Female/Female Stories

Hawke & Dove, Part Two , by Mike Burke (March 23, 2015)

"You know very what I'm going to do," the larger woman said as she rested her hands on her hips. "I'm going to give you a bare-assed whipping...just what I'm going to do every time you try to defy me. I am going to teach you what happens to girls who don't do as I say. This is just what you are going to get each time you disobey me."

Pamela looked on in amazement at the sudden turn of events. She had expected, and hoped, to be spanked again, but she didn't expect this. Just like so many bad girls before her, the 20-year old just had to reach back and rub both hands over the impending target which was suddenly screaming for attention. Pamela didn't want a punishment spanking, but she knew she would accept one as part of her blossoming relationship with Barbara. Secondly, some part of her realized that, yes, she did deserve some form of punishment for her silliness. Class attendance was one thing that made college that much more difficult for the sophomore. Maybe a little reminder session would change all of that.

Heather Babysits, by ZZ (March 23, 2015)

Angel pushed the sobbing girl off her lap. She landed on the floor on her tender bottom causing a sharp yelp to escape from her lips. Angel jumped up and headed for Heather. The girl tried to run but she had been surprised by Angel suddenly dumping her sister on the floor and going for her and so she got caught before she could reach the door. Angel dragged her back to the bed. Heather fought and struggled but Angel was in good shape from playing sports and she was too strong for the girl. Before she knew what was happening she was over her lap facing the carpet. Angel yanked her pajama pants down to her knees. She tried to kick but Angel put her right leg over her legs and held her down securely.

Angel raised her hand and began bringing it down on Heather's exposed bottom. She was even more annoyed by her than by Louise because she knew she was more of a brat than her sister and it probably was her idea to spy on her conversation. She slapped her buttocks as hard as she could over and over again. The sting caused the eleven year old to squeal. She fought Angel as best she could but she was soon crying from the pain. The loud slaps rang out in the small room. Louise had gotten up and stood there watching her sister's punishment while she rubbed her sore seat through the nightgown.

Hairbrush Diet, by Pat Kamerer (March 20, 2015)

Nancy lay passively, grimacing as the sting increased and became less and less bearable. She crossed her ankles, wriggled in a vain attempt to find a more comfortable position. Her legs began to pump, slowly at first, but with an ever increasing speed and desperation. Little gasps of pain escaped her lips.

The merciless assault of the hairbrush continued. Barbara Cassidy smiled at the now scarlet seat sprawled across her lap. Angry welts piled atop angry welts and none of Nancy's tender derriere maintained its original creamy hue. It would be most uncomfortable to try to sit on that behind even now, Barbara thought pleasingly. She bore down and laid on a furious volley of spanks.

Hawk & Dove, Part One, by Mark Burke (March 20, 2015)

"I've got just the thing to help you learn a little faster," the older woman said as she got up and walked over to a handsome oak desk and opened the top drawer. Pamela gasped when Barbara turned and was holding a stout looking 18-inch wooden ruler in her right hand. The 20-year old's bottom cheeks clenched but the mother had other plans. "Hold out you right hand...palm up," was the horrific order. Not exactly knowing what was going to happen, Pamela slowly did as she was told. Quickly, the older woman reached out with her left hand and grabbed the tips of the fingers before raising the instrument and bringing it down sharply on the defenseless hand. Pamela sucked in two lungs full of air at the instant pain.

Gym Teacher, by Taylor Moore (March 16, 2015)

Jennifer was a slender blonde, Allison a nubile, lushly rounded brunette. They both had long straight hair, but it was slicked back now, their bodies glistening wetly as they stood under the shower together.

They kissed softly but passionately, their arms around one another, soft breasts pushing together, long legs moving, shifting.

Karen's eyes narrowed as she watched them, watched Jennifer's head dip to Allison's full, round breast, her lips sliding over the obviously erect nipple.

“Excuse me!” she snapped.

The two jumped apart with cries of alarm as Karen moved into the room, scowling from one red face to another.

“Is this a brothel or a shower room?” she demanded icily.

Hairbrush & the Three Bares, Part One, by Bruce (March 16, 2015)

Margaret barely thought about these things as she stood in front of her mother, trembling in anticipation of her upcoming spanking. As she felt her mother's hands on her hips, she squeezed her eyes tightly shut, knowing that she was about to have her undies pulled down and her bottom bared. As often as this had happened in the past, it was still difficult to stand still as her mother slipped her fingers into the waistband of her tight, powernet open bottom girdle and began to pull the clinging garment down over her full hips and buttocks. As the tight girdle slipped down over the summits of her buttocks, they bulged outward, covered only by the sheer panties that she had worn that morning. Her sheer seamless Evon Picon nylon stockings began to sag and she could feel them slipping down her legs as her mother continued to pull the girdle downwards. Leaving it twisted tightly just above Margaret's knees, she sat back, placed the hairbrush on the floor beside her, pointed at her lap and said, "Alright, Margaret. Face down across my lap, young lady, and get your naughty bottom right up in the air."

Money Well Spanked, by Diana Gray (March 13, 2015)

Nicki was right. Every whack from the hairbrush was timed and deliberately well placed under the curve of her ass. She delivered one whack every three seconds, allowing one to blossom fully before the next one started a new flame. Nicki was good at counting between smacks; it’s something she learned to do in order to concentrate so she wouldn’t lose control during the spanking. But this system managed to last only through the first part of her spanking, because as hard as she tried, there was no way to stay in control for the second part, which usually had her squirming and begging for the spanking to stop

Morning Coffee, by Phillipe (March 13, 2015)

This did not go unnoticed by Annamaria who slid her left hand further down Saskia's stomach until she reached the waistband of her panties. She slowly slid her fingers underneath, moving her hand side to side, inching ever slower, downward. Annamaria enjoyed the feel of the silk panties on the tops of her fingers as she started to fondle Saskia's coarse pubic hairs in a slow circular motion. Saskia began to moan louder, in time with the swats, as Annamaria's finger glided feather-lightly across her musky nether lips. Saskia moved even farther forward until her head was touching the floor and her legs were spread apart with her feet high in the air, her pants now bunched at her ankles.

The Sophisticate, by ZZ (March 9, 2015)

Sighing with acceptance she left her room and headed towards the other end of the house. As her mother said she knew where the switches were kept. Attached to the house was a small greenhouse where her mother raised flowers, herbs and sometimes vegetables. As Heather entered the greenhouse the heat and aromas hit her. Although it was January the bright sun had the greenhouse at about eighty degrees. She walked to the far end and she found them where they always were, a bundle of bamboo rods in the corner. Each rod was two feet long and the thickness of a pencil. Her mother used them to support her plants. They straightened up her mother's plants and occasionally they were used to straighten up an errant daughter.

Heather selected one of the rods. She would have chosen the smallest but unfortunately for her they were virtually identical. This process was extremely familiar to her as she had had to do it countless times before, as far back as she could remember. The heat and odors of a greenhouse, particularly of roses, which was the strongest aroma, would be always linked in her mind with getting a spanking. Even decades later if Heather unexpectedly encountered the scent of roses a chill would go up her spine and her bottom would involuntarily twitch in anticipation. That was nothing, however, to the chills that were going up and down her spine now as she headed for her mother's room. She stopped at the bathroom to empty her bladder as the fear was making her feel as if she would lose control of it.

Spanking the Bori, by Rachel Heath (March 9, 2015)

"I’m not going to keep repeating myself," and exasperated Yvonne said. "Get over that chair, pull your skirt up, your panties down and let’s get to work!"

A deeply scared Magda hurriedly obeyed her angry mother-in-law, pointing a bared pair of ass cheeks up in the air. In her fear, Magda had so tightened her bottom that the cleavage looked like a pencil line.

Yvonne brought the wood down as hard as she could.

The Schedule, by SFG (March 6, 2015)


Karen repeated this refrain again and again. Her pleading, begging and promising are heard throughout the neighborhood. Many nearby parents and teenagers smirk to themselves at Karen's predicament. They KNOW that a spanking is taking place in the Greenway residence yet again, just like it has happened many, many times before. Karen and her older sister, Millie, before her had several occasions to treat the nearby community to the unmistakable and delightful sounds of teenage (and older!) young ladies taking their punishments in the old-fashioned way. The loud THWACKS of the wooden hairbrush (and sometimes paddle) could be clearly heard several houses away, of course quickly accompanied by even louder shrieks of pain and perhaps even louder promises of good, very good, perhaps angelic, behavior.

Sometimes, when the neighboring girls (and sometimes boys) were especially devious, they would use binoculars to peer into the Greenway house in the aftermath of all this delightful punishment noise and discover the wonderful sight of a freshly spanked young lady standing in the corner displaying her burning and crimson bare rear end.

School Rules, by Cathy Scott (March 6, 2015)

"Yes, Miss Holden, I'm...I'm ready for my s-spanking. P-please s-spank me hard enough to teach me to be a...a...g-good l-little girl."

"Very good, Linda. But you are awfully slow. You'll have to be taught to answer much more quickly than that!"

With that, Miss Holden brought her hand down in a resounding smack that echoes through the office. Linda's yelp testified to its atrocious sting, even through the thin cotton panties. Another hard smack landed on the other cheek, flattening it and causing Linda to shriek and kick her legs up. Miss Holden ignored her cries and yelps, continuing to spank those thinly covered cheeks until they started to turn a nice healthy shade of pink. Linda had never felt anything so stingingly awful as that hand coming down on her wiggling rear end. For the first few smacks she tried hard to keep her legs together, but by spank number ten her attention turned to more pressing matters...like trying to avoid the continued hard splatting of hard hand on delicate and smarting posteriors. She wiggled and squirmed and squawked as the spanking got progressively harder and faster. Her hands flew back to protect her poor, punished globes, but a smart slap on her palms convinced her that it wasn't such a good idea. She tried to squirm off Miss Holden's lap, but an iron grip held her in place.

Spanking Redhead, by A.L. Purvis (March 2, 2015)

Her thumb wasn't what was troubling Megan. It was her hairbrush that hurt like hell. The repeated "SMACK!" of the antique on young Megan's bare backside built up an excruciating blaze in her girlish buns and spanked ever more piercing squeals out of her. Megan knew that if she didn't stay still her mother would spank her harder, but she couldn't help herself. She involuntarily wrestled with her mom and instantly started paying the price for her childish scuffle. Megan's adult self-image was lost to a steady stream of solid swats from the hardwood brush. She felt like a immature teenybopper getting her naughty bottom spanked. And she acted like any kindergartner might have acted in the circumstances. The shellacking seemed to go on and on. Megan couldn't recall a time when she wasn't draped over her mother's knee getting spanked, wiggling with all her might and wailing like a banshee.

Rebecca, by Helier (March 2, 2015)

All three girls were now utterly committed. Abigail her pulled her panties down and they drew close together, watching each other as they stroked and rubbed themselves. Mandy had two fingers buried inside her pussy and she was stroking her clit with her thumb. Breathlessly, she told Rebecca how to find the the soft spongy tissue inside that always gave her such pleasure when she pressed it. Rebecca couldn't find the right spot but it didn't matter - it just seemed so liberating to be doing this and talking about it. Her nipples seemed so much more sensitive than ever before and the feelings were lush and strong.

Rachel's Sins, by W. Arthur (February 23, 2015)

Exchanging furtive glances but no words, mother and daughter quickly lifted their dresses above their waists and bent their upper bodies across the table. Side by side, their naked bottoms touching, Sara turned her head toward Rachel. Then she looked into her eyes and encircled Rachel's trembling fingers with her own.

"I'm so sorry, Mama," Rachel whispered.

A Physics of the Cane, by C. Allen (February 20, 2015)

"I believe so, Miss Putnam. When the skin is tightly stretched, there is less cushioning of the blow. Another way to say this is that the impact of the cane is more elastic. As a result all the cane's kinetic energy is absorbed in a thin layer close to the surface of the skin. In fact, Ma'am, that's also the answer to the third question as well," volunteered Milly. "Tight fabric restricts movement, reducing the cushioning effect and again causing the cane's kinetic energy to be quickly absorbed close to the surface of the skin.

The Little Piggy, by ZZ (February 20, 2015)

Everyone in the sorority house could clearly hear what was happening as Sandy's howls reverberated through the house. The other pledges felt sympathy but the older girls found it amusing - a little entertainment to enliven an otherwise dull midweek night. They particularly liked that fact that it was Sandy that was getting it. They were all a little awed by her because of her appearance, age and her general air of self confidence. It was good to listen to her getting taken down a few pegs.

Teacher's Pet, by Barbie (February 16, 2015)

Sandy shook her head. She had never felt so embarrassed and so wrong. Usually when she threw a fit, people calmed her down and worried about her. Ms. Jacobson wasn’t a bit worried. Ms. Jacobson was mad at her. However, Ms. Jacobson wasn’t throwing a fit or even yelling. She wasn’t raising her voice. But her voice was deadly. And she was making Sandy feel things that she had never felt in her young life.

The Phone Call, by Mike Burke (February 16, 2015)

Despite being a regular visitor to her mother's lap and punishing hand, Melanie was not immune to the squirming and screeching that young ladies in her position are wont to do when the heat in their hindquarters reaches a certain point. On the way to that boiling point, the 18-year-old started by rolling her hips from side to side as she tried to keep her mother from attacking the same spots twice. By the time the count reached 20, Melanie was drumming her feet into the carpeted floor of her parents' bedroom while, at the same time, making little sounds as she forced air out of her clenched teeth.

A Perculiar State of Affairs, by James Fox (February 13, 2015)

All four of us agreed that the experience had not been too awful, and the next day it seemed a distant memory. However, after tea, to our surprise, we were summoned back to see the Head. As we walked in Kelly, confronted us in floods of tears, sobbing her heart out. Whilst Kelly got a grip on herself, the Head explained that she had confronted her, and she had immediately confessed. She went on to say, that although she was bitterly disappointed with Kelly, especially since it had meant she had punished me quite wrongly, she did understand that she had done it so as not to be expelled, not out of cowardice. For that reason, and that reason alone, she proposed to let her off with the same punishment we had had, only double the strokes. We all gasped at the thought of twelve strokes - Kelly's bottom didn't seem big enough to take so many.

A Phone Call of Trouble, by Mike Burke (February 13, 2015)

After a brief struggle, the button popped free. Emily sniffled and then pulled down the zipper, opening a "V" in front that exposed a pair of well worn white cotton panties that did little to hide what Emily so wanted to cover. The key, Emily realized, was to lower her jeans without bringing the panties down with them. While the 20-year old realized that they might soon be required to join the jeans around her knees, there was no sense in giving her mother ideas at this stage of the proceedings. As such, Emily inserted her trembling hands between the rough material of the denim and the soft material of her underwear and separated the two before pushing the jeans down and off her flaring hips. It didn't take much effort to have the pants down to her knees.

Old Fashioned Aunt Helen, by Mark Stiles (February 9, 2015)

With a sigh she stripped off all of her clothing and turned to face the pile of fluff and pastels that awaited her on the bed. A tear wells up in poor Beth’s eyes as she surveys the repulsive clothing that will signal the near end of her adulthood. She picks up the first item that she will put on, the little girl type cotton underpants. She wrinkles her nose at the white cotton panties and at the little kittens and mice that frolicked across the expanse of the front and seat. Though she resists emotionally, she solemnly slips the little panties over her feet and up her thighs and over her condemned behind. Next came some short white anklets that she tugged onto her feet. Standing, she dons a crisp white blouse, buttoning it in the front and tugging the collar until it was straight. She picks up the homemade dress and pulls it over her head. It is light yellow cotton, with a high, childish sash that gathers the bodice just under her breasts. The hemline is high, well up her thighs, giving her a coltish, pre-teen look. Lastly, she put on the pristine white tennies that Aunt Helen thought, and rightly so, would finish the childish look that she requires. Beth surveys herself in the mirror and a tear leaps onto her cheek as she sees herself as Aunt Helen wants her to look. Looking back at her is a naughty little girl in her juvenile clothing, needing now to go downstairs to see Aunt Helen and be punished for her misdeeds.

Jane, by Helier (February 9, 2015)

Jane knew she wouldn't be able to see anything from where she was but she didn't need to. Her imagination was running wild. From the way the two girls had behaved, she knew they wanted this. She had seen the way Soraya had peeped, eyes full of excitement, as Tina was spanked and now she could also imagine their desire as they waited to be so humiliatingly fucked. She heard their moans as the two men approached them and then she heard one of the girl's squeal plaintively as she was penetrated. Her hand drifted to her pussy. She needed to masturbate; she had to. Her pussy was screaming out for relief. She pushed her pants down a little and, resisting the impulse to thrust her finger into the wetness, she began to massage her thick fleshy mound. The feelings she gave herself filled her body with delight.

Both girls were squealing now, but she could hear the arousal in their voices and she could hear too the way their bodies were being shaken by the violent fucking they were getting. She imagined how it must feel for them, each being fucked by the others lover, side by side, crying and squealing in the open air. Her finger plunged into her soaking pussy and found its way deep inside her. She loved that. When she was really aroused, she could always find that soft thick spot inside that seemed to grow, consuming her. Her thumb pressed on her clit and, even though she knew she was going to come more quickly than the two girls, she didn't care. She wanted to climax, hard and fast, and, within moments, she did.

Hell Night Becomes Heavenly Night, by Kenneth Harding (February 6, 2015)

"Go!" Evie commanded, taking her place at the very start of the line. As Madeline, still dazed, unable to believe what was happening to her, hesitated, Evie started her off with a vigorous swat across both bottom cheeks which fairly propelled the young teacher forward with a strangled cry of pain. The sorority sisters giggled at the consternation registered by this naughty pledge, and bent down to apply new swats to keep her moving forward. Madeleine began to scramble furiously on all fours, wanting only to avoid the avalanche of stinging, noisily sonorous swats which the paddles inflicted. Before she reached the end of the line, the inflamed red cheeks of her behind could visibly be seen through the thin clinging panties.

His Wife, by Taylor Moore (February 6, 2015)

And Chrissy had been seen naked by many men and woman. She was a very sexual person and had had more affairs than she could remember. That was why she had decided to let Geoffrey pay for her room and board and tuition in exchange for sex. She loved sex, after all, and though he wasn't all that good at it, Geoffrey was at least enthusiastic and loving.

She shifted her weight from one foot to the other as the woman continued to look at her, wondering what she was thinking, wondering if she would really let her continue to stay in her little condo. She knew that Geoffrey was very much under this woman's thumb.

A Second Chance, by Jason (February 2, 2015)

"Would you sp-" Jane couldn't bring herself to say it."

"Most assuredly you will be spanked. Tomorrow morning, after breakfast, Sandra will take you to my room. You'll wait in the corner for me. I'll put you face down over my knee,  pull down your panties, and soundly spank your bare bottom with a wood hairbrush until it's dark red. It will sting like a thousand needles driven into your skin at once and burn like a bonfire. You will cry your eyes out, kick your legs, squirm, beg for me to stop, and promise to behave like a proper girl for the rest of your life. When I'm finally finished, you'll be taken downstairs to the living room. You'll stand in a corner with your skirtpinned up and panties around your ankles until we release you. We'll be watching to make sure you don't rub your bottom. If I have any visitors, they'll see first hand how I punish and correct naughty young girls.

Like Secretary, Like Boss, by Mysterious R. (February 2, 2015)

With that she swung the paddle firmly, swatting the girl with solid strokes, knowing the paddle stung worse at the beginning and knowing the girl would soon be unable to bear it. She had started at the top of her bottom and swatted across both cheeks. Working her way down the girl's backside with little overlap, she smacked with full hard strokes continuing to her mid-thighs. With satisfaction Amelia noticed the girl's immediate panic at the intensity of the pain, and the strain it took for her to maintain the position.

The older woman then concentrated her efforts and landed five stinging spanks on her secretary's right buttock, then five of the same on her left. She knew this to be particularly painful. Because the girl was squirming badly, Amelia encircled the girl's waist, and held her firmly in position to receive the rest of the chastisement. When Marcie could no longer squirm to avoid the punishment Ms. Henderson applied the hardest paddling to the full part of her buttocks, delivering the devastating spanks in fast succession.

Spanking Shopping Trip, by Randy Slapp (January 30, 2015)

Mother accepted the paddle, then she barked, "Pull your panties down young lady.”

I burned with humiliation knowing that Ted, June and my father were all listening to every word. I almost felt like everyone could see me as I slipped my underpants down my trembling thighs to my knocking knees. I knew I was too old for bare bottomed spankings but as mother tugged me over her lap I was filled with that all-too familiar helplessness which brought a tear down my cheek.

Positioned over the maternal lap, panties down and bare fanny up, I felt more like a ten-year-old than a teenager. But as the first paddle whack landed on my naked flesh, I gritted my teeth and determined to take my punishment with a minimum of fuss, I couldn't stop thinking about Ted and June eavesdropping on my spanking!

Slumber Party Slapping, by Randy Slapp (January 30, 2015)

Mother quickly got Jackie bent into position and I heard Jackie gasp "God no!" as mother yanked Jackie's purple pajama shorts down. Jackie had sure grown up since the last time I saw her nude butt and legs, but even my sister's full, round bare bottom couldn't keep my eyes from glancing at the shocked expressions on Kim and Cathy's faces or the terrible bath brush as mother raised it above Jackie's trembling, white butt cheeks.

SMACK! I didn't even see the slapper speed down, but I took in the flattening effect on Jackie's right orb and the way the brush bounced off, leaving a rapidly reddening spot on the ivory skin.

With Jackie's backside toward me, I had a clear view of my sister's slapping as mother bent slightly and smacked the smooth plastic into first one shuddering ass cheek than the other . . . SMACK . . . CRACK . . . CRACK . . .

Toasted Buns, by Chuck Wilson (January 26, 2015)

Back in the den, Shannon felt more in need of an icebag than a pillow as her bottom cheeks were glowing up like bright red coals at her mother, who was wielding a wood-backed, oval hairbrush on the upturned mounds. The color darkened with every swat and covered both the buttocks and upper thighs of the young beauty.

“Owwww ... Owwww ... I'm sorry, Mama ... Ouuchh ...”

The Memorable Trip, by C.J. West (January 26, 2015)

Whack! ! Whack! !

Her mother's right hand smacked each bare cheek.

"Remember, Tami," she scolded, "I expect mature conduct and responsibility from you. And, as childish as you've felt the last half-hour -- getting spanked over my knee and running naked around the house -- it is only an example of how you'll feel if I ever need to spank you again."

A Sunday Drive in the Country, by Dr. Dlaniger (January 23, 2015)

The young mother of a teenage girl slowly, carefully pulled on her panties and covered herself with her dress. Vanessa then told the teenage girl to step out of the car. Terrified that maybe she was going to be spanked with that awful hairbrush too, she reluctantly did as she ordered. She wasn’t going to get a spanking but her bottom wasn’t getting off scott free either. Knowing that their bottoms were sore and still hot, especially Raquel’s, she made both women pull up their dresses way up around their waists and sit directly on the seats of their panties on the hood of their car…still quite hot from the engine and the hot summer sun beating down on it. The women were very uncomfortable and in considerable pain as the hot car metal burned their sore bottoms right through their thin, silky, little panties. The hot metal also burnedtheir upper thighs, making them yelp in pain and not wanting to sit down as soon as they sat on the car. It was almost like sitting on a hot plate.

Tracy's First Spanking, by Ed Finn (January 23, 2015)

Hardly believing her own words, Tracy lifted her hips, experiencing for the first time the utter loss of autonomy associated with giving in to another's desire to punish in such an embarrassing manner. She was mortified as her panties were lowered clear to her knees and her bare bottom was exposed as never before, even to her mother. Unable to believe the disgraceful situation in which she found herself, her cheeks tightly clenched, Tracy held her breath as well as her tongue, fearful of further aggravating the mad woman who, until now, had passed herself off as her loving mother. All she wanted now was to get this over with ...

"Okay, I'll take Harry now," said Tracy's mother.

Trembling, mostly from anger, Tracy thrust the hefty hairbrush back.

Angry Mama's Response, by Chuck Wilson (January 19, 2015)

As the pretty blonde walked slowly and painfully across the room, Mrs. Johnson relinquished the chair to Mrs. Thompson, who immediately ordered Jennifer to come to her.

Instead, the panic-stricken girl, having seen what happened to her friend, made a dash of the door. She hadn't given any thought to where she would go, dressed as she was, but her only interest at that moment was getting out of the apartment.

However, Mrs. Thompson jumped up from her chair and caught her daughter by the wrist just as she reached the door.

"Mom, nooo. Please don't," Jennifer pleaded as she was pulled back toward the chair. But her mother was stronger and, after seating herself once again, yanked Jennifer by the wrist so that she fell, none too gracefully, over the lap of correction.

Anyah & Reecey, by Dr. Dlaniger (January 19, 2015)

Anyah said, “No use trying to get away. I handled younger brothers and spanked their bottoms when they were naughty up until late teens. You’re no problem at all. But I’m going to make problem for you. What you did tonight was immature and unacceptable. Adults talk matters over, not throw temper tantrums and run away. When we get home I make sure you not sit down for one whole week!” With that she gave Reecey a slap on the seat of her little panties, causing her to yelp in both surprise and pain.

Reecey suddenly became afraid. She knew how hard the white girl could spank. Too many times, as her bottom caught fire, she found herself sobbing and begging Anyah not to spank her any more, promising good behavior, promising to be a good girl for life! Being with the white girl was like having a big sister and the world’s best lover all rolled into one. But it was the big sister-spanking her bottom-part she didn’t like very much. Still, she had to admit, she did love Anyah. She always felt safe and protected when she was with the beautiful European girl. It was good to have somebody she could trust, someone so genuinely concerned for her welfare, and willing to take the responsibility of making all the important decisions in their relationship.

The Admiral, by Taylor Moore (January 16, 2015)

"You were a very naughty girl, after all."

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

Darlene fought to keep from sobbing. Her body trembled and shook and she had to rub her arm rapidly across her face several times to rub away the tears. Still the admiral's hand spanked down, and she clenched her teeth in furious desperation, determined not to break.

It was only a spanking! How could she not take that in stride? Men had been shot, gruesomely wounded, and yet carried on against desperate odds. What kind of sailor broke into tears at a spanking!?

Alice Moves In, by BlueBeard (January 16, 2015)

Well, no sooner did Alice move in than she found out about the little poem on the paddle. And, I want to tell you a more astonished 20-year-old miss you never did see . . . Her plight resulted from a carelessly placed cardboard carton which Jerry tripped over in the darkened hall. That cost Alice a trip of her own - across Jerry's knee with her jeans and panties d-o-w-n! The paddle did one superb job on her previously-unspanked, saucy, well-formed bottom. I know. I was there. And loved every minute of her yelping - "help"-ing - pleading -paddling. "Sis, I said to myself, "Jerry's not the only one you're gonna have to watch out for."

There's Got to be a Limit, by Rachel Heath (January 12, 2015)

CJ decided it was time for a change of pace so, with the ruler still held in one hand, she slid her hand up Morgan's black blouse, "Ohhhh," Morgan cooed sweetly, as CJ's hand held and pulled on an aching breast. "Oh, yeah," she whispered, undulating sensuously. CJ kissed her lightly on the side of her face and decided it was time to get back to work with the ruler. Whack! Whack! Whack! She reddened the area immediately above that already reddened.

Lauren, by Helier (January 12, 2015)

The first few spanks didn't land properly and didn't hurt at all. It took time for Anna to adjust to the curve of Lauren's sweet round bottom. At the same time Miss Cavanaugh had starting administering roasting slaps to Tara's bottom and the squirming girl was already squealing like a little pig. Lauren could sense Anna's embarrassment. It made her want to be smacked hard so that she could cry and Anna wouldn't feel she had failed. She shifted herself a little to make it easier and suddenly the nervous headgirl began to get it right. Crisp painful smacks peppered Lauren's tender bottom and, without even trying, she found herself letting out little squeaks of discomfort. Quickly her cries mingled with Tara's as both girls had their buttocks and legs covered in burning slaps. For Lauren it felt like heaven. The stinging pain shocking her and filling her with a strange excitement while, all the time, she was aware that it was Anna who was punishing her. It was Anna's lap she lay over, Anna's legs pressing into the mound of her sex, driving her wild with desire. She pushed herself up from the little table, throwing back her head and crying out in pain, but the truth was that the pleasure in her pussy was ready to overwhelm her. Anna changed her rhythm, slapping her especially hard, slow huge slaps that pushed Lauren to the edge of panic.

Linda's Last Chance, by Bruce (January 9, 2015)

Tears of shame and frustration were coursing down Linda’s cheeks as Miss Smith was saying this but, as she finished, Linda’s resistance seemed to dissolve and with her head bowed in shame, she allowed herself to be guided to the door. Once inside the classroom, Miss Smith immediately walked over to her desk, opened a lower drawer and took out a wooden paddle with an oval shaped head that was perhaps 4 inches wide by 6 inches in length. Next she pulled out her chair and placed it facing Linda’s classmates. But before sitting down, she took Linda’s arm and forced her to turn to face her classmates. Sweeping her eyes over the class, Miss Smith said, “Children, I want you to watch and take to heart what you are about to see. This young lady, Linda Ardmore, was observed attempting to cheat on the examination I just gave you. According to the new school policy on classroom discipline, I am required to punish her for her actions. Also, following that new policy, Linda’s punishment will be administered in your presence. It will be as embarrassing as it is painful but Linda knew what to expect and she made her own decision. Now she is going to have to suffer the consequences of that decision. You are not, I repeat, not to tease her about this afterward. If that happens and I am able to confirm that report, whoever is responsible will pay dearly.” Sitting down, she patted her lap and said, “Alright, Linda, place yourself face down over my lap with your bottom right up over the middle of my lap. Come on, child, you can’t avoid this so let’s get it over with and get on with our work.”

Thanks to Aunt Lydia, by Ed Finn (January 9, 2015)

Lydia went on, addressing Lindy Sue, "You, young lady, had best pay close attention. I don't know or care what went on at your house back when you used to get spanked - way too long ago, might I add - but here we have a certain routine. I believe a child must submit to a spanking. She should not need to be dragged kicking and screaming. As you'll notice, Vicki is well trained. She is about to lower her own pants. She will then ask permission to come over my knee. And so on. She will follow any instruction I may give her. She will truthfully answer any questions. Watch and learn, because it will behoove you to emulate Vicki's behavior. The more you deviate, the worse your spanking will be. Do I make myself clear?"

Sick of being talked to like a child, Lindy Sue was getting grumpier by the minute. The whole damn thing was ridiculous. But she was stuck. She nodded brusquely. She would try to think of other things. This bullshit would soon be over. She was so irritated, though, that try as she might she could not wipe the pout from her lips. Damn, she had hoped to be able to enjoy watching Vicki get it, but this was no fun at all.

Nurse's Mansion, by Barbie (January 5, 2015)

Peggy opened her eyes wide at each hard crack. She screamed into the gag. She tightened her bottom and when the next crack went across the tightened flesh, it hurt one hundred percent more. She quickly tried to loosen the muscles before the next crack. She tried and some times she succeeded. She was in agony as the five hard cracks went across her cheeks and then the aim was lowered. Five there and then lower. The house mother was moving toward her thighs and when she arrived there, Peggy really jumped and tried to kick. That was worse than her bottom. She had never had anything hurt her more than this. If they ever let her go, she was packing and going home. She didn’t want to be a nurse. Angel of mercy... what a trick. These people had no mercy. She was crying. She was hurting. They were the ones hurting her. She cried all the harder as the paddle moved back up the thighs to her bottom again and finished off the last five stokes of the count.

Keeping Pace, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (January 5, 2015)

As much as I tried to ignore the fact, I very much wanted to grind myself against my boss's soft lap again while she smacked me. Each morning I walked into work hoping that maybe that day was the day, that maybe I would finally do something slightly wrong to catch Miss Pace's attention and have her spank me again. I had taken to wearing thong- backed underwear under my dress pants, or garters and stockings under my skirts, with and without panties, just in case this day would be the day that I was bent over and swatted.

On the Friday of the following week, a full two weeks after that first spanking, Miss Pace and I found ourselves enjoying a friendly cup of coffee in the lunch room. All the other employees took their break at three o'clock so we had the place all to ourselves.

Pink Collar Crime, by Al Purvis (January 2, 2015)

The Warden said, "We think you new girls get a lot of benefit from a proper initiation. Let's you know what to expect if you don't toe the mark. When you leave, we give you a 'Coming-out Party,' to remind you of what you're leaving behind and how much you want to avoid those things that can put you back in here." The Warden gestured to me over the barrel and said, "And over here." The Warden paused while most of the spectators shuffled. They knew that they would have to be in my predicament at least one more time before they got away from this place. "Well. Nuff said," the Warden said, "Carry on Sergeant." The Warden nodded to a muscular woman who stood near my exposed backside. She wore one of those abbreviated guard outfits.

She nodded back to the Warden, wound up like a baseball pitcher, swung her wide leather strap around a 360 degree arch, and laid in across my naked derriere. Holy Shit! It exploded like a gunshot and hurt worse. It had been at least a dozen years since anything had swatted my seat, and then just a smack or two from a parental palm. I had squirmed around on the barrel focused on how naked I looked. I should have worried about how vulnerable I was and dreaded the incredible agony of the heavy leather strap on my tender tush.

Princess, by Eileen (January 2, 2015)

Sulaya's pleasure at punishing this lazy girl was a thousand times greater than it had even been before. The maids she'd had in her father's kingdom were dusky and dark, as the Princess herself was. Never had she witnessed this remarkable contrast, the red stripes against the incandescence of a pale white posterior, the mottled look of her bottom and thighs, rapidly purpling toward the bottom curves of her cheeks.

Sulaya brought her arm back again, and sighed with regret when the well-used switch snapped in two over the maid's chastised bottom.

Jennifer's Backyard Tanning, by Bruce (December 29, 2014)

"Anyway, as soon as she was all bare and ready, her dad grab-bed her around the waist and started to lay that oiled leather razor strap across her bare buttocks and thighs as hard as he could. I guess she just absolutely went wild! My friend said she was shrieking and screaming and that she tried to get away but her dad is awfully big and he just held her right there under his left arm and strapped the bejesus out of her! She was kicking and twisting around so much that she got a lot of licks of that strap between her legs on the insides of her bare thighs and my friend said that really made her screech and howl! He told me that her dad strapped her for at least twenty minutes! And he told me that her behind was almost raw when he finished! He said she had strap welts from her waist all the way down to her knees and her nylons were in shreds and she was just gagging and blubbering and sobbing like a baby! And my friend said that about halfway through that strapping, Dorralee 'wet' herself! But I guess that didn't stop her father 'cause he just kept right on swinging that strap and blistering her bare bottom."

The Lady Loves It, by C. Allen (December 29, 2014)

Anne was not one to feel pity, no matter what sweet nothings came from her lips. But after the fifth she sat beside me and stroked my hair. I remember whimpering and trying to snuggle up to her. She was comforting, but I couldn’t forget that there was more to come. And come it did. She belted my bottom at least another half dozen times, maybe more. It took every ounce of will power I could muster to stay in position.

The Longest Spanking of My Life, by Michael (December 26, 2014)

She wasn't kidding. Ma raised the strop high over my bare bottom and brought it down with a furry like I had never seen before. Nor felt. A broad band of fire burned its way into my poor bottom. But I didn't cry out. I wouldn't give them the satisfaction. I bit my lip and let Ma beat me. But with each lick took more out of me. On the third one I drew in my breath to keep quiet. Then the fifth time the strop crashed into my bruised bottom, I screamed. I kept crying as long as Ma kept hitting me. And she really blistered my bottom. I didn't count the times she hit me but each one left its beet red band of fire across my butt. Tears flowed freely as Ma placed each lick so that it just over lapped the last one. Then to my dismay she walked to the other side to start all over. Now the tip hit my left thigh. Ma started at the top, still letting the strokes overlap, and didn't stop until the redness extended to a few inches above my knees.

Mary Ann, by Ashley (December 26, 2014)

Obediently, the girl bent across the waiting thighs, and allowed her stepmother to draw her into position. Mildred had been the youngest of seven children including five girls. Her parents were well-practiced in corporal punishment but became progressively mellower. By the time Mildred was a teenager they were nearly sixty and much more relaxed in their child rearing. However, in her earlier years, Mildred had been privy to seeing her older sisters turned, bared and spanked. A clever girl, she managed, for the most part, to avoid the parental palm or paddle; sometimes at the expense of one of her older sisters. Such experiences would in time cause Mary Ann's lot to noticeably worsen.

Michelle's Wish Comes True, by Thomas Bruns (December 22, 2014)

Michelle gasped. This was no idle threat. The CP Supervisory Board was created out of the need to ensure that judges did not abuse their power to hand out paddling sentences. Any minor, parent, or legal guardian could appeal a paddling sentence (though not any other part of a sentence-that would have to be appealed to a standard court of appeals) to the board and they would examine the transcripts of the case and make a decision. There were four possible outcomes of appealing a paddling to the board. If the teen appealed the paddling on his or her own and the board decided that the teen was doing so only to postpone the paddling, they could recommend that the teen's punishment be doubled. In other words, if a teen were sentenced to a three-minute paddling, then a second paddling of three minutes would take place one month later. If the parent or legal guardian appealed the paddling and the board sided with the judge's decision, then the board, in one of the only instances where an adult could be sentenced to a paddling, could order the parent or guardian to receive the same sentence. If, however, the board found against the judge, then one of two things could happen. If the board found that the paddling was simply too harsh, they could set a new time limit on the paddling. If, however, the board decided that the punishment was not only too harsh, but also unjustified, then the board had the power to remove the judge from the bench.

A Nanny Gets a Spanking, by Yvette Vandel (December 22, 2014)

But you don't need to, Brigitte, it was all my fault. You haven't done anything wrong. If I hadn't said things about your body to John he would never have spoken to you that way, although, to be honest, he agrees with me that you have a perfect body. In fact . . . ." Susan's voice trailed away. The entire time Susan had continued to rub me, gently caressing my back, and by now she had worked her way down to my waistline. It was tempting to just give in to the pleasure of her hands, but no, no, I had to get something else straightened out before I could feel completely happy. Susan didn't know I had spied on them the night before, and I didn't see how I could feel comfortable staying in the house unless I came clean about seeing their spanking activity. 

Spanking by the Pool, by James Fox (December 19, 2014)

Belinda had longed to be chastised on her bottom for as long as she could remember. Only once had she attempted to attain a spanking from one of her boyfriends. Belinda had prepared herself well, hiring herself a maids outfit for the occasion and had, with much embarrassment, purchased a cane from a mail order company. Deliberately untidying the house, she had sat herself down with a bottle of wine and acted like the hired help who had delved into her employers wine store. Upon hearing her boyfriend enter the house, she stood up, more than a little tipsy. When he eventually entered the room she approached him, cane in one hand and empty wine bottle in the other. "I'm sorry sir," she had said, "but I've been very naughty and drunk your wine. Perhaps you would like to spank my bottom, or use this swishy cane on it to punish me." Her boyfriend just collapsed laughing out loud, tears streaming down his face. He didn't say a word, he just laughed continually. Belinda had ran up stairs, changed out of the maid's outfit and left immediately. She felt like a freak. What was the word she had heard him use when he referred to his pals who read girlie books? 'Nonce', that was it. She was a nonce. Belinda had never forgotten her embarassment and until this day had never broached the subject of spanking since, believing that she was indeed weird. Now she knew different.

The Summer of 1950, by Thomas Bruns (December 19, 2014)

She led me by the hand right to my bedroom door and she opened it briskly. Inside we marched right to my bed. Off went my skirt and I was left standing in front of my aunt with nothing but my sweater and panties. She sat down on the edge of my bed and pulled me across her lap with a decisive air about her. She hooked her fingers into the waistband at the back of my panties and yanked them down to just above my knees. She did all of this in such a practiced way that I was sure I was about to get a spanking unlike any I had ever experienced. She finally laid the cool wood of the paddle against my bare bottom. 

"You may have been spanked many times before this, young lady," she said in a terribly dooming voice, "but what you're about to get now will make all of those together look like love taps." She didn't waste any time on lectures, partly because I had asked for her to do this rather than doing anything naughty to deserve it. I felt her body tensing as she lifted the paddle high above her head. It came down on my bare right cheek with a sharp CRACK that echoed throughout my bedroom. My breath sucked in mightily as the pain registered on my brain. That was truly intense, more so than anything I had ever felt in my young life. 

Susan's Summer School, by Steve Ivy (December 15, 2014)

When Susan landed the twenty-first stinging smack in exactly the same spot as the first, obviously signaling a rerun of the barely tolerable first half of Lori's paddling, a howl of genuine agony only just preceded the prohibited flight of her right hand back to block the advent of any further assault on her scorched rear. But the determined mother was always ready for this predictable ploy, grabbing the flailing wrist and twisting it firmly up and back to more securely pin Lori's miniskirt out of the way. Even though her daughter's desperate action was perfectly understandable, the mild challenge to her authority angered Susan with the end result being an even more energetic second half of the unpleasant correction for poor Lori.

Old Switcharoo, by Bellaroses (December 15, 2014)

Maralyn raised the switch with shaking fingers. She leaned forward and lightly slapped across the white cheeks waiting on the whiter bed for its touch. Natalie lay still, not moving except for a slight instinctive clench of her bottom cheeks as the peach kissed at her flesh. Maralyn raised it up again, higher, bringing it down a bit firmer. The cane left a faint pink thread this time. Once more, then again, and again. Each time the cane was raised, it was lowered with a little more touch to its bite. By the eighth stroke Natalie's bottom was tracked with pale pink tram lines, all straight across the full of both mounds. Natalie could feel a slight sting as each new effort ended its little whistle toward her wanting cheeks. Inside her belly, crushed deep under the flesh was a trembling, twitching agony of sensation, longing for release, relief. The gentle switching was flaming the itches, tickling, her hips began to roll side to side, squirming toward the cane, needing its searing pain. Maralyn was whimpering, afraid, her wide eyes stared at the undulating cheeks on the bed, raising toward her insisting, demanding. The peach switch was high, Maralyn's fingers twitched, she groaned, then lowered it quickly but the whine frightened her and she pulled back, the cane scratching lightly on the flesh. Natalie was trembling with need, her body tensed and waiting. Maralyn's hesitation infuriated, frustrated! She felt suddenly as if she was going to scream, to cry, this last straw too much to bear! She leaped up to her knees just as the switch in Maralyn's hand spanked down again, her cheeks meeting it in mid-flight. Maralyn jumped backward, dropping the switch at her feet.

Redtailed and Blackmailed, by Bruce (December 12, 2014)

Grinning from ear to ear, Evelyn replied, “Oh, don’t be so silly, Gloria. I’m going to do just what Daddy said to do. And that means that your skirt and slip will have to come up and your girdle and panties will have to come down, doesn’t it? Of course it does!” Shaking her head slightly, she continued, “You are wearing a girdle, aren’t you, honey. Sure you are! I felt it when I patted your bottom. I’ll just take it and your panties right down to your ankles so I can give you a nice big soapy enema and then when you're all emptied out, I'll spank you properly like Daddy said I should. You heard Daddy, Gloria. Besides a hand spanking, you’ll be getting the hairbrush good and hard and, I’m sorry about this, but your Mom also wants you spanked on your bottom AND on the backs of your thighs! Oh, and I’m really sorry about this, kid, but she said that she wouldn’t be upset in the least if you had a good crop of blisters on your tushy. So, if I were you, I’d figure on not sitting down too comfortably for quite a few days.” Giggling, she went on, “Do you cry a lot during a spanking, Gloria? Oh, that’s another silly question! Of course you must! I’ll bet it hurts, doesn’t it? Golly, I can’t imagine what it must be like for you, knowing that you’re going to get spanked until you’re squalling and bawling and acting just like a six year old! Oh well, I guess that’s just part and parcel of a good spanking, isn’t it!” Trying to suppress her giggles, Evelyn went on, “And I suppose you do a lot of kicking and wiggling around, don’t you? God, I guess that’s another dumb question, isn’t it. Of course you kick and wiggle, who wouldn’t!! I mean my gosh, I’m going to be whacking your bare bottom and thighs with Daddy’s big ole wooden hairbrush and I don’t see how you could keep from squirming around, I know I sure would be if I were in that position!”

A Rookie Mistake, by Chuck Wilson (December 12, 2014)

Her moment of truth having arrived, the pretty brunette, clad in her patrol trousers and blue shirt,  slowly approached the captain and stood at his right side.

"Please drop your pants, Officer Wilkes," he said. Despite the "please" prefacing his statement, Jennifer rightly took it as a command rather than a request and unbuckled her belt. She then unfastened the top button, pulled down the zipper and reluctantly pushed the trousers over her hips and down to her ankles, being careful to prevent her panties from following.

"Very good," Captain Warner declared as he placed the handcuffs around her wrists. "Now, come across my knees."

Her face burning with shame, Jennifer looked pleadingly at first the captain and then the commissioner, hoping for a last-minute reprieve. There was to be none, however, and, with a sigh of resignation, she bent forward and went to her fate.

Late Date, by PRA (December 8, 2014)

Clutching the front of the dress to her, Lisa backed away from her mother. “Where's your bra young lady” Mona demanded. Lisa's mind was clouded from the alcohol and all she could do was start to cry. “You get to your room young lady, we'll discuss this in the morning.” the irate mother commanded. “I'm ashamed of you and you can bet you’re gonna get it good tomorrow” and with that Mona landed another hard well placed smack on the retreating bottom of her daughter. Lisa yelled and ran up the stairs past her sister, tears streaming down her face. Becki found sleeping difficult. After all the commotion and listening to her sister crying as she lay in her bed next to Lisa's made falling asleep nearly impossible. The sunlight woke Becki as it streamed in the open window. The clock said ten, and the still tired girl climbed out of bed to shower and go down stairs for breakfast. Lisa lay sound asleep, snoring softly. The once beautiful prom dress lay crumpled on the pink pumps Lisa had worn the night before.

Brush with the Law, by Ed Finn (December 8, 2014)

Hillary's thoughts turned to the previous evening. She'd had to spank her youngest, Thamuria, again, and for the same transgression as her preceding two or three lickings. The 16 year old had always had a smart mouth, but recently she had taken to spicing her repertoire with profanity. In their home, that was a definite no-no. And Tammy had certainly paid the price last night. The hairbrush had tapped out a merry tune, accompanied by all the appropriate squeals and howls, as the hapless teen's bouncing bottom absorbed an extremely sound spanking. Tammy had been left wailing and dancing frantically about the bedroom, her hinder glowing like a stop light. Naturally, she'd promised to improve her language and be oh so good. And good she would be, at least for a while. But she was too high spirited and precocious to remain impressed by even that spanking for very long. Soon enough, she would err again, the cycle repeating. Interestingly, Tammy seemed recently to be on the receiving end of more spankings than Rose and Patty combined. Hmmmmm.... the foolishness of youth...

Judy's Dilemma, by ZZ (December 5, 2014)

To calm her apprehension she decided to distract herself. She went downstairs and meekly asked her mother if she had time to take a shower before the discipline session. Her mother told her it was all right, so Judy slipped into the bathroom which was off the hall on the first floor. After the shower she combed her long hair, rubbed some body lotion all over and put on just enough makeup to make herself look as attractive as possible but not enough to arouse her mother's suspicions. Her mother knocked on the door and told her to come to the den.

His Wife, by Taylor Moore (December 5, 2014)

Then Alex's hand cracked down hard against her upturned buttocks again and Chrissy yowled as she began to struggle anew. She realized almost instantly that it was hopeless now, however, and stopped her struggles, whimpering as Alex's hand slapped against her behind again and again. Her cheeks were so red now that each time her hand struck it left a white mark behind. Several times she paused, just to give the brunette hope, sliding her hand over her buttocks as she measured the heat radiating from them. Then she'd start to spank again, her hand as red as Chrissy's buttocks as it cracked down mercilessly. Chrissy's whimpers and sniffles became sobs as she bawled at the pain her rear.

Kari, by DyAne (December 1, 2014)

Jim led Lisa over to a chair and turned the chair around. He made Lisa bend over the back of the chair, resting her head on her folded arms in the seat so that her ass was thrust up and out. He folded the back of the outfit up to her waist and pulled her panties down to her knees. Jim folded his belt in half and, holding Lisa in place with his left hand, raised the belt. The belt whistled through the air and landed with a loud CRACK!. Lisa yelped and struggled to get away. A welt appeared where the belt had struck. Jim told Lisa to stop struggling or it would be worse. Lisa begged him to stop. But the belt continued to fly through the air and crack across her bare ass. Lisa was yelling and crying. Kari felt sorry for the girl, but knew she couldn’t interfere and that Lisa deserved to be punished for what she had done.

A Mother's Justice, by R.K. (December 1, 2014)

She raised up her right arm and. . . . .SMACK OWWWW SMACK OUCH SMACK SMCK SMACK CRACK SMACK OWW OUCH OWW OWWOWW OUCHHH OWW OH NO PLEASE MOM OH PLEASE IT HURTS OWW OOWW OWWWWWWOWWOWWW OUCHHH IT HURTS IT HURTS OWWOWW OUCHHH PLEASE NO MORE I CAN'T STAND IT OWWW OWWWW SMACK WHACK SMACK SMACK SMACK OWW OWW OOWWW AIIIEEEE OWWWWWWCH OWWW NO MORE PLEASE MOMEEEEEI'LL BEHAVE I WILL!!! Her Mom's arm kept raising and lowering at regular intervals, completely ignoring her daughter's howls and please to stop. She was going to make this a lesson that was going to be hard to forget indeed! Leslie for her part, was beside herself with the pain from the spanking and just kept screaming and crying tears coming down her face, ruining her makeup and still her mother really laid into her with the paddle. SMACK SMACK WHACK CRACK SMACK SMACK OWWW OWWOWOW OUCHHHOH PLEASE OHPLEASE I'M SORRRRRRY I'M SOOOOO SORRRRRRRY!

Horizontal Hula, by Al Purvis (November 28, 2014)

Before they were allowed to dress, each got a trip across mommy's lap for a sound spanking from her angry mother, whose hand had undergone decades of toughening up on lap pillows and naughty daughters' bare bottoms. The "SMACK!" of the spanks mom delivered bounced off the walls like gunshots. She started with the Matilde, whose juvenile writhing and childish screeching set the tone for her older sisters. Cristina didn't look or sound or act any older than Matilde when she took her turn across mommy's lap. Married or not, Maria never had a chance to act her age after witnessing all the smacking and yelping and jiggling and crying that her mother had spanked out of her sisters. Other than being a little larger, wailing a little louder, and twitching her hips a little quicker, Maria took her spanking in exactly the same way as Matilde, the baby of the family.

Jamie's Untypical Day by Megan(November 28, 2014)

Jamie swung her arm as hard as she could bringing the eighteen inch metal ruler down across Kristen's pale bottom again and again. "When it's work time," she explained, "we work. Do SMACK you CRACK understand WHACK me?" "Let me up! Stop this now! Jamie! Somebody help me! OW!" Kristen hollered, but Jamie ignored her. She kept the ruler flying up and down, from the top of her well-rounded buttocks to the middle of her obviously very tender thighs. "Yes!" Kristen howled. "Yes! I work! I'm sorry! Stop! Enough!"

Dirty, by Robert Clark (November 24, 2014)

Staring straight ahead at the curtained window, Sam felt the cane’s tip touch her inner thigh and flinched. “Be still,” Gilly said, allowing the rattan to follow the same path her fingers had a few minutes ago, up Sam’s leg and to the handprint on her cheek, already fading to memory. She let the cane’s tip linger there for a moment before flicking her wrist and letting it nip Sam’s flesh, leaving a light red mark. Sam gasped, “Oh,” and bucked her hips against the desk. Gilly snapped at her bottom a few more times, choosing random spots and gentle strokes, smiling at the way Sam jumped after each one.

Discipline in the Air, by Tani (November 24, 2014)

Until today, nobody except Dan and Joyce had ever been present for her spankings. True, a few other people knew that Helen was occasionally spanked (Dan had ordered her to phone her mother immediately after her very first spanking, to report that she had just been spanked). But today she had been spanked in the ladies' room, before an audience of fascinated women. And now they were going to spank her right in the airport! And they had invited someone else to watch! It seemed that every time Helen thought she had endured the most shameful experiences Dan and Joyce could invent, they would come up with something worse. The bump of the wheels on the runway brought Helen's thoughts back into the present. After the plane had docked at the terminal, Helen decided she'd better mention her spanking to Dan so that he wouldn't accuse her of trying to get out of it. She tried to keep her voice low as she said, "Remember you said you were going to spank me when we get into the airport."

Discipline Before Friendship, by Papa (November 21, 2014)

Yells and cries and grunting poured from Sharon's mouth. And yet she felt herself catching her movement atop Madeline's thighs creating other sensations. The constant jiggling and jerking back and forth, the spanking itself, the feeling herself being pulled in tighter and tucked under the shelf of Harriet's bosom...they were taking her to a climax. She knew it. She wanted it. Madeline felt her own body reacting. The rocking had freed her clitoris from its hood...and only dimly did she hear the shrieks from Sharon.

Dress Code, by Eileen (November 21, 2014)

"Silence!" Mrs. B snapped. "There is a dress code. It may not be a written code, but that does not make it invalid. We've talked about your attire before. Now, young lady. I'm in no mood for nonsense. Leave my home, go back to the office, and pick up your pink slip immediately. Or, raise your skirt and get over my knees for the long, hard, sound spanking you so richly deserve, and then you can go back to the office and clock out, and continue on with the company. With the stipulation, of course, that you mend you naughty ways. Well? What is it to be, my dear? The hard way--or the easy, but extremely painful way?" Mariah's small, pearly teeth caught her full lower lip, worrying it. She couldn't believe what she'd just heard! She ought to march right back and let them fire her! But they needed the income, and her husband would never understand, and if she told Mama and Daddy, they would think her foolish and cowardly! After all, it was true. Mrs. B had warned her before. And which would be worse--to lay over the older woman's lap, humiliating as it was bound to be, and have her bottom spanked with a hairbrush, or to bring disgrace on herself and her entire family by having to collect unemployment? Mariah shuddered.

Holly's Cleverness, by Trevor (November 17, 2014)

Miss Phillips watched her undress, repeated a few well-worn phrases about the need to make an effort in class, and ordered her over the desk. The view was nice; Monica was better padded than Jeanine. The secretary let her thoughts drift for a minute to what she would really like to do, namely, pull the girl’s panties down, and smack with her hands until Monica’s white bottom matched the ruddy color that easily came to her face, but then she returned to the present, and contented herself with swinging the paddle against the girl’s panties. It made a momentary impression, after which the underlying flesh bounced back. the next blow had a similar effect, but mostly on the other side of Monica’s posterior. The third swat returned to the original target, and drew a gasp. The girl was soon mewling, but that did not keep the secretary from carrying out the sentence in full.

A Clear Communication, by Ed Major (November 17, 2014)

Marie who had disregarded Helen's verbal warning was paying full attention to the session. She demonstrated this on a verbal and nonverbal level. Her non-verbal level included widely kicking legs, a waggling bottom, squirming and bouncing on Helen's lap. Her hands were clutched over her bottom trying to interrupt the brush's progress. Her bottom originally pink was now becoming a beautiful shade of tomato red. On a verbal level, Marie's response was a combination of OWWW! Shrieks!! OUCH!!! WOW!! That hurts!! Helen, please stop!!! WAHHH! BWAHHH!!. I'm sorry!!! Have mercy!!! I'll never do it again!!! Toward the end the BWAHHH! and WAHHH's were the most prominent sounds.

Cindy's Spanking, by M.S. (November 14, 2014)

Marsha reached into her sewing drawer and pulled out her spanking hairbrush. Never used to brush hair, it was a large blondwood brush with white nylon bristles. The back had a dull sheen, imparted to the wood, no doubt, by the overheated skin oils of many dancing behinds. She rubbed the hairbrush thoughtfully on her palm and smacked it testingly. She didn't know if the hard spankings she administered deterred her children's naughtiness. She did know, however, that a good, hard spanking on the bare behind could make a girl sincerely regret her misbehavior, as Cindy would in a very short time.

Clash of Wills, by W. Arthur (November 14, 2014)

“Now is about the time you will wish you would have worked out when you had the chance,” Christine said. “Because I’m bigger and stronger than you are.” Then without waiting for a reply, she turned in the bed and grabbed the frightened young woman by her long tangled hair. Amber let out a scream as she felt herself being dragged across her stepmother’s lap. Quickly, Christine roughly moved Amber’s nervous body until she got her into the right position. As she lifted the hem of Amber’s nightgown above her waist, revealing her naked white bottom, a small pink vibrating dildo fell onto the bed from between her legs. Christine picked it up and threw it to one side. “I see you haven’t been totally wasting your time in here,” she said sarcastically.

Amber’s face turned red, and for a moment, her anger and fear were overpowered by her embarrassment. That didn’t last long, however. Once in position, Christine didn’t hesitate. She pinned Amber’s right hand behind her back, picked up the big brush and began to deliver a barrage of stinging blows across her quivering bottom.

Eddie's Visit, by Ashley (November 10, 2014)

The lecture ended and Mrs. Morrow, now seated on her daughter’s bed, grabbed the girl and bent her over so that her backside was facing the two boys. Eddie smiled broadly; she looked so slight and helpless. Then, to his joy and amazement, Mrs. Morrow raised Julie Anne’s skirt above her waist and presented him with the girl’s white panties pulled tight across her quaking behind. Nervous as he was, Paul too could not help but find this sight intensely arousing. Mrs. Morrow raised her hand and brought it down on her daughter’s pretty white panties. It landed with a loud smack, followed by a small whimper. Eddie flushed with excitement and his right hands plunged deeper into his pocket. Smack! Smack! Smack! Three more landed and now Julie Anne began wriggling. Mrs. Morrow’s hand tightened around her waist ensuring that every blow landed cleanly and effectively.

When Will I Ever Learn, by Ed Finn (November 10, 2014)

It's always hard to wait for a spanking. After supper, I had about three hours to worry. I tried to study, but I couldn't keep my mind off what was going to happen. My bottom didn't hurt anymore, but it was warm enough that I couldn't ignore it, either. Also, it's funny, but the time seems to both drag and fly by. And I was mad because there was no reason to spank me again. One spanking is more than enough for this kid. So, rather than do something worthwhile like planning an "I'm sorry - I'll never do it again" speech, I spent the whole time trying to figure out an argument to keep Mommie Dearest from respanking me.

Boarding with Mrs. Glasscock, by Jason (November 7, 2014)

Mrs. Glasscock added three more spanks that made Lisa cry out, then paused. "Stay with me, Lisa. You're doing fine, honey." She resumed spanking, alternating between cheeks. Lisa first tried to squirm off the lap, but Mrs. Glasscock pulled her closer and held her tighter. "Don't quit now, baby. You're doing fine. It will be over soon and I'll be here to make it better." Lisa tried to put her hand back to cover her bottom, but her spanker grasped it. It was a gentle clasp and seemed to relax Lisa. She cried out with each stroke of the hairbrush and sobbed in between them.

Greta's Comeuppance, by Rachel Heath (November 7, 2014)

"OK," Iris said. A guess that's enough. You should have learned your lesson by now." She let the punished, red-bottomed girl slip from her lap Then Iris opened her own purse and took out some lotion for Greta's afflicted backside. She massaged it gently over the lean, reddened cheeks, Greta's warmed skin felt so smooth and tender! A warm pulse beat in Iris's pussy. She loved kneading and pressing Greta's buttocks, pushing them together and pulling them apart. She bent over and blew lightly on her lover's asshole.

Janis, by S.V.N. (November 3, 2014)

"Now go stand in that corner and think about what an ill-behaved brat you've been. When your corner time is over, we'll have a little chat about the procedures for your further training." Still sniffling softly, Janis walked over to the corner and stood there naked, her face to the wall. Just as she got to the corner, she heard the doorbell Sound. "Why hello , Marilyn. Won't you come in?" she heard Christine's voice say. Janis froze with fear and frustration. Marilyn was one of her best friends -a person whom Janis was always trying to make a good impression on. Surely Christine wasn't going to let Marilyn see her standing naked in the corner like a naughty child, with her freshly spanked fanny still red! But that's exactly what was happening. She heard the two women enter the room. Immediately Marilyn exclaimed, "Christine! What's the matter with Janis?"

Jeni, by Helier (November 3, 2014)

Trembling and feeling deliciously exhausted and ashamed, Jeni went to stand in the corner. Behind her she could hear Miss Cuthbert opening her cupboard. She glanced out of the corner of her eye and saw the cane the headmistress was taking out. She approached Linda who was shaking visibly. Jeni realised that Miss Cuthbert's back would be almost wholly turned. She wanted desperately to watch but she was very scared of Miss Cuthbert seeing her.

Insouciance, by Helier (October 31, 2014)

The rest of the session passed almost without incident. Mr Richlieu was away that morning so, though Hiroshi left a report on his desk, they didn't hear anymore about the disrupted training until later that afternoon. They were on the court most of the rest of the morning and all the afternoon with the day-girls. Sloane behaved reasonably although she was frequently quite rude in the way she responded to the instructors. It made Justine groan to hear the way she spoke at times. Strangely, though, she was quite careful about the way she spoke to Justine. Even when they made mistakes, Sloane never reacted impatiently. It gave Justine a little hope. It also became clear that they had an instinctive understanding of each other's game. This was a relief because it was certainly the intention that they should at some point play doubles together.

I Say, Can I Get a Witness? by Ralph Greco, Jr. (October 31, 2014)

We both knew I was broken now. The last act of all this had been my constant fear that someday someone might find out. I never knew how I would handle being confronted or discovered; I had simply liked the ‘idea’ of it too much, never considering the reality. And as much as I didn’t want to lay there anymore, adrift on a sea of my own juices and fleeting confidence, I certainly was afraid-quivering with fear on the inside-to leave this room to the knowing stares and whispers I would-we would-now face.

The House on Ingelheart Avenue, by Nigel McParr (October 28, 2014)

Grace took the wooden paddle from the other tub. It had been used to stir the clothes in the hot soapy water for as long as Grace could remember. The venerable old paddle had taken on a silvery-gray, fur-textured appearance that made it look like something other than wood. In size and shape it resembled a small canoe paddle. While its primary purpose was to stir the wash, Mrs. Bergen had also found it to be an effective alternative to the strap. The girls dreaded their mother's trips out to the wash house. Although Grace had never used the wash paddle before, she wasn't concerned. Stale gray water dripped from the paddle's wide end as she drew the paddle from its resting place and positioned herself to paddle her sister.

A Hot Seat for Lori, by Jay Ellis (October 28, 2014)

Susan grabbed the teenager by her wrist and literally threw her across her lap. She then yanked down her tennis shorts and briefly paddled her for a minute or so. She then instructed the bewildered girl to bring her the hairbrush from the dresser and to get back across her knees. If at that moment Lori had demurred perhaps it still might have passed over but she did what she had been told. Mrs. Maynard held her daughter with her left hand firmly in place on the small of her back. She then proceeded with loud spanks in rhythm going from cheek to cheek, up and down and back again. All of the time Susan was warning the girl of future spankings and putting her to shame. "Aren't you ashamed that you are being punished like a little child?. Perhaps now you will give some thought to better deportment, or face the consequences."

Katherine of Karnell, Part One, by Nigel McParr (October 24, 2014)

"Katherine Trimble," the motherly voice said, "your breach of Karnell discipline is despicable. I have never and will never tolerate such goings on in this school. Frankly, I'm surprised you gave in to such an awful temptation. Your four-year school record does not bear out your misbehavior. Nevertheless, the sin needs to be expunged - and corrected immediately." Headmistress' fingertips touched the alabaster contours of Katherine's bare seat. Katherine shivered as the matron's palm, smooth and surprisingly warm, settled onto her bottom cheek. The woman's touch reminded her of Mama and Mrs. Lacy. Perhaps, she thought, it won't be so bad after all. This was her first time. Maybe Headmistress would tread lightly with her cane. The notion made her feel better. She snugged into the leather, which was warming and conforming now to her slender body. Headmistress' next words shocked her back to reality. "What you have done, Katherine, is absolutely despicable. You have heaped shame on your mother and Karnell. I cannot imagine any of my girls seducing one of Karnell's finest students. And to make matters worse, she is from one of our finest families - and a benefactor as well. Shame on you, little girl. Your punishment will be severe and swift."

Kirstie, by Helier (October 24, 2014)

Vanessa hurried to obey, instinctively clutching her ankles and parting her legs to steady herself. Behind them, Molly could hear Kirstie's rhythmic sobs and the faint sound of her body shifting on the tabletop. She guessed the weeping girl was sneakily masturbating and she was glad. She moved slightly to one side so that Kirstie would be able to see her friend's humiliation more clearly. Vanessa was gasping nervously in her awkward posture even though she seemed perfectly poised and her bottom was a superb shape. Fascinated, Molly allowed her hands to wander a little over the girl's thighs and hips as she told her what was going to happen and how badly she felt they had both behaved. She was rewarded with a tiny moan of pleasure and a quivering through the girl's gently writhing body. At that moment she felt a great longing to stroke the tempting mound of Vanessa's sex but she knew she mustn't weaken. Instead, she grasped the girl's panties at the waist and tugged them firmly to her knees.

Maternal Justice 1950s Style, by B.P. (October 21, 2014)

As Fran began to slowly pull down her daughter's panties, she took note of Peggy's maturing physique. Even the modest cotton panties that the mother insisted upon were tightly stretched when the waistband reached the widest contours of the girl's buttocks. It had been several months since Peggy needed to be taken "over her mother's knee", and the handsome widow hadn't realized just how much her daughter had inherited her own fulsome hindquarters. Combined with a slim teenage waist, Fran saw that Peggy was becoming all the more fetching to boys - the potential consequences of which Fran greatly feared. In keeping with her meticulous approach, Fran continued to slowly draw down her daughter's panties until they reached the knee hollows. Then after checking to ensure that Peggy was well balanced over her lap, Fran reached back to the desktop to procure the hairbrush.

How to Manage a Menage, by Bluebeard (October 21, 2014)

Grabbing Paatchy by the left forearm I pulled her -- giggling and tripping over her own feet -- swiftly across the persian rug of the expensively-decorated, art-deco living room, toward a nearby leather couch. She twisted back toward Lorretta and with a grin yelled, "I told you . . . you were gonna . . . like him . . . UMmmmmmmph!," as I dumped her unceremoniously face down over my left knee. In a second, the full, black leather flare skirt was up around her ears -- revealing a superbly-sculpted pair of ass-cheeks encased in . . . full-length, ultra-taut, black latex panties! Talk about erotic -- they fit like a second-skin and, across both ample buttocks, had dozens of randomly placed, pencil-width holes. Satin-textured skin peeked and puckered through.

Punishment Party, by Randy Slapp (October 17, 2014)

When it was over, Marge let Ann stay bent in position for a minute while she commented on how 'a good whipping should teach Ann to obey curfew." Finally the girl was allowed to stand up and she instantly clutched her scorched bottom and did a little gig about the room, her full bosom bouncing about under her pajama shirt and tears streaming down her face. Humbled Annie was then sent to the corner to stand with her hands on her head and we were all invited to look closely at the damage done by the stick. Annie's bare butt was streaked with dark red welts criss-crossing her entire backside, with a couple of stripes painting her tender thighs. Sue stood stock still, looking sick at the scene before her, knowing, as we all did, that her turn would come.

Paying the Bill, by Dr. Dlaniger (October 17, 2014)

The painful spanking resumed! The smacks sounded like small explosions she was slapping Yvonne’s plump buttocks so hard. Once again the lovely Puerto Rican girl was bawling and kicking here legs up and down, screaming. Like the white girl before her, who was afraid she still might have more spanking coming, Yvonne kicked and screamed. Jorge, making sure he got a good look, was able to see her vulva and anus from up under her roasted and very red buttocks. He loved the way girls were built. Even with panties on, whenever they bent over in short dresses or skirts, he tried to see the impressions of their pussies.

Mrs. Bailey's Bawdy House, by Iona (October 14, 2014)

Spank…spank…spank…spank…Daniel meted out the perfectly calibrated swats directly over her bottom crack. The delicious relentless nature of the whapping, causing the young woman to explode prematurely in one great gushing geyser of a climax that left her gasping, writhing and begging for more of the same.

A Nanny Gets a Spanking, by Yvette Vandel (October 14, 2014)

Now I was thoroughly confused and flustered. The unexpectedness of his comments, in addition to what I had seen last night, sent me into a tailspin. What was going on? I had thought everything was going pretty well for me as a nanny. Now I wasn't really sure of anything. Was John coming on to me? Did he mean that Susan was bisexual? Was this why I'd never felt fully at ease with them? And, most of all, what were these peculiar emotions I was experiencing? Suddenly, I couldn't handle any more, and I felt myself losing my grasp on the platter. As it crashed to the ground with a huge noise, I felt everyone's attention focus on me.

A Necessary Humbling, by Jason (October 10, 2014)

If her insolent sarcasm affected the general, he didn't show it, keeping his smile. "Lets review a few things. Lissette Angelique LaFrank, age 40, born February 22, 2432, Paris, Earth. Graduated from the Marine Academy here on Rigel top of her class. Numerous citations for bravery in combat. Earned early promotion to Captain. Selected for deep space probe and received early promotion to Major after successful accomplishment. After a year as Probe instructor, volunteered for another Probe mission. Angry not receiving promotion to Lieutenant-Colonel on successful completion. Selected as a strike force commander, the most coveted assignment for any marine officer. Unfortunately for her, the Galactic Council of Worlds has been in a sustained period of peace with no opportunities for combat, depriving her of chances for quick promotion. Conclusion; this officer is obsessed with becoming the youngest general in the history of the Spaceforce Marines. With her strike force, she has become a tyrannical, over controlling, mistrusting dictator. She has to oversee every little detail because of no confidence in her officers and sergeants. Recently, twenty-seven of her most veteran strike force troops went over her head to request transfers."

Nurse's Spanking System, by A.W. (October 10, 2014)

Believe it or not, the threat of actually getting a punishment spanking really improved our attitudes and behavior on the ward. As luck would have it however, the two senior nurses--namely Maggie and myself--had the highest number of demerits and would get the more severe paddling. I had 6, which meant a "hairbrush on the bare," while Maggie would get a handspanking on her bare butt for the 5 she ran up. Karen had 3, which only earned her a panty warming, while Wendy was the most improved, having only 1 demerit which carried no spanking penalty at all.

Unfinished Business, by Jeff (October 7, 2014)

In the meantime, Bonnie was frantically trying to break free, while Brenda, abandoned and on her own, decided to complete her mission. Using her superior strength, she pulled the struggling girl forward, literally dragging her toward the foot of the bed, where a storage trunk offered a firm footing for what she had in mind. Reaching the trunk, Brenda planted her left foot near the edge of the brass rim, and handling the squirming teenager like a sack of potatoes, threw her over her left knee. She quickly circled Bonnie's waist and pulled her securely toward her own hip.

The Voyeur, by Silkdreamer (October 7, 2014)

Mel eyed the paddle in Pam’s hand. “You got to be kidding! I’m not going to let you take that to her!”

There wasn’t a trace of beauty in Pam’s face. “That’s your call, you fucking wimp! I’d be just as happy calling the cops…oh, and the local paper too, for that matter! If I remember right Linda here does all sorts of work at the children’s hospital. How do you think they’d feel when they find out their sweet Linda is a peeper as well as a fucking deviant who likes screwing herself with a big plastic cock while people watch? Yeah, they’d LOVE having her near the kids then, wouldn’t they?” Mel jumped to his feet, his hands fists at his side. “You…you…poisonous cunt! Why I wasted one minute on you….”

The Worst Day of Their Lives, by Steve P. (October 3, 2014)

"We know what happened in school today. Nurse Wilson called us. What you two attempted to pull off was reprehensible. Neither of you were brought up to engage in that kind of behavior. If you think you have been punished enough for it, you are sadly mistaken. Not only did you lie to Nurse Wilson, but you also lied to both of us by pretending that nothing unusual happened in school today. We are very disappointed in the two of you, and feel that we have perhaps been remiss in not disciplining both of you more of ten in the past. However, we are now going to make up for lost time. The two of you are going to get another spanking right now, and there will be no mercy shown. We intend to make this spanking one that each of you will remember for a long time. And since we want to be fair to each of you, and we don't know which one of us spanks harder, each of you will get a session over both our laps."

The Young & The Twisted, by Pete (October 3, 2014)

Angela, sniffling and snuffling in the corner, not daring to touch her smarting bottom (which has now begun to itch maddeningly as well), peeks over her shoulder at the bizarre scene. She is appalled at how hard Glenna is spanking Richard. Embarrassed at how blatantly his struggles expose himself, for she knows full well she must have put on an equally erotic and indecent display. She is awed by Glenna, by how completely she has taken control. It is difficult for Angela to believe that Glenna is actually a couple of years younger than Richard and herself, given the way that she now so totally dominates them both. She concedes that she has richly deserved this spanking, afraid it may be just the first of many. She winces empathetically for Richard with every - SMACK THWACKSPLAT WHAP WHACK SMACK WHAP - that implants yet another crimson blister on his cute and chubby buns.

Rock-N-Roll Forever, by Eileen (August 26, 2014)

Mama resumed scolding. Yes, I knew what was going to happen. I had to answer in a clear voice, bent double with the blood rushing to my head, while my brothers and sisters watched. I was going to be paddled. Oh yes, I knew why. Because I had disobeyed my mother. Not only that, I had lied and been sneaky. Yes, I did deserve it. Yes, I knew it was going to hurt. Sure, I probably would be eating my meals standing up for several days. No, no, no, I'd never lie and sneak again! Oh, I meant it, too. The prospect of one of Mama's punishments did wonders toward improving my attitude. Unfortunately, this change of heart only seemed to last as long as the stinging and burning in my rear end, before I'd be tempted once again, and once again sure I could get away with whatever it was I wanted to do, without getting caught.

A Rookie Mistake, by Chuck Wilson (August 26, 2014)

Captain Warner cinched her in tighter around the waist and her wrists being bound, Jennifer found she was unable to protect her denuded bottom. The cheeks colored rapidly under his hard palm and the whiteness was soon replaced by a dusky red shade.

"Owww ..... Please, Captain ..... Ouch ..... I'm sorrryyy .....That's enough ..... Please don't spank me any more ..."

Once again, Captain Warner was hearing the pleas of a little girl while spanking the fully developed buttocks of a grown woman. Jennifer certainly did not resemble a police officer with her pants and panties tangled around her ankles and her reddening behind on display.

Sharing with Sally, by S.S. (August 22, 2014)

Debbie lifted her weight clear of Sally's lap, and as she did so Sally slowly pulled the knickers down, the waistband taking on the contours of Debbie's bum as it slid over it, revealing its pinky-red complexion at the crowns where Sally had so far aimed all her blows. In one continuous movement, the garment slithered all the way to the ankles, where co-operation from Debbie, stepping out one foot at a time, served to remove them altogether. Sally was pleased to note that they were a little wet at the crotch as she glanced them over before tossing them to one side. Without them, the legs stretched away from her lap looked even longer. Before taking hold of the hairbrush, cool fingertips explored the marked areas of the target. They were hot to the touch. It thrilled Sally to the core. "And the best yet to come!" she thought.

Sadie, by Helier (August 22, 2014)

Sadie had had sex both under the bush and at the top of the hill - in fact she had had sex under most of the bushes and at the top of most of the hills in the whole park. The two girls hurried to the top of the nearest hill where Sadie knew there was a dip that hid one conveniently from everyone. When they got there, they looked around. There was no-one anywhere in sight so they turned to face each other. Sadie felt oddly shy - Sarah-Anne really was astonishingly pretty

Rude Awakenings, by Nigel McParr (August 19, 2014)

Her small round bosom, button-round bottom, and slender thighs shone like polished ivory in the amber light of the bed lamp. She held her hands tightly knuckled at her sides. Her thickly braided strawberry blonde hair caught the faint light, shimmered like spun copper and gold . Her fine facial features and her large round eyes made her look like an ivory doll. Geraldine was proud of Susanne's hair. She braided it every morning before Susanne left for school, pleating the long shining strands into a pair of thick braids that swung in twin arcs over Susanne's seat. For Sunday church, she coiled the long braids and pinned them tightly to the sides of Susanne's head with a pair of tortoise shell combs. While other girls wore bobs and fancy perms to school, Geraldine kept Susanne in old fashioned braids.

Rueful Rendezvous, by Alan O. (August 19, 2014)

But this was only the beginning. Slowly and methodically, six more agonizing times the swishy cane rang out its intonation of burning torment against Donna's wriggling, rapidly reddening bottom cheeks. Despite her plaints, squeals, heart rendering cries for pardon, despite the impressive leg-kicking, bottom-wriggling contortions she performed, the unsympathetic headmistress lifted the thin rod once again. And Donna, glancing back, her eyes blinded by tears, felt that she could bear the punishment no longer. Loudly sobbing, she pushed herself up from the table and stood up, clutching her burning bottom with both hands. "Oh, please, Miss Arnold, please don't c-c-cane my b-bottom anymore--please, oh, please! I can't stand the pain, truly I can't!"

The Cheating Wife & the Strapping Mother-in-Law, by A.L. Purvis (August 15, 2014)

A lighter thought closed Evelyn's mouth. She said, "I bet you never strapped a married woman my age before."

"Yes, I did," Ma Fay said. She snickered. "When J. Ray went off to Desert Storm, Hope came home with her kids to stay with me 'til he got back. She was twenty-eight then, married, and the mother of two, but I didn't have to put up with her insolence in my own home. Or anywhere else for that matter, she's still my daughter."

Evelyn imagined the statuesque Hope Bryant Henshaw writhing naked on a bed while Ma Fay whacked her with a thick cowboy belt. But that didn't turn out to be the case.

Claire's Holiday Marks (August 15, 2014)

For what seemed a second or two I felt no pain and began to think, `I can take this okay.' Boy, was I wrong! A burning sensation, like sitting on the edge of a hot stove, suddenly seared right across my cheeks, where the cane had landed and then I felt the whip of the end embedding itself in my thigh. With that one stroke I knew I'd rather have three paddle licks than one well applied cane stroke!

Cathy & Her Naughty Sister, by Don Burton (August 12, 2014)

Hearing this, Julie immediately sprang to her feet and went to her vanity. "Okay!... I'll be down in a minute," she quickly answered. Standing at her mirror, she quickly ran a comb through her hair, then touched up her makeup. As she stood there she wondered if her parents had informed her sister of her recent attempt to steal from their mother's purse, and the resulting paddling on her panties her mother had given her for it.Well, I didn't hear them say anything to her about the theft, or even the paddling I got from Mom for it.... So, since Cathy doesn't know about any of that, I'll use this opportunity to rip something off from the mall. Jewelry sounds good, she decided. She quickly checked herself in the mirror. Makeup applied; hair brushed... Got my formfitting, pink short-sleeve shirt and skintight blue jeans on. All set, she thought with a smile. With that, she grabbed her purse, then turned and ran out of her bedroom and headed toward the stairs.

Chloe, by Helier (August 12, 2014)

She lifted her skirt and turned to face the back wall. Amid general amusement, Henry politely offered to let Brogan do it but Brogan equally politely declined, Henry insisted and finally Brogan stepped forward and, taking the flimsy garment in his thick fingers, tugged it firmly downwards until Annette's round red bottom, bearing all the marks of the slaps so far, was displayed. The room went very quiet. Annette bent forward a little and Brogan regarded her gravely for a moment before delivering two thunderous slaps that made Annette's buttocks jump wildly.

Kathy Gets What She Deserves, by BC & Wife (August 8, 2014)

Smack after smack of the floorboard cooked up the young woman’s ass hotter and hotter as the spanking went on and on. Kathy again found herself unable to do anything, but kick and bawl. She hadn’t thought it possible for anything to hurt any more than the terrible strapping she had received earlier that day in the boss’s office, but this whaling was much hotter. It felt like this damn cop was spanking all the skin right off her ass.

Roseacre Hall, by James Fox (August 8, 2014)

The tears were rolling down her face and she was holding onto the spars of the chair for dear life. Only three to go she told herself. She forgot to close her eyes as directed and watched as Mrs Jarvis' legs took their three or four brisk steps towards her waiting exposed bottom. The blow landed with a dull thud as if her flesh had become anaesthetised. She felt it push her forward and the legs of the chair scrape along the floor. As she watched Mrs Jarvis' legs walking away, the pain began to rise; slowly at first, but building towards a fiery crescendo. By the time Mrs Jarvis was poised to deliver the penultimate stroke, Pamela's bottom was a seething mass of pain. She closed her eyes and prayed that her legs had the strength to hold her upright. Then came the familiar drumming of the high heels on the wooden floor, the sharp squealing as the long thin cane blurred through the air and the terrible crack as it found its target. Her feet actually left the ground.

The Purloined Tapes, by Steve Ivy (August 5, 2014)

That unfortunate young lady's lack of quickness was rewarded by five proper whacks with the ever-present paddle against her bare bottom while lying helplessly across the lap of the seated brunette. Following the kiss of polished wood against her tender young buns, the disconcerted freshman was then given the opportunity to recite the complicated chapter creed after hearing it repeated once by the president. If she managed to complete it accurately, the lucky pair seated on the cold metal chairs would have to match her feat or suffer her fate. The competition continued until all three had committed the treatise to memory +and performed it flawlessly, which did not occur until all three had survived close to fifty hard licks.

Miss Suzy Q, by C. Flint (August 5, 2014)

I did not let her finish. “It’s Sunday,” I repeated. As I spoke, however, I recognized how depressing the spartan motel and its cinder block rooms would be on a gray Sunday. Suzanne had made no friends in our small town and, if I turned her away, it would have been a bleak and boring day for her. She might have forgotten the bond between us but I had not. I opened the door for her. “God told man to rest on Sunday” I told her. “and then He gave us NFL football as a reason to relax. You are welcome to come in and drink my beer and watch my television and even have some dinner– pan fried chicken – but no business will we discuss today.”

Alice's Boss, by T.B. (August 1, 2014)

Like every other time before, there was no answer from Tina as she pushed her fingertip past her anal opening. She then added a second finger, causing Alice to yelp like she did earlier when Tina was spanking the bejesus out of her. She pushed her fingers into Alice's tight, virgin asshole and slid them all the way down her colon until her fingertips were pushing past her sphincter. Alice's asshole clenched tightly around Tina's penetrating digits and she was gritting her teeth as her eyes welled up with tears from the incredible pain she was feeling. Tina butt-fucked Alice with her two fingers like they were one big dick. Alice had never had her bum penetrated by anything before, not even her ownfinger; but, just like with Tina's previous spanking, the pain was soon replaced with a uniquely pleasurable sensation that Alice had never experienced before. This huge wave began to form in the pit of her loins and came gushing out of her in a torrent, splattering on Tina's hand and rolling down the back of her legs. Tina removed her fingers out of Alice's asshole and gazed down in lustful wonderment at Alice's hot come that was glistening on her skin. She bent over and lapped up her juices hungrily from her swollen pussy and legs. When she was finished licking Alice clean like a cat and licking off her own fingers, she patted her on the ass a few more times and finally allowed her to get up, which she did without hesitation. Alice stood next to Tina's chair again and was about to pull up her panties and pull down her dress when Tina suddenly stopped her by telling her, "Give me your panties."

Michelle's Wish Comes True, by Thomas Bruns (August 1, 2014)

Michelle was surprised at how formal everything was. She was even more astonished at how simple-minded some of the instructions seemed. The booklet began with the preparation process. She was to have someone drive her to the punishment facility, as she would probably have great difficulty sitting for some time after the paddling. She was to be wearing only shoes, a bra, blouse, panties, and a loose skirt. Socks were optional, but no pantyhose were allowed. Should it be the wrong time of the month, thong-style panties could be worn in lieu of more conservative panties so as to keep a sanitary napkin in place. Jeans were absolutely not allowed. To satisfy the curiosity of the female readers, it was explained that male offenders could, of course, wear loose fitting jeans to their own paddlings but were required to bring along a knee-length bathrobe. The reason for this was that the buttocks were usually painfully swollen following the paddling and jeans were far too restrictive, from a medical standpoint, and far too abrasive. When the paddling was finished, the females could simply leave off their panties and allow the loose skirt to cover their nether regions. Males had no such luxury, so they had to wear the bathrobe on the ride home.

Serving Mistress Abracadabra by Rachel Heath (July 29, 2014)

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! The soft, slender male ass cheeks bounced and jiggled furiously as they pinkened. Mistress Abra loved  this sight; it made her cunt clench with tension as it warmed and got wet.

Slumber Party Slapping by Randy Slapp (July 29, 2014)

"WA wa no Waaaa" SMACK CRACK the long spanking kept up, the slapper just a blur in mother's hand. Jackie's behind was a cherry red and she wiggled under the slapper but couldn't stop the burning brush from bouncing off her scorched skin. Eventually the last slap cracked against the girl's fanny and mother released her victim. Even right in front of her friends, Jackie couldn't help but leap to her feet, hands clutching her blistered bare bottom as she pranced around the room yelling how much "it stings.. .owww . . . it stings . . . god . ."
I probably knew better than Cathy and Kim how much their friend's pain filled her, and the humiliation of the scene was obvious in Jackie's tear -swollen eyes, but both witnesses looked almost as distressed as I felt, although it crossed my mind that Cathy and Kim might have had their own bottoms bared and smacked before.

Kerry's Last Spanking by A.B. (July 25, 2014)

Once she thought about the spanking position, though, Kerry couldn't help also thinking about what would happen after she assumed it. She'd lie there with all her weight pressing onto her stomach, the blood rushing downhill into her face and turning it red. But it wasn't just gravity that caused that, it was the shameless elevation of her bottom, covered only by a thin, snug-fitting pair of nylon panties. If she wore a skirt, it would have been flipped up; if she wore jeans or, as tonight, shorts, she would have taken them off before bending over. Turning up her bottom like this always made it feel ten times bigger than it was.

Susan's Seventeenth Summer by Agi (July 25, 2014)

Immediately after Katherine had been placed in the correct position, Betty took hold of her panties and pulled them down to mid-thigh. This was a grand bottom that was revealed, two big, white apple cheeks looking firm yet resilient, tightly spaced with a deep groove. And even though she kept her thighs closely together, we could see wisps of black hair peeping out beneath her bottom cheeks.

Amanda by Helier (July 22, 2014)

Roughly she pulled her daughter's underwear down to near her knees and, ignoring her squeals she set about giving her a very thorough spanking with the strap. Very soon the girl was weeping loudly, squirming with pain, and Amanda was looking around anxiously at her. She didn't have long to wait because Emily was determined that neither of these conspirators should get off lightly. She left her daughter to cry and started on Amanda's already burning thighs. Amanda was even less able to take it than her writhing friend. Quickly she was jigging up and down in a most undignified manner and wailing like a six year-old. All in all I was surprised how sharply Emily set about disciplining these two girls but I suppose she felt they deserved everything they got. One way or the other it was very pleasing to look at. I was getting a huge erection and Suzanne, standing next to me, was shifting her thighs together and her breathing was decidedly excited.

Mrs. Bates & the Roommates, Part Two, by Jason (July 22, 2014)

SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! Shannon tried to stay stoic, but little moans were beginning to escape her throat. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! Kim was crying quietly after three, but stayed mostly still. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! Lisa took Mrs Bates' advice and tried to stay as quiet as possible under the circumstances, but squirmed and kept kicking her legs with each application of the strap. She was sobbing loudly however and trying to wipe away tears. She almost put her hand over her bottom, but stopped herself

Mrs. Bates & the Roommates, Part One, by Jason (July 18, 2014)

Once all three naked roommates were in their corners, standing in the manner Mrs Bates had decreed, she sat down in a sturdy straight back chair, the same chair she had sat in to spank Shannon and her sister Katherine as they grew up. She was holding the same oval shaped, wood hairbrush she had used since they were both nine. "I will call you over to my side in the same order you were put in the corners for your first spanking, a sound application of the hairbrush over my knees on your bare bottoms. I'll be watching the other two, and if I see one or both turn around to watch, it will mean additional spanking with my wood paddle for all three before your baths and enemas. I hope I've made myself understood." She paused for a few seconds, then, satisfied that her words had been listened to and her charges would obey them, she called out, "Lisa, come to my right side."

Lazy Hostess Beware, by Nancy (July 18, 2014)

Dorothy quivered as Nancy ran her hand up her buttocks and on up to push the blouse up Dorothy's back. Nancy smiled as she looked down at the very feminine cheeks. Dorothy was really a beautiful woman, no matter how you looked at her. Her bottom was well proportioned and creamy white. Even bent in such a way as Nancy had her, her butt didn't look awkward.

Megan's Mother, Part Two, by C. Flint (July 15, 2014)

I took her hands and pulled gently. I expected Kathy to struggle as Megan had done when I saw Kathy spank her but Kathy followed my lead without resistance and toppled slowly over my lap. Her lithe body bumped gently as it came in contact with my thighs. She stretched out with her toes and hands on the floor as though being sprawled over my lap like a naughty child was nothing out of the ordinary. The bare white expanse of her buttocks stared up at me. I had seen Kathy's bare behind before but never from this perspective. Kathy had a trim and muscular backside that filled the seat of her tight jeans. As her hips pressed against my legs it seemed to expand and fill my lap. It looked much larger than it actually was and far closer to my face than I had expected. Kathy's buttocks firmed into two hard mounds as she tensed the muscles of her back and legs. Then, with a sigh, she relaxed. As she did, her buttocks seemed to soften, There were slight ripples as Kathy began to shake.

Second Time Around, by Ed Finn (July 15, 2014)

The next five minutes were the longest of Becky’s life. Her mother lectured her, dredging up every little mistake she had made in the last five years -- or so it seemed. And she demanded explanations for her those transgressions. The best Becky could come up with were a few, “I don’t know’s,” and “But, I’s...” and, the one that worked best, “Yes, Mother.”

Sometimes Crime Does Pay, Kessily (July 11, 2014)

As soon as she was alone Alex had began to shake. She couldn’t go to jail, she just couldn’t. The idea of being spanked didn’t sound so bad. Kids got spanked all the time and they managed to survive it. Alex tried to convince herself that the spanking would hurt just a little and then it would be over and she wouldn’t be in trouble anymore.

Megan's Mother, by C. Flint (July 11, 2014)

I saw the hairbrush crash into Megan's backside before I heard moan the splat of the hairbrush or Megan's moan. Megan's mother did not raise the hairbrush high less than a foot off the surface of Megan's bottom, but it sped so quickly to Megan's backside that is was just a blur in the air. I saw it flatten one side of Megan's bottom and ripples of flesh as it thudded deep into her flesh. Just as her legs kicked out, the loud report of the first swat reached me. It sounded like a gunshot breaking the pastoral silence of the neighborhood. Megan's cry of pain was the next thing I heard but, by the time it faded the hairbrush had risen to her mother's shoulders and fell again on the other side of Megan's backside. Now there was an angry pink mark on both sides of her rear end. I realized that I was holding my breath as I watched.

Phoebe by Helier (July 7, 2014)

Hesitantly Phoebe hitched her panties down over her bottom and, with her face fire-red, she bent over the stool and got as comfortable as she could in the circumstances. Luckily it was padded and there was a cross-bar near the floor for her to hold on to but she was painfully aware of what she must look like. She thought of the teen kids she had spent the afternoon with at the milk-bar in the village. They had been really impressed - they thought she was the coolest thing since ice-cubes. Boy, would they laugh if they could see her now - about to get it on her bare bottom. She thought of Shana, the tall kid in the mini with the big eyes. The way that girl looked at her - if Phoebe had told her it was cool to play with herself in public she would have done it right there in front of everyone. It turned Phoebe on to have so much power. She was going to pay for it now.

A Warm Welcome by Rosy B. Goode (July 7, 2014)

Abigail knew her niece must be mighty uncomfortable bumping along in the heat. She had meant to offer her the straw hat or sunbonnet, but Suzanna's conducthad left no doubt in her mind as to how that offer would be received. Best wait until they were home, where she could tend to certain things properly. Her palm itched and she gave a soft sigh. Lemual, sensitive as always to her moods, looked down at her with a smile and a twinkle in his eye and took one hand off the reins long enough to pat her hand briefly. She looked up at him gratefully and gave his hand a little squeeze. All these years together and he could still make her heart turn plumb over sometimes. His confidence was a balm to the heart She decided to do her best to forget their cranky new baggage and enjoy the ride home through the clear warm air.

Katya by Helier (July 4, 2014)

"Oh ... oh ... " Romy tried to touch her toes again but knowing what was coming she couldn't help jerking and twisting her legs away. Julia was mesmerised by Romy's reactions. She was terrified but she could also see something beautiful and erotic in it. Her hands, still covering her pubic hair, began pressing and rubbing on the mound of her sex. Katya gave Romy's shaking legs three more even sharper deliveries, this time starting and finishing with a backhand stroke. Romy cried wildly, crouching down and clutching her burning thighs. Katya, sharply criticising her for her weakness, made her straighten up and take four more before she stopped. Julia began to cry in her confusion, knowing she would be next but at the same time feeling the intense sexual pleasure of her fingers on her swollen clit.

Mother-Daughter Driving Lessons by David Stone (July 4, 2014)

He left his daughter in the den and went upstairs to their bedroom. The sight that greeted him was a particularly compelling one: Harriet was nude from the waist, bent low over the bed, backside raised for punishment. Her bare cheeks were already red, with small semi-circular welts indicated where the holes in The Stinger had bit her tender flesh.

He shut the door behind him. "So," he said, "are you ready to wrap this up?"

Naughty Newlywed by Juliette (July 1, 2014)

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The heavy wooden hairbrush fell again and again, turning Taylor’s bare bottom a dark shade of red. Taylor squirmed even harder against the arm of the couch, and amazingly, felt herself getting wet. She was mortified that Aunt Mildred might notice, but if she did, she didn’t let on about it. Just kept applying the hairbrush in a steady rhythm.

Noisy Neighbors by Felicity (July 1, 2014)

A few minutes later, John then turned the tearful girl around to face him one again, took her by the hand and pulled down across his knee, pushed up her skirt and pulled down her knickers. And though knew what was coming and was desperate to run away, without a word the girl put her hands behind her head, bit her lip and waited for it to begin.


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