassing. After the spankings I told you about, my cousin and I rubbed cream on each other's blazing red bottoms. That began after I saw her spanking and followed her to her bedroom. She was on her tummy on her bed, rubbing cream into her red cheeks. I volunteered to do that for her and she agreed. So after our strappings, we did the same thing to each other. I don't know about my cousin but I had strange feelings both times. I cannot describe those feeling in words. Okay Peggy, it is your turn."

Mary Lou Felt Blue, by Jay Ellis (June 19, 2017)

Part of the battle was won, thought the older woman. Mary Lou did not argue over the spankings but merely asked that her father not be present or notified.

That Monday Lori purchased several items to be used in further punishments of the teenage girl. During the next few days she brought home a new and rather wicked looking hairbrush to be used in the continuing education of her daughter. She also bought a half dozen cotton panties somewhat smaller than the type Mary Lou wore, a mini skirt and a sheer blouse. The skirt would be somewhat short on the girl and just a little tight.

Every Step of the Way, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (June 16, 2017)

“Criss-crossing, laying cut across cut, back and forth,” the woman beating Juanita called out as she flicked at the high white ass before her. Juanita stood fully then, hopping from one foot to another, rolling her pelvis, trying to sway herself from the attack as much as arching her back and sticking out her bare behind to meet it.

This pull of her mind against body Juanita had never experienced before. She even managed to look down at her perky c-cups and smiled at the diamond hard nubs of her nipples, squeezed her pussy lips to feel that thick wetness that had not abated the entire time. Juanita knew she could stand here until this woman flayed the skin from her ass, she wanted this so much; to leave welts, purple-ness, have the stripped pattern of the cat burned across her flesh. The only thing Juanita could crave more was if the woman began to rifle the cat up and down her back, maybe between her legs…or God-forbid, between her ass again to brutalize her anus like she had warned. Her fists balled, her cheeks dewy with a single tear from each eye, Juanita listened, felt, feared and loved.

Flirting With a Spanking, by Chuck (June 16, 2017)

If her mother did decree that a spanking was necessary, Kristi felt certain that she would not attempt to resist. She would likely protest but if her mother was adamant, Kristy would bend over the maternal knees on command. She loved Lydia and knew that she would have given the matter long consideration before taking that action.

But another spanking added to her already blazing posterior was too scary to contemplate. Nah, her mother wouldn't change her disciplinary procedures after all these years.

When Kristi saw the look on Lydia's face when she walked in the door, though, she realized she was in for more than the usual lecture. Lydia's jaw was set firmly.

Bridget, by Helier (June 12, 2017)

Given no choice, Bridget and the other two girls, had to slap their own buttocks and thighs. It wasn't hard enough for the woman in red whoshouted at them until they put real force into it. The humiliation was complete. One by one they had to lean across the woman in black's knees and be spanked but before and after they had to smack themselves. After was even worse - they were made to dance around in a grotesque smacking dance, slapping themselves and each other. Bridget was crying but not as much as the others. The woman in black had spanked her so hard, she had burst into tears almost immediately but, somehow, this ludicrous slapping dance was just the sort of thing she had expected and had prepared herself to do. It was too much for Amy.

"I don't think I can be part of the Point."

Unhappy Campers, by Z.Z. (June 12, 2017)

Melissa protested but she did as she was told. Standing there without a stitch on she felt considerably more naked than she had the day before when they were all naked. She noticed that several of the girls had little smiles on their faces. Ms. Steinbeck ordered Melissa to bend over the front of the desk holding on to the far edge. When she complied Melissa was in approximately the same position that the girls had been in bending over the table the day before except she had her feet on the floor rather than kneeling.

The two switches that had been used yesterday were produced and Ms. Sullivan stood on Melissa's left side while Ms. Steinbeck stood on her right. Lying over the desk like that with her bare behind stuck up in the air made Melissa feel extremely vulnerable. Her young charges stood in a semicircle behind her causing her to blush since she knew what a sight she must be, an almost adult young lady bare as the day she was born waiting to be spanked like a child. She was mortified.

Spanked in a Brothel, by Iona Blair (June 9, 2017)

It would soon be time to present herself in the main salon where the entire house was assembled to watch her getting her bottom spanked. She shuddered visibly at the thought, but whether this was from fear or excitement she was unable to tell.

Perhaps a little of both, she thought to herself nervously.

“Oh there you are,” Claudette exclaimed impatiently, startling Marie with her sudden appearance behind her. “I’ve been looking all over for you. Madame wants to see you in her private parlor right away.”

“It’s very important,” Madame Lamont declared, “for you to become extremely excited during the spanking".

It's in the Cards, by BlueBeard (June 9, 2017)

Well, now that you know how our little game works - and what you may be in for when you play it next week (and play it you will, Melissa, so be smart and bring along an extra-thick pillow to sit on while you're driving home on Sunday), let me give you an idea of how the game works in actual operation: my example being Susan, who got herself into big trouble last week by staying out much too late on a school night. That's a no-no, and earns you a session in my bedroom with the deck of cards and the door locked. And that's where poor Sue found her sweet, but all too tardy 16-year-old self last Friday night.

Attendant Notions, by Phillippe Anjour (June 5, 2017)

Jeanine marveled at Bailey's curvy backside arched upward before her. She gingerly placed all ten of her fingers on the small of Bailey's back. Through the white cotton blouse, Jeanine felt the electricity of her first touch as she felt the softness and warmth of Bailey's skin beneath. Light as feathers, she slid her fingertips up and over the pert mounds of Bailey's bottom and down to mid-thigh where she spread her fingers out, one on each leg, and caressed with gentle squeezes back upward.

Bailey arched her bottom higher like a feline as she felt Jeanine's fingers slide across her skin. Her heart was racing in anticipation and from the heat she was feeling where her hips were pressed against Jeanine's thighs.

Brush With the Law, by C.J. West (June 5, 2017)

Hillary had never seen a more likely candidate for a good, sound spanking. Observing the foregoing tantrum, she'd eyed the spoiled lass' well rounded bottom, tightly encased in mauve slacks, wishing it was indeed she, herself, who would have the pleasure of administering this spanking. Oh, how she'd love to deliver the stinging comeuppance this haughty young lady so richly deserved. But, of course, that was impossible. Still, one could wish.... just then, she realized Richard was speaking to her.

".... the legality of all this, your honor. I don't think I've ever heard of a judge spanking a defendant."

Courtroom Justice, by Chuck (June 2, 2017)

But as the saying goes, “pride goeth before the fall,” and Terri Ann finally took the fall, and later was to lose her pride. It turned out that she had been incorrigible during her growing up years, left her parents’ home in another state at the age of 16 and moved to an apartment in Taner, which she paid for through the money and items she was able to steal.

Her crime spree came to an end when a police stake-out finally paid off. Terri Ann was dressed in a black suit and wearing that black mask, and she tried unsuccessfully to escape in the dark. When the mask was taken off, a beautiful young woman was revealed.

Debbie Learns an Embarrassing Lesson, by C.J. West (June 2, 2017)

Before heading for the door and the most embarrassing moment of her life, Debbie turned her back to the mirror. She looked at her bare bottom, round and fully curved. It had been spanked before, when she was a teenager and it had teenage slimness, but she never thought she'd have to go through this again.
She walked to the bedroom door, turning the knob, opening the door and walking naked into the living room. Her mother was standing near the bar, sipping some orange juice.

Makes a Sore Behind, by Dr. Dlaniger (May 29, 2017)

“Whoa! That must have been extremely humiliating for her,” Jake said, imagining what that must have been like to have that happen. He remembered getting a public spanking as a little boy at the age of ten and how embarrassed he was that his father took down his pants to spank him. All the kids at the park saw his Fruit of the Loom briefs and teased him about it for days.

“As well as painful,” Bill reminded. “Whenever they caught her breaking the law they pulled up her skirt and spank her right in front of everyone. Sometimes they would even take her across their knee while sitting on a park bench. Now that’s embarrassment. And no one stopped slapping her bottom until she was really crying. And I mean real tears!

A Spanking Life, by Felicity (May 29, 2017)

Please understand though that this whimpering wasn’t due to fear. On the contrary, Michael Johnson was probably the strongest, sexiest and most wonderful man that I’ve ever seen in my life. But whilst most women smile and giggle like schoolgirls when they see a man who they like, since we want them to dominate us, spank us and force us to submit, our first instinct seems to be to quiver like frightened leaves and whimper like helpless puppies.

“Was this a way to get attention; a cry for discipline?” He barked, marching up and down in front of us with his mere presence doing as much for us as a dozen spankings put together. “It’s obvious that you want me to spank you or you wouldn’t have worn those things.”

Modern Immaturity, by Fank Tenava (May 26, 2017)

It took Clarice a moment to take in everything she was seeing. She first noticed that all the clutter from the previous day - the glasses on the end table, the dirty laundry, and the dirt and dust on the furniture - remained untouched. The glasses, in fact, had now been joined by a partially finished TV dinner tray, and a knife and fork.

But it was the additional mess that astonished Clarice, and in a matter of seconds ignited a slow boil that her guests were quick to sense. There was a large white stain on the carpet next to the end table: from the scattering of potato chips on the table above, Clarice assumed it to be onion dip. A bottle of chardonnay, slightly more than half consumed, sat on top of the television, which had been wheeled out from the wall nearly to the center of the room.

Mom's Old Fashioned Lesson, by Mike Burke (May 26, 2017)

On the other side of the house, Molly's ears burned as she just knew that she was the center of attention where ever her mother and Aunt Linda were. It also wasn't helping the 17-year old that her mother seemed to be taking even longer than normal to make her appearance. No matter how hard she tried, and she tried hard, the high school senior couldn't keep her mind from the immediate future. It was so bad that the cheerleader couldn't help but reach back with one hand at a time and adjust the leg openings at the back of her white panties. The ants in her pants just wouldn't allow Molly to stop fidgeting. Public spankings were always the senior's worst nightmare.

Joannie Gives & Gets, by Thomas Bruns (May 22, 2017)

Lori had then replied that if Trudy hadn’t been so old, she’d know that all of the girls were wearing things like that nowadays. “And I’ll just save up my money from my job and buy it myself, without any of your help and whether you like it or not,” was her finishing shot. That had finished it, all right. Trudy’s face had turned from a pale pink to an instant shade of deep red, but it hadn’t been from embarrassment. Lori’s mouth worked up and down as she had realized that she’d gone way too far. But it was too late for her to take it back. Trudy had grabbed her daughter’s wrist and had dragged her through the store and out to the parking lot. Joanne had followed, although she had quite a time trying to keep up with Trudy’s fast step. Lori had tried apologizing all the way out to the car, but Trudy hadn’t heard a word of it. When they arrived at Trudy’s mini-van, Trudy had flung open the side door and had reached for a travel bag that was located behind the driver’s seat.

Lori must have had previous experience with that travel bag because her face turned bone white and she’d exclaimed, “Mom! No! Not here! I’m sorry!”

But, regardless of whether her daughter was sorry or not, Trudy hadn’t been about to let that little scene in the store slide by without some sort of reprisal. Joanne had immediately seen the reason for Lori’s sudden attack of fright as soon as Trudy had withdrawn a large wooden hairbrush from the bag. And, like she had done with Joanne a couple of months prior, Trudy had grabbed Lori painfully by the earlobe and began ordering her daughter to lower her jeans.

Joyride, by Chantal Savage(May 22, 2017)

"Owww! okay, whatever you say."

April grabbed her by the chin and made Celeste look her in the eye. "That's not good enough. I want to hear you say you're going to start acting like the adult you keep saying you already are."
" I'll--act my age." She could barely get the words out through her sniffling.

" That means bringing yourself home at a decent hour, doesn't it?"

Ginger, by C. Flint (May 19, 2017)

Ginger stifled a yelp of pain as her bottom began to sting from the first stroke of the belt. She stretched out her arms and grabbed the other side of the hood as the belt fell again. It was not until the fifth time her rear end was seared by the strap that Ginger's resolve started to crumble. She squealed as the strap raised another welt on her backside. Her legs kicked out with the next lash. She could feel one of her pumps fly off and heard it bang against the wall.

Girlish Memory, by James Fox (May 19, 2017)

After fifteen minutes she was ordered to stop and bring her work to the Mistress who quietly and purposefully marked it with a red pen, highlighting the errors. When she had finished she closed the book and looked Sian in the eye. ‘You have scored only 15% girl - which is a very poor mark. For that, your punishment will be severe. Eight strokes of the cane on your bare bottom.’ Sian gulped and even though she was conscious that she was not in fact a schoolgirl, but a grown woman who had volunteered to be chastised, the moment was still awful. For half a second she almost allowed her panic to overtake her by rushing from the room. Quickly, though, she steadied herself, stepped up onto the Mistress’s platform and without prompting bent herself across the desk. It was deep enough for her to rest her whole body across it and wide enough for her comfortably to grip each side for support. Behind her, her skirt was lifted and folded back to expose her tight white cotton knickers. There was a moments pause as the Mistress gazed at the view and then, unhurriedly, inserted her thumbs into the waistband and gently edged the knickers down to Sian’s knees. Her bottom was flawless; it was milky white and smooth, a delightful contrast to the yellowy-brown hue of the battered old school-cane, which was now being tapped rhythmically against it. The Mistress smiled to herself; she could see from experience that it was also a bottom that would mark up well and display her handiwork to its optimum.

Step-Daughters Sue, & Spankings, Too, by Jay Ellis (May 15, 2017)

After quite a long interval the spanks finally stopped and she was ordered to stand in the corner like a spanked child, where she stood for about twenty minutes.

Then it was Jean's turn and she soon was face down over Susan's lap. The young stepmother began immediately with crisp spanks that sounded loud in the room where Jo was sobbing in the corner and the new culprit was receiving her own lecture. Jean started to yell and kick her legs wildly but to no avail as she was warned of further punishment if she did not cease her movements. However, the protests and crying only increased. After about five minutes there were two girls with red posteriors and their panties down at their ankles and hoping that the heat would soon cool off somewhat. The gap between their stockings and skirt was enough to make them careful how they moved as not to demonstrate the stripes on their skin.

Both girls were now aware what they could expect unless they could get their father to intercede on their behalf. Sue beat them to the draw as discussed the situation with he husband.

Sugar Mommy, by Trevor (May 15, 2017)

Another smack on the right, and another smack on the left. “Ow! Ow!”

She couldn’t take it any longer. She had to go on taking it. She wanted to soak her hot posterior in ice water, and she wanted a lover’s hands to make the pain go away while the lover’s lips brought her to ecstasy. Down came Kirsten’s heavy hand again, and an area that hadn’t seemed that it could hurt any more, did. A moment later, the stinging in her left buttock also became more intense.

What had ever made her decide to move in with this bull dyke? Pain blossomed again. It was intense, but it wasn’t all bad. There was a tensioninside her. Another spank landed on the other side, and her desperate wriggles resumed.

Submissive Susie & Dominant Donna, by Rachel Heath (May 12, 2017)

Both of Susie's hands went to her pubis and she began rubbing her lips, around her tiny, extremely sensitive clit -- she never touched it directly -- and swinging her hips furiously from side to side as Donna struck crack! crack! crack! with extra speed and force until Susie screamed out her pleasure: "OH! OHHHHHHHHHI"

"Now, what else will you do for your Mistress?" Donna asked as Susie regained her breath.

Summer School, by Kristiana (May 12, 2017)

Kris was shocked to feel her skirt being rucked on to her back. With the weather being as warm as it was Kris had not worn pantyhose. There was nothing other than a pair of cotton panties between her and Mary Kay’s hand. The panties offered no protection for they were quickly grabbed and yanked to her knees. Kris began to struggle again, the memory of the spankings she had received in college motivating her to get away. She felt her big sister lean forward and out of the corner of her eye saw the paddle gripped in MaryKay’s hand.

“No, MaryKay please, not that, please don’t use that on me. It’s going to hurt!”

Lesley's First Pledge Party, by Jeannie (May 8, 2017)

Caroline stuck out her tongue at Donna, and undid her pants. She pulled her panties down to her knees, and made some exaggerated kissing noises in Donna's direction. Girls snickered in the back of the room. Donna's face turned red. Caroline bent over the couch, and everyone noticed how red her bottom was from the day before. She had been paddled unusually thoroughly, more than Lesley.

Donna took up the paddle. She snarled, "You slut!" and whacked Caroline's sore, bare bottom as hard as she could, twice. Caroline sobbed as she stood up. She choked out, "Thank you," pulled up her pants, and returned to her pillow.

A Lesson She Never Forgot, by Cerissa (May 8, 2017)

Poor Colleen was shaking so badly she could hardly move the chair, but somehow managed to drag it around. She felt greater hesitancy than she showed as she leaned over the padded back. A cool finger brushed her thigh, making her jump, as her mother lifted the nightie high over her back, and Colleen, without having to be told, reached back and lowered her panties to expose her buttocks. Heat suffused her face and chest as the cool air and crawly feeling of being the center of attention raised goose pimples on her flesh. Mrs. Sullivan, with one hand on Colleen's back and the other grasping a thigh, pushed her errant daughter further over the chair, so that the girl's back was arched and her bottom high in the air. Quickly, she yanked the panties down to Colleen's knees, and from there they fell to her ankles. Then Mrs. Sullivan leisurely rolled and folded the razor strop giving Colleen, on tiptoes and bared, plenty of time to anticipate the spanking she was about to get.

New Ladies, Clarice and Me, by Rachel Heath (May 5, 2017)

"You have to give me your bottom for each swat."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you must relax the muscles in your ass. If your muscles are tense the swat doesn't sting as much and you're not completely submitting to it, so that spank won't count, I'll only count a swat delivered to a soft, relaxed, completely submissive fanny."

I tried to relax the muscles in my bottom. "Like this?" I asked in a frail voice.

"Just like that." Swat.

Letters From the Past, by C. Allen (May 5, 2017)

I stole a look at Mrs. Talbertson as Momma readied her arm for another. The seamstress had a satisfied smirk on her pinched face, quite satisfied at the turn of events. When again the cane made its agonizing "snick" hard against Daphne's flesh, her smile broadened. "A stubborn girl like her needs a fine dose," she observed. "I daresay she took no notice of those."

"Well, Daphne?" said Momma.

Daphne turned her head from me and said nothing. Momma pressed her lips together. She delivered a third stroke, paused briefly, and added a fourth. Daphne ground her teeth to hold back any outburst and momentarily stood on tiptoes. Though mostly hidden from my eyes, there could be no doubt that four angry red weals stood out like tram lines on her soft white skin.

"You'd think she's made of wood, eh?" said Mrs. Talbertson.

Baby Busters Get Spanked at Home, by Al Purvis (May 1, 2017)

Time turned the tables. When Arlo started college he made the wrestling team and discovered he was big and strong enough to spank either of his older sisters whenever they needed a spanking, whether they liked it or not. Naturally, they did not. Since he seemed so responsible at that time, and her daughters didn't, Judy authorized him to exercise his judgment, and the palm of his hand, in the matter of his older sisters' discipline whenever she wasn't present to attend to the feisty females herself. Annette and Meredith were old enough to vote and thought of themselves as fully grown women so they really resented being spanked by their mother, but they doubly detested being spanked by a teenage boy. They felt it was particularly humiliating to have their baby brother bare their bottoms, but they had always spanked him on the bare so he, and their mother, thought of it as poetic justice. At the time Judy had smiled at her daughter's complaints about Arlo spanking them and told the girls that he wouldn't spank them at all if they would just behave themselves.

Annette and Meredith lived in fear that their friends, or enemies, or boyfriends, or anyone, might find out that women in their twenties (and now, in Annette's case, a woman in her thirties) were still put over a knee from time to time to have their bottoms bared and spanked. They were even more frightened that anyone outside the immediate family might learn that each of them squirmed and squealed and squalled like a ten year old whenever she got a spanking. Arlo used their trepidation to manage their demeanor, hinting that this boyfriend or that girlfriend "might be surprised to learn you got your little tushie spanked last week.”

Cara, by Helier (May 1, 2017)

When Sally turned, there were tears running down her cheeks and a fiery feverish excitement in her eyes. She placed her hands behind her and leaned back on the table as Leni tucked her skirt out of the way. Cara let her eyes wander over her friend's flat pale belly, stopping at the silky quiff of pubic hair and the fleshy pink mound it barely covered. Sally was trembling and Cara could almost feel the heat in her young body. Sally's panties were still bunched at her knees but Cara delicately lowered them to her ankles, crouching so that Sally could feel warm breath on her pussy and on her thighs. Straightening up again, she went to stand beside her friend, turning her a little so that the others could see everything. Sally put her arm round Cara's shoulders and waited, holding her breath. Grasping the ruler firmly, Cara gave her hard slaps across the front of her thighs. That stung.

"Ow ... ow! Oh, please ... oh, Cara!" Sally pleaded, her fingers feverishly stroking the flesh around Cara's neck and shoulders. "It hurts me." She began to cry, her voice thick with erotic feeling, her body writhing passionately against Cara's. She had freed one foot from her panties and parted her legs so that Cara could smack the ruler across the soft fleshy insides of her thighs and, when she was almost dancing with the sting of it, Cara made her cry again by flicking the tip of the ruler over the lips of her pussy.

Aunt Julia Takes Charge, Part Five, by Bruce (April 28, 2017)

Those strappings were, bar none, the worst! She’d take me to my room, make me strip down to my shoes and socks and then she’d tie my hands behind my back with a scarf before ordering me to kneel on my bed and bend forward over a couple of pillows she placed there beforehand. She always made me spread me knees apart, telling me that it would keep me from clenching my bottom, and then she’d give me a real scorcher of a scolding before she started with the strap. God, that was so humiliating! Kneeling on my bed with my legs spread apart, there wasn’t a thing she couldn’t see and she’d always walk around behind me while she was scolding, making sure I knew that she was looking at my ‘privates’. But when that old razor strap started smacking and cracking across my behind and the backs of my thighs, you can bet I quit worrying about what I was showing! Boy, did it ever hurt! Each lick was like a band of fire and usually before she got much past three I was howling my head off and pumping my feet up and down like a crazy woman. But she didn’t care what I did so long as I didn’t move out of position. She’d just whale away at me until I was welted from the tops of my hips right down to a few inches from my bent knees, even going so far as to snap the tip of that darned old strap right in between my cheeks so that the tip hit the sensitive skin right around my butthole. Those really, REALLY hurt and I almost always rolled off the pillows after getting one there. That, of course, earned me extras and I usually got those on the insides of my thighs, another spot that was awful tender and just hurt like the very dickens. Anyway, that’s why I did my best to avoid doing anything that would earn me a strapping and as I told you already, I only got two of them the whole time my Aunt Julia was living with us.

The Boarding House, by Sam (April 28, 2017)

When Katy finished and turned towards me my hands were stroking the fronts of my thighs which were shaking. The points of my breasts were hard and I felt like she could see them, even though I was wearing a bra and a heavy sweater. She smiled at me and I felt very ashamed. I didn't know why I was reacting the way that I did but something told me I was doing something bad. Katy ignored the two girls sobbing over the couch and stood right in front of me. She reached out to stroke my hair and I was so nervous that I jerked my head away. Her eyes narrowed and she looked angry. She told me to take her bags up to her mother's room and wait for her there.

Her eyes seemed to see right through me and I hurried upstairs with her bags to escape her penetrating gaze. I entered Mrs. Palmer's room, set down the bags and waited nervously. I did not know why I was there or what was going to happen, and excitement and fear battled for control of my mind.

Contract Bridge as a Contact Sport, by Rich (April 24, 2017)

While Sue was getting placed with her piece of oak, I began to feel the burning. I heard the WHUMP of the heavy molding against my rear even though she tried to hit lightly. I groaned, but I also resolved that I wouldn't shame myself in front of Joan by making noises. Then Marcia did her first dozen with a switch, nipping across my cheeks and the back of my thighs with sharp flicks. Joan chose to use her bare hand, so after each WHAP she slipped her hand up and down my behind in massage, especially reaching between my legs to call attention to how hard I had become. The others expressed great admiration, saying I had raised the flag to honor them.

Boundaries, by Barbie (April 24, 2017)

"Marcia, stop this."

"Eighteen, Nineteen, Twenty. You have whistle, crack, whistle--do you think that the paddle needs holes to make it whistle? Well, I guess we shall see. Won't we?"

"Marcia! Oh! Don't you dare hit me again." Susie was straining but she was fixed to the couch. The paddle didn't whistle exactly, but there was a definite whoosh of air as Marcia swung back and then landed a whack on the trembling rump of her friend.

"Hey, Susie, you are getting red already. Does it hurt a lot?"

Aunt Julia Takes Charge, Part 3, by Bruce (April 21, 2017)

But my fate had been sealed and before I could do any more pleading or protesting, I found myself being virtually marched around the side of the woodshed and right out into the open area that faced the Weston’s yard. Daddy had built a low wooden garden tool box out there, right next to the wall of the woodshed, and Julia just goose stepped me right over to that tool box and before I knew what was happening, she sat down and dragged me face down across her lap. Letting go of my hair, she switched hands on my right wrist and without a moment’s hesitation, grabbed the hem of my skirt and pulled it and my slip right up around my waist. I immediately felt the heat of the midday sun beating down on the seat of my girdle and the backs of my exposed thighs and I guess I was so humiliated that I just went a little crazy. Kicking my legs and squirming around on my Aunt’s lap, I screamed at her, “Y..You B..B..BITCH!! Y..You C..CAN’T d..do this to M..ME! L..LET ME U..UP, J..J..JULIAAAA! G..GODDAMNIT!! L..L..LET M..ME U..UPPPP!! I W..WON’T L..LET Y..YOU EM..EMBARRASS M..ME TH..THIS W..WAY!!”

A Birching for Miss Holder, by James Fox (April 21, 2017)

‘You must leave my house at once, but I would wish to allow you a decent interval to compose yourself. Would you like Kathy, or one of the other female members of the household to soothe your bottom with ointment?’ Miss Armstrong replied between sobs that the offer of Kathy's help was very acceptable, if the girl did not object. Kathy moved across, and quietly took the woman by the arm, and helped her out of the room and the length of the corridors to her little suite of rooms. Inside she silently helped her off with her gown and petticoats, and then laid her tenderly on her tummy, face down on the bed. There was a knock on the door, and Julie entered bearing the ointment which both had forgotten. Miss Armstrong gave her a weak smile of acknowledgement, and buried her head in a pillow. Julie came and stood beside the bed, while Kathy eased the drawers down over the swollen buttocks, and then handed Kathy the jar. Just for a moment the woman tensed her cheeks as the cool ointment made contact with her blazing skin, and then relaxed whilst Kathy's expert fingers carefully worked the sweet-smelling balm into the flesh. After a few minutes, Julie took a turn, and by the time they had finished, the woman almost seemed asleep. Very gingerly, she sat up, slipping her drawers’ back up as she did so. When she started to speak, the girls could not believe their ears.

Aunt Julia Takes Charge, Part Two, by Bruce (April 17, 2017)

Oh, Lordy! If you thought I was embarrassed before, you should have seen the color of my face when I had to haltingly thank that boy for providing the ruler that had been used to spank my bare bottom. God, I thought I’d die of shame! But somehow I got through it and then, with my beet red face buried in my hands, I rushed over to the car and quickly got in, the instant flash of pain as my throbbing behind made contact with the seat causing me to let out a little yelp. Feeling very sorry for myself, I sat there bawling like a baby until my Aunt finally returned to the car and after getting, said to me, “I hope that taught you a lesson, Denise. Believe me, I won’t hesitate to spank you whenever and wherever you misbehave so if I were you, I’d think twice before I let my mouth get the better of me. And just you remember this, young lady, the next time this happens, we might not be so lucky as to find a service station and then you might just get a licking right out in public with anyone who might be around watching! How would you like that, young lady?”

Just the Beginning, by C.J. West (April 17, 2017)

Anne was stunned. She had never spanked any of her children, except for a couple of quick smacks to get them moving. The idea of treating a nearly grown woman like a little girl struck her as wrong.

"I know it sounds drastic," Jean told her, "but it can be very effective. When Jul-Ann breaks a rule in my house, she knows she'll get her bare bottom spanked. She goes across my lap nearly once a month and, I know for a fact, that there have been many things she thought about doing, but backed off because she knew what her mother would do to her.

"When a teenager acts like a child, and it sounds like Cathe's attitude is pretty childish right now, a good spanking is a great way to make her realize that her behavior had better improve. I'm telling you, Anne, a sore bottom will get her attention."

Aunt Julia Takes Charge, Part One, by Bruce (April 14, 2017)

I’d been sitting there listening to all this with my mouth hanging open, utterly dumbfounded as she reeled off this litany of do’s and don’t’s and when she paused and waited for me to answer, all I could do was numbly nod my head, too overwhelmed by the enormity of how my precious little world had come apart to even say a word. Taking my nod as a sign of understanding, she sat forward and smiling sweetly at me, she said, “I’ve been keeping an eye on you ever since I got her, Denise. And frankly, I haven’t been very impressed. But make no mistake, you ARE going to start acting your age, young lady, or you won’t be able to sit down, do you hear me! And one last thing. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all this is a joke. I promise you, young lady, I will NOT hesitate to punish you whenever you misbehave or disobey me! If you fail to do what I tell you or if you break the rules I’ve just gone over with you, I WILL take your pants down and you WILL go over my knee for a good hard spanking! And don’t you ever think I won’t do it, because I WILL, I promise you!!”

Batter Up, by Kevin O'Toole (April 14, 2017)

“Waaahahaaa-waaaaaaa!” Jill cried, hard and loud. Her vision was blurred by a hail of tears but all she could watch was the gleaming floor, far from where all the action was taking place. Each smack ignited stirring explosions in her backside. Jill's poor behind felt as if she was sitting in a deep fryer. “Niiii-yiiii-waaa!”

Even though Laura could see that her daughter's buns were bright red all over with a few purple splotches beginning to appear, the older woman was determined to finish with a memorable flourish. She administered a long barrage of slaps across both cheeks, extending them all over from waist to thigh and devoting special attention to the mostly still white and incredibly sensitive skin just inside her crack. “Yoww-owow-waaa!” Jill blubbered as her butt cheeks sizzled.

Backfire, by Wendy (April 10, 2017)

"Well, ladies, how are we going to do this?" Sonja asked. Even they hadn't realized the number would be so high. The original idea of each X representing a spanking from each one of them simply would not work. But looking at the spank-happy crowd -- to coin a phrase, Sonja didn't know whether she could convince the others of this. When had she become the voice of reason? Rose was supposed to be stepping in about now, she was the silent leader of the group, or Diane, but right now even Diane was rubbing her palms together in anticipation.

Sonja wasn't a bit surprised at Kerry's reaction. If Kerry had her way Shelly would probably spend the entire weekend bent over receiving whack after whack. No one should be as excited as Kerry was over another person's punishment. Sonja made a mental note to talk to Rose about her. Rose was the oldest in the group, and usually the most level headed. Besides, she was Kerry's cousin, let her handle her.

Bad Influence, by S.F.G. (April 10, 2017)

The agony was building with each swat of the brush. Marianne knew as surely as her sister that long spankings are utterly unbearable-as strokes are applied over an area which has already been well tanned the sting is that much worse; if mother concentrates her attention to specific relatively small areas on the behind and upper thighs (and Mrs. Downs is certainly doing that today) the terrible burning is intensified that many times over. With each renewed meeting of the hard backside of the hairbrush to Marianne's soft but increasingly red behind the young cousins stared with dread at their upcoming fate. They started to quietly break down and cry and then quietly plead with their mommies: "Please, mommy, I'm, I'm so sorry. I'll never do it again. Please don't spank me, not like that, please?" came repeatedly from the lips of Marianne's oldest cousin. The little girls-thirteen-stood there bare bottomed tears streaming down their faces, jumping visibly with each hard, loud smack of the brush on their older cousin's now crimson behind. One of them-young Janey only weeks past her birthday-grabbed onto her mother's skirt and begged for forgivenness. Please, please, please don't spank me mommy was uttered over and over again.

Babied Bride, by C. Scott (April 7, 2017)

Wendy felt a shiver of fear course through her, tinged with sexual excitement. No one had ever spoken to her like this before. Her parents had coddled and spoiled her, while her teachers had melted at her sweet little good girl act. No one had ever told her that she had done something wrong or bad. It had always been, "Well, never mind, honey, we'll fix it. Wendy found that she rather liked being treated so sternly. For the first time in her pampered life she felt safe, secure and truly loved. Her husband was tired and cross, with good reason. After a hard day's work the last thing he needed to do was stand over his naughty wife, pounding and scolding some sense into her. But that was exactly what he was doing. He could have just walked out, leaving her to stew and fret, as so many husbands would have done. Or just belt her and be done with it. Instead, he has taken her out to eat, spent money on baby things for her, and was not standing there, a stern frown on his face, while she rushed to tidy the mess she had made. Every time she looked up at him she felt a wave of affection wash over her.

Bad Kitty, by Tasha (April 7, 2017)

The first stroke connects and I arch wildly on her lap, crying out at the pain. She doesn’t give me time to recover before delivering the next one, and the next.

I’m delirious with the pain. I never imagined a hairbrush could actually be so painful. I’d read and written countless such spankings, but never truly understood the sensation before. It’s terrible and wonderful at once, especially when at the mercy of such a skilled disciplinarian.

Babied Bride, by C. Scott (April 4, 2017)

Wendy felt a shiver of fear course through her, tinged with sexual excitement. No one had ever spoken to her like this before. Her parents had coddled and spoiled her, while her teachers had melted at her sweet little good girl act. No one had ever told her that she had done something wrong or bad. It had always been, "Well, never mind, honey, we'll fix it. Wendy found that she rather liked being treated so sternly. For the first time in her pampered life she felt safe, secure and truly loved. Her husband was tired and cross, with good reason. After a hard day's work the last thing he needed to do was stand over his naughty wife, pounding and scolding some sense into her. But that was exactly what he was doing. He could have just walked out, leaving her to stew and fret, as so many husbands would have done. Or just belt her and be done with it. Instead, he has taken her out to eat, spent money on baby things for her, and was not standing there, a stern frown on his face, while she rushed to tidy the mess she had made. Every time she looked up at him she felt a wave of affection wash over her.

Bad Kitty, by Tasha (April 1, 2017)

The first stroke connects and I arch wildly on her lap, crying out at the pain. She doesn’t give me time to recover before delivering the next one, and the next.

I’m delirious with the pain. I never imagined a hairbrush could actually be so painful. I’d read and written countless such spankings, but never truly understood the sensation before. It’s terrible and wonderful at once, especially when at the mercy of such a skilled disciplinarian.


Art and Life, by C. Allen (April 1, 2017)

“Are these buns of steel? Or just flesh and blood?” said Rachel lightly. “For if they’re buns of steel, I don’t see how thirteen stokes will suffice, eh? Flesh and blood….yes, I guess I’ve observed that before, haven’t I? But, we can’t leave them any protection.” Rachel inserted the cane between Kristi’s legs and worked it back and forth in a sawing motion. The young woman shifted from one foot to the other. “Well, can we?” She stopped the teasing and tapped Kristi’s bottom sharply several times.

Ashley Shows Off, by Z.Z. (April 1, 2017)

The wooden deck railing was moderately high and since Ashley was only five foot three inches tall and barefoot she had to stand on her tiptoes with her legs straight. The top of the railing was right under her hips and her round, tanned buns stood right up. She was bent nearly double and the position she was in was not too comfortable. She had to straighten her arms as she grasped the rungs to brace herself so that she would not fall forward onto the ground beneath. The wooden top of the railing looked smooth but it felt rough under her naked tummy. Ashley was very scared and in the slanted light of the late afternoon sun goose bumps were plainly visible on her buttocks and the backs of her thighs. She could feel her legs quivering. She wished she had had time to use the bathroom when she got home. Her bladder really was not full but fear was making her feel like she had to pee.

1954, by Mark Stiles (March 31, 2017)

Jim stood in the doorway watching the proceedings. "Poor Sara," he thought. "She's really getting it." From his vantage point he could only see her behind and legs, with an occasional shot of her bobbing head. He smiled as the angrily reddened behind writhed and bounded under the ministrations of the hairbrush. Sara's dungarees had flown off some time ago from the frantic kicking leaving her clad in her bobby socks, tennies, shirt and panties. He admired the strength of the little cotton panties as they clung tenaciously to her thighs through all the kicking. He mused at how Sandy differed in her spankings. If the girl was wearing pants, she only pulled the underpants down to mid-thigh. If, however, the miscreant was wearing a dress, the forlorn little panties were always pulled down to her knee- hollows. Just another of Sandy's perfectionist foibles, he guessed. He focused on his daughter's bounding behind. Very red now, bordering on crimson, Jim felt that Sandy would have to stop soon if she didn't intend to blister Sara. He couldn't believe that Sara's offense merited a blistering, so her figured that Sandy would stop after about 200 spanks. Two hundred spanks was enough to keep any girl standing up for a couple days anyway. He watched as the hairbrush burned down again and again, mesmerized by the bounding and yawning of Sara's pretty behind. How embarrassed she would be if she knew he was watching her. How mortified she would be if she knew that every time she raised her fanny she showed him everything she had.

Alice is Late Again, by Pat Kammerer (March 31, 2017)

"Now let's get them down so I can see if the hairbrush is having any effect," Margaret Fletcher told her now sobbing daughter. Her hands were at work, quickly lowering the little panties to mid-thigh. The lovely skin thus revealed already glowed a bright pinkish red. The hairbrush was retrieved from the bed to achieve a darker, more painful hue. SMACK - It began its awesome task anew.

Alice squirmed and wiggled her shapely behind in a vain effort to escape the punishing hairbrush. Little gasps escaped along with soft sobs as the heat and pain increased with every stinging swat. The sharp crisp smack of hard wood on soft, tender flesh punctuated the girl's piteous cries.

Sisters in Spanking, by C.J. West (March 27, 2017)

Judy, still naked and still rubbing her nude fanny, was amazed at the way her big sister jumped at her mother's commands. Audrey was fiercely independent - sometimes too independent - but she was following orders now. When the 25 year old got back too her mother's side and handed her the paddle, she was immediately pulled across Ruth's lap. Once she saw her mother raise the paddle, preparing to apply it to her already burning buttocks, Audrey began to cry. Before it even landed. But, when it did land, she went crazy.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! "Owwww. Mommy. Owww. Owww. You're killing me. Owwwwwwwww."

Sherry's Midterm Blues, by Ted Harlinton (March 27, 2017)

The steady rain of blows onto her nude tushes felt like buckets of scalding hot water being splashed onto her seat with each splat of the paddle. The pain was unbelievable, but she remained bent over as long as she could, tears and cries of discomfort abound. With the fourteenth crack of the paddle, however, her bottom ablaze, she could stand it no more and shot straight up, grabbing her seething butt and furiously rubbing it, dancing about around the small office as if the floor were covered with glowing embers of coal. Giving her niece a full minute to regain her composure, she waited until she stopped hopping around and squalling to order her to return to her place over the chair. The girl's protests broken by gasping sobs, she told her aunt she was sure her behind had been put through enough.

Spanking & Ms. Seesaw, by Rachel Heath (March 25, 2017)

Juanita cupped the warmed asscheeks in her hands, relishing their spongy heft, She bent and kissed Kate's shoulder, a soft kiss with. just a moment of tongue. Then she pulled on Kate's cheeks, both at the same time, as Kate's legs kicked from the knees. Juanita dug her short nails into the spanked flesh, hauled the hams apart, and blew soothing cool breath on the open ass crack,

"Enough, already!" Kate cried exultantly, "Please, darling, please! Let's make love."

Sisters in Spanking, Part One, by C.J. West (March 25, 2017)

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! A final flurry had Judy screaming and finished off the job of reddening her backside. "Get up," Ruth said. Judy did not need to be told twice. She leaped to her feet and danced around the room. Hopping from one foot to the other, she rubbed her behind with both hands. The warmth of the flesh amazed her. Both cheeks felt like hot biscuits, fresh from the oven.

"Stop that bouncing around," her mother told her. "If you don't stop, you'll find yourself back across my lap for more of the hairbrush." With a great deal of self control, Judy stopped her frantic dance and stood still, both hands still at work rubbing the tender flesh of her buttocks.

Peaches, by Merideth (March 20, 2017)

And it hadn’t been her refusal to get up and leave with him that had precipitated this most humiliating of public chastisements. Although heaven knows that was aggravating enough. But rather, what had taken place when he had gripped her arm in an attempt to pull her to her feet. For that is when in a moment of rage she had kicked him, and quite viciously too, with the very pointed toe of her wicked looking high-heeled shoe.

“Why you nasty spoiled bitch,” he had fumed and completely lost his temper as he massaged his injured ankle with a trembling hand. “It’s time you were taught a lesson in manners that you’ll never forget.”

And with that dire warning duly delivered, he grabbed her in a grip like steel and dragged her unceremoniously across his lap.

Spank…spank…spank…spank…spank…spank…The loud hard swats rang out in the now hushed ballroom. Because, even the band had stopped playing to better listen to and watch every nuance of this impromptu action.

Sent Home to Mommie, by Barbie (March 20, 2017)

"Quiet, Rosa." I said as I reached for the bathbrush again. I smacked her bottom with it as I told her. "You are too noisy, my girl. Entirely too noisy. You have to learn some manners."

She yelled softly after that. I told her to pull the plug and as she did, I spanked with the bathbrush until the water was down the drain. Then I told her to stand up. I had a bathsheet ready. I draped it around her and dried her as she stood in the tub. I had her finish drying herself as she stepped out. "And now, my little girl is ready to get dressed." I said as I picked up the white cotton panties. I held them out to her and watched as she slipped them on. She pulled them very slowly over her sore bottom. I held out the slip and then the dress. I had her turn so I could tie her sash. Then I let her put on her anklets and shoes as I had her sit on a stool so I could brush her hair. She sat gingerly and eyed the wooden backed hairbrush that I used for the chore.

Sophie, by Helier (March 17, 2017)

The cane whistled through the air and slapped fiercely into the pink yielding flesh of Sophie's bare buttocks. She gasped. It stung a lot more than she had expected _ a sharp ticklish sting that kept coming back in waves. She bit her lip, but knowing they could see her face, she tried not to let too much show.

Thwack! Again the cane bit into her buttock. It was the tip and it hurt her a lot. She gave another sharp gasp and a cold shiver went through her body. As she waited for the next stroke, breathing heavily, her eyes stared out but she didn't look higher than their legs. She could see some of the women squirming and clenching their thighs as they watched her. She felt moisture seeping between her pussy lips. Somehow she loved the idea that her pain was giving them the same erotic pleasure it was giving her. They watched her but they knew they didn't have the courage to do what she was doing. There was fire in her behind, but it was their admiration and secret envy that warmed her to her core.

The Snow House, by A.M.M. (March 17, 2017)

Alice Snow gave the girls until their third day at the house before she began enforcing the rules. She kept a notebook of all of the rules that had been broken. Each girl was told at the time, that they broke a rule and what to expect. Alice Snow had a very complicated system of consequences. Some rules had a consequence of a minimum of ten whacks to the bare bottom. These were for breaking rules regarding chores or minor misbehavior. Repeated failure to do chores or repeating minor misbehavior resulted in severer consequences such as spankings with a hairbrush or strap. Some rules had a consequence of twenty-five whacks to the bare bottom. These rules had to do with such things as curfews and cleanliness of person and environment. The gravest rules to break in the Snow House were those concerning such things as attitude, deportment and respect. Failure to follow these rules resulted in an automatic fifty whack bare-bottom spanking with the hairbrush or paddle and the person would have to write a letter of apology to the person or persons affected. All Spankings were delivered during the traditional Friday evening house meeting that was mandatory for all residents to attend. Failure to attend without a good reason was considered disrespectful to the others and the consequence occurred immediately upon the girls' return, regardless of what time. Repeated failure to attend Friday meetings without a valid reason resulted in double spankings. The girl(s) got a spanking when she came in and then another one the following week. The second one was always a severe strapping given with a leather uniform belt. So, as you see, the consequences were kind of complicated. It became even more complicated when misbehavior or rules were broken more than once or twice by the same young lady.

The Motivator, by C. Allen (March 13, 2017)

“Don’t ask questions, Jenny. Spank me—hard!”

I looked down at her. Her legs were pressed tightly together, her ankles crossed. Her hips rested comfortably over my lap, displaying her pert panty-covered bottom in an inviting position. Despite my initial reluctance, I reached out and pulled her closer. There clearly was a very sensual component to what was unfolding. To my surprise I liked it. Perhaps I could spank her. Just a little, of course. Not hard. What harm would it do?

I hefted the hairbrush for the first time and consciously assessed it as an instrument of punishment. Despite my lack of experience, it seemed formidable. Gently, I tapped it against one of her bottom cheeks, then the other. I could feel her tense in anticipation.

Oh Dear, Abby, Part Two, by Z.Z. (March 13, 2017)

Candace, watching and listening at the top of the stairs, was not displeased with the spectacle. She did feel some sympathy for her sister since she now knew how much a spanking could hurt. However, there was some sibling rivalry, and Abby did often show a superior, condescending attitude towards her younger sister. Abby didn’t look very superior now that her bum was getting spanked. In fact, she looked very childish squirming over her mother’s lap with her cute rear-end turning redder and redder. With her wriggling in pain she was no longer able to keep her legs together and her clean-shaven body which before was an adult affectation now made her look even more like a child.


Neddy, by Iona (March 10, 2017)

“Down with the drawers,” Mrs.Beal ordered impatiently. “Then get up on Neddy.”

I did as I was instructed, feeling the plush velvet of the vaulting horse lie sensuously beneath my naked skin.

Thwack…thwack…thwack…thwack…thwack…The birch rose and fell with painful precision, cutting into my shivering flesh with merciless frequency.

Libby's Apology, by DyAnne (March 10, 2017)

“I can’t accept your apology yet, Libby. Kara said you’d understand.”

“I understand. I just don’t like it.”

“You aren’t supposed to like it, Libby. Mark, sit down over there. Libby, pull your jeans down, or off, just lower them.” When Libby had removed her jeans, Kara directed her to lay across Mark’s lap. She then told Mark to pull Libby’s panties down to her knees and place his hand in the middle of her back to hold her in place, then to get to it.

Mark stared at Libby’s white skin for a moment. He had never seen a girl’s bare bottom so close before. Now he was actually going to touch one. He raised his hand and smacked her bottom. He was fascinated by his hand print for a moment, then got into a rhythm, alternating sides as he spanked Libby.

A Well Thought Out Corporate Punishment, by Dr. Dlaniger (March 6, 2017)

“I can’t accept your apology yet, Libby. Kara said you’d understand.”

“I understand. I just don’t like it.”

“You aren’t supposed to like it, Libby. Mark, sit down over there. Libby, pull your jeans down, or off, just lower them.” When Libby had removed her jeans, Kara directed her to lay across Mark’s lap. She then told Mark to pull Libby’s panties down to her knees and place his hand in the middle of her back to hold her in place, then to get to it.

Mark stared at Libby’s white skin for a moment. He had never seen a girl’s bare bottom so close before. Now he was actually going to touch one. He raised his hand and smacked her bottom. He was fascinated by his hand print for a moment, then got into a rhythm, alternating sides as he spanked Libby.

Like Sister, Like Sister, by Mike Burke (March 6, 2017)

Sensing that it was time to move out of harm's way, Renee tiptoed back up the steps and took a position just out of sight. A few moments later she heard the familiar click-clack of her mother's shoes on the hallway floor as she returned to the back of the house to prepare supper. Even from a floor above, Renee could still hear her sister's cries and sobs. Picking up her nerve, the twenty-three year old marched back down the stairs and straight into the living room. It didn't come as a surprise when Renee turned and saw her sister, in just her bra, standing in the far corner. Most of the family's punishments ended with some corner time. What did bring a stir from Renee's heart was the sight of her sister's bottom and upper legs. The spanking and hairbrushing had taken quite a toll on the formally milky white skin. Now it was a deep, puffy red color that almost seemed to glow. Her sister's upper thighs seemed to have taken the brunt of the punishment. That was where Kami had both hands vigorously rubbing in an attempt to end some of the terrible sting.

A Summer to Remember, by Mike Burke (March 3, 2017)

Brandi was listening to her friend with her ears, but her eyes never left the scene on the patio. The guest had never seen such a look of panic on a woman's face before. Brandi also noted that the former college cheerleader could not remain still. Besides her obvious shaking, Jodi couldn't keep her fingers from innocently tugging at the leg openings of her white panties.

The sight of the 22 year old on the patio was a breathtaking sight. At 5' 4", Jodi was an inch shorter than her "little" sister, but she possessed all the qualities of a woman. Brandi had heard her friend's sister complain about a few extra pounds, particularly around her hips, but the guest certainly didn't see a problem. In the California vernacular, Jodi was a "knockout." Her brunette hair was perfectly manicured and the front bangs hung down just to the top of a set of expressive blue eyes. Like most west coast women, she had a golden tan all over. Brandi had to lick her lips as she took in the sight of the woman's ample breasts rising and falling with the labored breathing. The most obvious sign of Jodi's distress, though, were her legs. The knees never stopped swaying and Brandi could well imagine that Jodi was having trouble maintaining her balance on the high heels.

A Tradition in the Family, by C. Allen (March 3, 2017)

“What time did they let you go?”

I suddenly felt a trap closing. If I gave the true answer, I would be caught in a lie for that left nearly an hour of my time unaccounted for. But if I gave the necessary answer, that would be a lie as well, although Mother might not know it. I had no choice but to cheat on the time of our release.

“Two o’clock. Give or take.”

“Are you sure?”

The Table, by Ashley (February 27, 2017)

The four cheeks never left of their swaying as the two penitents, especially Melinda, often shifted their weight from foot to foot. Never having been on the receiving end, Tom did not really appreciate the limited options of the girl as she maintained her outthrust position, with one hand dedicated to ensuring that her clothes did not fall back and inadvertently interfere with the progression of her whipping, and the other committed to assisting her mother. Not that reaching back and rubbing her burning bottom would have been an option. Still she could have used both hands to steady herself as waves of hot flushes washed across her face and caused her intermittent dizziness. It was perhaps the need to remain strong for Ginny that forced Melinda to always keep her presence of mind.

Unfinished Business, by Jeff (February 27, 2017)

They were now performing independently, kicking, spreading, and flopping around in an uncoordinated manner, as the burning sensation of the spanking resulted in a loss of control.

SMACK "OH. . ." SMACK "OH. . ." SMACK "OH. Oh, OHHH Brenda. . .please stop. It burns. . .OWWWW."

The huddling, yawning, jiggling cheeks were now a uniform pink, and Bonnie's gasping had been supplemented by sniffling. Still, she was not crying openly, and Brenda admired her toughness. Thirty spanks had now been administered, and Brenda decided the flaming fanny had had enough.

"Oh, Brenda, stop. Let me up. PLEASE. OH, OH, STOP."

The Payment for Stealing Underwear, by Don Barton (February 24, 2017)

And with that threat in mind, Danielle saw that she had no choice but to submit to a bare-bottomed spanking from her girl friend. So she reached down to the button of her jeans and attempted to slip the button through the button hole. However, she first had a difficult time working the button free because her hands were shaking somewhat. But after a few moments she was able to slip the button through its button hole. She then began to zip her jeans down, the process slowly revealing her pantiless, blond front to Tracy. Then, Danielle brought her hands to the waistband of her jeans and began to pull down. But because her pants were rather tight, getting them down was anything but quick and easy.

Another Visit to Aunt Sally, by S.F.G. (February 24, 2017)

Aunt Sally excused herself (and her two coed charges) to the small audience in the parlor. Moving between the girls and grabbing them by the elbows, she marched the two miscreants out of the parlor the few steps into the hallway leading to her office. Andrea and Paula could still hear the discussion continuing in the parlor amongst the guests, and it concerned them and what was about to happen to them. Aunt Sally continued to lead the coeds down the hallway towards the open door of her office. All too soon, the group arrived at the office. However, Aunt Sally suddenly stopped the progression and ordered the two to wait right there in the hallway. She entered her office and within a few moments returned with a black magic marker. The girls had little time wondering what she was going to do with that.

Stormy Path to Knowledge, by Kevin O'Toole (February 20, 2017)

Heather reluctantly paced through her mother's sitting room and entered the bedroom proper. She shivered from cool air brushing against her still damp skin but also from tempestuous emotions raging within. She rubbed her soft rear to appreciate the refreshing coolness while it lasted since the only time Heather was ever `invited' into Mother's bedroom was to be presented upon leaving with a throbbing, reddened rump. Gloria scowled at her nude daughter for several long seconds to make clear how irate she was and to discomfit her victim even more, smiling with glee as Heather nervously shifted her weight from foot to foot and avoided meeting her mother's angry countenance.

Different Strokes, by Bridget Striker (February 20, 2017)

Heedful of Aunt Margaret’s warning about being fetched, I wasted no more time but made my way immediately down to the drawing room, where I found the door open and Aunt Margaret waiting impatiently beside it. “Come along with you, now,” she said, taking my arm and leading me quickly into the room. Her grip was harsh and bit deeply into my arm as she rushed me to the front of the room, my short legs having to struggle to keep pace lest I be dragged into an ignominious stumble.

I hardly had time to note the dining chairs placed in the room to seat quite a few of our earlier guests; it seemed most of them had decided to stay for the “entertainment” she had spoken of. My attention was centered on keeping to my feet and wondering why the large bolstered armchair was no longer beside the unlit fireplace, but rather was situated in a well-cleared area in the front of the room. Uncle Charles stood ceremoniously beside it.

Julie's Diary, by Ed Finn (February 17, 2017)

"Julie, honey," she said, "first of all, if that guy is going to insist on dating such a young girl, he'll just have to get used to the idea that sometimes she gets spanked - even you. That's life. Besides, I'll guarantee you that other than missing a date, which he'll get over, this won't make him care any less about you. Take it from me, he'll think about it and, in fact, if he knows you well, he'll realize that a good spanking is probably just what the doctor ordered. Mark my words, he'll call you tomorrow. But, forget about him, for now anyway. You and I have a little unfinished business. It's time for you to pay the piper. Now, get over here and get your naughty bottom over my lap!"

Aunt June, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (February 17, 2017)

I could feel my skin heating up. It was all I could do not to push into Aunt June again. God knows I had neverbeen with a woman sexually, but Aunt June had to know that she was making me crazy. She could easily feel the heat in my crotch, the musky cotton front of my thong pressed there against her knees. I didn’t want to be so turned-on, I knew this was a spanking to address my laziness, but she was getting to me tracing her nails across my flesh. Yes, this was sexual dammit! As much as I’d go to my grave not admitting as much, I could see how Aunt June (who I knew was as heterosexual as I) could enjoy this as much as she said she did. Her knees were deep in the crease of my crotch, her legs supporting any movement I made.

You Had Your Chance, by Joe Bullard (February 14, 2017)

"Please, mother, no lectures," was typical of her blithe responses. Gail was especially proud of her prowess with a surfboard. When she wasn't working, the brunette could frequently be found in the water with her board, showing off her skills to the other surfers. In fact, showboating was common among the surfing fraternity, and Teri often had to warn them in no uncertain terms to concentrate on their maneuvers and forget trying to one-up the other surfers. Most of them shaped up in a hurry after one of her warnings, but Gail, being her roommate, always felt comfortable to continue her dangerous behavior longer than the others, much to Teri's annoyance.

The problem came to a head on a Tuesday afternoon in early July, almost two weeks after Teri's birthday party. The blonde was scheduled to work on the lifeguard tower that day from noon until 5 p.m. Gail had the day off from her job at the jewelry store, and after running a few errands in the morning showed up on the beach shortly after Teri began her shift. The temperature was in the mid-eighties with a strong probability that it would soon rise even higher, and in anticipation of that likelihood Gail had donned her skimpiest bikini despite its unsuitability for surfing.

Cathy's Tail, by James Philmore (February 14, 2017)

I decided to reply using the same words she had said to Jennifer earlier. "'Maybe this will keep you from behaving this way again.' And I don't think you should speak to dinner guests with that foul language." I took hold of the hem of her skirt in my right hand and raised it to expose her bare, shapely legs and pantied bottom. I managed to work her panties down mid-thigh and rubbed my hand over her shapely butt. She was still offering a playful, token resistance, still wondering how far I would go.

Belinda, by Helier (February 10, 2017)

Belinda burst into tears and began bouncing up and down as the renewed stinging took away any hope she had of keeping even a shred of her dignity. Julia scalded her legs with a seemingly endless stream of fiery slaps on the softest parts of her bare fleshy thighs, making her howl with pain. Finally, after another four or five huge slaps on the girl's bottom, Julia stopped and let her up. Her arm felt as if it was going to drop off and her hand stung nearly as much as she imagined Belinda's bottom did. She led the weeping girl to the cane chair and collapsed into it. Belinda knelt on the floor at her feet and, without even thinking about it, she buried her head in Julia's lap. She cried and cried while Julia softly stroked her hair.

Better Late than Never, by Cathy Scott (February 10, 2017)

Jane wanted more and more to crawl under the carpet and pretend she didn't exist. Her mother was acting like it was the end of the world, or something. It was only a dumb old boat for pete's sake. They didn't do anything horrible. It was only meant to be a lark, just like when they took the car. Jane gulped, remembering the accident that had left her with a bruise on her forehead and dents all over the car. Why did grown-ups have to be so damn right all the time? It had been foolish and stupid taking the car out when none of them knew how to drive; and it had been just as stupid and foolish taking the boat out. She could choke Alice for talking her into it; her mom for being right; and herself for being dumb enough to go along with it. Now she was trapped. No way could she admit that she was wrong. She'd look even dumber than she already did. But, neither could she come up with a reasonable explanation for doing something that wasn't reasonable. Damn!

Another Bird, Another Tail, by Barbie (February 6, 2017)

She stood in the corner another time and I looked at her. Her bottom was really deep maroon and I think she’ll have bruises. I hated doing that. However, she has done it to me a time or two. Of course, I felt worse for her when Uncle Grant said to her to come with him so he could finish her off with a good strapping.

You should have seen mom. She really got hysterical. She refused to move and she cried and begged. Before it was over, Uncle Grant threw her over his shoulder and carried her out of my bedroom. She even grabbed the door facing to try to get him to let her down. I was really feeling sorry for her then. Of course, I heard Uncle Grant tell her that if she didn’t stop acting like a little sissy that she would get two strappings.

Boarding with Mrs. Glasscock, by Jason (February 6, 2017)

In the hallway, a sniffling Lisa first took the tacks from the panties already on the wall, and handed them to a waiting Anita who took them without saying anything and went back to her room. Lisa sighed and pinned her panties up, then stood as close to the wall as possible with her feet together and skirt raised in back, showing her crimson, stinging, and throbbing freshly spanked bottom. She had to fight the temptation to rub it for the half hour because she never knew when Mrs. Glasscock would come out of her room and it would mean another spanking three days later if caught. The others stayed out of the hallway as much as possible, remembering their feelings of embarrassment when they were standing in the same place for the same reason. The seconds passed like hours when there was nothing to look at but the wall and the panties with her name spelled out in big black letters. The throbbing sting in her bottom, begging for relief, didn't help the time pass any faster. Lisa was able to distract herself a little by wondering what Mrs. Glasscock and the other women had planned for next Wednesday evening.

Annie Parsons, by Nigel McParr (February 3, 2017)

The first strident slap of a leather strap was unmistakable. Annie knew that sound too well. Her own mother had used Daddy’s old belt to lace her bare backside when she was naughty or disobedient. A girl’s cry’s floated down. Each application of the leather elicited another wail. Interspersed among the leather smacks and the muted cries Annie heard Madame Trowbridge’s warning. “There’ll be more this evening when I have the time to do the job right.” Annie shivered and moved closer to the fire. Somber furniture upholstered in shiny black horsehair lined the perimeter of the high-ceilinged room. The four walls and projecting bay were covered in flocked red wallpaper. Dark-framed windows were thickly draped in deep maroon velvet. The harsh punishment going on upstairs contradicted Annie’s initial sense of warm and welcome. She wondered if she should have come here.

Another Family's Tradition, by S.F.G. (February 3, 2017)

"Oh no, oh please Mom, not that, please not those panties, please. You didn't really mean it about the panties did you?," Mary was near tears as she pleaded with her stern faced mother. In face, Gladys Dantzer was doing an excellent job of acting. She was stern-faced (the game face, as it were) but inwardly she was exceedingly happy. She could see that her young Mary did not any part of the prospect of a 'real'spanking-and the poor girl was quite unawares of the severe changes in her mother's spanking technique that she would begin to experience in just moments. Gladys was certain that today would be a watershed for the naughty Mary. Her days of easy manageable punishment were over. Mary Louise Dantzer might be eightteen but today for the very first time in her life she was going to have a real, unbearably painful, humiliating hairbrush spanking that would leave her blubbering and sobbing like a little girl-a well punished little girl.

Alyssa, by Helier (January 30, 2017)

He guided her gently across his knee. It was more awkward than she had expected and she found it very uncomfortable at first to have her head hanging down. He manoeuvred her into position and she put her hands on the floor, pushing herself up a little in case her t-shirt slipped down and exposed her breasts as well. She could see Sylvie gazing at her with shining eyes. She knew so well the signs when her friend was becoming excited and it pleased her a lot to know that Sylvie was getting pleasure from seeing this happen to her. She felt Adam's hands moving over her back, settling her, then she felt her skirt being lifted away and laid on her back. She had never been this close to Adam before. He was a big man, very gentle, with a soft voice and great warmth. She felt good over his knee. She thought of him now, looking at her white panties, offered up for him to spank, and she even began to feel a little throbbing in her pussy. That immediately made her feel guilty and she hoped he would begin soon.

Amelia's Heinie-Mother's Hairbrush, by M.S. (January 30, 2017)

Amelia flew into her Mother's bedroom, skirt flying, and dove onto the big bed. She laid there, awaiting her fate, listening for her Mother's step on the hall landing. She buried her face in her hands and sobbed aloud. She had plenty to sob about! One of Mother's burning spankings was nothing to be laughed at. They stung and lasted just forever! "Ohh," she thought, "why did I have to go and make her angry?" Marge ascended the steps, knowing how every creak of the old stairway was instilling fear in her naughty daughter. She too knew the horrible suspense of waiting for someone to come and punish you. She knew how the tears fell uncontrollably and how your behind tingled at the thought of what was going to happen. To heighten Amelia's suspense Marge made sure that she made plenty of noise as she traveled the hallway and stairs. She smiled to herself at the girl's distress. Amelia was to be sorry young Miss, indeed.

An Apple for the Teacher, by Eileen (January 27, 2017)

That said, she grabbed the hem of the woman's dress, lifting it up and tugging the bottom into her neckline. Mrs. Dodge struggled mightily, but to no avail. Her backside was covered by a tight girdle. Feeling Louise whack experimentally against her girdled bottom, Mrs. Dodge shrieked and reached back, covering her flanks with both hands. "Naughty, naughty!" Louise scolded. She gripped both the teacher's scrawny wrists in one hand, clutching them tightly at the small of the woman's back. Mrs Dodge spluttered invective, squirming from side to side in a futile attempt to roll off Louise's lap. Louise just laughed, then reached over with her left hand. Still holding tight to Mrs. Dodge's wrists, she yanked and tugged at the girdle, rolling it down to the middle of the woman's thighs.

The Art Lovers, by Jason (January 27, 2017)

Margeret returned a few minutes later with a hairbrush, yardstick, and one of her husband's thick wide leather belts. Putting them on the coffee table, she sat in a straight chair and watched Amanda for a few more minutes, aroused by the panty clad bottom and trim legs that the white silk stockings molded to like as second skin. "You're an obedient young lady, I guess you don't want to make your spanking any worse." Margeret picked up the hairbrush. "Walk over here, holding up your skirt and petticoat, and stand beside me."

Alice Learns Who's in Charge, by Tani (January 23, 2017)

Alice bent over, and miserably lay her nude body over the waiting lap of the disciplinarian. Christie and Brenda just stared in horror and disbelief. Alice, whom they had hoped was going to save them from all the strict punishments they had been enduring, was herself going to be shamefully spanked before their very eyes! They tried to look elsewhere in the room, but Ronald said, "Keep your eyes on Barbara, girls. I want you to see what happens in this family when anyone encourages you to disobey the rules. If I catch you looking anywhere else, you'll get some of the same treatment Alice is going to receive."

Alanna, by Ionna (January 23, 2017)

Brad held his breath in excited anticipation, his eager heart pumping out a frenzied tattoo against his straining ribcage. He had hardly dared to hope that he would actually witness a spanking today, and so soon after his arrival too.

“Spankings are almost a daily occurrence around here,” Pat volunteered heartily, as if reading his thoughts. “You have to keep the girls on a firm rein, and Alanna in particularneeds her bottom spanked regularly. She can become extremely willful otherwise.

The Usual Saturday Night, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (January 20, 2017)

"You know you deserve this," I suggested.

'SWAT' 'SWAT' 'SWAT'... I landed a succession of six more blows as Tina clenched her little butt. Throughout she said not a word, riding her hot crotch across my knees during the assault. On the fifth swat she actually spread her legs a smidgen and I caught a whisper glisten of wetness there between her sneaking pubic hair.

"No more Karen, no more," Tina said on the sixth swat. Her blushing ass was moving in high wide circles as she ground into me and exhaled.

Sheila Gets Hers, by F.D. (January 20, 2017)

The hairbrush rose and fell with great ferocity across Sheila's left cheek. Then across the right. Then across both. The helpless girl jerked her head back to implore her punisher as angry red, oval patches started to form on her bum. Mrs. Morgan now began to spank in earnest. The room filled with the echoing smacks of the hairbrush punishing a naughty girl and the wails and sobs of that same naughty girl.

"Will you (SMACK) ever (CRACK) smoke again, (WHACK) young lady?" SMACK CRACK WHAP SPLAT SMACK SMACK CRACK WHACK. Mrs. Morgan kept up the staccato rhythm of the spanks. Poor Sheila was twisting this way and that in a vain effort to avoid the onslaught of hairbrush spanks that were burning and searing her tender behind. The hairbrush, in a very capable right hand, was doing its job, and Sheila was soon reduced to a blubbering, crying little girl. Her face soaked with hot tears. Her mouth, twisted and distorted, tried to speak but could not.

Neighbor's Delight, by Randy Slapp (January 16, 2017)

Mama paused. "Lisa, I want you to calm down. Don't be such a baby in front of Mrs. Lopes. You're gonna get this spanking, young lady, so hold still and act your age!" WHACK SLAP hiss SMACK. . .Mama slapped that spatula again and again as I struggled to keep my toes on the carpet and my throbbing bottom still.

"AHHHH aaa" I began to bawl soon, the fire in my ass everything. SMACK CRACK BLAST WHAP the damn spatula bounced off my cherry red bottom, causing me to lose it and throw my legs about wildly, my head tossed up and mouth wide open so that I could see the look of bemused amazement on Mrs. Lopes' face.

Paddles & White Panties, Part Two, by Al Purvis (January 16, 2017)

Bare bottom spankings were not unheard of in those days, but I never saw one. The only ones I heard about were given to girls who were caught misbehaving while already naked: strapped with daddy's belt for skinny dipping, switched by grandma for sun bathing with no clothes on, hairbrushed by mom for strip-teasing a boyfriend, paddled by an aunt for posing for nude photos, smacked with a long handled plastic bath brush for cavorting drunk in the tub and flooding the house with bubble bath. It seemed that the more severe the spankings, the more the old folks gossiped and laughed about them. The unfortunate young women who got blistered in their birthday suits blushed every time they heard their tails, er, tales, described. They didn't dare deny that they got their comeuppance in the raw, or that they had bawled and squalled big time while they were getting it. (Later in life they would brag to their own children about how cruelly they were disciplined in their youth.) The fact that a few females got their bare bottoms blistered did not alter the overall reality that most maidens of my generation were reared with paddles, applied to their panties, and with threats of as much panty paddling as it would take to make them mind.

Nights at the Round Table, by Mike Burke (January 13, 2017)

Wiping away a tear, she took a step closer to her mother's position before she suddenly jack-knifed her midsection away when her mother's hands darted toward her belt buckle. After a momentary pause, Rachel relented and stood straight. This time her mother didn't have any problems unhooking the button and then lowering the zipper. As the other three women looked on, the mother spread the front of the jeans apart and then started working them down over the girl's flaring hips. It was a struggle, but soon the denim was falling to Rachel's knees.

The 19 year old made quite a sight as she stood there holding her blouse tightly in front of her. That left her in only a pair of pale blue cotton panties that clung snugly to her athletic curves. The other three women around the table were inwardly jealous at the youngster's good looks and were all secretly in agreement that Rachel was getting just what she deserved.

Paddles & White Panties, Part One, by Al Purvis (January 13, 2017)

"Palms on the coffee table," the nun ordered and the naughty nursies obeyed. All these girls wore long hair, up all day and down at night, so an abundant amount of honey colored hair spilled down the arms of the two who were about to be paddled. All that hair hid their faces (at least from my point of view). I wanted to see their faces, as well as their bottoms, but that was not to be. I expected these grown women would be brave about their sad situation, but that was not to be either. Both begged and whined like grade school girls before the paddle ever touched them. They carried on right in front of a dozen of their colleagues. How humiliating! Their sniveling didn't evoke clemency. Each got three solid swats on her nearly naked derriere, each shrieked and danced a barefoot jig as though she were branded each time she was spanked. They both continued to screech and prance as they were marched to their rooms with their hips in their hands to be put to bed early, leaving a roomful of timid young women who barely spoke again that evening, and at least one quaking boy who had cum in his pants. I was too charged up by this experience to even attempt to discuss it with Mike. He mentioned it from time to time with a chuckle. He thought it was funny that 'Truth or Consequences' was playing on the television while the two young ladies were 'paying the consequences' of their boisterous behavior. I could only fake a smile with all my might in order to suppress the brainless babbling I would have launched into if I ever tried express the unexpressible. It never occurred to me that I would ever get to witness another paddling, but the next year produced a bumper crop of these erotic experiences.

Out of the Frying Pan, Part Two, by P.B. Whiting (January 9, 2017)

Alice drove Billy to the airport the following morning and watched until his plane had taken off. After returning home, she made a fresh pot of coffee and then went to the front room and sat down glancing at her watch now and then as she read the morning paper. She nodded with satisfaction as she heard footfalls coming up the porch steps. Going to the door, she opened it and saw, as she had expected, her postman, Harry Sheldon, with the day's mail. "Good morning Harry!" she said brightly. "I see you're a little early today."

A Spanking Good Marriage, by Greg Babcock (January 9, 2017)

Sighted once again, I hurried out the side door, made my way around my car and then hers in the driveway and opened the gate to the back yard. The maple tree in the far corner of the yard had lost numerous small branches to switch requirements over the seven years we'd lived in our lovely, secure middle class neighborhood in one of Cleveland's southeastern suburbs.

Why, you ask, would an otherwise normal-appearing man of 45 docily obey his wife in such an adventure? Isn't it bad enough to get a switching without the added embarrassment of actually having to cut the very switches to be used on your bottom?

Hairbrush Diet, by Pat Kamerer (January 6, 2017)

Nancy lay passively, grimacing as the sting increased and became less and less bearable. She crossed her ankles, wriggled in a vain attempt to find a more comfortable position. Her legs began to pump, slowly at first, but with an ever increasing speed and desperation. Little gasps of pain escaped her lips.

The merciless assault of the hairbrush continued. Barbara Cassidy smiled at the now scarlet seat sprawled across her lap. Angry welts piled atop angry welts and none of Nancy's tender derriere maintained its original creamy hue. It would be most uncomfortable to try to sit on that behind even now, Barbara thought pleasingly. She bore down and laid on a furious volley of spanks.

Hawk and Dove, Part One, by Mike Burke (January 6, 2017)

"I've got just the thing to help you learn a little faster," the older woman said as she got up and walked over to a handsome oak desk and opened the top drawer. Pamela gasped when Barbara turned and was holding a stout looking 18-inch wooden ruler in her right hand. The 20-year old's bottom cheeks clenched but the mother had other plans. "Hold out you right hand...palm up," was the horrific order. Not exactly knowing what was going to happen, Pamela slowly did as she was told. Quickly, the older woman reached out with her left hand and grabbed the tips of the fingers before raising the instrument and bringing it down sharply on the defenseless hand. Pamela sucked in two lungs full of air at the instant pain.

Hairbrush & the Three Bares, Part Two, by Bruce (January 2, 2017)

Held firmly in position over her mother's left thigh, Margaret was totally helpless and could do nothing but lie there and take her richly deserved punishment. Oblivious to the five people observing her, she tossed her head from side to side, sending tears flying in all directions. Her neck muscles strained with the effort and her hair flew about in all directions, strands sticking here and there to her tear drenched cheeks. Tears literally gushed from her eyes, cascading down her plump red cheeks and splattering onto the hardwood floor beneath her face. Snot bubbled out of her nose and long, thin ropes of saliva swayed and danced as they were thrown from side to side by the almost continuous motion of her head. Able to do little more than bounce up and down and wiggle her tortured behind, her lower legs flailed the air in frenzied anguish, the toes of her high heeled shoes slamming onto the floor loudly and her high heels curling back nearly to her mother's right leg with each kick. Having already slipped down around her ankles, Margaret's girdle, panties and nylons now served only to hamper her wildly kicking feet, forcing both feet to leave the floor with each energetic kick and sending the dangling garters attached to her girdle and nylons flying helter skelter.

Hard at Work, by Taylor Moore (January 2, 2017)

Again her hand slapped down, and again the crack of noise was followed almost at once by Amanda's sudden yelp of pain. She felt heat bloom there even as her face burned. Another slap met her buttocks, and another, and another, sharper one.

She jerked in reaction, her mind spinning in dazed confusion between humiliation, outrage and shocked excitement. Kathleen was spanking her steadily now, her hand slapping down in a slow, even rhythm that was making her cheeks burn on both ends.

She squirmed helplessly and Kathleen gripped her hip, steadying her in place as she continued spanking. Her hand came down faster and harder, and Amanda felt tears fill her eyes as the stinging became worse. Her entire body felt hot and ragged. Her nipples tightened inside her bra, and became intensely sensitive. Each time her body jerked her breasts shook a bit, and her nipples seemed to rub against the soft bra.



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