Female/Female Stories

Cheating Wife, Strapping Mother-in-Law, by Al Purvis (May 23, 2016)

"She tried to say farewell to her former boyfriend the same way you tried to say hello to that cowboy." "Oh no!" "She didn't get so far as you did," Ma Fay said. "But I made her take what was left of her clothes off and lay across the bed for a lasting lesson in fidelity." The memory of lying naked on a bed for a lasting leather lesson in fidelity made Evelyn's heart pound. "After their honeymoon, Matt asked me why I whipped those welts on his wife," Ma Fay said. "She wouldn't tell him."

Working Out, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (May 23, 2016)

For the first hour things went well. Tammy and I ran through our stomach routine..twice. I used the dumbbells while Tammy's did some calisthenics and then we switched. Twenty minutes later we stood staring at the dreaded "NordikTrak" and the stationary bike. I the past Tammy and I had always taken turns on these machines. Talking while one of us rode, the other skied. Then after twenty minutes we'd switch to relieve the boredom. Today, neither of us could get up to the machines. "Spanking time again," Tammy said, pealed down her sweats and underwear and then hoped on the ski machine, pacing her feet in the plastic pedals and her pelvis against the hard plastic support in front of her.

ardiness is NOT a Virtue, by Nigel McParr (May 20, 2016)

Alice shrieked as Bea grabbed her by the arm and dragged her up the stairs and into Bea’s bedroom. Bea's bedroom was tastefully furnished with a large English cherry bed. A starched and ruffled muslin cover rimmed its base. Persian carpets covered the planked floor. Belgian lace curtains hung at the windows. A tall bureau of drawers, a full-length oval mirror, and an upholstered chair Bea used for reading - and spanking Alice - furnished the room in an uncluttered elegant style. A maple hairbrush lay on the bureau. It was a classic oval with a long slender handle. Its back broad and flat. Its finish had been worn to a smooth luster by years of use on Alice's bare seat. Alice dreaded that hairbrush. Her foster-mother had begun to use it when she turned twelve. It was ever so much worse than the supple willow switches Bea kept soaking in a crock on the back porch or the oiled mahogany belt. Bea took the brush from the bureau. Gesturing with it, she pointed Alice toward the bed.

Tina Gets it Burned, by Ted Harlington (May 20, 2016)

Though a long, drawn-out spanking was most desirable, Sharon began to pick up the pace. Hurrying her along was the increasing fear of discovery, which worried her but hardly dulled her enjoyment of the task at hand. Since it was getting time to conclude this business and quiet the place off before some one should hear the loud music and investigate, the next three searing hot swats landed across the brightly flushed strip on Tina's bottom in rapid succession. Her misery multiplied, Tina's reaction very nearly overbalanced her self and the chairs she was over as she struggled all the more with the bonds and twisted and turned to her full est strength and ability. She was given nearly a full minute to calm down, her voice a steady howl, her butt raw and deeply blushing. Stacy then had time to snap off a few more pix before Sharon stepped back into position. Stacy caught her attention with a motion, three fingers which either meant three more frames left in the roll or three more licks, which Sharon acknowledged as she brought the paddle up, then brought it down with force to impact onto the quaking derriere of her victim. Sure she wouldn't sit for days, Tina squalled as her back side seethed with a hot pain of the like she hoped earnestly she would never experience again. Of the few girls who regularly worked out in the gym's weight room, why did Sharon have to be one of them? It wa bad enough to have to see the bitch in there when ever she went for a work out, but to have Sharon working so diligently on her bare tushes was a sadder misfortune still! The paddle landing on her bottom flattened the round hemispheres a fraction of a second, followed by wild jiggling and loud shouts of pain from the recipient of the ass-blistering. Each clap of the board striking once-pale girlflesh sent Tina into a new paroxysm, tears and entreaties doing nothing to cease nor soften the next descent onto her tenderized seat.

Threesome, by Jamie Phillips (May 16, 2016)

I opened the door that led down to the basement. The sound of squabbling, muted before, hit the ears like a riot scene from a cheap movie. The three were so absorbed with their quarrel they didn’t immediately notice my entrance, or that of my shock troops led by Drill Sergeant Sandy. When they did, they stood shame-faced, staring comically at us. It looked like the Gunfight at the OK Corral in fancy dress. The forces of law and order, the Goodies, were in their ceremonial dressing robes and the Baddies were wearing that modern version of the Teddy nightgown, the long T-shirt. I hoped they all had panties on underneath or I was on shaky ground. Angie worried me. She kept tugging the hem of her shirt down as if she hadn’t. I hoped it was just she had more modesty than the others did.

The Thunder Rolls, by Desiree LeMoyne (May 16, 2016)

Angie continued to struggle, unable to make out what was going on with all the rustling and whispering. Her bottom clenched convulsively and her flesh rose in bumps as though cold. We enjoyed watching her discomfort, knowing she was going crazy as she tried to figure out who we were. Jenny and Martha were bisexuals and though I wasn’t, my pussy was so wet I could feel the droplets trickling down my inner thighs. I had a strange butterfly feeling in my stomach and wondered what it would be like to be at the receiving end of Jenny and Martha’s ministrations.

Sarah's Education, by C. Allen (May 13, 2016)

She had decided how she would arrange things. The girls would move the couch to the center of the room. One would lie over each overstuffed arm, head and arms on the couch and feet on the floor. She might even have them hold hands. With this arrangement she could easily alternate between backsides. While the pain in one girl’s bottom was slowly waning, the naughty minx could focus on her friend’s impending painful stroke.

Summer School, by Kristiana (May 13, 2016)

Kris was shocked to feel her skirt being rucked on to her back. With the weather being as warm as it was Kris had not worn pantyhose. There was nothing other than a pair of cotton panties between her and Mary Kay’s hand. The panties offered no protection for they were quickly grabbed and yanked to her knees. Kris began to struggle again, the memory of the spankings she had received in college motivating her to get away. She felt her big sister lean forward and out of the corner of her eye saw the paddle gripped in MaryKay’s hand.

A Rookie Mistake, by Chuck Wilson (May 9, 2016)

Captain Warner cinched her in tighter around the waist and her wrists being bound, Jennifer found she was unable to protect her denuded bottom. The cheeks colored rapidly under his hard palm and the whiteness was soon replaced by a dusky red shade.

"Owww ... Please, Captain ... Ouch ... I'm sorrryyy ... That's enough ... Please don't spank me any more ..."

Once again, Captain Warner was hearing the pleas of a little girl while spanking the fully developed buttocks of a grown woman. Jennifer certainly did not resemble a police officer with her pants and panties tangled around her ankles and her reddening behind on display.

Rock-N-Roll Forever, by Eileen (May 9, 2016)

Mama resumed scolding. Yes, I knew what was going to happen. I had to answer in a clear voice, bent double with the blood rushing to my head, while my brothers and sisters watched. I was going to be paddled. Oh yes, I knew why. Because I had disobeyed my mother. Not only that, I had lied and been sneaky. Yes, I did deserve it. Yes, I knew it was going to hurt. Sure, I probably would be eating my meals standing up for several days. No, no, no, I'd never lie and sneak again! Oh, I meant it, too. The prospect of one of Mama's punishments did wonders toward improving my attitude. Unfortunately, this change of heart only seemed to last as long as the stinging and burning in my rear end, before I'd be tempted once again, and once again sure I could get away with whatever it was I wanted to do, without getting caught.

Sharing with Sally, by S.S. (May 6, 2016)

Debbie lifted her weight clear of Sally's lap, and as she did so Sally slowly pulled the knickers down, the waistband taking on the contours of Debbie's bum as it slid over it, revealing its pinky-red complexion at the crowns where Sally had so far aimed all her blows. In one continuous movement, the garment slithered all the way to the ankles, where co-operation from Debbie, stepping out one foot at a time, served to remove them altogether. Sally was pleased to note that they were a little wet at the crotch as she glanced them over before tossing them to one side. Without them, the legs stretched away from her lap looked even longer. Before taking hold of the hairbrush, cool fingertips explored the marked areas of the target. They were hot to the touch. It thrilled Sally to the core. "And the best yet to come!" she thought.

Sadie, by Helier (May 6, 2016)

Sadie had had sex both under the bush and at the top of the hill - in fact she had had sex under most of the bushes and at the top of most of the hills in the whole park. The two girls hurried to the top of the nearest hill where Sadie knew there was a dip that hid one conveniently from everyone. When they got there, they looked around. There was no-one anywhere in sight so they turned to face each other. Sadie felt oddly shy - Sarah-Anne really was astonishingly pretty.

Rude Awakenings, by Nigel McParr (May 2, 2016)

Her small round bosom, button-round bottom, and slender thighs shone like polished ivory in the amber light of the bed lamp. She held her hands tightly knuckled at her sides. Her thickly braided strawberry blonde hair caught the faint light, shimmered like spun copper and gold . Her fine facial features and her large round eyes made her look like an ivory doll. Geraldine was proud of Susanne's hair. She braided it every morning before Susanne left for school, pleating the long shining strands into a pair of thick braids that swung in twin arcs over Susanne's seat. For Sunday church, she coiled the long braids and pinned them tightly to the sides of Susanne's head with a pair of tortoise shell combs. While other girls wore bobs and fancy perms to school, Geraldine kept Susanne in old fashioned braids.

Rueful Rendezvous, by Alan O. (May 2, 2016)

But this was only the beginning. Slowly and methodically, six more agonizing times the swishy cane rang out its intonation of burning torment against Donna's wriggling, rapidly reddening bottom cheeks. Despite her plaints, squeals, heart rendering cries for pardon, despite the impressive leg-kicking, bottom-wriggling contortions she performed, the unsympathetic headmistress lifted the thin rod once again. And Donna, glancing back, her eyes blinded by tears, felt that she could bear the punishment no longer. Loudly sobbing, she pushed herself up from the table and stood up, clutching her burning bottom with both hands. "Oh, please, Miss Arnold, please don't c-c-cane my b-bottom anymore--please, oh, please! I can't stand the pain, truly I can't!"

The Cheating Wife and the Strapping Mother-in-Law, by A.L. Purvis (April 29, 2016)

A lighter thought closed Evelyn's mouth. She said, "I bet you never strapped a married woman my age before."
"Yes, I did," Ma Fay said. She snickered. "When J. Ray went off to Desert Storm, Hope came home with her kids to stay with me 'til he got back. She was twenty-eight then, married, and the mother of two, but I didn't have to put up with her insolence in my own home. Or anywhere else for that matter, she's still my daughter."
Evelyn imagined the statuesque Hope Bryant Henshaw writhing naked on a bed while Ma Fay whacked her with a thick cowboy belt. But that didn't turn out to be the case.

Claire's Holiday Marks, by C.P. English (April 29, 2016)

For what seemed a second or two I felt no pain and began to think, `I can take this okay.' Boy, was I wrong! A burning sensation, like sitting on the edge of a hot stove, suddenly seared right across my cheeks, where the cane had landed and then I felt the whip of the end embedding itself in my thigh. With that one stroke I knew I'd rather have three paddle licks than one well applied cane stroke!

Cathy and her Naughty Sister, by Don Burton (April 25, 2016)

Hearing this, Julie immediately sprang to her feet and went to her vanity. "Okay!... I'll be down in a minute," she quickly answered. Standing at her mirror, she quickly ran a comb through her hair, then touched up her makeup. As she stood there she wondered if her parents had informed her sister of her recent attempt to steal from their mother's purse, and the resulting paddling on her panties her mother had given her for it.Well, I didn't hear them say anything to her about the theft, or even the paddling I got from Mom for it.... So, since Cathy doesn't know about any of that, I'll use this opportunity to rip something off from the mall. Jewelry sounds good, she decided. She quickly checked herself in the mirror. Makeup applied; hair brushed... Got my formfitting, pink short-sleeve shirt and skintight blue jeans on. All set, she thought with a smile. With that, she grabbed her purse, then turned and ran out of her bedroom and headed toward the stairs.

Chloe, by Helier (April 25, 2016)

She lifted her skirt and turned to face the back wall. Amid general amusement, Henry politely offered to let Brogan do it but Brogan equally politely declined, Henry insisted and finally Brogan stepped forward and, taking the flimsy garment in his thick fingers, tugged it firmly downwards until Annette's round red bottom, bearing all the marks of the slaps so far, was displayed. The room went very quiet. Annette bent forward a little and Brogan regarded her gravely for a moment before delivering two thunderous slaps that made Annette's buttocks jump wildly.

Kathy Gets What She Deserves, by B.C. and Wife (April 22, 2016)

Smack after smack of the floorboard cooked up the young woman’s ass hotter and hotter as the spanking went on and on. Kathy again found herself unable to do anything, but kick and bawl. She hadn’t thought it possible for anything to hurt any more than the terrible strapping she had received earlier that day in the boss’s office, but this whaling was much hotter. It felt like this damn cop was spanking all the skin right off her ass.

Roseacre Hall, by James Fox (April 22, 2016)

The tears were rolling down her face and she was holding onto the spars of the chair for dear life. Only three to go she told herself. She forgot to close her eyes as directed and watched as Mrs Jarvis' legs took their three or four brisk steps towards her waiting exposed bottom. The blow landed with a dull thud as if her flesh had become anaesthetised. She felt it push her forward and the legs of the chair scrape along the floor. As she watched Mrs Jarvis' legs walking away, the pain began to rise; slowly at first, but building towards a fiery crescendo. By the time Mrs Jarvis was poised to deliver the penultimate stroke, Pamela's bottom was a seething mass of pain. She closed her eyes and prayed that her legs had the strength to hold her upright. Then came the familiar drumming of the high heels on the wooden floor, the sharp squealing as the long thin cane blurred through the air and the terrible crack as it found its target. Her feet actually left the ground.

The Purloined Tapes, by Steve Ivy (April 18, 2016)

That unfortunate young lady's lack of quickness was rewarded by five proper whacks with the ever-present paddle against her bare bottom while lying helplessly across the lap of the seated brunette. Following the kiss of polished wood against her tender young buns, the disconcerted freshman was then given the opportunity to recite the complicated chapter creed after hearing it repeated once by the president. If she managed to complete it accurately, the lucky pair seated on the cold metal chairs would have to match her feat or suffer her fate. The competition continued until all three had committed the treatise to memory +and performed it flawlessly, which did not occur until all three had survived close to fifty hard licks.

Miss Suzy Q, by C. Flint (April 18, 2016)

I did not let her finish. “It’s Sunday,” I repeated. As I spoke, however, I recognized how depressing the spartan motel and its cinder block rooms would be on a gray Sunday. Suzanne had made no friends in our small town and, if I turned her away, it would have been a bleak and boring day for her. She might have forgotten the bond between us but I had not. I opened the door for her. “God told man to rest on Sunday” I told her. “and then He gave us NFL football as a reason to relax. You are welcome to come in and drink my beer and watch my television and even have some dinner– pan fried chicken – but no business will we discuss today.”

Alice's Boss, by T.B. (April 15, 2016)

Like every other time before, there was no answer from Tina as she pushed her fingertip past her anal opening. She then added a second finger, causing Alice to yelp like she did earlier when Tina was spanking the bejesus out of her. She pushed her fingers into Alice's tight, virgin asshole and slid them all the way down her colon until her fingertips were pushing past her sphincter. Alice's asshole clenched tightly around Tina's penetrating digits and she was gritting her teeth as her eyes welled up with tears from the incredible pain she was feeling. Tina butt-fucked Alice with her two fingers like they were one big dick. Alice had never had her bum penetrated by anything before, not even her ownfinger; but, just like with Tina's previous spanking, the pain was soon replaced with a uniquely pleasurable sensation that Alice had never experienced before. This huge wave began to form in the pit of her loins and came gushing out of her in a torrent, splattering on Tina's hand and rolling down the back of her legs. Tina removed her fingers out of Alice's asshole and gazed down in lustful wonderment at Alice's hot come that was glistening on her skin. She bent over and lapped up her juices hungrily from her swollen pussy and legs. When she was finished licking Alice clean like a cat and licking off her own fingers, she patted her on the ass a few more times and finally allowed her to get up, which she did without hesitation. Alice stood next to Tina's chair again and was about to pull up her panties and pull down her dress when Tina suddenly stopped her by telling her, "Give me your panties."

Michelle's Wish Comes True, by Thomas Bruns (April 15, 2016)

Michelle was surprised at how formal everything was. She was even more astonished at how simple-minded some of the instructions seemed. The booklet began with the preparation process. She was to have someone drive her to the punishment facility, as she would probably have great difficulty sitting for some time after the paddling. She was to be wearing only shoes, a bra, blouse, panties, and a loose skirt. Socks were optional, but no pantyhose were allowed. Should it be the wrong time of the month, thong-style panties could be worn in lieu of more conservative panties so as to keep a sanitary napkin in place. Jeans were absolutely not allowed. To satisfy the curiosity of the female readers, it was explained that male offenders could, of course, wear loose fitting jeans to their own paddlings but were required to bring along a knee-length bathrobe. The reason for this was that the buttocks were usually painfully swollen following the paddling and jeans were far too restrictive, from a medical standpoint, and far too abrasive. When the paddling was finished, the females could simply leave off their panties and allow the loose skirt to cover their nether regions. Males had no such luxury, so they had to wear the bathrobe on the ride home.

The School, by S.S. (April 11, 2016)

It's as terrible as the first time, six cuts as hard as she can,as quick as she can. It feels like she's trying to drive my soul from my body, the pain is unbelievable, and the position doesn't allow me to wriggle away. I go into shock, unable to cry, shaking, not quite sure of who I am, or why I'm here. Again, she helps me up, and lays me on the sofa, leaving me for an hour, returning with a tray of tea and my friend Camilla, who she hairbrushes for having dirty nails at lunch. We all take tea together and chat. We joke about Camilla's nails and my smoking having got us punished, and I'm inspired by the scene, the genius of Mrs Keaton. My bum is livid with weals that she has cut into me, and yet I attribute their existence to my stupid smoking. Cammy is still smarting and not yet breathing normally again after a dreadful hair brushing, and she has complete faith that it's the inevitable consequence of having dirty nails. I'm happy.I never felt better, drugs never took me so high. I look at Cammy, and I know she will always be my friend. I see it in her eyes, and we just grin at each other like fools. I turn to Mrs Keaton, still smiling, and she smiles back, takes my hand and sqeezes it gently, and Cammy's hand in the other."It's like Christmas, isn't it?" says Cammy"Like a film" I sayWe both look at Mrs Keaton."Better than prison, anyway." She says, her voice thick with irony. "Clear up, Cammy, and leave us." We look each other in the eye as Cammy clears up. A long, baleful, haunted, I-dare-you-to-look-away-first look. Then she's gone, the door clicks shut, and we are alone again.She smiles. "Pajamas again, isn't it?"

The Worst of Their Lives, by Steve Press (April 11, 2016)

"We know what happened in school today. Nurse Wilson called us. What you two attempted to pull off was reprehensible. Neither of you were brought up to engage in that kind of behavior. If you think you have been punished enough for it, you are sadly mistaken. Not only did you lie to Nurse Wilson, but you also lied to both of us by pretending that nothing unusual happened in school today. We are very disappointed in the two of you, and feel that we have perhaps been remiss in not disciplining both of you more of ten in the past. However, we are now going to make up for lost time. The two of you are going to get another spanking right now, and there will be no mercy shown. We intend to make this spanking one that each of you will remember for a long time. And since we want to be fair to each of you, and we don't know which one of us spanks harder, each of you will get a session over both our laps."

Serving Mistress Abracadabra, by Rachel Heath (April 8, 2016)

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! The soft, slender male ass cheeks bounced and jiggled furiously as they pinkened. Mistress Abra loved  this sight; it made her cunt clench with tension as it warmed and got wet.

Slumber Party Slapping, by Randy Slapp (April 8, 2016)

"WA wa no Waaaa" SMACK CRACK the long spanking kept up, the slapper just a blur in mother's hand. Jackie's behind was a cherry red and she wiggled under the slapper but couldn't stop the burning brush from bouncing off her scorched skin. Eventually the last slap cracked against the girl's fanny and mother released her victim. Even right in front of her friends, Jackie couldn't help but leap to her feet, hands clutching her blistered bare bottom as she pranced around the room yelling how much "it stings.. .owww . . . it stings . . . god . ."

I probably knew better than Cathy and Kim how much their friend's pain filled her, and the humiliation of the scene was obvious in Jackie's tear -swollen eyes, but both witnesses looked almost as distressed as I felt, although it crossed my mind that Cathy and Kim might have had their own bottoms bared and smacked before.

Kerry's Last Spanking, by A.B. (April 4, 2016)

"Please!" I almost didn't recognize my voice. It was a wheeze, actually, more than a voice. "Please! No more! Please! I'll never cross you girls ... you women ... again! Please! I swear I won't do you any more harm ... give you any more hurt! I swear it! I swear it ... on my mother's eyes! But, I can't ... I can't take this! I can't handle this! Honest! I can't! I just ...

Susan's Seventeenth Summer, by Agi (April 4, 2016)

Immediately after Katherine had been placed in the correct position, Betty took hold of her panties and pulled them down to mid-thigh. This was a grand bottom that was revealed, two big, white apple cheeks looking firm yet resilient, tightly spaced with a deep groove. And even though she kept her thighs closely together, we could see wisps of black hair peeping out beneath her bottom cheeks.

Amanda, by Helier (April 1, 2016)

Roughly she pulled her daughter's underwear down to near her knees and, ignoring her squeals she set about giving her a very thorough spanking with the strap. Very soon the girl was weeping loudly, squirming with pain, and Amanda was looking around anxiously at her. She didn't have long to wait because Emily was determined that neither of these conspirators should get off lightly. She left her daughter to cry and started on Amanda's already burning thighs. Amanda was even less able to take it than her writhing friend. Quickly she was jigging up and down in a most undignified manner and wailing like a six year-old. All in all I was surprised how sharply Emily set about disciplining these two girls but I suppose she felt they deserved everything they got. One way or the other it was very pleasing to look at. I was getting a huge erection and Suzanne, standing next to me, was shifting her thighs together and her breathing was decidedly excited.

Mrs. Bates and the Roommates, Part Two, by Jason (April 1, 2016)

SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! Shannon tried to stay stoic, but little moans were beginning to escape her throat. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! Kim was crying quietly after three, but stayed mostly still. SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! Lisa took Mrs Bates' advice and tried to stay as quiet as possible under the circumstances, but squirmed and kept kicking her legs with each application of the strap. She was sobbing loudly however and trying to wipe away tears. She almost put her hand over her bottom, but stopped herself.

Aunt Amanda, by P.B. Whiting (March 28, 2016)

Suddenly Trudie took charge. "Now that we've got the matter of your naughty behavior settled, there's nothing to do but punish you for it. She got up, went to one side of the same room and moved a straight backed chair to the center of my study. Sitting down, she beckoned to me. "Come stand in front of me, you bad boy, while I prepare you for a good spanking."

The Ends Justify the Teasing of Diana, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (March 28, 2016)

Although I couldn’t believe what she was asking, ached for her to continue smacking me (I was becoming accustomed to being over her lap) and damn well was having a hard time getting up off of her, I did as Zoe asked, once again standing at her side. I felt so silly, like an errant school-boy, my head down.

Megan's Mother, Part Two, by C. Flint (March 25, 2016)

I took her hands and pulled gently. I expected Kathy to struggle as Megan had done when I saw Kathy spank her but Kathy followed my lead without resistance and toppled slowly over my lap. Her lithe body bumped gently as it came in contact with my thighs. She stretched out with her toes and hands on the floor as though being sprawled over my lap like a naughty child was nothing out of the ordinary. The bare white expanse of her buttocks stared up at me. I had seen Kathy's bare behind before but never from this perspective. Kathy had a trim and muscular backside that filled the seat of her tight jeans. As her hips pressed against my legs it seemed to expand and fill my lap. It looked much larger than it actually was and far closer to my face than I had expected. Kathy's buttocks firmed into two hard mounds as she tensed the muscles of her back and legs. Then, with a sigh, she relaxed. As she did, her buttocks seemed to soften, There were slight ripples as Kathy began to shake.

Second Time Around, by Ed Finn (March 25, 2016)

The next five minutes were the longest of Becky’s life. Her mother lectured her, dredging up every little mistake she had made in the last five years -- or so it seemed. And she demanded explanations for her those transgressions. The best Becky could come up with were a few, “I don’t know’s,” and “But, I’s...” and, the one that worked best, “Yes, Mother.”

Sometimes Crime Does Pay, by Kessily (March 21, 2016)

As soon as she was alone Alex had began to shake. She couldn’t go to jail, she just couldn’t. The idea of being spanked didn’t sound so bad. Kids got spanked all the time and they managed to survive it. Alex tried to convince herself that the spanking would hurt just a little and then it would be over and she wouldn’t be in trouble anymore.

Megan's Mother, Part One, by C. Flint (March 21, 2016)

I saw the hairbrush crash into Megan's backside before I heard moan the splat of the hairbrush or Megan's moan. Megan's mother did not raise the hairbrush high less than a foot off the surface of Megan's bottom, but it sped so quickly to Megan's backside that is was just a blur in the air. I saw it flatten one side of Megan's bottom and ripples of flesh as it thudded deep into her flesh. Just as her legs kicked out, the loud report of the first swat reached me. It sounded like a gunshot breaking the pastoral silence of the neighborhood. Megan's cry of pain was the next thing I heard but, by the time it faded the hairbrush had risen to her mother's shoulders and fell again on the other side of Megan's backside. Now there was an angry pink mark on both sides of her rear end. I realized that I was holding my breath as I watched.

Katya, by Helier (March 18, 2016)

"Oh ... oh ... " Romy tried to touch her toes again but knowing what was coming she couldn't help jerking and twisting her legs away. Julia was mesmerised by Romy's reactions. She was terrified but she could also see something beautiful and erotic in it. Her hands, still covering her pubic hair, began pressing and rubbing on the mound of her sex. Katya gave Romy's shaking legs three more even sharper deliveries, this time starting and finishing with a backhand stroke. Romy cried wildly, crouching down and clutching her burning thighs. Katya, sharply criticising her for her weakness, made her straighten up and take four more before she stopped. Julia began to cry in her confusion, knowing she would be next but at the same time feeling the intense sexual pleasure of her fingers on her swollen clit.

Mother-Daughter Driving Lessons, by David Stone (March 18, 2016)

He left his daughter in the den and went upstairs to their bedroom. The sight that greeted him was a particularly compelling one: Harriet was nude from the waist, bent low over the bed, backside raised for punishment. Her bare cheeks were already red, with small semi-circular welts indicated where the holes in The Stinger had bit her tender flesh.

He shut the door behind him. "So," he said, "are you ready to wrap this up?"

Buttoning up Bert, by Rachel Heath (March 14, 2016)

Ow! Oooo! Ooooo!" Bert exclaimed. Just when he thought it couldn’t possibly get worse he looked up at the tiny window across from him and saw -- Trish and Kim! Both girls were looking at him from outside, mockery in their eyes and smirks on their mouths!

A Hot Licking for a Smug Devil, by Kiara Sarong (March 14, 2016)

For several excruciatingly long moments she simply caressed his exposed buttocks, making him keenly aware of her power over them. Her palms, soft and warm, slid like silk over his skin, goading a frenzy of impatient desire. His whole body writhed greedily under her delectable torment, and he shuddered with anticipation.

She chuckled, exploring him with a such beguiling thoroughness he was intoxicated. His buttocks flexed under her tantalizing forays and his balls danced with eagerness. His already engorged cock throbbed. Never had a woman so enchanted him.

Phoebe, by Helier (March 11, 2016)

Hesitantly Phoebe hitched her panties down over her bottom and, with her face fire-red, she bent over the stool and got as comfortable as she could in the circumstances. Luckily it was padded and there was a cross-bar near the floor for her to hold on to but she was painfully aware of what she must look like. She thought of the teen kids she had spent the afternoon with at the milk-bar in the village. They had been really impressed - they thought she was the coolest thing since ice-cubes. Boy, would they laugh if they could see her now - about to get it on her bare bottom. She thought of Shana, the tall kid in the mini with the big eyes. The way that girl looked at her - if Phoebe had told her it was cool to play with herself in public she would have done it right there in front of everyone. It turned Phoebe on to have so much power. She was going to pay for it now.

A Warm Welcome, by Rosy B. Good (March 11, 2016)

Abigail knew her niece must be mighty uncomfortable bumping along in the heat. She had meant to offer her the straw hat or sunbonnet, but Suzanna's conducthad left no doubt in her mind as to how that offer would be received. Best wait until they were home, where she could tend to certain things properly. Her palm itched and she gave a soft sigh. Lemual, sensitive as always to her moods, looked down at her with a smile and a twinkle in his eye and took one hand off the reins long enough to pat her hand briefly. She looked up at him gratefully and gave his hand a little squeeze. All these years together and he could still make her heart turn plumb over sometimes. His confidence was a balm to the heart She decided to do her best to forget their cranky new baggage and enjoy the ride home through the clear warm air.

Mischief at the Mansion, by Jason (March 7, 2016)

"Remove your shoes and stand up, young ladies," said Mrs Bates. She walked to the couch and turned Deena around. When Mrs Bates pulled down the zipper, Deena opened her mouth in shock and to register a protest. Instead she jumped and yelped when Mrs Bates smacked the back of her skirt with her hand. "If you can swim naked in the pool, Miss Deena, you can be spanked in your bra and panties here in the study." Deena's shoulders slumped in resignation and she allowed her dress and half slip to be removed, leaving her in pink silk Victoria's Secret bra and panties. Mrs Bates pinched the earlobe and led the young lady to a corner. "Nose in the corner, elbows touching the walls, hands clasped behind you just like in your apartment. Do not move and I will take you out of the corner to your spankings." The orders were emphasized with another crisp spank on the panty seat. Mrs Bates went back to the couch to undress the others.

Two by Randy, by Randy Slapp (March 7, 2016)

But there was something about slapping my hand on all those rumps, on all those silky shorts and sometimes on the bare thighs, the girls squealed and skated faster after each SMACK! Until soon I started delivering spanks to the last three skaters (out of nine) and the rink would echo with every loud CLAP and yelp! 'Course, if the last three could whiz by in a bunch, I'd be forced to pick one or two deserving fannies to smack, letting one skater get by.

Even Teenage Super Heroes Get Disciplined, Part One, by Dr. Dlaniger (March 4, 2016)

The heiress was naked and tied spread-eagle on her bed. Her vagina and anus wereplugged with large penis shaped dildo vibrators-switched on, lubricated, and buzzing. There were also electrodes attached to her nipples-generating incrediblesexual pleasure through her body. She had orgasm eight times since being hooked up to the sexual stimulation devices. As Scionic-girl looked at her, she climaxed a ninth time-cryingut in loud ecstasy as her body stiffened and shook.

Wash Day, Part One, by Nigel McParr (March 4, 2016)

Adah’s hairbrush continued to rise and fall in a deadly smooth cadence. Her arm worked as smoothly as a mechanical toy, spanking one cheek and thigh, then the other. Ella’s seat was florid; mottled with deep scarlet and pearl-white patches. Adah spanked every inch of Ella’s seat. She would not stop until she’d completely covered Ella’s bottom with a thick coat of blistering smacks. It took her another minute of steady spanking before she was satisfied that Ella had had enough. Her daughter was blubbering like a five year old when Adah finally eased her off her lap.

Get Off the Bus, by W. Arthur (February 29, 2016)

However, her movements, tears, and appeals for mercy were completely ignored. Mary had her own sense of justice, and that justice had to be satisfied. After a few minutes of the steady rain of cruel hairbrush kisses, Mary began to slow down. She was breathing heavily and sweating profusely. Finally, after about 60 of her best, she stopped and released her grip on Allison’s wrist. By now, Allison had ceased all activity and was limp.

A Night at the Spank Factory, by Jason (February 29, 2016)

'My bottom's stinging like I never thought possible, Mistress, but I canwalk all right." Not taking any chances, Devon led Alice through a door into the adjoining softly lighted recovery room. She helped her lie face down on the satin sheets of a daybed, then placed cold packs on the bright red swollen bottom cheeks. Sitting down beside her client, Devon let her take some cool water through a straw, then kissed the back of her neck. "You were wonderful, so brave to fulfill your fantasy. You rest for a little while and I'll be back with some soothing skin cream. Your bottom is rather parched right now, and will need the moisture if you're to drive home tonight."

Claudia & Euphemia, by Helier (February 26, 2016)

She lay over Aunt Heidi's knee - skirt pulled up, panties down - and closed her eyes tight as the spanking started. Her aunt smacked her bottom very hard and with startling energy. She was stronger than she looked and very practiced at punishing young women. As the eldest sister, she had often spanked Claudine's mother too - in that case it had done little good but she had felt it was her duty to try as hard as she could. Claudine's mother had never contested Heidi's right to spank her but it was as though the more she was spanked the more determined she was to do whatever she wanted to do. By the time she realized that what she wanted was threatening to destroy her, it was too late. Perhaps it was that knowledge that led Claudine to submit so completely to Heidi's authority. She loved her mother dearly but she definitely didn't want to follow the path she had taken in life, even if she had now finally fought her way back.

Patty Gets a Spanking, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (February 26, 2016)

“Careful what you wish for…look, Patty I don’t want to hurt you, you know that. But this is really getting me wet. O.K., there I admit it. And I can feel you on me, I know even the thought of the ruler has got to be getting to you.

Claudia, by Helier (February 22, 2016)

Suddenly a little short of breath, Claudia stepped back and watched fascinated as the cane whistled down, leaving four long red weals all across Camille's tender buttocks. As she stood listening to the girl's agonized cries, Claudia realized that, right from the start, she had made a dreadful mistake. Knowing now what they had to face in Mr Brent's office, she could see why they resented her so much for not punishing them herself. The thought of punishing the girls she taught frankly terrified her but somehow she now knew she would have to learn. They all loved Hetty Leonard and perhaps Hetty could afford their love; for herself, Claudia realized that, to teach them, she needed their respect.

Life in a Small Town, by Mike Burke (February 22, 2016)

WHAP-WHAP-WHAP. Three times the meaty hand fell on the already stinging right cheek. WHAP-WHAP-WHAP. Now the left orb felt an identical assault. WHAP-WHAP-WHAP. Quickly, Tracy's feet were in constant motion and her lungs came to life, filling the room with "OHH-OHHs” and "Ouch-OUCH!” WHAP-WHAP-WHAP. Even when Tracy guessed correctly where her father's hand would fall next, it didn't help. WHAP-WHAP-WHAP. He was just too strong and too powerful for her delicate rear end. WHAP-WHAP-WHAP. No matter how many times she had felt her father's fury before, the oldest daughter had never been able to develop a tougher hide. WHAP;WHAP;WHAP. The heavy hand was winning all the battles as Tracy's bottom cheeks were compressed after each meeting. WHAP-WHAP-WHAP.

Krystal & Stephanie, by Helier (February 19, 2016)

"At first she tried to spank me with her hand; but you know what I'm used to. Mom spanked me as if I was made of old carpet. It just didn't hurt when Stephanie did it - and strangely, the same was true when I did it to her. So we bought the strap. We really wanted to be able to punish each other properly."

A Mother Learns to Spank, by Jon (February 19, 2016)

Marie really took Linda's advice to heart. "Start with several minutes of firm hand spanking," her friend had suggested. "This will warm up her little bottom and provide the perfect base for the hairbrush." Linda was right. Each stinging spank put a little more pink onto her squirming daughter's formerly alabaster bottom. Marie sent several well placed spanks into the tender part of Lindsey's bottom, where her trim thighs met her firm behind. "This æsit-spot' is a very sensitive area," Linda had advised. "Make sure you spend a good amount of time on this region. That way the little minx will feel it every time she sits down." Marie smiled as she delivered four more firm spanks to her daughter's sit-spot. By Lindsey's reaction it would seem Linda was right.

Duchess and Sharla, by Rachel Heath (February 15, 2016)

Sharla sank to her hands and knees. "And pull your skirt up while you'er at it so everyone can see your pretty bottom." Sharla pulled her skirt up over her waist and began crawling. 'Just a minute," Duchess said. Sharla stopped. The Duchess continued, "Lower your head, face to the floor, and raise your ass up high in the air, as high as you can get it, That's it, baby Now, swing those hips, swing 'e m nice and wide, Yeah, good job, girl.

Surprising Changes in the Stance Household, part Two, by S.F.G. (February 15, 2016)

Immediately after she was off the line with her friend Sally Lawton, Mrs. Stance made another call, this one to the Whitter household. Her very good friend, Sarah Whitter answered the phone and Mrs. Stance and she talked for a few minutes before Hannah’s mother signaled the main reason for her call: she wished to talk to Bob. But before Mr. Whitter was called to the phone, Alice Stance explained to her good friend why she needed to talk to her husband. Briefly, but in sufficient detail, she told Sarah Whitter about the phone call she had received the month before and as a result of that one call, she decided to use spanking, and only spanking, as the mode of discipline in her household from now. Additionally, she of course told her friend of the hairbrush spanking Hannah had in fact received today. She continued to explain that she had, with the consultation of her new friend Sally Lawton in Colson Maine, decided that she needed something else to bolster the disciplinary regime in her home—she needed Bob to make her a ‘punishment’ table or bench over which Hannah, as well as Paula, and even Russ would be secured if they required a proper punishment.

Linda Lu and Mary Ellen, by B.C. and Wife (February 12, 2016)

Linda Lu’s face was wet with tears, too, even though her spanking hadn’t even begun. As soon as she got to Mr. Appleby’s side he flipped her over his knee and flipped up her dress. Her panties went down so fast it was like she hadn’t been wearing any in the first place. For a very short moment she wondered how he could bare her ass so fast. Then she felt the terrible burning pain of the awful ruler whacking her bare behind.

Surprising Changes in the Stance Household, Part One, by S.F.G. (February 12, 2016)

“I do not care,” Mrs. Stance stated emphasizing each word individually, “I will give you a choice, but the offer is on the table only once. Either you accept your punishment, the punishment I have decided is appropriate and that is a bare bottomed spanking, or you can move out NOW. And I mean right NOW! Its your decision.” A long pause ensued as Hannah was left stewing in her guilt, her resentment, and the realization of all the things she had done in the past five years to completely screw up her life, including most particularly, her complete failure, at considerable financial costs to her parents, at college. She suddenly felt small, guilty, and vulnerable. She knew she really had no choice. She had to dramatically clean up her behavior and comportment, and her mother was indeed offering her a way to change her life, and change it significantly. To her mother’s amazement, Hannah uttered the fateful words.

Cerise and the Finch Sisters, by Helier (February 8, 2016)

Dani got it last. Because she was a dorm monitor of whom better things were to be expected, May pulled down Dani’s panties and made her bend over a desk. From the resources closet, May took a long cane that she kept for serious cases. Cerise saw Dani looking back over her shoulder and groaning a little when she saw what she had coming. Cerise was glad it wasn’t her – she was scared of the cane. Once she had had a tantrum on the film set when things weren’t going well. She had been out late the night before which she normally never did if she was working and, in her tired state, she had a disagreement with the director and ended up screaming at her. Claire, Cerise’s trusted companion, patched things up and they finished the day’s filming. Cerise apologized afterwards to the director and the crew for her behavior but Claire told her that wasn’t enough.

Different Strokes, by Bridget Striker (February 8, 2016)

Having developed an immediate and quite sensible dread of ever being stuck with that cane again, I desisted from trying to dissuade my aunt from her plan of action regarding myself, and encouraged Sammie to please be very cautious in discussing it with her mother lest she herself be caned. Samantha had apparently lost some of her dread of that particular punishment or else been away from home long enough to think herself one of the adults, I know not which of the two was the cause of her folly.

The Four O'Clock Appointment, by Felicity (February 5, 2016)

At this point, seeing Mrs Green reaching into the drawer of her desk and pulling out her trusty leather paddle most clients had screamed the safe word at the top of their lungs as they ran screaming back down the corridor, through reception and out of the door. But despite trembling with unadulterated terror and sobbing uncontrollably before the teacher had even laid a finger on them, the four of the girls somehow managed to hold their ground

Biology, by James (February 5, 2016)

Seven feet three and three inches to Rachel’s right, Sophie Evans-Rees gritted her teeth. She still felt light-headed with shock, but now also blazingly angry that this woman thought she could do this to her, no, that this woman could do this to her. It was in the rules, and she knew how much sympathy her parents would give her in this situation. None. She had therefore to accept it. Like Ally said, when he went into a hard tackle, “you are not going to die”. Slowly, she took the hem of her skirt, and began to lift it, half smiling withembarrassment and disbelief. The latter sensation disappeared rapidly as she located her panties and then thumbed them down to her stocking tops, feeling her skirt brush against the sensitive skin of her buttocks. The navy blue fabric just tickled the summit of each one. It was distinctly draughty. She was abruptly reminded of when Matron had given her an injection in her bottom last year, and how strange it had felt to be draped over the examination couch in what had seemed at the time a quite unnecessarily elaborate ritual for delivering a jab, with her skirt up and her pants taken right down. But as it was a tetanus shot after she had fallen over when drunk, and Matron was kind enough not to report her indiscretion to the Head, she hadn’t objected. And it had somehow felt appropriate, given how silly she’d been. Was this the same feeling? Did she deserve this? Her head spun. Slowly she lowered herself towards the chair seat, grateful to have something to lean on.

A Spanking from Mother, by Alan O. (February 1, 2016)

Meanwhile Mary looked through the closet and found a leather belt that had been her husband's. Folding it over into the instrument of punishment so familiar to children everywhere, she returned to the bed. She stood to the left of the girl and was pleased that her daughter had done as she was ordered. She took in the girl's full, round, chubby bottom with its smooth, pale skin and thought to herself that the bottom was going to take a darn good strapping. Then when Lena glanced over her left shoulder at her, the woman could plainly see the fearful, pleading look in the teenager's pretty, wide eyes. Seeing that face, now so sweet and childlike, Mary could feel her anger start to melt and she found herself feeling sorry for the girl. But she resolved to give Lena the licking she deserved. Lena turned her face away and waited.

Jane, by Helier (February 1, 2016)

Soraya began to spank Jane over the tight wetness of her bikini bottoms. She was not forceful at first but Jane's skin was still quite cool and she felt a distinct sting from each slap. Tina had drawn back and was watching her face intently as the first smacks landed. Jane smiled as the smarting became a little worse. It made her want to giggle and she felt jumpy and sort of foolish having her bottom smacked. She tried to lie still and take it in a grown_up way but it wasn't easy. Soraya's hand was quite firm and she was obviously stronger than she looked. Several smacks landed on her bare thighs and they stung much more than the others, making Jane gasp. She really wanted to control herself but soon she was wriggling and giving little involuntary cries as the smacks Soraya was giving her got even hotter. Tina was kissing her, exploring her mouth with her tongue and drinking in her distress. Jane also realised that Tina's hands were softly pressing on her breasts and slipping down inside her bikini top to cradle them. The feelings of pleasure were almost as strong as the feelings of pain and discomfort and Jane began to want Soraya to smack her harder. At that moment, the spanking stopped.


Judy's Dilemma, by Z.Z. (January 29, 2016)

Up till this point Judy had been thinking about Ted so much that she had not given much thought to her upcoming correction. That changed when she saw the ruler in her mother's strong hand. The sight of that wicked implement made her swallow hard and her knees grew weak. Seventeen inches long, two inches wide and three eighth inches thick the ruler was made of oak. The sting from it was vicious. Her mother sat down in the chair facing Judy and motioned for her to get over her lap. Even though her clothing was always lowered for her punishments as she walked to her mother her nakedness made her feel even more vulnerable. Fear was sending chills down her back.

The Boarding House, by Sam (January 29, 2016)

When Katy finished and turned towards me my hands were stroking the fronts of my thighs which were shaking. The points of my breasts were hard and I felt like she could see them, even though I was wearing a bra and a heavy sweater. She smiled at me and I felt very ashamed. I didn't know why I was reacting the way that I did but something told me I was doing something bad. Katy ignored the two girls sobbing over the couch and stood right in front of me. She reached out to stroke my hair and I was so nervous that I jerked my head away. Her eyes narrowed and she looked angry. She told me to take her bags up to her mother's room and wait for her there.

Fran, and Emma, and Sally, by M.S. (January 25, 2016)

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! The hairbrush visited two spots on Franny's right behind cheek. SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! Two spots on the summit of her left cheek felt the burn of the punishing brush. Franny again tossed her head, her long hair flying, and loudly moaned, trying very hard not to cry out and embarrass herself in front of the onlooking Sally. SMACK, CRACK, SMACK, SMACK! Two more spots received the burning kisses of Auntie Emma's hairbrush. CRACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK! Again the hairbrush rained fire upon the now writhing and bounding behind. Franny's legs kicked straight out, bent fully at the knees and kicked out a second time. Her head shook from side to side as if violently saying "NO" as the fiery sting from the hairbrush had its' telling effect on the poor, punished girl. Emma again raised the hairbrush on high and brought it down in eight fast and furious loud smacks on the bounding bare behind before her. Poor naughty Franny kicked her legs and her crimsoning bounding behind arched and widened in a frenzied movement to avoid the fiery kisses of the punishing hairbrush. She had been crying and blubbering for some time now, completely forgetting her promise to herself to be brave in front of Sally. Emma knew about bravery during spanking as she herself had had the same lofty goals when she had been spanked by her mother years before. She also knew that no young lady could resolve to be stoic during one of her spankings and Emma thought with pride that, once again, she had broken Franny's resolve. And broken it she had. As Emma continued applying the hairbrush to the tossing bare behind, Franny began to "sing" to the cadence of the punishing spanks. "Ow, ow, ohhh, pleeease, ow, please stop!" sang the crying young girl, "pleeeease, Auntie Emma, it hurts, it hurts!" Paying no attention to the sobbing and blubbering, Emma continued to discipline her young charge. SMACK CRACK, SMACK, SMACK!! "Oww, oohhh nooo, oowww, ooowwwww!", sang the punished Franny. Her legs kicked frantically, the movements restricted by the downpulled underpants at her knees. Her head tossed up and down and side to side, now and then stopping while twisted backwards to rivet her tear-filled eyes on her own burning behind as it tossed and writhed. Smack, smack, smack, smack to the right side; crack, smack, crack, crack to the left, the hairbrush continued its' unbroken movements, painting the poor punished behind to a crimson glow. Franny was beside herself with pain, her bounding, leaping behind seeming to have a mind of its' own as the hairbrush continued to sear its' painful message upon the punished crimson nates. Her blubbering was becoming more and more unintelligible as the spanking continued and a virtual river of tears was flowing down her cheeks. And still Emma continued her bare-bottomed discipline, believing all the time that the best spanking for a young girl like Franny was the kind that evoked the loud cries and wrenching sobs that Franny was emitting right now.

Machinist, Mentor and Mother, by Bruce (January 25, 2016)

Unable to stop crying, Barbara’s shoulders shook with her fitful sobs, her lower lip sucking in and out of her mouth just as if she were 3 rather than 23. Tired and thoroughly annoyed with her daughter’s reluctance to accept her well deserved punishment, Marrion again slipped her fingers into the waistband of Barbara’s girdle and giving it a firm tug, she slowly pulled it down inside out over the girl’s wide hips and buttocks. Bulging out over the retreating edge of her girdle, Barbara’s panty clad bottom quivered ever so slightly despite the fact that she was clenching her cheeks together as tightly as possible. Dragging the inverted girdle down her daughter’s thighs, Marrion pushed it below her knees and watched it slide down her calves and puddle around her ankles, the silk stockings still attached to her garters slipping down her legs and bagging out around her full calves. Returning her hands to Barbara’s hips, she slipped her thumbs inside the waistband, expanded it on both sides and then quickly whisked the panties down over Barbara’s full bottom, turning them inside out and pushing them down until they were dangling in a forlorn puddle just below the sobbing, crimson cheeked girl’s knees.

Fran and Emma, by M.S. (January 22, 2016)

Fran clenched her bottom cheeks together and kicked her left leg up slightly as she felt her last protection being unceremoniously removed. "Oh, please, Aunt Emma, pull them back up," she moaned. "Please, you can spank me on my panties, can't you? Please, please pull my panties back up, I'm so embarrassed." Emma rubbed Frannie's right behind cheek consolingly. "I'm sorry dearie, I really am, but you brought this on by your own brattiness; now you must pay the price, or rather, this plump bare behind will pay the price." As Emma carressed the pink mounds, Frannie relaxed somewhat and the upthrust cheeks parted slightly in a pretty yawn and Emma sighed at the beauty of the scene before her. A naughty girl, about to be punished lay across her lap, dreadfully awaiting the first burning smack. Her little jumper dress had rucked further up her back and now the inside out part covered the girl's head up to her girlish hair bow. She was naked from the middle of her back to her knee hollows where her downpulled panties clung in disgrace. Emma smiled at the slight contrast the pink and blue squirrels made with the white knee sox and the black pumps. Frannie's calves rubbed together slowly, first right above left and then left above right as the delicious embarrassment of her juvenile position continued to sink in. Her mind was reeling, seething with new emotions, never felt before. The change from grown woman to little girl was nearly complete. Her plaintive whispers change from "Please, Aunt Emma, please don't spank me," to "Please Aunty Emma, please don't spank me too hard. Please, it'll hurt too much, please use your hand instead of that awful paddle." And, as she turned her crimson face back to plead with her punisher, Emma saw the first of Frannie's fear induced tears rolling down her soft cheek. "There, there, Frannie; this will all be over in a little while and you can have yourself a good cry. Believe me, this is going to hurt me more than you." Ohhh, ohhh, ohhh, oh," Frannie sobbed as she turned her head back around and arched her bare little behind upward ever so slightly in complete resignation to her imminent fate.

Naughty Newlywed, by Juliette (January 22, 2016)

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The heavy wooden hairbrush fell again and again, turning Taylor’s bare bottom a dark shade of red. Taylor squirmed even harder against the arm of the couch, and amazingly, felt herself getting wet. She was mortified that Aunt Mildred might notice, but if she did, she didn’t let on about it. Just kept applying the hairbrush in a steady rhythm.

Taylor tried to put thoughts of her arousal out of her head, but the cool air of the room against the wetness between her legs kept reminding her. She finally gave in and focused on the feelings. The rhythmic smacking of her bottom with the brush pushed her against the arm of the couch. She spread her legs slightly, trying to get closer, and squirmed. Still Aunt Mildred gave no indication of knowing, just kept spanking her over and over again. Her arousal intensified, building to a peak, until, straining and squirming, she climaxed with a shudder.

Taking Charge, by Bellaroses (January 18, 2016)

The door opened, flooding the room with light from the well lit center hall. Julia looked over her shoulder, shielding her eyes with her hand, blinking in the sudden brightness. She saw their stepmother outlined in the doorway looking like the wrath of god. Ginger hadn't bothered to do anything more than button up her dress. She still looked rumpled and angry, her hair in a mess of frizz around her face, makeup a bit smeary, still barefoot. "Stand up!", Ginger ordered and the girls scrambled stiffly to their feet in the cool water. "Turn around! Bend over!" Confused, they complied, placing their hands on their knees, forcing four bare cheeks to swell up and outward as Ginger barked, "Lower!" Amy glanced back over her shoulder this time, horrified at the thoughts that ran through her head as she assumed this embarrassing position! The final thought had been "Oh! Spanking!??!", which struck her mind just as the first swat from Ginger's antique silver hairbrush slapped up against her right cheek. A rapid SLAP SLAP SLAP! followed on the remaining cheeks of the team.

On Their Own, by Jason (January 18, 2016)

SNAAAP! "AIIIEEEEEEOOWWW!" The wet panties didn't feel soothing any longer. The sting was excruciating. How could she take twenty-four more? She felt her hands trembling on the table when the next one hit, fighting the urge to reach back and rub her bottom. CRAAAACK! SNAAAP! "OOOOOOOOWWWW! Deena almost jerked her hands off the table, but bent over further to keep her weight on them. She flexed her arm muscles to make them rigid. Her knees were shaking at the fifteenth, and she tensed her legs to stay on her feet

Boutique Etiquette, by Phillipe Anjour (January 15, 2016)

Crack! came the first spank. Sandra yelped at the sudden blow and lunged forward but Mrs. Kranton’s strong grip kept her in place. "That was the hairbrush.” said Mrs. Kranton. "I’m going to save that for when my hand gets sore, but I wanted you to think about what’s in store.” She then shifted the hairbrush to her other hand while maintaining a firm hold around Sandra’s waist. Then with surprising force, Sandra felt Mrs. Kranton’s hand slap against her backside. It was a different sensation, but no less painful.

For fifteen minutes Mrs. Kranton blistered Sandra’s bottom as she ranted and raved on the meaning of competence and professional service. Sandra tried valiantly to maintain her composure not wanting to give the woman any satisfaction by breaking down. It was getting more and more difficult but she held on. She squirmed, squeezed her buns together, and tried to mentally displace herself from the situation, but damn, it was really starting to hurt! Just when she thought she was going to lose it, the spanking stopped.

A Girlish Memory, by James Fox (January 15, 2016)

Sian rubbed some more and as the sting subsided felt her composure return. Slowly she lowered herself across the desk and once again her bare bottom was exposed as the mistress drew back her pleated skirt. ‘I’m ready’ she whispered finally, and the yellow stick resumed its natural place.

In compensation for the torture of the fifth stroke, the sixth came down with less back-lift and less force. It still stung and Sian’s body twitched on contact. Her knuckles were white; such was the grip she was exerting on the desk. In the corner of her eyes, tears had welled up and she was on the verge of boo-hooing like a real schoolgirl. That time came 10 seconds later with the slash of the seventh stroke. Once again it cut across her existing weals and burnt into her flesh like a red-hot branding iron. ‘Ooh! Ah!’ she moaned and her tear ducts opened wider flooding her cheeks in a feeble stream of watery emotion.

Confession of a Defiant Girl, by Wyndi (January 11, 2016)

At this point, She laid down the riding crop and i felt Her fingers between my legs. Far too briefly to bring more than momentary pleasure, but enough of a lingering touch for Her to discover a suspicious moisture, the evidence of my body's own betrayal. The next sensation i experienced was My Lady's hand as i was given what could only be described as the most severe hand spanking of my life. i was scolded and lectured and i hung my head in shame, for i could not hide the simple fact that My Lady's most severe attentions proved me to be the pathetic slut She had always accused me of being. i could hear The Doctor behind Her, commenting on which parts of my ass appeared to be in need of further attention. i endured the lecture and the spanking (which was ten times more severe, coming right on the heels of Her attentions with the riding crop and flogger) with my head down, wet hair hanging in my face, panting and gasping. my ass felt like i had been sitting on a hot plate, and i knew i would have welts for days afterwards, primarily due to the dual flogging i had been subjected to.

Greta's Comeuppance & Revenge, by Rachel Heath (January 11, 2016)

"Take your panties down, little girl," Iris ordered and Greta pulled the lower part of her suit down to reveal her tight, delicate asscheeks, Greta's bottom was a cotton-tailed white in contrast to the light yellow tan of her thighs and belly.

Swat! Iris's first blow was rather light but hard enough to elicit a startled "Ow!" from Greta.

But I Meant To Pay For It, by Felicity (January 8, 2016)

Despite the intense pain of the stinging welts that covered her bottom, Chantelle stood motionless for a full half an hour whilst the manager decided what to do next. Yvette was quite impressed with her discipline and wondered why she had behaved so childishly earlier. But then, Chantelle had spent many nights standing in the corner, displaying her freshly punished bottom to her auntie and in later years to her husband, and so she had had a lot of practice.

After much deliberation, Yvette called Sonia on the intercom and asked her to come to the office, and as she entered, the sight of Mrs Templeton stripped to the waist, spanked and stood in the corner like a naughty schoolgirl made burst out giggling.

Lauren, by Felicity (January 8, 2016)

The first few spanks didn't land properly and didn't hurt at all. It took time for Anna to adjust to the curve of Lauren's sweet round bottom. At the same time Miss Cavanaugh had starting administering roasting slaps to Tara's bottom and the squirming girl was already squealing like a little pig. Lauren could sense Anna's embarrassment. It made her want to be smacked hard so that she could cry and Anna wouldn't feel she had failed. She shifted herself a little to make it easier and suddenly the nervous headgirl began to get it right. Crisp painful smacks peppered Lauren's tender bottom and, without even trying, she found herself letting out little squeaks of discomfort. Quickly her cries mingled with Tara's as both girls had their buttocks and legs covered in burning slaps. For Lauren it felt like heaven. The stinging pain shocking her and filling her with a strange excitement while, all the time, she was aware that it was Anna who was punishing her. It was Anna's lap she lay over, Anna's legs pressing into the mound of her sex, driving her wild with desire. She pushed herself up from the little table, throwing back her head and crying out in pain, but the truth was that the pleasure in her pussy was ready to overwhelm her. Anna changed her rhythm, slapping her especially hard, slow huge slaps that pushed Lauren to the edge of panic.

A Lesson in Proper Comportment, by Wyndi (January 4, 2016)

“I’m going to lower your panties to prepare you for your spanking, young lady. You are to stay in position and not cry out or it will result in further punishment. Do I make myself clear?" Darren asked in a voice as smooth as silk.

" Yes," Eva said quietly, wishing to get the ordeal over with as quickly as possible.

The Girl Next Door, Phillipe Anjour (January 4, 2016)

Tina went to her bed and laid down on her stomach with her hip resting at the edge of the bed, her legs bent over the edge, and toes on the floor. She continued massaging herself between her legs with her left hand, alternating the pressure and rhythm. Her right hand reached around and caressed her pink bottom, squeezing each cheek, still visualizing herself prone across the woman's lap. It didn't take long before her muscles clenched repeatedly as waves of her climax washed over her leaving her shuddering and breathing heavily. Tina kept her fingers buried, occasionally pushing in just enough to send an aftershock cascading through her body. After a while, the quakes waned and Tina slowly drifted off to sleep, dreaming of the girl next door.

Light Fingers, by Felicity (January 1, 2016)

Before Chloe even had time to apologise Miss Houghton was smacking the back of her impudent thighs with newfound fury turning them a fiery and incredibly painful crimson hue.

“ I’m sorry I swore Miss Houghton!” Wailed Chloe. “I won’t do it again I promise!”

The little sissy’s whining was really starting to get on Miss Houghton’s nerves, but a fifth whack with the ruler across her bottom soon put a stop to it.

At long last, with the backs of her thighs as red as beetroots and a dozen perfectly parallel stripes laid across her sore red bottom, Miss Houghton finally let the young delinquent get back onto her feet.

Older But Not Wiser Woman, by Barbie (January 1, 2016)

“And I am going to spank you as if you were a little kid,” Jeanne said and lifted the hairbrush. Darlene didn’t watch it come down on her bottom. She screamed when the brush made impact. She didn’t stop screaming as the brush went around and around her bottom, again and again. Over and over. She kicked her legs and wiggled her bottom. She sobbed louder and longer than she ever had in her life.
Once in a while she caught sight of herself in the mirror. Her in the kid clothes and the hairbrush coming down on her undefended bottom. She knew how silly she looked.

Peeping Boyfriend, by Frank Q. (December 28, 2015)

Her daughter properly bared for punishment, Mrs. Bark raised her hairbrush on high. With a movement like a cat, hand and hairbrush smacked down on the huddling bare bottom. Quickly the hand rose and fell again...and again...and again. If Franny had thought that the first sixteen spanks had been horrible, she quickly changed her mind. For this was a real punishment, not just a prelude or warning. On and on the hairbrush flew, slapping down with burning rapidity on the squirming bottom. Franny howled and kicked as though the fires of Hell were being imparted to her flesh. And I'm sure that's exactly what she must have felt like.

Silver Lining, by S.F.G. (December 28, 2015)

“Why did I spank them? They had marijuana, Amanda, can you imagine, dope. There was only one way that sort of misbehavior is dealt in this house, I can tell you, and that is spanking!”

“Bare-bottomed? Of course, Amanda, I always and I mean always spank their bare behinds. As a matter of fact, today I spanked the backs of their thighs at the very end of both Elaine’s and Penelope’s spankings. That they really hate ‘cause it hurts like hell, I know. That’s the way their grandmother spanked me, my brothers and sister, and that’s the way Ispank them.” There was another pause, as no doubt Mrs. Walker was asking yet another question, then Elaine and Penelope could again hear their mother’s end of the conversation.

Mother Teaches, Daughter-in-Law Learns, by Rod Birch (December 25, 2015)

Mama had risen from the sofa and stood nearby, watching Gwen strip, all the while tapping the hairbrush on her palm. Mama’s demeanor had gone from amused to business-like. My formerly arrogant wife stood naked, not even allowed to keep her shoes on. Thoroughly mortified.

"Haul that thing over here." Mama pointed the hairbrush at the chaise de femme. Gwen obeyed with alacrity, noting, I’m sure, the amused expression on my face as she deferred to my mother's commands. Taking her seat on the chair, strategically placed so she’d have plenty of room to work and so that I could watch, Mama called my hideously embarrassed spouse to her side. She ran her hand lightly across Gwen’s generous buttocks. "Hmm. Nice, very nice. Don’t you think so, son?”

I smiled. “Oh, yes, Mama. I’ve always thought Gwen’s lovely ass is her most appealing feature.”

Taught to the Tune, by Ed Finn (December 25, 2015)

Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack. Smack.... First one side, then the other. The teacher distributed a sharp, thorough smackbottom to the hitherto pristine posterior before her. Sara clapped her hands in glee. Victoria was at first shocked into a stony silence, but after only about twenty seconds of the rapid fire assault to her tender hind quarters, she began to squeal in dismay. Mrs. Crump knew her charge was beginning to feel the spanks. Judging by how rapidly her bottom was reddening, they had to sting. Good! She increased the strength and quickened the corporal cadence.

The Spoiled Heiress, by R.K. (December 21, 2015)

She turned to face herself in the mirror. She gingerly put both her hands to her warmed-up backside. As she carefully began to rub and knead the smarting flesh, she winced and moaned and pouted. No longer the haughty young debutante, she now felt like exactly what she looked like -- a recalcitrant little girl, a well-chastised spoiled brat who had just been given a long-overdue and richly deserved spanking.

Teaching Them a Lesson, by Dr. Dlaniger (December 21, 2015)

When the girl was completely naked Amelia made her scream by digging her fingernails (not drawing blood) into her left nipple—keeping it up for nearly 15 seconds. She pulled and pinched the sore nipple between her thumb and forefinger, twisting it as a look of sadistic pleasure came upon her face. It could easily be seen shewas enjoying the girl’s screams of pain. As both nipples were punished the girl sobbed and begged her to stop, no longer concerned with her nudity in front of everyone. Amelia, being a sadistic bitch, was mashing the girl’s nipples flat between her thumbs and forefingers.

While the girl stood in the middle of the party naked, Amelia held the sobbing girl’s clothing up as a trophy…waving them in the air like a flag. When she looked over at Cierra, Cierra just looked at her in disgust. Afterwards, Amelia walked over to Cierra and said, “Remember bitch, the same thing can happen to you. And it probably will. Wear pretty panties because everyone is going to see them.”

Dormitory Tales One, by Eric Rosemont (December 18, 2015)

Giving her only a minute's respite, he sat on the bed and put her over his lap. Now she desperately wanted to beg for a chance to relieve herself, but that hand started coming down full force on stuck her butt right out like, 'Okay, I'm ready!' I could see that my Mom was kind of shocked. So my Dad tells her to get ready and WHACK!, gives her a pretty good one. I thought, 'OUCH! That must've hurt!' but she didn't even flinch. Then he gave her another whack, and another. Still, she didn't move a muscle. After about six, she would just sorta wiggle her butt and then take a deep breath and wait for the next one. I couldn't believe it! She took fifteen really hard whacks, and even at the end she was just barely going 'Aaahh!' after each one. Then she just stands up real straight and it seemed like she would have stood there all day if my Mom hadn't told her to get her pants up and go to her room."

The Student's Harsh Lesson, by Felicity (December 18, 2015)

And as requested, Miss Prichard brought the cane back as far as possible then landed the first of a dozen, excruciating strokes across the deceitful ward’s rump.

Jennifer had only ever taken half a dozen of these venomous lashes at any given time before now, and that had always been considered to be quite enough. But Miss Prichard felt that such a serious infraction of the rules demanded that her punishment be doubled, so when the seventh stroke was landed Jennifer was completely unprepared.

Poor Jennifer tried with all her might to retain her calm, obedient composure, but this extra half dozen strokes across her already flaming and welt covered cheeks was just to much, and much to her Mistress’s disgust, she began to howl and plead for her to stop.

A Message from Mrs. Marker, by S.F.G. (December 14, 2015)

Julie found out first hand what this meant the very day of her visit to the juvenile court. Her parents had to sign a set of papers conveying their parental responsibilities and right to Camille Marker for a one-year period and after this was completed, Mrs. Stamp was invited to escort her daughter Mrs. Marker’s this very afternoon. A police cruiser took the two to 425 North Reston Street and the police officer took them to the door and introduced Julie and her mother to Mrs. Marker. He waited in his car after Julie and her mother entered Mrs. Marker’s house—he knew the routine well. Julie and her mother would receive Camille Marker’s standard speech. Mrs. Marker handed Julie’s mother the set of rules she expected her charges to obey—to the letter. She expected, furthermore, that Julie’s mother would report all and she stressed all violations of these rules. After the two mothers reviewed these rules for Julie, Mrs. Marker then provided yet other sheet of requirements for her wards. These requirements addressed dress, deportment, and proper attitude. One thing that was immediately clear—and Julie knew this from seeing other girls under Mrs. Marker’s supervision—was that there was going to be some big changed in Julie’s dress. No more short skirts, no more blue jeans, no more overly snug pants or sweaters, and no more skimpy panties. Mrs. Marker was very insistent on this issue—she expected Mrs. Stamp to immediately purchase at least ten pairs of simple plain white panties. These were the only panties Julie was going to be permitted to wear for the next year!

Pamela's Weekend Punishment, by Belmont Stephen (December 14, 2015)

She raised her hand high and brought her palm down with a resounding SMACK that stung and reddened the girl's outermost right cheek and drew a gasp and a squeal. It was followed by three more stinging slaps aimed at precisely the same place.

The spanking had barely begun and already Pamela was choking back tears.

“You were punished at school today!” her mother accused her, in a voice that quivered with anger.

Pamela nodded, not daring to deny it.

Lacey, by DyAnne (December 11, 2015)

Both girls started dating. One night, while Lacey was waiting for her date, she cursed saying that her date was a stupid bastard because he was late. Mandy reminded Lacey that she was not supposed to curse. Lacey told her to shut the hell up. Before Lacey had realized what she’d said, she found herself face down across Mandy’s knees with her skirt pulled up and panties pulled down. Mandy had just started spanking Lacey when the doorbell rang. She told Lacey to go let whomever it was in and to get back in position. Lacey led a handsome young man in and told him to wait in the living room, then she walked back into the den. She told Mandy that her date was in the living room, then she placed herself back over Mandy’s knees. Mandy raised her skirt back up and started spanking her again. Mandy looked up to see the young man standing in the doorway watching with fascination as the spanking continued.

Sorry Auntie, by Felicity (December 11, 2015)

With the lovely bare botty visible between the top of Becky’s stockings and the bottom of her frilly little skirt now a lovely rosey pink, Karen took the opportunity to take a few snapshots with the digital camera she had brought as her auntie continued to punish the weeping girl.

With Rebecca’s rump now flaming red, it was clear that the tears in her eyes were no longer just a pathetic plea for pity, and so Lisa decided that it was time to move on.

Nancy's Curfew, by Belmont Stephen (December 7, 2015)

The hairbrush is always used for these supplementary strokes. If there has been one incident of resistance, six rapid-fire hairbrush strokes are administered across the seat of her pajama pants. (Lucy verifies that Nancy is wearing no panties underneath. If she is so foolish, these strokes are administered on the bare). If there have been two incidents of resistance, the pajama pants are lowered after the first six strokes and another six are administered to Nancy’s bare seat. If there have been more than two, the pajama pants are removed completely. Lucy ensures that the door is closed, for it would not be proper for male eyes to witness the humiliating procedure that ensues. Nancy’s bottom is not only bare, it is bent and tautened. After the first dozen strokes, Nancy is required to lie on her back, and then to pull her knees tight against her breasts, so that her bottom is elevated, stretched, and yawning open. The hairbrush strokes now escalate: nine for the third, twelve for the fourth, fifteen for the fifth, and so on. They cover all the exposed flesh, but concentrate on the inner curves, so obscenely exposed in this position. On one memorable night early on, when Nancy had not learned how to take her punishments, this part of the punishment was far worse than the spanking that preceded it. Nancy found herself enduring a hundred and five hairbrush spanks to the bare (which must have made the first six across the pajama pants pale by comparison), all administered at the rate of at least two spanks per second, for a burning and blistering two painful minutes!

A Spanking in the Woods, by Dr. Dlaniger (December 7, 2015)

It was 10:40 pm and Evelyn just happened to be in her front yard talking to a neighbor that was walking her dog when they both saw the child, who was supposed to be in bed, climbing out her bedroom window. Evelyn and the woman who knew the child since she was a toddler watched in disbelief. When the girl saw her mother and neighbor standing there looking at her, her yes went wide and she gasped.

Determined to nip this behavior in the bud, Evelyn grabbed the shocked youngster, dragged her back into the house, and threw her over her knee. She pulled down her jeans and panties and took a belt to her ass! The girl, going into a screaming-crying fit, begged her mother to stop and promised never to do it again as tears streamed down her pretty face. To make sure the lesson would not soon be forgotten Evelyn spanked her bottom as well as the backs of her upper thighs and hasn’t had any trouble with her since. But now it looked like, because of trouble at school, she was going to have to teach her 14 year old son the same lesson. That’s what I get for getting pregnant at 16, she thought bitterly to herself.

The Burton Hensley Story, Just for Him, by Rosy B. Goode (December 4, 2015)

"Yes, Burton," she whispered, her voice trembling. She felt shy, but she'd helped him conquer some of his embarrassed shyness. Now it was time for him to do some of that for her. Slowly, moving as if in a dream, she rolled onto her knees and put her forearms down on the bed, spreading her legs wide, her bottom held high and open. It was scary and it was embarrassing... and it was very, very exciting. She felt Burton move to sit by her feet, and she knew he was looking at her... exploring her secret places with his eyes. She blushed.

The Girl Next Door, by Phillipe Anjour (December 4, 2015)

Tina reached out her hand and Cindy took it, kissing it softly. Then Cindy swiftly pulled Tina across her lap. She pulled Tina's legs up onto the bed and pulled Tina's hand back, holding it firmly against the smell of her beck. Cindy slowly glided her hand across the fabric of Tina's dress, straightening out the fabric. She moved her hand along Tina's hips, up her back, down her side, and followed the hem of her dress across her thighs, teasingly avoiding her ultimate target, but zeroing in closer and closer. Tina moaned softly, acutely aware of the electric sensation from Cindy's roaming hand. The feeling of being restrained, and powerless, in this prone position caused Tina to start shaking with anticipation. Finally, Cindy's hand was moving across Tina's firm behind. Cindy could feel Tina's panties underneath her dress but she couldn't figure out why they felt bumpy and uneven.

Stepsisters, Part 4, by Bella Roses (November 16, 2015)

Janet was panting over the girl's knee, her mouth open and wet, tears running down her face. She had been almost eager for this spanking and now wondered why. She could feel the spanks as if they were still happening, stinging and burning. Still tingling. She was glad it was over, but not really. It was all so confusing, that's why she cried. That's what she told herself as Marian helped her to her feet, leading the way into the living room once again with the leash. The girls did not stay there but immediately went upstairs, then upstairs again as Jessica opened a door in the hall that opened to a narrow flight of stairs to the attic. A single light bulb swung from a wire in the middle of the slanted room. The collection of 15 years in the same house stood around the edges of the area in boxes and trunks. Over to the right was the chimney and to either side was an alcove, each one with a tiny square window. Janet was led to the one on the right and bent down with a hand at the back of her neck until her forehead touched the windowpane. "Hold still now!", was the warning her sister gave. Janet's burning sore bottom was immediately slapped from both sides, Marian clapping her hands against both cheeks at once as if applauding. Janet could not move away or wriggle to escape from them. "ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE" The count began again, doubling the spanking as each cheek was slapped.

Stepsisters, Part 3, by Bella Roses (November 13, 2015)

A tense quiet that descended, a waiting. SLAP! There is no sound quite like that of naked palm spanking naked flesh. There is no word to describe it. Unmistakable. A small moan escaped Marian's lips as if forced through clenched lips. The SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP became regular, measured, rhythmic. Marian listened intently, flooded with emotions and reactions that both frightened and exhilarated her. Sensations that were unknown until this very moment of her life. So much seemed unknown. SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP That was what Marian heard. No sounds from Janet at all after that first lowing moan. Stan Lowood didn't say a word either, except a quiet male grunt of effort sometimes. Marian stood very still in the dark hallway, her mind picturing Janet's bare bottom, over his knee, Mr. Lowood's large hard hand raising and falling on Janet's ample cheeks. Marian held her breath, not wanting to listen, but she couldn't help herself. She stood, with that simple picture in her mind, hearing each slap. She took a careful step down the hallway, closer, then another, and another.

Stepsisters, Part 2, by Bella Roses (November 9, 2015)

Daddy sat down on the bed, pulling her over his knee, her head resting on the pillow which he would later sit her on while she cried. That big hand of his pulled and tucked at her pink pj bottoms until they were tight and stretched across her cheeks. Then that same hand spanked and spanked, bouncing her burning bottom with smacks and slaps, whole hand or just fingers, cupped palm clapping and flat fingers ringing, sharp crisp slaps, dull thudding swats until she sobbed and promised never never again. Her mother came in and watched the last few minutes as Jessica hung limp and sobbing over her father's lap. She helped her daughter up, turning her around to face the bed, and pulled her pajamas down for the final bare bottom spanking bent over the pillow before sitting her on that same pillow while they lectured. Jess just cried and cried, not thinking about explaining or anything else. She wanted only for them to leave the room so she could roll over and rub her bottom. Sitting was agony. Even on the pillow. After a final few swats as she was allowed to crawl painfully into bed, the spanking was over.

A Painful Cover-Up, by Marina Martin (November 9, 2015)

“ I’m sorry... so sorry... Please, Susan...”

The woman nodded. “I believe you, honey, but sorry isn’t good enough. Not nearly good enough. What you did was selfish and could have caused Kevin physical harm. Too much stress can do things to the body. You know that... But that’s not even what you’re here for, as you well know. Covering this up is really putting my job on the line.” Melanie sobbed even harder at that, but nodded. Finally Susan broke the hug, but kept on arm around thegirl. “Let’s get this over with, hmm?”

With that she led the shaking girl to a room she had never been allowed in before, the bedroom. Once there Susan took a seat on the maroon-covered king-sized bed and motioned Mel over to her. She took in the knee-length denim skirt she was wearing and nodded. “Go ahead and take your panties off now, Melanie,” she instructed, causing the teenager to blush furiously. The teacher waited semi-patiently some moments before raising her voice slightly. “NOW, please. Believe me, you do NOT want to make this worse than it already is.” That jolted the teen into action. After kicking off her brown leather sandals, slowly she reached under her skirt and pulled the white cotton briefs with small blue flower blossoms down and off.

Two Weeks with Aunt Janet, Part 2, by C.J. West (November 6, 2015)

She eased Mary down across her lap, getting virtually no resistance. She put her hands on her niece hip bones and moved her slightly, positioning her curvy backside right in the center of her lap. "Now, lets see if college graduates react any differently to being spanked," she said, lifting her right hand above her right ear.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! She began spanking Mary's bare bottom very hard, landing two stinging swats on the right cheek, then two on the left. Back and forth she went, determined to teach this young woman a real lesson. "Ouch. Aunt Janet. Owwww. Stop it. Please. Owwww." Mary was not acting like a 22 year old. She was kicking and yelling like any naughty kid getting spanked. Her full backside bounced each time she twisted her hips and the flesh jiggled each time Janet's hand landed.

Stepsisters, Part 1, by Bella Roses (November 6, 2015)

Jess quickly had to give up her determination to stay silent for the spanking and was soon sniffling and crying, ouching and yelping. She was quite certain that this was the worst spanking she ever had received! Her bottom was getting numb from the many swats of that good sized pingpong paddle. The sound was horrid! SMACK! The paddle landed on her soft white cheeks with a flat swapping thud. The rubber backing had millions of tiny little bumps in it and her butt felt like the meat the butcher pounded for minute steaks. She welcomed the numbing sensation at first, until she realized that Janet knew exactly what was happening and that Jessica's slowing movements gave a signal of sorts to Janet to move the spanking lower. Her thighs were then covered well with pingpong spanks too. Janet was without mercy, silently smacking and swatting, the paddle sometimes landing with superb accuracy flat on Jessica's burning, stinging flesh, other times, seeming to flail about, the edge of the paddle leaving welts of pain across thighs or soft bottom cheeks. Janet seemed to suddenly finish. She had not said one word throughout Jessica's ordeal, nor noticed her sister Marian pleading for her friend's sake.

The Widow Stone and Me, by Jason (November 2, 2015)

When I had washed and put everything away, I was called into the front room. As I stood in the middle of the room with three women giggling, Mrs Stone undressed me out of the uniform until I was standing in nothing but the pink ruffled panties. Miss Rollings brought a chair from the dining room and sat down. Mrs Stone swatted me on the bottom, and told me to get over the waiting lap. When I was in the required position with my panties at half mast, Mrs Stone informed her friends, "This will be a spanking he won't forget for awhile. Twenty-five by hand from each of us, then five each with the paddle, all on his adorable bare bottom. Don't be afraid to spank him hard since I've trained him well."

They took her words to heart, and built a bonfire on my bottom with their hands. I was crying by the first ten from Miss Rollings, and blubbering pleas for it to stop when Miss Campbell sat down in her place. After her twenty-five, everything became a blur, and I just reacted on a kind of automatic pilot, crying and yelping with each smack of a hand. Whoever first called women the weaker sex was never across one's lap while they took pleasure at inflicting pain and humiliation. I have to admit I found a certain strange pleasure in being over a set of feminine thighs, dressed in girl's panties, getting spanked like one. That afternoon, more women paid attention to me than in my entire lifetime.

Two Weeks with Aunt Janet, Part 1, by C.J. West (November 2, 2015)

"I heard my mother talking to Melissa's mom," Jessica said. "She is sending her here specifically for discipline. She got into some trouble with her mom and Aunt Angela is just too softhearted to give her what she deserves. So she is sending her here."

"But she must know that," Mary said. "She'll probably be a little angel for two weeks."

"We all knew, after that spanking in the motel last summer," Jessica pointed out, "but a few days later we'd earned a repeat performance. The threat of punishment doesn't work when you've never been punished."

The girls all looked at each silently for a few seconds.

"You can bet on it," Jessica said. "Melissa is going to get that precious bare bottom of hers spanked - probably for the first time in her life. And we'll all get to watch."

Proof of Friendship, Part 2, by S.F.G. (October 30, 2015)

This was Nancy’s reaction to just one (yes just one) smack of the backside of the sturdy wooden brush on her bared rear end. The teenager imagined she was in hell, but it would get much, much, much worse. Mrs. Owen would see to that. Being up until this point totally unfamiliar with the unique agony of a hairbrush spanking, Nancy could not help but react loudly and physically. Yes, she shrieked and pleaded at full voice (much to the enjoyment of the neighbors who had after all already been regaled with Madeline’s lengthy verbal response to her session over her mother’s knee). Additionally, the poor lass kicked her legs straight out and her right hand shot back to try and protect her burning rear. Mrs. Owen, an experienced spanker, anticipated the girl’s protective move and skillfully caught her wrist as at splayed up over her bucking backside. She authoritatively grabbed Nancy’s right wrist and quickly held it in the small of the girl’s back where it would stay for the duration of her spanking. Try as she might, Nancy was unable to unlodge her hand from Mrs. Owen’s iron grasp. From the second to the eightieth smack of the spanking brush, Nancy’s hand fluttered uselessly (and awkwardly) on her back. Perhaps the girl fanned a bit of cooling air over her burning and stinging backside during the course of her punishment, but this offered no significant relief.

Hedgewick Arms, Part 2, by Alan O. (October 30, 2015)

Cook glanced up at Amy standing silently nearby. "Watch closely, young lady. You're going to be next." With that she returned her attention to Kit's luscious crown cheeks and began to deliver a hard volley of open-handed spanks to the girl's backside. She did a thorough job of it. Her work hardened hand spanked every bit of Kit's broad bottom imparting a soft scarlet hue while Kit sobbed softly to herself.

For the most part, except for an occasional squeal of real pain, Kit took her spanking rather well. She already knew it wasn't going to end there. Cook was simply warming up her backside for her real punishment, a long session with the strap. Cook's strong thighs shifted beneath her and her pendulous breasts heaved and shifted in synchrony with the rise and fall of her spanking arm. Kit's backside was on fire before Cook finally stopped and let her up.

Proof of Friendship, Part 1, by S.F.G (October 26, 2015)

The three sulked off to Madeline’s bedroom. Little was said while Madeline prepared for her spanking. She removed her pajamas and, with little concern for her temporary nudity, calmly dressed for the morning. Madeline chose a simple white cotton pair of panties and an equally plain white bra. She then chose a pink tee shirt and a loose fitting pair of trousers. She was now ready, when the time came, to go to the sewing room and take her punishment. Time passed slowly for the next hour as her two friends dressed for the day and the girls tried to engage, not terribly successfully, in typical teenager banter over the coming hour or so. Madeline constantly referred to her watch adding to the nervousness of her friends who could not get off their minds that 1) Mrs. Owen had called their mothers and 2) that their friend was going to get a spanking. Their conversation was strained, to say the least, and as the minutes ticked away, finally Nancy again began to apologize for bringing this on Madeline, for bringing this on them.

Hedgewick Arms, Part 1, by Alan O. (October 26, 2015)

As Amy dropped the dress over her head and disappeared inside it, she could feel Mrs. Buckley guiding the skirt over her hips. Her hands were sure and quick, straightening the heavy fabric, brushing lightly over Amy's breasts and waist. Amy felt like a little girl again, being dressed by her mother. Mrs. Buckley knelt to arrange the hem of her skirt. Her face was only inches from the soft apex of Amy's thighs. She looked up at Amy as she moved her hands behind her to smooth the gathered folds of her skirt down and over her small firm buttocks.

She got to her feet and for a second she let Amy struggle with the row of tiny buttons that ran up the front of her dress. She'd started at the waist, but with her breasts still fully exposed to Mrs. Buckley, she couldn't make her hands button the stiff tight-fitting bodice. For the first time that day a slight smile flitted across Mrs. Buckley's face.

Deana's Housekeeper, Part 4, by Jason (October 23, 2015)

Mrs Bates nodded at Kimberly and Lisa. They brought two thoroughly frightened and cowed naked young women to the chairs, both afraid of the cruel strap Deena had felt once and had told Hayley about in exact detail. With the girls' hands on the back of their necks, they were bent over the padded backs with their hands flat on the seats next to the chair arms. Lisa and Kimberly wrapped heavy canvas straps with leather buckles around their lower arms and the chair arms. Deena and Hayley were well secured but their circulation wouldn't be cut off. They had to spread their legs to fasten their ankles to the back legs which would prevent them from clenching their bottoms. Hayley and Deena were sobbing from fear. They wouldn't have been tied like this unless a certain heavy leather strap was to be cruelly snapped across their bottoms, stretched tight by the bent over position they were helpless to escape from. Deena had a vision of her and Hayley screaming their lungs out with each stroke and their bottoms turned to masses of bruised flesh. Spanking was sometimes referred to as "taking your medicine". Could this be called an overdose?

Deena's Housekeeper, Part 3, by Jason (October 19, 2015)

Jonathan was impressed. Mrs Bates had the quiet firm voice of the dreaded disciplinarian in complete charge and who wouldn't stand for any nonsense. It had him afraid to speak without permission. He also learned she was a fair minded discipliarian. "There was no inappropriate language or childish tantrum like in the past. You made a sincere apology, then got dressed and your bed made as quickly as possible. There will be no mouth washing, juvenile punishment clothes, or enema. Your punishment will be a spanking on your bare bottom. It will be long and hard for you to learn not to deliberately violate the contract. Turn around."

Mrs Bates was standing by the couch and her father was sitting in the middle. The hairbrush was still on the coffee table. Unknown to her, Jonathan and Mrs Bates had spoken at length by phone Monday night, talking in detail about the contract and Deena's punishment. She had persuaded him to spank his daughter for the first time. "Stand by your father, Miss Deena."

The Hairbrush Diet, by Pat Kammerer (October 19, 2015)

Barbara left the astonished Nancy momentarily, but soon returned with a large, old-fashioned wooden hairbrush. She sat on the couch and motioned Nancy to come to her.

Gently, Nancy felt herself being guided into the classic position across Barbara Cassidy's lovely lap. Her skirt was soon raised to the middle of her back and her flimsy panties lowered to mid-thigh. She felt goose-pimples forming on her cool, bare backside.

Nancy's rear was shapely, but too plump to be called attractive. Barbara ran the back of the hairbrush testingly over the smooth, white skin. She grasped the girl's wrist and pressed it into the small of her back. Slowly, she raised the awesome hairbrush.

Heather, Part 2, by C. Flint (October 16, 2015)

Heather squealed at the feeling of cold glass against the walls of her insides. As Madalyn's strong hand pressed down keeping her in place, Heather braced herself for what was to come next. Since Madalyn had started the ritual with the thermometer she had always delivered a scolding to Heather about her misbehavior. Heather was required to agree with every word that Madalyn said even though this total surrender would not change the fact that Heather was about to be spanked. This time there was no lecture. Madalyn remained silent while the thermometer was in place. As she drew the thermometer from Heather's trembling bottom, she spoke again.

Deena's Housekeeper, Part 2, by Jason (October 16, 2015)

Hayley stared at the wood oval shaped hairbrush in the housekeeper's right hand. Maybe Deena was serious. "Of course, Mrs Bates. I'm sorry," she replied in a subdued murmur, a distinct difference in the haughty way she usually addressed servants, and she had actually apologized. Their friends would never believe this.

Mrs Bates sat in the middle of the couch and began smacking the hairbrush against her open palm. "It's been four weeks since I had to bring this to our Wednesday review, Miss Deena." Mrs Bates put the hairbrush down. "I've been very proud of your compliance with our contract. I was as happy as you when you showed me your latest published article, and very pleased, learning you've volunteered to be a counselor at that special camp for blind children this summer. You have a generous sharing heart."

Heather, Part 1, by C. Flint (October 12, 2015)

Heather also noticed how big and how powerful Madalyn was in comparison to her. Madalyn was over a head taller than she was. Madalyn was solidly built and there seemed to be very little fat on her body. The flesh was firm on her big arms and the muscles were well-defined. As she noticed Madalyn's imposing physical presence, Heather knew that Madalyn could, indeed, deliver the promised spanking even if Heather fought. Heather resigned herself to being punished over Madalyn's lap. She could not think of any way that she could avoid being subjected to being punished like a naughty child. Heather felt helpless and powerless as she waited for Madalyn to give her another order. In that moment Heather understood how a child reacted when punished by a parent. She wanted to beg and cry. She averted her eyes from Madalyn when she felt the first tear roll down her cheek. Heather's hand passed across her public hair once again. It did not reassure her at all.

Deena's Housekeeper, Part 1, by Jason (October 12, 2015)

Deena waited a moment, then asked in a frightened trembling voice, "Would you please begin, Mrs Bates?" She closed her eyes tightly, and her body went rigid except her bottom, remembering Mrs Bates' firm instructions not to clench.

"That was respectful, Miss Deena. We'll make a good girl out of you." SMACK! "OOOOWWWW!" Shannon had said her mother spanked hard, but mere words could never adequately describe the loud smack of hard unyielding wood against soft flesh and the resulting stinging pain. SMACK! WHAP! WHACK! Three more smacked different places on Deena's bottom. She was crying freely by then. Four more and another pause gave Deena false hope it was over.

"Those were to let you prepare for and accept the next part, Miss Deena. There won't be any more pauses." And there weren't. Harder smacks at ten second intervals followed. Mrs Bates made sure Deena heard the loud smack and felt the sting of each one separately before bringing the hairbrush down for the next. By the tenth, Deena was sobbing and begging for it to stop. CRACK! SMACK! WHAP! OWWWWWWWWWW! "Please, ma'am! I'm sorry I disobeyed! It hurts so much. Please don't spank me anymore."

Caretakers Part 2, by Jason (October 9, 2015)

Ben took his hand off her bottom. "Well, young lady, you seem to be as ready as you'll ever be." No matter how many times she had been spanked, the first impact of his hand on her bottom was always an unexpected shock to Denise's nervous system. Her head jerked up and she uttered an agonized groan. "Hurts, doesn't it? Well it's supposed to. It's going to hurt a lot worse." He demonstrated with three spanks, alternating between the left and right side. Denise pounded her free left fist into the carpet, gasping with each application of the hard hand of discipline on her girlish soft skin. Ben had a simple philosophy. When his employer needed and deserved it, she was to be spanked soundly. He paused for a moment and said, "If it ever feels good to be spanked, young lady, I'll be very worried." He began a pattern of spanking one cheek five times before shifting to the next one. That had Denise almost screaming. Her tears were steadily flowing and she was clutching the chair leg, trying in vain to distract herself from the mounting fire and sting in her hindquarters.

Ben paused again after thirty hard spanks. "How many is that, Denise?"

"I DON'T KNOW," she sobbed.

Communication, Part 2, by Mike Burke (October 9, 2015)

Tonya just nodded her head in agreement of a thought that had crossed her mind more than once as she marched back up the stairs. Her trembling fingers made it almost impossible for her to slip on her summer shoes. Finally, the back strap fit over her heel and she got up and headed for the door, drawing an astonished gasp from her sister.

"I'm off to aunt Ruth's. Wish me luck," the blonde said as she vanished down the hall.

"You'll need it," Julie mumbled to herself.

The two block enforced march was not nearly long enough for Tonya. No matter how slow she tried to walk, the four big columns of her aunt's house just got closer and closer. It was almost as if the house was coming to meet her. Finally, she found herself on the brick porch and no matter how much she tried to stop it, her right hand reached for the doorbell. Almost instantly, the door swung open with 15-year old Jennifer Crum letting her older cousin in the door. Tonya suggested to her cousin that she head a different direction, but the high school sophomore just followed her to the kitchen where the woman of the house was preparing dinner.

The Caretakers, Part 1, by Jason (October 5, 2015)

Denise felt the hairbrush lift off her bottom and she shook in fear. It returned a second later with a hard stinging smack on her right cheek. "OWWWWWWWWW! ONE!" Thirty seconds later, another on her left side followed. "TWOOOOO! PLEASE NOT SO HARD!" Marge responded with a harder one across the center that overlapped the first two. "OWWW! MY BOTTOM IS BURNING UP! THREEEEEE!"

She somehow managed to call out the correct numbers in spite of the increasing sting from each fresh assault of the hairbrush on her tenderized tush. Mixed in with the counting were sobbing, crying, apologies for her behavior, promises to walk the straight and narrow, and loud pleas for a end to the spanking.

Marge put the hairbrush down when Denise uttered a loud, "TWENTYYYYYY-FIIIVE! PLEASE NO MORE! I'M SORRY! I'LL BE A GOOD GIRL!" She let Denise cry for a few minutes, then said, "Stand up." With a loud shriek and groan, she pushed herself upright on wobbly legs. Her panties were pulled back up and Marge said, "Go to the side of the desk."

Communication, Part 1, by Mike Burke (October 5, 2015)

"Oh mother, pleasssse, no more. That's just awful. I'm sorry," Julie was finally able to plead once she cleared her mouth and head. "I don't know what came over me. Pleasssssse, not again. I've learned my lesson. I don't normally talk like that. . . honest."

Tonya, even after a year at college, knew better than that. Her younger sister could make one of the high school football players she dated blush with her salty tongue. It was the most unladylike aspect of her sister's feminine ways.

There was no response from the girls' mother, but it was obvious what was going to happen next when the woman retrieved the little white slab from the bottom of the sink. After washing it clean, she quickly lathered it up again before offering to her youngest daughter. Julie took a step back but a quick slap on her left thigh from her mother's right hand had her back in position and with her lips open. This time, instead of clasping them behind her back, Julie grabbed the front of her counter with both hands. Tonya could quickly make out the knuckles turning white as her sister did her best to divert her attention to something, anything, else. It wasn't working. This time the 18-year old's gyrations included rubbing the front of her thighs against the counter and having her left foot kick at the base board.

A Spanking from her Mother, by Alan O. (October 2, 2015)

She grabbed her daughter's elbow and marched her toward the stairs. Her hand cracked each cheek of her daughter's bottom, wrapped in tight slacks, as they started up the steps.

"Ouch," Antoinette said, turning to look at her mother as she was firmly guided up the stairs. "That hurt, Mom. What's wrong?""What's wrong is that you've gone too long without feeling a good spanking, young lady. You can no longer take my car whenever you want it, show no concern for my schedule and smile your way out of it. You'll spend a few minutes across my knee and, if my spankings are as effective as my mother's were, you'll cry yourself to sleep."

They had entered Antoinette's bedroom. Linda guided her toward the corner. "Put your nose in that corner," she ordered. She reached for the waist of her daughter's slacks, pulling them down and the panties underneath down to her knees.

"Mom," Antoinette said, turning her red face around to plead with her mother, "you can't do this. I'm 17 years old."

Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack!

Discipline in the Air, by Tani (October 2, 2015)

Until today, nobody except Dan and Joyce had ever been present for her spankings. True, a few other people knew that Helen was occasionally spanked (Dan had ordered her to phone her mother immediately after her very first spanking, to report that she had just been spanked). But today she had been spanked in the ladies' room, before an audience of fascinated women. And now they were going to spank her right in the airport! And they had invited someone else to watch! It seemed that every time Helen thought she had endured the most shameful experiences Dan and Joyce could invent, they would come up with something worse.


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