Female/Male Stories

Aunt Amanda, by PB Whiting (July 18, 2014)

Suddenly Trudie took charge. "Now that we've got the matter of your naughty behavior settled, there's nothing to do but punish you for it. She got up, went to one side of the same room and moved a straight backed chair to the center of my study. Sitting down, she beckoned to me. "Come stand in front of me, you bad boy, while I prepare you for a good spanking."

The Ends Justify the Teasing.....of Diane, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (July 18, 2014)

Although I couldn’t believe what she was asking, ached for her to continue smacking me (I was becoming accustomed to being over her lap) and damn well was having a hard time getting up off of her, I did as Zoe asked, once again standing at her side. I felt so silly, like an errant school-boy, my head down, looking at my underwear hanginghalf off, just basically covering my popping cock, down my ass in the back.

First for Jake, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (July 15, 2014)

Although Mary had seen Jake’s bare ass before, when he peeled down the back of his underwear then, still lying across his girlfriend, Jake knew that for both of them this time baring his ass was different. First of all, he had never taken off his underwear for Mary, he waited for her to undress him, which he always felt was infinitely hotter anyway (although he damn well undressed Mary plenty of times). Secondly, he was still across her lap! Thirdly, Jake had crossed over any line now that this might still be a game, he was basically saying: ‘Mary slap me on my bare ass, cause I want you to and have thought about you doing it for a long time!’

Good for the Gander, by BC & Wife (July 15, 2014)

"I think that you should give me permission to spank you. You are the one who introduced the paddle to our domestic disputes. As they say, 'What's good for the goose is good for the gander,' or in our case, the other way around. I think that you deserve to be punished, but I won't force punishment of any kind on you. You taught me well not to hit you without your permission. I want your permission to teach you not to lie to me. If you won't give me permission, I won't do anything, but I don't know how long I'll stay mad. I don't even know if that matters to you."

Checking out the Checker, by Rachel Heath (July 11, 2014)

“Oh, Ms. Locket, I love working here. I really do. Please give me another chance. I’ll do anything for another chance.”


“Yes, please, just let me keep my job,” Winston begged. “And for God’s sake, don’t call the police in about this. I couldn’t stand to be arrested. I just couldn’t. It would be such a disgrace.”

“Perhaps you deserve just such a disgrace,” she commented.

“Oh, please, please don’t do this to me. I swear to God this will never happen again.”

“Well, if you don’t get punished by the police or even by getting fired, you ought to get punished another way,” she told him.

“What way?” he asked.

“I’m rather old-fashioned,” Ms. Locket told him.

The Tables Turn, by Ed Finn (July 11, 2014)

All too quickly, I found it impossible to remain passively still and quiet. It seemed to me, Lisa was way overdoing this, my first spanking. My bottom was heating up unnervingly fast, so I decided it was time I make my concerns perfectly clear.

Too Early for a Spanking by Jack (July 7, 2014)

Kim put the paddle down on the table. "Was that all I'm going to receive with that paddle"” John wondered. He hoped so. His buns were really throbbing from just a half dozen strokes or so. He would hate to see how sore he would be after a full spanking with that paddle. Once in the last three months was enough. This paddle wasn't the only one that caused bruises but he was sure that if she continued to use it, that would be the results. John didn't mind the bruises afterwards but didn't care to receive the spanking that resulted in them during the actual spanking. "What time were you suppose to be over here"” Kim asked, looking at right at John.

To Reconcile a Marriage by Greg Babcock, Jr. (July 7, 2014)

"I've never been more serious in my life, Brooks," she seethed. "I've fare-thee-well had it! Now, if you're interested, really interested, in what it'll take to keep me around, then I'll tell you! I've already told you! You'll have to agree to submit to my discipline any damn time I please! Any time! It's almost a rule-by-decree thing! If I decide to punish you, I'll jolly well punish you! No appeals court! No nothing! If that's not acceptable to you, well, I just want you to know I understand perfectly. Just let me know if we can work out a settlement between us, or if things have to get nasty! Nasty and expensive! Let me know if I should notify ol' Len. One way or another, Brooks! One way or another! Put up or shut up. Shit or get off the pot, as the Bard once said."

Bar None by NG (July 4, 2014)

“Oh, Andy . . .,” Sam had been unable to follow the details of what his brother was saying, but he had gotten the gist of the story. ‘Jesus Christ!’ he thought in exasperation. ‘This is because of a girl, or a couple of them from the sounds of it, and they were underage to boot. How many times had he cautioned his brothers against this type of situation?’ There was nothing he could do now, he knew, except be there for Jake and Andy. ‘I told you so,’ was the last thing his little brothers needed to hear. ‘But those girls better not come around here, anymore,’ he contemplated darkly. He knew they would try, and as charming as Andy and Jake were, they were also young, and susceptible to those who would beat them at their own game. ‘They just better hope they don’t run into me when they do show up,’ he thought again bitterly.

Understanding in the Mirror by Ralph Greco, Jr. (July 4, 2014)

Bill knew that she had made him stand here, this way, so she could see his face during this spanking, but he was being treated to a clear view of Joanne’s frustration. That he wasn’t reacting to the stings with much more then a wince and fucking the cabinet below was prodding the girl to concentrate and hit harder. And while Joanne might have wanted his surrender have him crying or pleading for her to stop, Bill suddenly understood-yes he understood-what his girlfriend needed even if she didn’t. Joanne was loving Bill’s deep resolve, his quiet, his taking of the hardest spanking she could give!

Buttoning Up Bert by Rachel Heath (July 1, 2014)

Ow! Oooo! Ooooo!" Bert exclaimed. Just when he thought it couldn’t possibly get worse he looked up at the tiny window across from him and saw -- Trish and Kim! Both girls were looking at him from outside, mockery in their eyes and smirks on their mouths!

A Hot Licking for a Smug Devil by Kiara Sarong (July 1, 2014)

For several excruciatingly long moments she simply caressed his exposed buttocks, making him keenly aware of her power over them. Her palms, soft and warm, slid like silk over his skin, goading a frenzy of impatient desire. His whole body writhed greedily under her delectable torment, and he shuddered with anticipation.

Anticipation & Fulfillment (June 27, 2014)

The rush of finally getting a man across my lap was unbelievable. I could have just stopped there, Danny settling his ass across me, easing his cock between my thighs, him grunting, wiggling his firm little cheeks this way and that. Of course I was aching to hit him, my belly burned with the thought of not only revenge now, but all the years of pent-up frustration of what I had wanted and never experienced. But if I could stretch this out even more I was going to.

This is a Job For... by Gregory Babcock (June 27, 2014)

It took about three or four minutes – and I was rendered totally helpless! I looked over my right shoulder – in hopes that I’d see her getting ready to tan my ass! Instead, she was rifling through my pants pockets. It took a matter of seconds before she found my wallet – and even fewer seconds to pull of both of the twenties, the three fives, and the single one-dollar bill out of the billfold. Then, she discarded the billfold on top of the dorky-looking old dresser, by the door.

The Story of Ann by HB (June 24, 2014)

She reached under a pillow and withdrew a leather strap about a quarter of an inch think, 3 inches wide and maybe 18 inches long. One end was narrowed to provide a natural handle. It didn't look very imposing. Nowhere near as heavy as her favorite paddle. She lifted it slowly and brought it down across my tender cheeks. It was as if she was measuring the area she wanted to concentrate on. I felt her lift the strap straight up. I set myself for whatever was to come, and then that leather exploded on my ass. The sound of it alone was frightening. I didn't feel it right away. The shock of the explosion dulled my senses for a moment. But she knew what she was doing. She paused just long enough for the shock to wear off and feeling to return. The strap wasn't heavy but it certainly did the job. I could feel the heat spreading and the flesh that had taken the force of the stroke felt as if it had blistered. She laid another stroke on right below the first, and once again paused. I wanted to stay as quiet as possible, but it wasn't to be. I found myself sobbing and when the third stroke landed I started pleading for forgiveness.

Taweka Tames Her Wild Man by Rachel Heath (June 24, 2014)

Taweka had two metal handcuffs, both lined with fake fur so they would not bite into a person’s wrists, and two metal leg restraints. She hooked her cheating husband up to their four-poster bed, spreading both his arms and legs. She placed the pillow underneath his chin and asked, “Is that OK?” He made an affirmative “uh-huh.” Then she took the paddles out of the case: a thick, round wooden paddle, a fraternity style paddle that was solid and another with holes.

Even Teenage Super Heroes Get Disciplined, Part One - Dr. Dlaniger
The heiress was naked and tied spread-eagle on her bed. Her vagina and anus wereplugged with large penis shaped dildo vibrators-switched on, lubricated, and buzzing. There were also electrodes attached to her nipples-generating incrediblesexual pleasure through her body. She had orgasm eight times since being hooked up to the sexual stimulation devices. As Scionic-girl looked at her, she climaxed a ninth time-cryingut in loud ecstasy as her body stiffened and shook.

Aunt Rita's Hairbrush by Richard Watson (June 20, 2014)

She told me to stand up while she seated herself on my bed. She put the hairbrush by her side and told me to stand in front of her. She then instructed me to untie the drawstring of my bathing suit. I felt a deep pang of shame then thinking of what she would tell me next. But Aunt Rita had no intention of humiliating me the way I feared. Instead, she simply guided me across her knee and told me to lift up. It was then that I felt her fingers begin to work down my bathing suit. Here I was old enough to go to college and now for the first time finding myself being prepared for the time honored method of changing youthful behavior. Still my thoughts were only on being brave - I thought about Cindy on the other side of that wall, and I sure didn't want her to hear me crying the way she just had.

Reflections While Waiting by Ralph Greco, Jr. (June 20, 2014)

Trying not to smile, less he look too anxious, David bent slightly and peeled his underwear down to his jeans. This was how he had fantasized his next spanking (if there would be a ‘next’) with Cathy. The only thing that could havemade that first time sweeter would have been if David had been bare-assed across Cathy’s lap. Now she was asking! Standing fully then, not a step from Cathy, David stared back at his friend. And though it was cold on the porch, the excitement of what might soon be happening had David’s cock stretched hard, so the tip of his penis was just poking Cathy’s thighs!

Star Power by Greg Babcock (June 17, 2014)

“Your mommy? She never gave you a switching? My goodness! My fanny was well acquainted with the switch. All through my childhood. Daddy … he used to use them on me too! Till I started to mature. Then, I guess, he thought he shouldn’t be seeing my bare fanny … although it really wouldn’t have bothered me. Mommy took over, then … and she’d wear me out! Wear out my poor fanny! She whipped me harder … much harder … than Daddy ever would! Than Daddy ever did. I can’t believe that you wouldn’t have been whipped with a switch.”

A Wife's Duty by Megan (June 17, 2014)

This time after the paddle did its work, she saw the beginnings of a slight pink blush across his bottom. It took more work, more arm power and more sternness to make an impression on her husband than it did on the girls. From the time she mentioned to Sherry and Kelly that a spanking was in their future, they were in tears from the first word, through the actual paddling, till the last bit of scolding. And their firm little bottoms turned pink, then red, then a mottled purplish as time went on. Try as she might, she could never do more to Blaine's than make it a dull red. This disappointed her, and probably disappointed him, though he never said. She knew from listening to Kelly and Sherry that after a spanking was over, peeking in the mirror to view the damage was mandatory. She tried to make the results as gratifying for them to look at as possible.

Jennifer's Enlightenment by Don Barton (June 13, 2014)

Jennifer's bottom cheeks' red hue grew quickly as she felt the heat from the paddling mount, and she started kicking frantically, bucking, then shifting her bottom left and right over Mr. Peterson's knee as he alternated swatting both cheeks - anything to avoid the awful, stinging paddle! SMACK! "Oww!” SMACK! "Ouch!” SMACK! "Ouch!” SMACK! Oww!” SMACK! "Ouch!” SMACK! "Oww!” SMACK! "Oww!”

A Trip to the Woodshed by Steve Harden (June 13, 2014)

Bobby’s fear was now gigantic. He was sure that Sally Engers was going to march him into the yard where Sue’s punishment was coming to an end. If Mrs. Engers caught sight of him now and learned that he had been watching her daughter’s bare-bottom spanking he just knew he’d be following Sue over her mother’s knee; a humiliation he couldn’t imagine.

Late One Night by W. Arthur (June 10, 2014)

Peter’s bottom rippled in pain and once again he struggled to get up. However, he soon realized that she would break his arm if he moved anymore. Thus, conceding that he couldn’t escape, he figured he better try to appease her. “Delores, please...” Then his voice trailed off as she issued five more hard strikes with the wicked little paddle. Now he was getting angry again. “For god’s sake, Delores, this really hurts,” he screamed, “let me up, goddammit.”

Women Take Over by Lee (June 10, 2014)

Probably the worst punishment was that which was administered at the whipping post. It was given by the victim of the crime or her proxy and included the use of both quirt and horsewhip. A minimum of fifty lashes. With plentious doses of the stinging antiseptic. The young woman usually chosen as a proxy for other ladies was another smaller lady. Not quite five feet tall and about ninety five pounds (about six or seven stone). She was an expert and could have a man cringing just at the thought that she would be the one who would punish him if he misbehaved sufficiently. To see her expertly use the whip as the victim jumped (as best he could) and screamed and begged for mercy before even the fifth kiss of the whip on his bare body.

My Best Friend's Mother by W. Arthur (June 6, 2014)

As soon as I got within a foot or two, she grabbed me by the right arm and skillfully pulled me across her lap, which is almost exactly where I wanted to be thirty minutes before. Now, my once proud and expectant erection was hanging down like a dead mango. Once I was across her lap, she positioned me so that my bottom was right between her slightly spread thighs and my legs were left dangling. I had to put my hands on the floor to keep from falling. Quickly she put her left arm around my waist and locked me into position.

The Witness Protection Program by Gregory Babcock (June 6, 2014)

I’d absolutely dreaded the thought of ever being put into a position – where I would be forced to do exactly what I was doing! My tongue found her clitoris! That wasn’t so difficult either!It was just inside her gateway! And, if it wasn’t normally huge, it was, at that point, substantially swollen! Substantially! I pressed the tip of my tongue – into the little slit in the front of that ultra-sensitive membrane! Then, I began to flick it up and down! My tongue – not her membrane! Well, now that I think of it –

Gary's Dilemma by Jay Ellis (May 30, 2014)

Elise got herself a good solid hairbrush, and purchased an outfit for her bridegroom to wear when being punished. This consisted of very tight fitting athletic shorts, which were crimson in color, and she observed that it would match his bottom. He also had a shirt with an Eton collar as an additional uniform. Every other friday evening he was on the receiving end. He was paddled and then instructed to lie on their bed, with his red posterior matching the blushes on his face.

Could he have protested and stopped all of this? Probably so. But he was not against all of this activity. He certainly had no wish to sleep alone. Also as was said before, there was some wild and wonderful passionate sessions after some of these training periods.

Two Sides, Same Coin by Ralph Greco Jr. (May 30, 2014)

And SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. I ached, I moaned, I cried out and I held my ass to through a baptism of fire. I rode the pain, welcomed the stings, ached for the voice of the strap. I had been a brat -as had been Jackie-and Sylvia knew I knew this and was rewarding me for it. It was humiliating, the belt hurt like hell, but God knew as Sylvia landed that last swat and the pain undulated across and up and down my skin I truly would be more mindful of my fiancée, her family, and myself now.

After by Ralph Greco, Jr (May 23, 2014)

I watched as a topless Lanney walked down my dimly lit. Her tight ass caused her short skirt to sway ever so slightly as she walked to my bathroom. I could never look at Lanney, coming to me or going away, when I didn't get an instant hard-on. And she was aware of the effect she had on me, always wearing the lowest cut tops of the shortest skirts. And when she caught me staring she would just add this sin to the many she claimed she beat me for.

The Blind Date by Gregory Babcock (May 23, 2014)

I hadn’t been spanked since I was eleven or twelve – the time my parents “split the sheets”. Mother had decided, at that point, that I was “the man of the house” – and, as such, I was too old to be spanked. My poor sister, though! She got spanked – often! Always hard! Always on the bare bottom! Right up until I’d joined the Navy. I wasn’t aware whether the punishment had continued or not. She’d never gotten spanked during any of the time I was home on leave. I’d have heard it! Well, of course, there was the fact that I’d been spending a good deal of time at Gloria’s. So – who really knew?

The Banana Man's Comeuppance by Rachel Heath (May 16, 2014)

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

" Ouch! Wanda, isn’t that enough?" he asked. He had not imagined that a spanking from a woman like Wanda, who was not especially strong for her gender, could hurt badly but this one sure did.

" Not nearly enough!" she replied angrily. "Not for someone who has been leaving me alone here and screwing around on me."

The Nanny by Pete (May 16, 2014)

Henry listens to the determined clack of her high heels as she stalks out of the room. Now is his chance. He doubts that she knows that the bathroom in his bedroom connects with the back hall. He can sneak out into his car, put on the sweat suit in the trunk, and fetch the police to arrest this maniac. He carefully steps out of his PJ bottoms and, holding them in his hand, tiptoes into the bathroom. Very carefully he edges open the connecting door and, crouching, softly backs out into the hallway. He bumps into something soft and warm, and whirls about. His face thumps into the formidable bosom of Miss Carruthers. He stands up guiltily, his jaw agape in amazement, then reels as, slap, she slaps his face sharply. "I'm sorry," he manages to bleat just before slap, she slaps him again, this time with her left hand.

After Class by Dr. Dlaniger (May 9, 2014)

While bawling like a baby and screaming, he noticed, to his horror, that three of his teachers, two women and one man, were now in the classroom watching his humiliating spanking. “I’m glad you three could make it,” Ms. Alvarez said to her colleagues. “I told you I was going to spank his bottom. As you can see, this method of discipline is very effective. That’s how my mother and father handled me in my five brothers and sisters when I was growing up in the Bronx. Except they used a strap,” She concluded humorously. “See how loudly he’s crying? Just like a baby. He’s going to be well behaved in your classes too by the time I’m finished with him. Won’t you, Ted?” With that she released a barrage of smacks in rapid fire. The sensation was white hot agony!

Applied Psychology by Victoria (May 9, 2014)

Johanna's hands rubbed one cheek, rubs that stopped and allowed the fingers to tighten on the cheek. Her fingers slid into the crack and back out. She repeated the feeling of his bottom on the other cheek. She let her hands slip down to the tops of his thighs. She plunged her hand in between his legs and reached his balls. She slipped her hand around them and gave a nice, jiggling type squeeze. Then slowly her hand left them and stayed between his leg and came up his crack. Her other hand opened the crack.

Poker Game by (May 2, 2014)

"You'll take it because I want you to take it, Kyle. You're getting this spanking because you deserve it. Quit whining!" SNAAAP! The next one landed right under where the first one had struck. I would've sworn she laid a red hot poker across my poor posterior.

SNAAAAP! "OWWWWWWW!" SNAAAAP! "OWWWWWW!" PLEASE STOP, MS JACQUELINE!' SNAAAAP! She stopped but only to pull the panties down to my knees. "You're not worthy of wearing my most intimate female garment on your male body. I will finish this spanking on your bare bottom, Kyle, and you have a long way to go."

Over and over, I felt the hard snap and burning sting of the diabolical leather on my now exposed hindquarters until I couldn't yell any longer. I was crying, not so much from the pain, but the feeling of disappointing my love from failing to meet her expectations. Even though she was turning my butt into a mass of inflamed and bruised flesh, pleasing her seemed very important to me, in fact, the only thing that really mattered.

Seat of Justice by Karma Sutra (May 2, 2014)

" Now you young pranksters you will remain down and you'll keep those hands out in front of you no reaching around for a rub until I tell you you may. You will say nothing to break any of these rules means you each will get ten extra swats and if you give me reason to, I will remove your pants and shorts and deliver this lesson directly to your bare behinds, so watch your step! I am going to begin now." With that, she flipped back her robe sleeve and arced her swatting arm all the way back, then brought it forward with formidable power and speed with the carpet beater landing squarely on Jordan's slender bottom. His head jerked up, eyes starting out of the sockets and a loud squawk left his lips. Then another and another and yet another found its mark on Jordan's wiggling seat. He was getting mighty uncomfortable , not at all sure he could keep his hands from jerking back there. Then with lightening speed the Judge lit into Kyle who screamed loudly with each whack. Denny was wincing wishing Kyle didn't scream quite so loudly. He knew his turn was next and he knew he would get an extra strong dose it came sooner than he had thought! God, did that HURT! His bottom was aching and throbbing deep down and the skin back there was sauteed! Those denims weren't helping things either, they were feeling too tight already! That awful thing kept up its rhythm on his poor sore rump and he was beginning to whimper, squeezing his brown eyes shut to hold back the tears he knew would come eventually and embarrass them all. How were they ever going to live this down? Denny just hoped he wouldn't be recognized by anyone. Was it his imagination or did it seem like he was getting a lot more "attention" than his mates? Then the Judge took the heat off and put it back on Jordan. Then Kyle and then it was Denny's turn again and he was in agony it hurt so bad he let out a loud expletive. The thrashing abruptly stopped and he felt the Judge's fingers grasping the waistband of his jeans as she hauled him to his feet.

One Down, Twenty to Go by Jason (April 25, 2014)

Without saying anything, Monica picked up the hairbrush. SMACK... SMACK... SMACK... SMACK... SMACK... She began with a series of fast hard spanks on different spots, making them a little harder after each five. Lee gasped and groaned, his head bobbing up and down. He had never felt this helpless. His tied hands prevented him from trying to reach back and cover his bottom from the relentless assault of hard inflexible wood on his pliant bottom cheeks. SMACK... SMACK... SMACK... SMACK... SMACK... "That woman's spirit is reaching through my arm and hand, Lee, punishing you for using her for your selfish sexual desires, then dumped her like used merchandise. You told her how much you loved her and how you would always respect her, that you were giving each other a beautiful gift. She was a virgin, Lee, the chance to be one on her wedding night taken away by your smooth words and false promises."

Spankcakes by Lenny (April 25, 2014)

When I felt her arm tightening around my waist I knew the spanking was about to begin. Gritting my teeth and expecting the worst from that ominous hairbrush, I was pleasantly surprised when she began handspanking me. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, her hand started beating a steady rhythm on my behind. It was a very heavy hand attached to an arm that was extremely strong from lifting heavy plates I imagined. SPANK SPANK WHAP WHACK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK. Up and down came that big hand warming every inch of my backside. The slaps were stinging pretty good as she continued on. "I hope" SPANK SPANK SPANK "that this teaches you a lesson" SPANK WHACK WHAP WHACK SPANK SPANK SPANK "about finishing your meals" WHACK SPANK, "a lot of people are starving" SPANK "and you throw away good food" WHACK SPANK SPANK SPANK, "aren't you ashamed of yourself" SPANK SPANK WHACK "being spanked over Mommy's knee like a little naughty boy?" SPANK WHACK SPANK SPANK. "WOW" I thought as I fought back the tears, she is really into this scene. The spanks were getting harder now, I had gotten about thirty or forty good ones so far and wondered in dread if she would finish me off with the brush. She didn't have to as hard as she was walloping m with just her hand. She must have sensed this as the entire spanking was given with her hand. But her hand was more than enough.

Amanda's Strong Stand by Rachel Heath (April 19, 2014)

That didn’t hurt a bit, Leon thought, relaxing even more

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Amanda went from one ass cheek to the other. Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Leon’s bottom was starting to take on a rosy blush as the cheeks jiggled, moving apart, the compressing together.

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

The Burton Hensley Story, All for Her by Rosy B. Goode (April 19, 2014)

Vikki swung harder when she moved onto his bottom, wrapping the wicked tip onto his thighs. He trembled with the effort of keeping his bottom raised to greet the lines of liquid fire that flowed over the curve of his bottom-cheeks and down his legs, drinking in wave after wave of pain, taking it deep into himself. He burned for her, over and over. She was moving the lash from side to side, still lightening up a little in the middle. Burton was afraid to move. The wrong wiggle at the wrong time and the terrible tip might land someplace even worse! He became a living statue for Vikki's desires as she turned his flesh molten, molding it to her will in the forge of her passion.

She lashed the right side of his groove with the end of the belt, over and over. He couldn't help moaning a little through the whip handle, but he kept his bottom high and didn't move a muscle. She moved to the left side. A muffled wail leaked out around the edges of the whip handle, and Vikki very deliberately lashed the spot even harder. He felt utterly scorched... it was almost a relief when she moved the tip of the belt back to his anus, though not for long. He'd almost forgotten the possibility of her reaching farther forward with the belt when it suddenly snaked out, wrapping itself over his balls, the tip flicking against the shaft of his cock!

Give a Damn by Greg Babcock (April 11, 2014)

"You may wonder (SLAP!)," she continued, "why I'm the one to administer discipline around here. (SLAP!) Well, for openers, I'm one of the seniors with this company ... with this entire outfit. (SLAP!) Been with the production company for years! (SLAP!) Number two, I enjoy spanking a young fella's bum! (SLAP!) Enjoy it immensely! (SLAP!) You're far removed from being the first one to ever feel my paddle!"

"Yes, but Miss Fennerty, can you imagine what it feels like to be on the other end? To lie here and have a woman ... someone you hardly know ... spanking you? Can you imagine what that does to a man?"

A Woman After Her Own Heart by Rod Birch (April 11, 2014)

Suzanne smiled. “Oh, yes, she did. Not only that, somewhere she’d heard about me and insisted on not only watching but also taking photos of the whole thing. Well, for my part, I was in seventh heaven. My dream was coming true. I finally had a macho male to spank who didn’t want to be spanked. Anyway, after the girl friend reeled off a few of the sexist things that gentleman had said and done, I decided he’d get a real tanning, one he’d never forget. So, after we settled on a safe word–he was pretty disdainful of a safe word and didn’t pay much attention–I brought out the handcuffs. He objected to those, and loudly, but the girl friend told him to shut up and obey me. So I made him take off his shirt, then cuffed his hands behind him.”

The Training of Houseboy Harold by Rachel Heath (April 4, 2014)

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! His bottom was turning a mottled red as the cheeks bounced and jiggled, contracted and then relaxed. Lilac was getting a special enjoyment out of this spanking. She loved the way Harold’s bottom turned color and bounced and the knowledge that she was heating up the skin on those ass cheeks put heat in her pussy.

New Student Initiation by Lady Mary (April 4, 2014)

She raised her hand above her head and brought the paddle down with all the force she had. Whack! Welts rose on his skin. She lowered her blows to the backs of his thighs, backing off on the force. She ignored no part of the body he presented to her, save his back. The backs of his thighs, the sides of his buttocks, even the tops of his ass cheeks, none of it was saved from the stinging force of her paddle.

Susan Takes Charge by Rick (March 28, 2014)

"This is some of your own medicine , Susan," he said grimly, "Let's see if it works with you as well as it works with Kathy." He pulled up her skirt and slip revealing Susan's mature. round bottom encased in very pretty lacy panties and long black stocking tabs which held up her flesh colored stockings. SMACK....SMACK...SMACK.. George began to spank her in loud ringing slaps. "I am going to teach you to respect me, Susan...Smack...Smack...Smack Next time you're late call me or..SPANK..SPANK..SPANK.. I will turn you over my knee and spank...SMACK.....SMACK...SMACK.. you harder."

Wade Does His Duty & Gets His Duty by Rachel Heath (March 28, 2014)

"Seven. . . ow! . . . ow! Eight.." Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Wade's ass was already getting very red, Zola noted with satisfaction. She loved the way the cheeks bounced when the paddle hit a soft, relaxed ass. Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! "Oh! Eighteen." As the pain got more intense, Wade had to concentrate his attention powerfully on his ass muscles to keep them loose the way Zola like them to be when he got a spanking. His hands, though, were clenched tight around the chair.

Michael & His Sisters by Jason (March 21, 2014)

She picked up a black wood hairbrush from a end table beside her chair. "As your big sister in the sorority as well as real life, I'll punish you if you screw up. If you don't do a good job on the bathroom or laundry, it's over my lap for this on your bare bottom." She smacked the hairbrush against her open palm. "After a spanking with this, your bedmates won't be able to spank you, and you'll have to spend the night alone until your butt heals." Michael gulped. The month would be hard to take with all the pussy he couldn't touch.

It Never Rains, It Pours by Ralph, Greco, Jr. (March 21, 2014)

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK Carole landed cheek-to-cheek as I rose up on my toes, clenched my hands on the table. She was hitting hard, not searing shots like Betty's belt had made, but wider, thicker hits, almost pushing me as much as they bounced off of me. Tears actually came to my eyes then, not tears of pain really, but of shock and surprise over how much this lady liked spanking me and how much I craved, ached, loved taking it from her.

Patty by the Pool by Ralph Greco, Jr (March 14, 2014)

SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK, these she mercifully gave to my right cheek. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK, these dead center and SMACK. SMACK, two more to my right, which was now heating up as bad as my left. I realized someplace deep in my fevered addled mind that Patty really wasn’t even hitting me all that hard, she had certainly swat me harder when I had been standing. It was more Patty’s scolding that actually made the swats ‘feel’ worse then they were. Yeah, my dewy skin didn’t make matters any better but still I really felt it was Patty calling me ‘bad little boy’ now two times that had me so dizzy with desire I was nearly in tears!

SWAT on Campus by Pete (March 14, 2014)

Obviously inspired by Luke, and somewhat sycophantic as well, John awaited her return with her hairbrush in his hand. Nodding her thanks, Mindy accepted the brush, hung up the martinet and seated herself on her self-proclaimed "throne." She patted her thighs and John, blushing fiercely, climbed across them. Turning up his robe, Mindy discovered what she considered the most attractive masculine derriere she had seen. Smooth and hairless, it was both nicely muscled and rounded at the same time. It rippled delightfully to express the young man's discomfiture. Mindy couldn't resist stroking and patting its pert plumpness a couple of times, giggling to herself as John squirmed in embarrassment. "I'm gonna see a lot more of him," Mindy pledged to herself, then, gripping the hairbrush firmly, she went to work. SMACK WHAP CRACK SPLAT WHACK WHAP CRACK WHACK SMACK WHAP Alternating between the prancing, dancing, chubby cheeks, Mindy confined the first volley to the fleshy summits of John's behind, then... CRACK WHAP SMACK SPLAT WHACK WHAP SMACK WHAP WHACK SMACK descended to the ripe bottomcurves and thightops, then... WHAP SPLAT CRACK SMACK WHACK WHAP WHAP WHACK SPLAT SMACK worked her way back up. Struggling, squirming, weaving sinuously over her lap, John was able to choke back the sobs the smarting spanks inspired until WHAP WHACK SMACK SPLAT CRACK SMACK WHACK WHAP there were just too many excruciating overlaps and he began to squeal in a soaring soprano voice as Mindy, satisfied by her performance quickly finished his spanking.

Babysitting by Victoria (March 7, 2014)

"Please, don't! It hurts! No more!" The smacks didn't stop and didn't lessen in strength. His bottom was starting to hurt more and more. Of course the moisture from the cream only made it worse. How could he have forgotten that. But who would have thought that she would spank him without cleaning up first. As Tom kicked his legs, Vicky dropped down to the tops of his thighs. He kicked higher and yelled louder.

Teamwork by Bridget Striker (March 7, 2014)

Carl’s stomach was doing flips as he listened and knew in his gut that she was absolutely right; he’d spank the heck out of any one of them for doing what he’d just tried to do. But he knew from watching their reactions that it didn’t matter how big a person got; spankings still hurt! True, he hadn’t seen Cathy spank either of their young ones in ages: she’d pretty well quit spanking them when they were young teens and left that chore up to him. But his nerves calmed as he looked at his wife closely; she was way smaller than he was. He could probably handle whatever she dished out, yelp a couple of times to make her feel better, and have this over and done with in pretty short order if he just played along with her. Feeling a bit silly now, he rose and went into the bedroom to get “the” brush for her to use. He did wipe the smile off his face before he handed it to her, though.

Grandma's Family Tradition by Rod Birch (February 28, 2014)

Squeezing harder, she hauled his scrotum upward. "Aaaah,' he squawked, much like a chicken having its neck wrung, but he rose on his tiptoes.

Julie gasped. "Oh, good heavens, Grandma. That...that must have hurt frightfully."

Grandma chuckled. "Well, as women we'll never know what it feels like to have our balls squeezed, but from what I've observed through the years, I'm sure it does hurt men something awful."

The Wedding Gift by Ralph Greco, Jr. (February 28, 2014)

She was moaning, breathing hard from her work. All I could do was rub myself up and down, up and down, in that tight 'stockinged' space. She swat like a woman possessed. My ass was stinging like mad, but I couldn't stop lifting my ass to meet her palm. As she swat cheek to cheek, as the blood boiled across my tight bottom, I literally 'fucked' her thighs.

Aunt Mimi's Tradition by RGJ (February 21, 2014)

Just as I was considering the front door and Mimi’s neighbors my aunt put both hands to the waistband of my jeans and pulled them down and over my popping butt!

“Let’s see,” my aunt said and SMAT. A’SMAT. SMAT. she bounced three hits to my right cheek.

Choices by Ralph, Greco, Jr. (February 21, 2014)

I nearly lifted off her then. I am very sensitive on my ass, her swats had made me even more so and to know a woman-my cousin no less-was taking her time like this, caressing me, teasing me (and I was liking it) was stretching my resolve. I didn't want to be enjoying this spanking-any spanking-for just the spanking, but I was. And I certainly didn't want to be over a woman's lap enjoying it, but I was. And lastly, if I was going to be across a woman's lap, enjoying a spanking-as! was-I at least wanted Guy, the catalyst to me being here across a woman's lap enjoying a spanking, witnessing it all. The fact that he wasn't, seemed to be damn near indifferent to what was happening in this little peach and tan room, made me fear what I wasfeeling here in this little peach and tan room all the more:

Lying across Nancy, taking her swats, soft words and expert, caressing hands, I was growing as horny as I ever had when Guy had spanked me!

Fred Yamashita Feels the Sting by Rachel Heath (February 14, 2014)

Fred was soon bound hand and foot on his belly with his face slantwise against a pillow. His wife swung her arm all the way back and brought the paddle down full force on his buttocks. Swat!

“Ow!” Fred exclaimed. He could hardly believe how much that hurt.

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! His ass cheeks automatically tightened in pain, then bounced apart with the next swat as they turned a mottled, sore-looking red.

Two for the Price of One by Ralph Greco, Jr. (February 14, 2014)

Josh had been given much much more then any spanking he could have ever dreamed, so it was no surprise to me that he had come before me. Somewhere along the line Veronica had made a threat to him that she had nearly made good on and Josh had shown us all he could be broken to agree, no matter what the circumstances or if even he wasn’t pushed all the way. It was no surprise he came as quick as he did.

“Charles,” she sang and SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. Veronica continued to hit us. I was just about there, stroking so fast I thought I might loose my grip.

“The first one to come always gets it worse,” she said and again SMACK. SMACK she hit us. Veronica was right I knew, Josh had to be feeling more pain then I since he had come and his attention was fully on his ass now!

Caught & Spanked by Chuck Wilson (February 7, 2014)

Mrs. Barrows watched with amusement as the lovely young woman was being taught a lesson in humility. An over-the-knees spanking on the bare buttocks will humble any girl, she thought, as was proven with the two daughters they had raised.

Bob continued to wait in the car, growing more nervous by the minute, and wondering if a patrol car might be rolling up behind him at any time. After such a spanking as he had witnessed, would Susan's employer still call the police? Surely, she had suffered enough

Collision Made in Heaven by Greg Babcock (February 7, 2014)

"That's all good and well. That was a choice you made. Now, you're going to have to live with the result of that decision. One of those results is the fact that you don't have car insurance and you're in violation of the law."

"Yes, Ma'am." My voice was starting to waver and was beginning to climb the scale by a most an octave. It always happened when I was on the verge of losing control. "I also didn't count on having twins then months after we married ... which fell just two months short of being covered by my company's hospitalization policy. All the expenses are times two. Plus I didn't count on the little girl having a blood disorder ... they had to change all the blood in her body. Twice. All the guys at work and my mother ... my father's dead ... all donated blood to replace the twenty-five or thirty transfusions. But, still and all, the thing cost us something like forty-seven hundred dollars. That was just for the blood thing. So, I'm working my butt off trying to repay the doctors, the hospital, the technicians, the anesthesiologists, the medication ... the whole bullshit!"

Butt Double by Miss Lee (January 31, 2014)

His hand held something large and heavy. I whimpered to see the wooden hairbrush, backing up a half-step. Stagehands prevented any further retreat on my part; then Brosnan pulled me down across his lap. I heard Zellweger say to me, "It's terribly difficult to lie across a man's lap, I know. My father was very strict." I felt her pat my head. "Pierce tickled me so my face would look all red and sweaty, as if from a hard spanking, and that was difficult enough. Of course, he did land a swat or two, the devil."

A Date with the Devil by Mike Burke (January 31, 2014)

"Very (SMACK) well (SMACK)," the spanker said as she landed the final two strokes right on the highest points of the punished cheeks with the hardest shots yet. There wasn't much time for Heather to compose herself before she was ordered to stand. She made quite a sight as she tried to hop around with only one shoe on while her hands worked feverishly on her pained orbs. Tears streamed down her face as her hands could offer little solace. It certainly didn't get any better as the 27 year old watched through the tears as the chair her mother had just been sitting in was turned around with its back facing the two windows and her sister. Heather knew exactly what was going to happen next.

Caught in the Girl's Dormitory by Dr. Dlaniger (January 24, 2014)

I pushed up her skirt and discovered that the crotch of her blue cotton panties was wet. In fact, it was soaked! I kissed the wet spot, feeling her vulva and pubic hairs against my lips through the wet cotton, causing her to moan, and then I pulled her wet panties down and quickly removed them from her ankles. I placed my mouth against her wet pussy, kissed and then licked—scooping up a tongueful of her secretions. She moaned and arched her back when I did that. Her secretions had a mild musky taste and smell that was very arousing. I licked her pussy with feather-like licks, concentrating on her nicely developed clitoris. I got off on her pheromones as she came three times in my mouth. I lapped up every drop of hersweet pussy juice.

Justin Takes a Peek by Pete (January 24, 2014)

SMACK CRACK WHACK SMACK WHAP WHACK SMACK "The very idea!" SMACK WHACK CRACK "A grown man!" WHACK WHAP SPLATT SMACK "Over his wife's knee!" WHACK SMACK SMACK "Getting his bare botty spanked!" SMACK WHACK CRACK WHACK SMACK SMACK WHACK "Howling and squalling like a little boy!" CRACK WHACK WHAP "Next thing you know you'll probably cry!" WHACK WHAP WHAP WHACK SMACK

Bert's Plan Foiled by Rachel Heath (January 17, 2014)

Shoshona ran water in the sink and wet the soap bar. Then she pried open her nephew’s dirty mouth with her hands and shoved the soap in. The taste of the soap on Bert’s tongue and the inside of his mouth was horrible! He started weeping afresh as he half gagged, then spat the awful soapy water out of his mouth.

“Are you going to swear in front of me again?” his stern aunt asked.

Between choking sobs, Bert said, “No . . . ugh . . . no, never.”

Sam's First Real Ass Beating by BC & Wife (January 17, 2014)

WHACK!! “You’ll be good!” SMACK!! “You better be good!” SPANK!! “From mow on,” WHACK!! “when you deserve a spanking,” SLAP!! “you will be spanked!!” WHACK!! SMACK!! SLAP!! SPANK!! “You are through walking all over me!” WHACK!! SLAP!! “From this moment on, I am in charge!” WHACK!! SLAP!! “I’ll show you a bitch if you even look at another woman again.” Finding more hot anger still with in her, Barbara The Beautiful began to spank her helpless husband hard and fast once more.

Another Family Secret by Ralph Greco, Jr. (January 10, 2014)

He was lying on his stomach on her bed, his legs spread, bare from the waist down. lie was hairier then I thought he'd be but my mom was right, he did have a great tight round ass, better even then when I had tried to stare at it all the times I had in the past. He had his head turned away from us, this must have been so embarrassing for him I thought. Sure he had been bare-assed for my mom with my aunt Anne all those years ago but now with inc in the room this must have been killing him!

A Career Decision by Greg Babcock (January 10, 2014)

The whippy, leather-covered rod didn't make much noise! Hardly any at all. There was a faint SWISH! as it cut through the air toward my seared seat! When the awesome thing landed, it pro-duced a slightly louder THWIP! Approximately the same sound as had emanated from Jim's room that one night! So that's what he got it with, huh?

You're Never Too Old by Gregory Babcock (January 3, 2014)

“Now, you listen to me, you young whelp,” she hissed. “I’m up to here with you! I’m up to here with the way you treat your mother! First the truancy! Then this ... this ... this thievery! For one thing, all that is wrong ... absolutely sinful! But, I can’t understand why you don’t get off your lazy fanny ... and get yourself a job! A paper route! Something! Anything! Why should your mother have to give you a damn allowance? Why should she have to give you anything? Do you understand what it costs her to run that place? To clothe you? To feed you? To clothe and feed herself? And to pay the rent ... and the stupid damn light bill? Have you any idea? No! No, dammit! No you don’t! If you were any kind of man, you’d get off your fanny ... and you’d get a job. I think they’re hiring at Western Union! Delivering telegrams! On Saturdays and Sundays! What’s so special about you ... so special that you can’t get off this lazy fanny of yours?”

Anna by Victoria (January 3, 2014)

"I want you to look me in the eye, Richard,' she said, and, as I complied, she said, "I want you to acknowledge now that you deserve the hard punishment you're going to get. And then I want you to ask for it."

"Yes, ma'am." I said, my voice quavering as I met her eyes with difficulty. "I deserve to be punished for my misbehavior, and I ask you to punish me." And then I added, "I have it coming."

Summer School by C. Flint (December 27, 2013)

Donna smiled. She reached up and released my hands. "Stand right here and face the car," she said. "You can rub until I tell you to stop."

I turned with my back to the road and lifted my skirt again. I didn't care about what the people in the passing cars could see. I put my hands down my clammy underwear and, bouncing from foot to foot, scrubbed at my throbbing bottom. Even though it didn't seem to do any good, I rubbed as hard as could.

Donna let me rub for a minute or so. "Break's over," she said. "Back into the car." Once more she made sure that my skirt was fanned out behind me and my arms were confined under the seat belt before she pulled back onto the road.

Sunday Afternoon with Pat by HB (December 27, 2013)

Once again I can feel her change paddles. She is holding a leather strap in her hand and softly dragging it across my butt. I know why she does this. She wants me to be very aware of what is coming next. The end of the strap is toying with the most tender part of my backside. It is almost as exciting as her fingers, but not quite. The strap is thin and light. It stings like crazy but doesn't have the weight of the hairbrush, so it won't leave the soreness behind that the brush does. I can here the leather whistle before it makes contact. The sound of the crack is much lighter than the hairbrush. Seconds pass before I feel the stripe across both cheeks. Hot stripes like the splash of hot coffee over the edge of a paper cup, hitting my fingers. Every three seconds the splash of stinging heat crosses my bum, both cheeks at once, no rest, no relief, just the steady beat of the leather, kissing my already throbbing seat - painting a ladder of stripes up and down my butt. I can feel the welts rising. And once again I am blubbering. At first I tried to count the strokes but it is impossible. It must be hundreds, no thousands. I know for certain that I cannot take much more. But what can I do? I am at her mercy - tears are my only comfort.

Strike Night by Victoria (December 20, 2013)

However, he couldn't stay neck to neck. Victoria kept getting strikes until Miles was ready to stomp out of the bowling alley. It was ridiculous to be beaten by a woman and then have the woman jumping up and down in front of a person crowing about beating him some more. And she was. To say that she was a poor sport was putting it mildly...she was being totally sickening.

"Boy, is your cute bum going to be bright red before this night is over. You'll feel my hand print all night long. You'll have to sleep on your stomach. You'll be sorry you ever thought about spanking me, you bad boy. Wait until I get you home. I'll spank you so hard...." Victoria clapped her hands and jumped up and down throughout this whole threat and finally she clapped her hands together very hard... "There...imagine that's landing on your bare bottom. You'll be as red as a lobster before I'm through with you. One hundred spanks for you. One hundred spanks for you."

Student Aid by Gordon Thomas (December 20, 2013)

She rubbed the paddle over my bare backside then brought it down with a loud smack. Wow! did that hurt! My whole behind burst into white hot fire but I clenched my teeth and took it. Then the paddle landed again and again. My god how it hurt and I felt tears running down my cheeks. I tried to put a hand back to protect my poor behind but she grabbed my arm and bent it behind my back, pressing down on both the arm and my back. I started to plead, "That's enough. . .please not so hard. . .please stop. . .stop. . .please stop."

Now I was crying and my whole world was in my behind and that terrible paddle. Then all of a sudden it stopped and I heard her ask if I would ever invade her privacy again.

"No! No!," I cried.

The Landlady by Pete (December 13, 2013)

"Don't fret so, Gerald, it is just a spanking after all," she chided, running her hands over my thinly clad bottom. It tingled erotically and I blushed even more deeply, for I felt myself becoming hard. She spreads her legs, revealing even more of the lithe flesh I had come to admire so. Her fingers slid inside the elastic of my PJ bottom's waistband and she slipped them 9ever so slowly down my thighs. My one-eyed-monster flopped out to confront her, eye-to-eye. She seemed to take no notice, but took my elbow and tugged me forward until I lost my balance and toppled gracelessly across the sinewy expanse of her lush legs. She scissored her legs together, firmly entrapping my throbbing erection between them. She swept back my PJ top, so I was starkly naked from my armpit to my ankles.

Laura Makes a Discovery by Papa (December 13, 2013)

Laura stood. "Get up, Zachary...we're leaving! I'm going to introduce you to a real live Mistress of pain! At home! And tomorrow morning, you will meet another! You can compare notes with Richard next time you see each other. I'm sure you both will have much to talk about...now get my coat." Laura fixed her husband with a stare and deliberately began to unbutton her right sleeve, rolling it high on her arm. The effect was electric. Zachary realized he had a huge erection and no way to hide it. Then Laura did the same with her left sleeve. Still he did not move. A moment later she came around the table and took Zachary's ear. He yelped as she pinched the lobe. Her height, her bosom heaving, the size and dimensions of her breasts intimidating, the extra care she had taken to paint her lips earlier in the evening -- all combined to create the aspect of Dominant Woman in the view of everyone there (including Lettie, for the moment anyway).

Cooking With Jon by Ralph Greco, Jr. (December 6, 2013)

As Janine cut across the quivering ass before her she was reminded again and again of that old adage that states that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Smiling as again she landed another for quick flicks of the terribly effective branch, Janine knew that the way to her husband was, and would always be through his ass!

“Enough?’” she asked and Jon turned then to face her, laying his ass as gently as he could on the table under him.

“Want to take care of that?” Janine asked, staring with Jon at his raging hard cock bouncing between the, Smiling up at the man’s flushed face, Janine nodded her head and Jon took himself in hand.

Cops by BC & Wife (December 6, 2013)

When the black officer regained control of her voice, she said, "You're funny, white boy! Now get naked and kneel down!¼ Put your head on the floor." He did as he was told, knowing that if he didn't follow her orders, she would just beat him into submission.

Taking the hand with the cuff left on it, she pulled it back and snapped the other side of the cuff closed around his ankle. Snapping another cuff onto his other wrist, she cuffed it to his other ankle. This was too much! He was too exposed! What on earth did they have in mind for him this time.

He turned his head to see what they were doing and then turned away because he really didn't want to know. Too late! He had already seen them each pick up a wide leather strap. "No! Please, don't! EEEAAAAHAHAHAHOOOWWWAAAHAHAH!!!"





























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