Female/Male Stories

Deidre Does, by James Sondance (March 17, 2017)

Getting a mental picture of Dee holding a howling culprit in place while she reddened his bottom, gave me a new view of my sister. Since I'd been old enough to appreciate feminine beauty, it had been hard to think of graceful, pretty Dee as a decisive, effective disciplinarian. Much easier to assign that role to the big bottomed ladies with the broad laps. Now I realized that Dee's tennis arms were strong. Jogging made her legs shapely and swift. She could out_run and out_wrestle me. I'd always cooperated in being spanked. But she could do it whether I liked it or not. It would be prudent not to irritate her.

Happily, the conversation turned to more prosaic matters. We fell to talking in a friendly, gossipy manner as befits brother and sister who got along as famously as we did. When was I going to get married, Dee asked again. I wanted to know when she would pick one of her suitors.

The State of the Delancey Lawn, by Rachel Heath (March 17, 2017)

She returned to the living room and George returned to his former position of being bare-assed across her knees. She squeezed the dripping cloth onto his naked skin. Then she began the spanking again with the wood.

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

The difference was immediately apparent. "Ow! Ouch! Ow!" George uttered.

An unexpected but very pleasant feeling of exhilaration swept through Karen. She liked seeing George in this position and knowing that she could hurt him. The sight of his wet ass cheeks moving under her swats was gratifying in a way she could not understand but definitely enjoyed.

Not My Dream Woman, by A.J. Wilshire (March 13, 2017)

But she's supposed to be spanked, and what follows is a grim determination type of spanking. I hold her down and spank her hard while she yelps and bucks. I take her pantyhose and panties down, in all the confusion, and for the first time she is spanked bare-bottom. She's leaping up and down, and the spanks are as hard as I can possibly make them, nothing is held back. It's a long, endurance test of a spanking for my hand. I wish I had something to use, but I am afraid to break the moment to stop and get a hairbrush, so I continue until my hand is throbbing.

She's a mess, she's a wreck. She sort of spills out of my lap onto the floor and lies there in a sobbing heap. I let her dry it off for awhile, and when she's composed, she doesn't want any comfort and she doesn't want any cock. She wants to know why I did it.

English, History, But What About Math, by Victoria (March 13, 2017)

Dick squirmed and kicked his feet and tried to disagree and beg them not to do this. He could feel his bare bottom sticking up between her legs. She had him clamped between her thighs, and he knew that this was going to be bad. He jumped when the first lick went across both cheeks. It was a real stinger, and it hurt. Both cheeks at once was difficult to take too. The ruler stung his cheeks again and again and finally went down his thighs. He wiggled and squirmed and tired very hard to keep his mouth shut so he wouldn't loose the soap but it was making him sick. He tried to not think about the soap and then he remembered that he was supposed to be counting the strokes. He had no idea how many he had been given.

Crossroads, by Alexia (March 10, 2017)

"Tonight you are going to learn what happens when you disobey me," she said in a low throaty voice. "I am going to turn you over my knees and spank you with my hand on your bare bottom just like a naughty little boy. And to make sure you learn your lesson, you will be spanked a second time with my hairbrush. You deserve a spanking, don't you?"

"Yes", whispered George.

"You want a spanking from me don't you?" she asked.

"Yes", he said in a barely audible voice.

How Dare You, by C. Flint (March 10, 2017)

Miss Molly was seated in an armless wooden chair that now stood in the design in the center of the oriental carpet. It was an antique from the same period as the other furniture. Made of heavily carved dark wood, the seat and back were upholstered, the padding covered with striped silk fabric. It was the kind of chair I would have expected to have been gathering dust at my grandmother's formal dining room table. Miss Molly smoothed the midnight blue fabric that covered her lap and beckoned me with a wiggling finger.

"Come here," she ordered. "We will start your discipline with a good handspanking. Then I will use the strap on your naughty bottom."

A Well Thought Out Corporate Punishment, by Dr. Dlaniger (March 6, 2017)

Andrea was in the process of getting her spanking. It was a hard one. And like the others, she was in tears and bawling her head off, begging her boss to stop as her bottom went from pink to dark pink to bright red. As was revealed in Part One Andrea and her colleagues were in trouble because they violated corporate policy and misappropriated moneys allocated for an important business trip, nearly costing their corporation a very important, very profitable account. Unfortunately for all involved, their boss, Mr. Kramer, was not an easy man to fool. He didn’t get where he was by being stupid. And it didn’t take him long to figure out what they had done. As Andrea got her spanking and briefly reflected on how she got into this mess, annoyed at herself for being so foolish, the events leading up to everyone’s downfall began to be revealed…

Counselor Troi's Other Method's, by Mike (March 6, 2017)

After 48 blistering licks, Deanna stopped and helped John Smith to his feet. Tears filled his blue eyes and he buried his head on Deanna's chest and, as he remembered his parents and his aunt and uncle, he started crying in earnest. She held him tight and soothed him with words of comfort.

"It is okay, John. I know that your butt hurts right now, almost as much as the memories, but you must learn to behave. If you are naughty then Mommy must spank your bare butt very hard. It is to ensure that you behave. It is learning self-control. Everyone has thoughts of doing a practical joke now and then, but they control them through self-discipline. Do you understand me?"

Aunt Shoshona Lets Bert Have It, by Rachel Heath (March 3, 2017)

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! His ass cheeks were turning quite red. Shoshona always liked it when they got dark because that meant she was really teaching him a lesson.

" Ow! Oh! Oh! I’m so sorry, Aunt Shoshona, I’m so sorry! Ouch!"

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! "Yes, now you’re sorry," she observed. "Very sorry. Amazing how wood againsta bare bottom builds character."

" Ouch! Ouch! It hurts!"

" Good," she said. "That’s exactly what it’s meant to do."

Bailed Out, by N.G. (March 3, 2017)

At last, we reached the college and I parked the car in front of my dorm. Mattie had finally calmed down, and silently the boys headed inside. Scott went with them. Mattie and Tim were in a triple room. Their roommate had recently transferred out, however, and Scott often stayed over as he did not get along with either of his own roommates. Rob took my hand, and we followed them. He addressed the boys one more time as we entered the dorm and went up the stairs, pausing in front of their room. “Jen and I have a lot of discussion ahead of us,” he said, making little effort to control the level of his voice. “If you do not want us to automatically report this, be in Jennifer’s room no later than 12:00 pm tomorrow. We will share our decision with you then.” Then Rob did lower his voice, “In the meantime keep your mouths shut. Should Jen and I decide to look the other way on this, we are placing ourselves at risk, so the fewer peoplewho know the better. Understand?”

The Aunt Fanny Show, Part Two, by Jason (February 27, 2017)

"Mom believes in long, hard spankings. It doesn't take long for me to be reduced to a crying mass of tears and sobs with a four alarm fire on my bottom, apologizing after each spank and promising perfect behavior for the rest of my life. That doesn't deter her in the least. She spanks me until she thinks I have sincerely learned my lesson. When she finally finishes, I have to stand with my back to her mirror and look over my shoulder at my now maroon behind. She lectures me again, saying I brought the spanking on myself and better behavior will prevent more. I'm sent back to the corner for another hour, her watching to make sure I don't rub my bottom. When she lets me out, I have to endure the indignity of her dressing me. I am taken to my room where I have to raise my dress and slip to my waist. She lowers my panties half way down my thighs and takes to me to a corner. I have to stand there until my bath and bedtime.

"The punishment spankings are bad enough, but Mom also believes in what she calls preventive spankings. Every Saturday morning, after completing my household chores, I have to dress and go to her room. Like punishment spankings, I'm undressed to my bra and panties, put in the corner, then called to her side. I have to request that she put me over her lap, lower my panties, and spank my bare bottom so I'll remember to be good the following week. She only hand spanks me, but it still hurts like the devil and I still shed many tears, sobbing that I'll remember to be a good girl. When she's finished, I'm allowed to dress myself with no additional corner time and go on about my business.

Smoke Beaters, by B.C. and Wife (February 27, 2017)

He started kicking and screaming. She did not spank him very long, but he surely got a damn good spanking. After about two dozen terrible spanks she stopped, but held him in position to spank. "Each time I have to do this, I'm going to spank you longer until you don't smoke any more. Now the next time you want a cigarette I want you to remember this." She raised the paddle again and gave him another dozen hard fast spanks. He again screamed and writhed in pain.

When this spanking had been nicely delivered, she let him slide to his knees at her feet. He knelt there bawling and rubbing his sore ass. She reached out and took hold of his hair and said, "Don't make me do this again, or you will really be sorry. And don't even think of missing an appointment. If I have to come after you there's no telling who may get to watch you get spanked. Do you understand me?"

Take Me Out to the Ballgame, by Rod Birch & Bridget Striker (February 24, 2017)

After the sixth stroke landed, I thought they were done harassing the poor man, but was I ever wrong? A white-haired, somewhat grandmotherly woman, quickly stepped forward. Edward has one of those long scrotums that dangle down between his thighs. His testicles, looking like oversized niggertoes (perhaps in this politically correct day and age, I should say Brazil nuts) could be seen clearly outlined in the sac. Bent forward, scrotum dangling, legs spread, he was defenseless. Suddenly the older woman thrust her hand between Edward's thighs and seized his testicles. And squeezed.

I was shocked. I stood there stunned, immobilized unable to believe what I was seeing. In my experience, women just didn't do that, at least not nice women. I had heard of women who enjoyed squeezing men's testicles, but this was the first time I'd ever witnessed such a thing. Edward let out a squawk like a chicken having its neck wrung, then tried to bring his legs together. But grandma had a good grip on his sensitive balls and simply squeezed harder. "Aaaaah," he quavered. "Oh, Jesus, lady, let go, please let go."

Aunt Fanny Show, Part One, by Jason (February 24, 2017)

Fred: "Today's letter is from a young wife. 'Dear Aunt Fanny, I recently bought a lot of clothes I didn't really need, busting our household budget and running up our credit card balance. My husband was naturally furious and said what I needed was a long and hard butt busting with a hairbrush. I was shocked that he would say something like that and threatened to divorce him if he laid one hand on me like that. After our tempers cooled down overnight, I realized he was right. I needed and deserved to be tossed face down over his knee and have my panties pulled down for a long, hard bare bottom spanking that would leave me unable to sit comfortably for awhile. I brought it up the next evening when we both got home from work, apologizing and stating my willingness to take my punishment. To my surprise and horror, he took me in his arms and gently patted my bottom, saying that I had now been spanked. He said it was a momentary flare up of temper. He could never could that to me. I've returned the clothing but I still feel guilty about what I did. How can I get my husband to properly punish me? Signed, Sue in Seattle."

Ann and Greg, Fun at a Party, by A.M. (February 20, 2017)

In my solitude, I basked in the glow that always came from a good spanking. My butt hurt like hell, but I loved the warmth. I spent probably fifteen minutes in the bedroom, then - after having eased my undershorts ever so lightly and ever so slowly over my well-whipped bottom - I, too, joined the guests.

Auntie Tales Control, by Angela (February 20, 2017)

Bob began to squirm and try to get off my lap. I grabbed his right wrist and pulled it up nearly to his shoulder blades pressing it into his back. I spanked harder and faster, telling him that it would only get worse if he fought me. He still squirmed but did stop trying to get away. It would have been useless for him to struggle. I knew I would be able to hold him over my lap. I'm tall and strong with shoulder length blonde hair. Bob has dark hair and is about my height of 6 feet tall, but he is lightly built and doesn't exercise and work out like I do. I also had experience on my side.

I kept up the spanking and soon the tears started. He still kicked and squirmed, but now his pleas were replaced by sobbing. First, soft, little sobs and then deep heart-wrenching sobs as the unrelenting hairbrush spanked his bottom. I kept his hand up behind his shoulder blades so he was aware of his controlled position. Still, I kept on spanking him until he collapsed over my knees, totally spent from his ordeal. I spanked him a few more times to be sure that he had totally lost control and only stopped spanking when his soft sobs didn't increase again.

Anniversary Dance, by Victoria (February 17, 2017)

"We'll see. But you have to pay for this time." I placed my hands on his waistband and he cooperated just as he had watched Lisa do. His briefs were down to his knees in seconds. I put my hand on his quivering buttocks. He was reacting just the opposite of Lisa. He usually didn't move at the beginning of a spanking, this time he was almost bouncing. I could feel how hard he was and I opened my thighs to accommodate him. My skirt had ridden up as the naughty people spread themselves across my knees.

I patted his bottom. "Young man, how does it feel to be over my knees ready to get a good sound spanking?"

Ann and Greg, Rumninations Over a Knee, by A.M. (February 17, 2017)

"Anne ! Ouch ! Please ! I haven't (OUCH) done anything wrong!"

"Nobody (CRACK) said you've done anything wrong. (CRACK!) It's been a whole week (CRACK !) since I've spanked you. That's too long for you to go (CRACK) between spankings! You've got nothing to (CRACK) say about it!"

I was beginning to wriggle about on her lap. She wrapped her left arm around my waist as she continued to pummel my naked posterior with that damnable hairbrush. In as much as she outweighs me by maybe 90 or 95 pounds, and is probably an inch or two taller than me, she didn't have much trouble keeping me in position, while she pounded my vulnerable backside.


Brian and His Grandmother, by Thomas Bruns (February 14, 2017)

Brian trudged up the stairs, his steps not unlike a man being led to an execution. He knew that he was really going to get it now, but something about the whole thing seemed to be comforting. He reached his room and went to the dresser. There on the top was the brush his grandmother had told him to bring. He lifted it up and shivered at the size of the thing. His mother’s brush wasn’t that big. This one looked as if it had been made for spanking. It was rather large and made of a very solid wood. He gripped it tightly in his hand and plodded back down the steps. By the time he’d gotten back to the kitchen, his grandmother had pulled out one of the chairs from the table and was sitting in it in the middle of the room.

Ann and Greg, The Birthday Boy, by A.M. (February 14, 2017)

Anne, who'd been wearing a heavy, winter dress with a full skirt, took up her position. It was not to the side of me as you would imagine, or, at least, the way I had imagined it. She rucked up her skirt almost to the bottom of her panties - an action unheard of for Anne - and straddled my body at the shoulders. Her fanny was directly over my head and she was facing my bare butt. I'd never heard of such a thing. I couldn't imagine what she had in mind. It didn't take long to find out. She brought that damnable tawse down on my naked left cheek with a vengeance! A terrible stripe of fire that ran from the top of that bare mound down to my thigh.

Ann and Greg, Part Three, by Greg Babcock (February 10, 2017)

She turned to me, tears in her eyes. "I think I probably went too far. I just got so caught up in the thing. I enjoy spanking you, Greg. I really do. It started out just as a thing where I was indulging you. But, I've gotten to where I really love to do it. I'm as hung up on spanking you as you're hung up on getting spanked. But, I think I went too far. I don't want to do anything to hurt you . . . anything to drive you away from me. I love you. I've waited my whole life for you. I know most people would think that beating you is a perverse way to show my love for you, but I know you love to get it."

Above and Beyond, Part One, by Greg Babcock (February 10, 2017)

No time to reflect on such things, though. Once again, the "Whoosh!" filled the room and another tong of fire filled my naked rear end. She was unrelenting! Again and again the switch visited a ribbon of hell across my vulnerable fanny!

The thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth were delivered in such a way that the diagonal strokes intersected the terrible welts already covering my exposed flesh back there. Those three brought tears. Clara had never brought me to tears -- ever. I wondered how I'd be able to withstand the onslaught. Once the fifteen strokes had been seared into my bare bottom, she ordered me off the day bed.

I was commanded to walk in front of her as she directed me toward the front of the house and down a long stairway into the basement -- then through another long hallway toward the back once more. Except for the time we spent on the stairs, she continued to whack me across my exposed backside with stupid switch.

Ann and Greg, Part Two, by Gregory Babcock (February 6, 2017)

Next one in was Jeannette --Anne's bosom buddy. They were best friends and went back a long way. My fiance had, on two different occasions, spanked me in front of Jeannette and her husband, Ray, using a paddle once and--on my birthday -- a tawse. Jeannette had never been one of my favorite people -- despite the fact that we starred in an amateur production of South Pacific.

Over the time I'd known Jeannette, she'd ridden me mercilessly over the fact that Anne spanked me. She'd become so wrapped up in the girl-spanks-boy situation, that at one time, according to Anne, she'd ordered her husband to drop hides pants and drawers so that she could apply her hairbrush to his bare bottom.

Another Family's Secret, by Ralph Greco (February 6, 2017)

Again my coffee cup began to shake. Uncle Ben looked over at my mom and I knew for those few seconds I wasn't in the room. It was like watching a battle of wills, my mom suggesting something and my uncle thinking about if he wanted it to continue. I knew I was a factor as the witness to all this, but it really was between my mom and my uncle then. Was she going to order him across her lap again and would my uncle agree? Or was my mom going to make this `worse'?

" We really ought to stop here," my uncle said. "It could get really outta hand if you do what I think you're gonna do."

Ann and Greg, Part One, by Gregory Babcock (February 3, 2017)

He's really getting bruised," observed Jeanette. "I don't know, Anne. His bum looks pretty bad to me."

"Well, hopefully, he learned his lesson," said Anne. "Next time maybe he'll jump right up out of his chair and go get me the hairbrush when I ask for it. That's what's really bothering me. He wouldn't go get the damn hairbrush when I told him to. He's got to learn that he can't (CRACK!) get away with that."

That last shot caught me totally unprepared.

Aunt Dee, by Thomas Bruns (February 3, 2017)

It had all started because Aaron had wanted to go to the mall. Aunt Dee had said that the city was doing some construction on the main road that would last for a week and he would have had to take a detour that went through a less than nice part of town. She didn't think he was ready for driving in that area, so she had told him that he couldn't go today, but she would take him herself tomorrow. Aarot convinced, but then it really wasn't that important. Rather than argue the point with her mother, she got up as slowly as she could, hoping her mother wouldn't notice the free sway of her plump breasts beneath her blouse. She went into the kitchen to fix herself a bowl of ice cream. As she dug out the frozen mixture and put it into a bowl, she thought about her boyfriend Jerry. She was braless tonight because Jerry had wanted her that way. No biker mama, he'd told her, was going to wear underwear when she rode with him. She hadn't worn either panties or a bra when she'd gone out with him tonight. If her mother noticed, it was going to be a long and painful night.

After the Party, by Ralph Greco, Jr (January 30, 2017)

“Barbara,” I said, and walked right up to her. “You have to know that the longer you make me wait the worse it is going to be. I was planning on just ten smacks on your bare ass, you’ve just increased it to twelve. Do you want to try for more?”

That rocked her! Barbara turned slowly then, but not soon enough that I didn’t see a tear form in her eye. She was crying more from the anticipation of what was to come and how she had gotten herself here then from the pain she was feeling. I loved that she was about to cry, that her mind was pulling at her to accept what she was having so hard a time accepting. And I loved the fact that she was anticipating twelve swats that would certainly never be coming; I had no care to be that brutal on her for her first time. I simply wanted to terrorize her a bit this time.

Amanda's Strong Stand, by Rachel Heath (January 30, 2017)

He hesitated. Then he did it: draped himself across Amanda’s knees for a bare bottom spanking, just like a naughty little boy being disciplined. His head swam with bafflement. He felt keenly the humiliation of his ridiculous position but comforted himself with the knowledge that a spanking from a slender woman like Amanda could not actually hurt much.

Swat! Amanda brought the ping pong paddle down on one buttock. Swat! Then she brought it down on the other one.

Adventures of Ann, Part Two, by B.C. & Wife (January 27, 2017)

I watched as this grown man, who was five years older than I, obey me like a frightened little boy obeys Mommy. When he got to the corner, I was disappointed to see that his shirt tail covered part of his ass. I commanded, "Hold up that shirt tail!" He obediently reach behind his back and lifted his shirt tail, giving me an unrestricted view of his well spanked butt. Watching him obey my every command, was almost as much fun as spanking him.

All in the Family, by James Sondance (January 27, 2017)

It bothered Monica. She told my mother. I got a report. "Mother says I never have to do it with a hairbrush." "Good for her." "She says I should spank often but not so hard." "I get more from you than I ever did at home." "But I'm not sure you can even feel my hand on your hard bottom." "I feel it. You spank hard." "You never cry." "Monica, Monica, have you never been spanked?" "No." "How a spanking feels has very little to do with it. It's the embarrassment. How do you think I like being naked across your knees?" "Why I see you naked every day." "It's not the same. Pants down is embarrassing nakedness." "I suppose so." "All I can see of you is pretty legs." "You're not supposed to be thinking of legs when I spank you." "I stop quick enough. You turn my thoughts to my own anatomy." "Embarrassment? Would you have been embarrassed if I'd spanked you at the party when you kissed Eloise?" "Monica! Don't even suggest it!" "Come here."

The Advantages of Ann, Part One, by B.C. & Wife (January 23, 2017)

"When I got spanked for your enjoyment, it hurt like hell and I got it twice! So, that's what's going to happen to you. You are going to get two spankings from each of us. Further more you are going to stop that whining and take your punishment like a big boy. You will not beg and you will not struggle. We have thought of a way to punish you if you don't take your spankings properly. Each time you do something we don't like, you will earn a welt, to be given after your spankings are all over. Lisa is anxious to start and Ann wants to bat clean up. So you will go put yourself over Lisa's lap first. When she has finished spanking you, you will crawl to me and lay over my lap. When I have finished spanking you, you will crawl over and lay over Ann's lap. Then you will repeat the circle again, receiving another spanking from each of us. Do you understand what you have to do?"

After School Instruction, by Suzanne (January 23, 2017)

Apparently that was exactly what she meant. "In other words, Tim, I think a good, hard spanking might help get you back on track. And I think that future spankings may be warranted. If you agree to allow me to chastise you as I see fit, I think we may be able to work something out as far as your grade goes. I also think spankings will serve to remind you to keep your mind on your studies, where it should be. Of course, I can't force you to bend over my lap so I can spank your bare bottom. But you said a few minutes ago that you were willing to do anything to prove your desire to mend your ways. I'd be interested to see if you really meant it."

GyneDomina, Part Three, by Papa (January 20, 2017)

"Every chapter has a disciplinarian chosen from among the membership by GyneMistress. If a female is judged to require punishment for, say, misbehaviour," Vivian responded, "sister disciplinarian attends to it." The women were good pupils. Vivian could see that at once. They picked up immediately on the new vocabulary that Vivian taught them. Time passed but no one cared how late it became. The women learned of "dipping". This may be described as the stimulation of the male penis to a state of erection and its penetration on command of the Woman's anus or her vagina inch by inch and not a centimeter beyond. The male is to maintain control, to withhold ejaculating no matter the sensitivity of every penile nerve, or suffer a severe strapping. They learned of the Council, that group of chosen GyneMadams who served as the Supreme Court in all major disputes. Council administered its own fearsome degree of judicial discipline behind closed doors. And they learned of "presenting" (wherein every GyneMadam presented herself naked across the lap of a GyneMistress she has selected in order to learn the pleasures of spanking and clitoral stimulation combined).

Jessica, by B.J. (January 20, 2017)

Jessica was furious! She understood perfectly what her mother had meant about wanting to spank him. If anybody deserved to have their bottom blistered it was that sloppy, lazy man napping on the couch. Her first impulse was to shake Ted awake and berate him for his sloppiness. Then, she had a better idea. She inspected the rest of the house first and assess the damages. What she saw only made her more angry! The entire place was a mess, one room worse than another, the kitchen worse of all. Ted may not have know how to cook but that hadn't stopped him from trying. He certainly didn't know how to clean up after himself! Well, she would change that in a hurry!

She went back into the living room to wake Ted. When she saw that he had turned over onto his stomach, Jessica knew just the right way to wake him. She went and got her mother's hair brush. She stood over Ted and, taking careful aim brought the brush down hard twice, once on each cheek.

His First Time, by Barrister (January 16, 2017)

The pain was so intense that the room was enveloped in silence, as it literally took away his breath. Before he could verbally react to the first spank with the hairbrush, the second, third and fourth blows landed, left, right, left. The pain was like a flame being held to his naked flesh; it was searing, scorching, white hot. When he found his voice, it was to beg her to stop. His pleas filled the room as she continued to spank him with the hairbrush. After the first group of spanks, he noticed that he could bear them better if he didn't clench his bottom cheeks, but let them relax and accept the blows. Each spank brought him closer and closer to using his safeword, but he was determined not to do so unless he truly could take no more. He'd be damned if he'd use it before he had experienced a really hard, serious spanking. After all, he had waited for decades for this moment. To end it prematurely would haunt him during the dry spells ahead. He tried to think of other things to suppress the pain. It only worked a little bit.

GyneDomina, Part Two, by Papa (January 16, 2017)

Lars could be heard moaning under the onslaught of Chrystal's punishment behind the closed bedroom door less than 20 feet away. "No....noooooo, Chrys, please! Not the hairbrush!"


"As for Bill taking me across his knees..." Deborah continued, raising her voice slightly to compensate for the background sounds of Lars's discipline, "I'll be frank. Occasionally I find that a spanking enhances my sexual pleasure and I have Bill spank me. But if you are asking whether Bill punishes me by spank...well! He knows better than even to think about it! Don't you, Bill!"

GyneDomina, Part One, by Papa (January 13, 2017)

"No! Please, Viv! Don't report me to Council...please!" All trace of Charles's recent tipsiness at the card table was gone. Vivian, with a breath from the corner of her mouth to blow aside the strands of her hair fallen over her eyes, was pulling him with force. "Cover yourself! What will the ladies think of your display! ("More! More! Oh, Give It To Me!" echoed in various forms in the minds of the dumbstruck women in the room beyond.) There will be Council and for your information I will ask particularly for Emma to administer penalty! You'll sleep in a diaper tonight...!"

Hairbrush Hunting, by Ed Finn (January 13, 2017)

“Well, I knew there was only one sure way ta raise up good, God-fearin’ kids, and that was the way my own momma done it. This very hairbrush that you see right here was hers. And let me tell ya, she knew how ta use it! I wouln’t be half the woman I’m today if ‘tweren’t fer Momma and this hairbrush.” Lisa and I could not resist exchanging a quick, amused glance. Did this mean I was destined to be immensely fat?

Dora was oblivious to the possible mis-interpretation of her remark. “Lordy, does it sting! Ooo-wee!” she said, wincing at some long forgotten personal contact on the receiving end of that notorious hairbrush. I use ta use my hand on Sally, my gal, but when the boys started to gettin’ older I needed somethin’ better, so I went and got Momma’s hairbrush. Boy oh boy, did they ever not like that! I guar-own-tee ya, you can spank the very devil hisself right outa any young man who’s so foolish as ta get his bare butt in the way of it!”

Out of the Frying Pan, Part Two, by P.B. Whiting (January 9, 2017)

Alice drove Billy to the airport the following morning and watched until his plane had taken off. After returning home, she made a fresh pot of coffee and then went to the front room and sat down glancing at her watch now and then as she read the morning paper. She nodded with satisfaction as she heard footfalls coming up the porch steps. Going to the door, she opened it and saw, as she had expected, her postman, Harry Sheldon, with the day's mail. "Good morning Harry!" she said brightly. "I see you're a little early today."

A Spanking Good Marriage, by Greg Babcock (January 9, 2017)

Sighted once again, I hurried out the side door, made my way around my car and then hers in the driveway and opened the gate to the back yard. The maple tree in the far corner of the yard had lost numerous small branches to switch requirements over the seven years we'd lived in our lovely, secure middle class neighborhood in one of Cleveland's southeastern suburbs.

Why, you ask, would an otherwise normal-appearing man of 45 docily obey his wife in such an adventure? Isn't it bad enough to get a switching without the added embarrassment of actually having to cut the very switches to be used on your bottom?

Out of the Frying Pan, Part One, by P.B. Whiting (January 6, 2017)

With seeming reluctance, Kate lay down across her employer's lap shuddering as she felt her skirt being pushed well up over her back. Her buttock muscles contracted as Faye ran both hands over her naked bottom. "What a fine behind you have for spanking Kate," said Faye picking up the hairbrush from alongside the chair. She patted the other woman's rotundities with the back of the brush. "Here it comes!" she said and began to lay on the wooden brush with short, crisp blows. SMACK! SMACK! SPLAT! SMACK! Up and down went Faye's strong right arm and the sound of the wooden hairbrush striking naked buttocks soon was joined by Kate's plaintive cries and moans of pain.

SMACK! SMACK! "Ouch! You're killing me!"

George's Gamble, by Rick (January 6, 2017)

"You need this, don't you, Jean?" he asked hoarsely. You've been asking... Smack...Smack...Smack.. Smack.. for it Smack... Spank... all night." He was getting warmed up and well into a hard spanking rhythm. He pulled down her panties and put his left hand under her hips and between her legs. Her pubic hair was thick and hot and moist. He probed around her vagina and gently massaged her sensitive love button while continuing a hard steady spanking. Jean's moans and little cries were mixed between pain and delight. George was near the edge and finally stopped. Jean slid off his thighs onto the floor. Slowly she took off her sweater and her bra. Her eyes were hooded and her expression was full of lust. She got up and slowly walked over to her dresser and brought back a thick leather strap about 18 inches long and split at one end. "Spank me with this," she whispered softly. George pulled her over his knee again; he was mesmerized by the sight of her big bottom over his thighs arched up and flaming red. The strap made a loud SMACK! when he brought it down on her bottom and for the next five minutes the sounds of the strap and Jean's cries and moans filled the room.

Ernie Baker's Lessons in Humanity, Part Two, by Rachel Heath (January 2, 2017)

“I think I’m running into trouble again,” Ernie told his wife as the couple sat at the table. They were enjoying a special dish cooked by Debbie, a chicken dish covered with a sour cream type of sauce. Ernie liked this meal a lot although he feared it was fattening. Of course, weight was not a big problem for either of them, at least not yet.

“What’s going on?” Debbie asked, her eyes narrowing before gulping down some milk.

“Well, the boss says I’m too arrogant. Some people have been complaining to him about it.”

“Yes,” Debbie said in a non-committal tone. “Is he right?” she asked as cut up another slice of chicken, then spooned up some peas.

Ernie pursed his lips. He shifted uncomfortably in the chair. “I don’t know,” he said at last.

“You don’t?” his wife looked at him with a searching gaze

Everybody in the Family, by Eileen (January 2, 2017)

We lay silently next to each other. I knew Paul was awake.

I sat up, leaning forward, half across him, to glance at the clock. Two twenty-five in the morning. I turned to look pointedly at my husband, his face veiled in shadow. "I know you're awake."

He stirred, then sat up. He smiled, looking sheepish. "Oh, you know. I couldn't sleep."

I nodded. "Kim. She was due back over an hour ago."

Paul ran his hands through his hair and stretched. "Well, she is eighteen. I guess it's not so unusual for an eighteen year old to decide to --"

English, History, But What About Math, by Victoria (December 30, 2016)

Dick slid down on his chair, trying to hide himself from Mrs. Jennings as she walked into his math class. Mrs. Parker had just called his name and was holding his paper out toward him. Mrs. Jennings would have been a star on the football squad--he had never seen a better interception. Not ever.

Mrs. Jennings was holding the test, and Dick was trying to disappear. Mrs. Jennings looked straight at him. She looked at his paper. Dick didn't even know his score yet, but he knew "the" score. He saw it written in Mrs. Jennings' eyes.

The hickory stick....that was for sure....that awful terrible hickory stick that she had threatened him with the night before if he didn't answer every question in history. He hadn't gone out with friends last night so he could be sure that he had his history and English work done better than any other person in the class. He suddenly wished he had studied more math.

Ernie Baker's Lessons in Humanity, by Rachel Heath (December 30, 2016)

Ernie Baker stepped into his supervisor’s office with a knot forming in the pit of his stomach. His boss, Frank Churchill was about five years younger than Ernie, in his very early twenties. His also looked to Ernie like something of a wuss: very slender, weak-chinned, pimples marring both cheeks, he wore his lank blonde hair parted to the side and semi-long. He also had a nose that reminded Ernie of a beak. He knew Churchill had gotten a draft deferment. A coward!

The office was a small, square room decorated in drab browns and grays that rather reflected Ernie’s sinking spirits. There was a musty odor, unpleasant and somehow oily. Frank Churchill fidgeted uncomfortably in a big, well-upholstered chair covered in a synthetic material of dark brown.

Ernie did not sit down in the large wooden chair opposite Churchill’s desk that was scattered with papers and manilla folders. He had a small calendar standing on the desk, torn off to May 1971. A few dates were scribbled on in red ink.

Family Secrets, by Kiara Sarong (December 26, 2016)

Come here," she invited huskily. "You're not going to keep any pride or secrets from me. You're mine."

His knees went weak with pleasure at the possessive warmth in her voice. He swallowed, then slowly obeyed. The armless sofa allowed his legs to remain on the floor. Placing his buttocks in her lap, he buried his face in the velour cushions. The humiliation was profuse. Even though Deirdre was his wife, and they had been married nearly a year, he felt thoroughly exposed.

He squirmed with anxiety. Exasperatingly, there was an erotic sweetness in this excruciatingly vulnerable position and, with apparent indifference to his mental distress, his cock continued to throb, remaining fully engorged.

A Few Choice Refined Girls, by Rod Birch (December 26, 2016)

In a way, Mistress Stevens kinda reminded him of his own former school mistress, Miss Rachel. But Miss Rachel had been much older than Mistress Kate and nowhere near as pretty. But he recalled that, for some reason, he'd had a crush on his school teacher, pretty of not, although he couldn't exactly say why. Nevertheless, when he was sixteen, he had been a little in love with the queenly school teacher.

He recalled how he used to squirm when Miss Rachel would come to his desk and lay a hand on his shoulder, then rub the nape of his neck, all the while idly flicking a freshly cut hickory switch she'd taken from a tree in the school yard. He recalled, too, how he'd blush and warily eye the switch in Miss Rachel's hand. Fortunately for him, he never failed to answer correctly. He wondered what would've happened, though, if he had failed to answer her questions correctly. He'd often wondered whether the stories were true that Miss Rachel had made some boys stay after school and then would make them drop their trousers and bend over a desk? Then, or so the stories went, she would switch the poor boy's bare backside. And according to some of the stories, Miss Rachel seemed to downright enjoy switching a boy's bare bottom.

Poker Game, by Jason (December 23, 2016)

The bathroom door finally opened and I heard the soft padding of Jackie's feet on the bedroom carpet. As instructed, I kept my head down looking at the chair seat. A dresser drawer opened then closed, presumably for fresh panties. I next heard the rattling of loose change in my pants pocket and the sound of my belt sliding through the loops. My ass was doomed. More soft steps and she was in front of me. Her panties were now full size navy blue. My size 32 belt was draped around her neck and she was holding a pair of pink sheer panties in her hands. "Are you ready for the rest of your spanking, Kyle?" Before I could answer, she laughed and said, "Silly me. Nobody's ever ready for a spanking." She quickly turned serious again. "I was thinking about what you said about how the belt might break the skin and make you bleed. To set your mind at ease, I've decided to let you wear a little protective covering. She held up the pink panties for me to see. I wanted to protest that the spanking was enough and there was no need to add this humiliation, but I kept quiet. Jackie stepped behind me and I felt her lift one ankle then the other so I could step into the panties. A second later, they were pulled over my burning butt. They were so tight they actually made the sting worse.

Gabriella's Revenge, by Victoria (December 23, 2016)

She stopped and scolded again. She positioned him better over her knees. She wrapped her arm about him tighter and made him put his hand back so she could tuck his wrist under his body.

"And now, my little man, let's see how you like this. If you are so anxious to touch Gabriella, how about something of Gabriella's touching you?" With that, she brought the sandal down with a snap. Snap was right. It snapped and snapped all over his wiggling bottom. He couldn't stop the wiggling and yelling. It really stung. He bounced up and down on her lap and kicked his legs as he yelled.

"Don't you like that?"

Four Spankings in One Day, by Dr. Dlaniger (December 19, 2016)

The girls really liked Ralph Welldridge. He had the type of beauty that got him noticed, made him popular in school, and well liked by everyone. In fact, because he was so good looking his friends always felt very protective of him, going out of their way to make life very pleasant for him…even during those times when he would explode in a rage and become very unpleasant to those around him. But when he wanted to Ralph could be a real charmer. Teachers in school liked him and gave him special consideration all the time and the same proved true with his supervisors where he worked. Because of his good looks he had always been a winner.

Friend of a Friend, by Ralph Greco (December 19, 2016)

First of all, I knew this girl with the impossibly high cheekbones was dead serious...or she seemed to be, which at that moment was enough for me! Secondly, she was right, as it most likely looked to Dee (the ‘she-who-will-remain-nameless’) I was a terrible flirt (even with Dee) and too much a ‘player’ at the ripe old age of twenty-six (Dee often remarked how ‘inappropriate’ she found my flirting and late night carousing). And thirdly, Tina might have been the budding bad girl I was looking for; someone who was just horny enough to be really kinky and deliver some surprises into my abundant but staid dating life!

Hot Negotiations, by Ed Finn (December 16, 2016)

I suggested we should make sure we both understand where the line is between our “normal,” so-called, real lives and the “play lives” we had created the previous evening. Lisa pointed out the line might not be that easy to draw, and we agreed to leave it open to on-going interpretation and negotiation. The main thing was honesty; as long as we always understand where the other is coming from, the line can, in fact, move based on circumstances, of all kinds.

His and Hers, and Hers, by A.W. (December 16, 2016)

It started about seven years ago, during the first few months of being a newlywed. My wife Janet is a nurse who worked at a small suburban hospital in Westchester, NY. I'm a teacher at a private school in New York City. Our sex life was, and is still, good. We experimented with different things which included spanking. After reading several letters in magazines such as Penthouse, we each took turns being the spanker and spankee, using the open hand and a variety of positions. Our favorite, however, is the classical 'over the knee' position, with the receiver having a bare bottom. Janet has a full and muscular backside, which I like to make pink and tingle. On the other hand, she can really dish it out as well and has given me many a reason to sleep on my stomach. All in all, we never get too severe, and always end up by applying a soothing lotion to the recipient's hot buns. I must also mention that, up until the time of this incident, we only spanked for fun, never using it as a form of discipline.

Hairbrush? Whatever....., by Ed Finn (December 12, 2016)

Livia grinned and spanked on. She’d heard it all many time before. Todd was in that stage where a youngster first begins to realize a spanking is at least a semiserious thing. He has given up the silent treatment and is now making demands, commanding his spanker to cease and desist. The flaw in his theory of how to best prevent further damage to his stinging backside is obvious to all but him. The simple rule of thumb is, one does not attempt to order his spanker about. Until a better alternative is found, the spanking will not only continue, as did Todd’s, now approaching the four minute mark, but the spanker becomes ever more inspired as the victim becomes ever more strident in his demands. It’s all simple human nature, but how many of us are tuned in to the simple demands of human nature when so sorely distracted? Todd certainly was not.

Aunt Harriet & the Log Ride Home, by The Sergeant (December 12, 2016)

The show lasted about ten minutes and encompassed about twenty_five swats of that paddle. Pamela's cheeks were bright red and there were small deeper purplish spots that would become bruises as the immediate impact ebbed. She had been well paddled and as she slowly stood up, when Aunt Harriet said she could, she rubbed her bottom frantically. I knew I should get out of the tree and get back to a more innocent place, but I kept hoping she would turn toward the window before restoring her clothing. But, by chance or Pamela's own concern for modesty, she moved away from the window, over to where I could barely see her and dressed, her back still to my direction. Not as much as I had hoped, but none_the_less more than I had ever witnessed before. While adults were frequently in attendance at punishments, the family was careful not to mix the sexes of the younger group during punishment.

Learning Her Rules, by Jason (December 9, 2016)

Finally, Mary moved from the chair back to the bed. Bill heard her footsteps, but kept writing until she said, "Bring your papers to me." He quickly stacked them, making sure they were in the proper order of numbers and brought them over. Mary looked carefully at each sheet. "Two hundred twenty-four times; very nice. I think this rule is definitely locked in your mind. Now I want to lock it in her heart as well. Kneel in front of me with your hands cupping your bottom cheeks and your head bowed." Bill was a little slow to obey. "I mean it, young man. If I have to repeat myself, then it's that wide thick belt after the hairbrush." He quickly knelt and placed his hands on the panty seat, his eyes looking at her shoes. "I want to hear a polite and sincere request for me to put you over my knee, take down your panties, and spank your bare bottom with the hairbrush as many times as I think necessary to be sure you have learned this first rule. From this point forward until I take you out of your training and punishment panties, you are to address me as ma'am."

Hellion, by Alexandra (December 9, 2016)

Smack, smack, smack! As I continued with the paddling, I tried to figure how I was going to manage the next step: getting those leather jeans down where they belonged. I couldn't think of any sure-fire way that would insure Josh wouldn't just bolt away. But deciding that I didn't want to waste any more time with meaningless smacks, I took the risk, and I pushed him off my lap to the floor, hanging on to one wrist as I did.

"Take down your pants," I immediately ordered.

Her Mother's Daughter, by Rob Birch (December 5, 2016)

Suddenly his predicament seemed to dawn on him. Bare ass naked in public. Panic stricken, he glanced around. Our next door neighbor stood on her porch, eyes wide, mouth open, staring fixedly at his still semi-erect penis. Hunched over, trying to cover himself with his hands, he slowly took two steps backward. Suddenly he pivoted and desperately scampered up the front walk onto the front porch. Grabbing the front door handle, he twisted.

Mother Vera's Secret, by Papa (December 5, 2016)

Leona frowned but said she would do as Vera indicated. She felt Vera was her best hope of putting Matthew back on the road to proper behaviour. Her two other children responded quite acceptably when their behaviour merited a lengthy private time across her knees. On those occasions, all Leona had to do was take her paddle from its hook and point to the stairs. They knew where Mother was directing them. And why she closed her bedroom door once inside. Mother never allowed any interruption when she was giving correction. Matthew, on the other hand, had been in a stage of. . .well, what else could anyone call it but rebellion ever since he turned 16. If Matthew didn't respond to the kind of spanking she had just heard Vera give her daughter -- with still another soon to follow, Lord help her -- Leona thought, well. . .

Ginger, by Gregory Babcock (December 2, 2016)

“You will not tell me anything,” snarled Ginger. “You will not even ask me anything! Not when it comes to disciplining you! I will spank you … spank you good … whenever I choose to spank you! As often as I choose to spank you! With whatever I choose to spank you with! For as long as I choose to spank you. Believe me, when I finish with you, you’re not going to be able to sit down for a week! (WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!) This is my fanny!”

Good Reminders, by Jason (December 2, 2016)

Linda raised the paddle. She paused for a second to admire Casey's adorable firm butt inside the tight white underpants. SMACK! She put the first one on the lower part of his right cheek. "That was to remind you to get my daughter home on time." Casey grunted quietly and squirmed a little. There was a sting but nothing he couldn't handle. SMACK! She switched to the left side.Again a sting, but nothing bad. "No drinking since my daughter is under twenty-one." SMACK! "Drive carefully for your sake, Allison's sake, and for the sake of other people on the road." SMACK! "Your hands do not touch below my daughter's waist in back or below her neck in front." SMACK! "Neither one of you will remove a single article of clothing unless it's a jacket or sweater." SMACK! "If you have car trouble or something else happen, you will call me as soon as possible." She was alternating between cheeks. Casey was still grunting a little with each spank, but stayed still. SMACK! "Do you understand, Casey?"

Fundraiser, by Lee (November 28, 2016)

Having said this, Elaine adjusted Freddy on her lap and drew back her hand. When she brought it down again, it came down unbelievably hard. It exploded across Freddy's waiting bottom which elicited a pained yelp from him. She waited for the full effect of that slap to 'sink in' before drawing her arm back and delivering the second time once again bringing it down with a resounding "smack" on the very same territory as the first one. Again, Freddy let out a yelp of pain as the burn of the slap penetrated his posterior. Then she did something unexpected. She began to very gently stroke the target area which made him wriggle and squirm on her lap. The two slaps had made his bottom incredibly sensitive. But just then he found out that it wasn't just his bottom that was sensitive as she reached between his legs and gave a few strokes to the little area of skin which sits just behind the bottom of the scrotum. She then reached back and accepted the hairbrush from the sister. He braced himself. If she could have that much effect with just her hand, he was not looking forward to what she would be able to do with that mean looking hairbrush. Sure enough, when she made contact with his bottom with the hairbrush, he screamed in pain. Harold, still restrained at the post awaiting his fate, shuddered. He wasn't sure that he could take two of those, let alone that this was just the first turn of the afternoon. But he also knew that he had no choice in the matter.

Gorgeous Gams, by Victoria (November 28, 2016)

Victoria kept up a rapid fire of smacks which were making him feel like he was on fire. He was trying to be still and take it like a man, but he was losing his battle with that as the sharp stings of the ruler landed again and again. She completely covered and peppered his bottom with the ruler and then it got worse. She went back to a previously spanked area and began to concentrate on it. Over and over again until Charles had to cry out and had to beg for her to stop. Then he started to kick. He had to do something. He had to react. He couldn't just take it. He yelled out a little more and begged her to stop. She moved a bit south and slammed that ruler against the lower part of his bottom. He wiggled and squirmed and wagged his bottom and knew that he was putting on a show for the two women.

Hand of God, by Bellaroses (November 25, 2016)

A million spanks I will give her. My hand will raise and fall, SPANK SLAP SMACK, I will talk, scold, lecture, admonish. I will talk incessantly, spank continuously, not give her a chance to protest or explain, complain. SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK She will roll her hips from side to side, quicker, faster. Her legs will begin to flail about, unconsiously, she will kick out in a frenzy, loosing control! SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK Her sobs will become blubbering, her yelps blabbering pleadings for mercy. I suppose I will have to stop when she begins to beg for mercy. My slapping will slow, reluctantly. My smacks will be gentler. I will be struck with pity and will rub soothingly at the bright burning punished cheeks. My fingers will slip, my thumb will slide, maybe, down into the crevice, still hotter than the rest of her flesh which will be burning as bright as the hellfire. I will have to forgive her then. A few more spanks, gentle reminders, a little more soothing, patting, comforting.

Happily Ever After, by Gregory Babcock (November 25, 2016)

She beckoned me to drape myself across her lap! That was, of course, familiar territory! But, not that familiar! Never before had so much of my flesh come in erotic, esoteric, contact with so much of her flesh! My member – which wound up pushed downward, and wedged between my lower abdomen and the top of her right thigh – was gurgling more than that lethal mixture in the damn sink!

She reached behind her – and took hold of that damn syringe! Then, she dipped the nozzle into the hot, suds-laden, pungent, witch’s-brew in the sink! It seemed as though it took forever for the damn thing to fill! And we're talking about a shaft the length – and with the opening – of your normal, everyday, garden variety, fire hose! All right! So I’m exaggerating! But, not by much!

The Lecture, by Gregory Babcock (November 21, 2016)

Don't ask me what made me sign up for an evening course covering "Understanding Outer Space". About as near as I'd ever get to "the last frontier" would be watching the adventures of Jean Luc Picard and maybe Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock -- and that crowd.

But, I guess with the tenth anniversary of The Challenger tragedy -- and with all the talk of building space stations and the effects of weightlessness over a long period of time -- I guess my interest was piqued.

Mostly, though, I guess it was political. I'd been upset with all the money we'd appropriated for the National Aeronautical And Space Administration over the years -- and just maybe I wanted a more educated insight into whether it was worth all the billions of dollars. At that point, I hadn't been too thrilled with all that tax money going into those programs.

Some Lessons are Better Than Others, by H.B. (November 21, 2016)

I wasn't particularly popular in High School. I had my share of dates, I guess, but they never amounted to much and I thought that all of the other boys were involved in heavy romance and sexual encounters while I had an affair with my hand. College was a little better but not much, until my Senior year. That's when I met Paula. I had seen her around the campus every so often but never paid much attention to her. She was another one of the popular girls that I would never have a chance with, so why bother. Then, on the first day of classes starting my last year in college, she sits down right next to me in my Computer class. Two students shared the terminal at their table, so Paula and I became partners. After that first class she asked me to buy her a coke at the student union, she said she wanted to talk to me. I couldn't believe my ears but I wasn't going to do anything to make her take back her offer.

Nanny Watches, by Randy Slapp (November 18, 2016)

Aunt Rita taught me plenty about the baring and spanking of young womans. I found out the dreaded wooden hairbrush wasn't the worst, as Elly and Robby occasionally had to take the leather strap which licked down between their legs into spots the hairbrush didn't reach. And Rita had various ways of baring the children's behinds. Sometimes she unsnapped, unzipped and lowered jeans or skirts herself, and other times she required the kids to drop their own clothes. Poor Elly and Bobby never knew how they would be disrobed, but they always knew they would be spanked bare bottomed!

Even though I came to admit to myself how much I looked forward to witnessing my cousin's spankings, I was a very fair and loving "Nanny" to the kids. Elly and Robby and I love each other deeply now, and they've told me they don't blame me for any of their spankings - I rarely finked on them to their mom, and when I did the kids knew they deserved it.

See Napoleon Bonaparte Naked, by Gregory Babcock (November 18, 2016)

“ He might crawl … stark naked … into bed with Josephine,” expounded our leader. “But, you’d have to be a little bit careful. You see, Josephine was exceptionally cold-blooded. That doesn’t mean she was frigid. I don’t think very much is known about her love-making proclivities … so you’d probably have some little bit of leeway there. But, she hated … positively despised … the cold. So, while it might not upset some historian’s concept of Napoleon, to have him crawl into the feathers … in the buff … such would probably not be the case with Josephine. And historical romance fans are usually history buffs. So, you’ve got to be really careful. My suggestion would be that you’d want to have her clad … I suppose … in a nightgown of the heaviest, warmest, material. Wool. Flannel. Whatever. But, it should be warm. I point these things out … not especially to … ah … titillate you, but to bring home the point that you should be as factually correct as possible, when you write these things. Queen Victoria? Well, some say that she was very passionate. Others say she was a cold fish. You could, I suppose, have her naked … at some point … too. But, you’d have to pretty well check her out … as to how long she’d remain that way. And … sad to say … I’m no help. I’ve never studied … not all that much … about Queen Victoria. But, you get my drift.”

You're So Polite, by Gregory Babcock (November 14, 2016)

I’d retired -- a little over three years before -- at sixty-two. By the time I was sixty-five, I was feeling pretty good about it. I had a little mail order business going -- and, while I wasn’t setting the world on fire, financially speaking, I wasn’t doing all that badly. If I’d have had to have depended upon the magnificent stipend our glorious Social Security Administration deigned to bestow upon my unworthy butt, I’d have been in the poor house -- especially since I’d retired three years “early”. You only get something like 80% of what you’d normally get -- if you’d hung in the labor force for those three years.

The Power Behind the Throne, by Gregory Babcock (November 14, 2016)

"Don't want to hear it, Ted. You're going to get your bum caned ... and caned good! Just be ready for it when you get home. And don't pull the 'I'll be home late' routine, either. For every ten minutes past six-thirty, you'll get an extra six. An extra six of the best!"

"But ... but, listen, Monica. I did my best to push the thing through. But, the damn City Council ... well, you know how Bert Hodgin is. If the mall could've gone up on his property over on the south edge of town ... by the college ... the thing would've passed with flying colors. He'd have made a bundle, and I suppose we'd all be happy as hell."

"They don't need a mall down by the college. They've already got a mall down by the college. We need a mall ... need it badly ... out by Westside library and the assembly plant."

A Good Session, by Jason (November 11, 2016)

Jason removed everything except his T-shirt, and quickly pulled up the ruffled panties. His stomach was churning in a delicious fear and anticipation he hadn't felt since he and his Swedish nurse had sadly parted company fifteen years before. He looked at the growing bulge in the front of the tight panties and felt the stirrings in his groin. He also hadn't been this excited in years. After using the toilet, he knocked softly on the door.

Karen, now wearing white bra and panties, opened the door and held out her hand to Jason. They went in the dimly lit room, and stopped after Karen closed the door. As she turned a wall switch, the lights came up slowly, and Jason gasped at a room he had only read about in books, seen in videos, or fantasized in his mind. With beige walls and brown pile carpet, it would've looked like an ordinary room except for furnishings one wouldn't normally see in people's homes. A bondage bed, covered in black upholstery, took up the far end. Toward the center was one large straight chair, facing burgundy covered drapes on the far wall. To the side of the big chair were a row of smaller chairs. Placed just beyond them was a whipping bench, covered in black with a hump in the middle to elevate the buttocks.

A Trip to the Shrink, by Gregory Babcock (November 11, 2016)

The resounding CRACK! of leather pounding down upon bare flesh cut the protest, as would the sharpest knife. It felt as though I had a dozen knives stabbing me back there!

I began to clench my cheeks, an involuntary move.

"Web! Relax yourself back there!" commanded the good doctor. "A whipping or strapping or whatever has to be on a perfectly relaxed butt. You're just making it more difficult for yourself by scrunching up your cheeks! It actually hurts worse than if the buttocks are relaxed."

I Don't Get a Slap on the Fanny, by Gregory Babcock (November 7, 2016)

Dear Lord! Was it actually going to come true? She wasn’t rattling my cage – just to see me disintegrate before her very eyes – was she? She wouldn’t be so sadistic as to have me rent a room – and then not show up – would she?

Let me explain: The “Whoopie Motel” was a term they used to use on the old Sonny & Cher Show. Everyone knew what they meant – even in those more-pristine days of television. The Ram’s Head Motel, on the bypass, was our town’s answer to the “Whoopie Hotel”. It was located way back from the highway – and provided boodles of parking space behind the three-story building. It was comprised of 60 rooms – all of which had exotic lighting and water beds (with vibrators) and mirrors on every wall, as well as the ceiling above each of the king-sized beds. Everyone in town called it the “Whoopie Motel”! I guess it was a pretty heart-felt tribute to a pretty neat TV show.

Stacy, by Don & Roda (November 7, 2016)

Stacey bit her bottom lip, and with a sigh she could feel through out her body, she let out her breath, and laid over the broad expanse of Carl's waiting lap. She settled comfortably, folding her hands and resting her forehead on them, while her brain registered the cooler air as Carl lifted her skirt and slip to an untidy bunch at her waist. Her body tingled all over as she felt his fingers inserted into the elastic of her white panties. They stretched as Carl started pulling them down, brushing his fingers over the highly sensitive skin of her bare behind and setting it on fire where they touched. Stacey lifted her hips, allowing Carl to pull her underpants all the way down until they shackled her knees.

She felt the shift in weight as Carl sat back and contemplated her bare naked behind, and she shivered in a combination of fear, embarrassment and anticipation all of which she loved. Part of her knew that she shouldn't be letting Carl see her like this until the wedding night, but the build up of pleasurable sensations within her told her that she would never be able to resist doing it. At the same time, she knew that it was weird for anyone especially at her age, to actually like getting spanked like a naughty little girl, but again she could no more resist it than she could escape breathing. She didn't exactly go out of her way to get Carl to spank her, but she didn't do anything to avoid it either. The truth was, as she admitted to herself many times, she did like it and wasn't about to change it!

Spankcakes Anyone, by Lenny (November 4, 2016)

When I felt her arm tightening around my waist I knew the spanking was about to begin. Gritting my teeth and expecting the worst from that ominous hairbrush, I was pleasantly surprised when she began handspanking me. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, her hand started beating a steady rhythm on my behind. It was a very heavy hand attached to an arm that was extremely strong from lifting heavy plates I imagined. SPANK SPANK WHAP WHACK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK. Up and down came that big hand warming every inch of my backside. The slaps were stinging pretty good as she continued on. "I hope" SPANK SPANK SPANK "that this teaches you a lesson" SPANK WHACK WHAP WHACK SPANK SPANK SPANK "about finishing your meals" WHACK SPANK, "a lot of people are starving" SPANK "and you throw away good food" WHACK SPANK SPANK SPANK, "aren't you ashamed of yourself" SPANK SPANK WHACK "being spanked over Mommy's knee like a little naughty boy?" SPANK WHACK SPANK SPANK. "WOW" I thought as I fought back the tears, she is really into this scene. The spanks were getting harder now, I had gotten about thirty or forty good ones so far and wondered in dread if she would finish me off with the brush. She didn't have to as hard as she was walloping m with just her hand. She must have sensed this as the entire spanking was given with her hand. But her hand was more than enough.

The State of the Delancey Lawn, by Rachel Heath (November 4, 2016)

One day, she was driving home from shopping at K-Mart and, as she slowly navigated the twisting curving streets in her child-dominated neighborhood, saw a fellow out mowing the lawn. He was a long-haired young white guy she didn’t know in an undershirt and jeans. However, that triggered a memory.

Many years ago, when they were teenagers, Karen had seen George mowing the lawn in front of his home. He had looked especially handsome for he was shirtless and his fine, well-developed, masculine muscles shown in the summer sunshine. He could not have a block, she decided, since he had done it for his parents. Or could he? Was there some sort of fighting about this particular chore that had scarred his psyche?

She just did not understand and was at the very end of her tether. It was after a good dinner of one of George’s favorite meals, mushroom chicken, when he was watching a news show and Karen was lovingly massaging his neck and shoulders that she once again brought up the subject of the lawn. "I remember seeing you mow the lawn when we were kids, dear," she said, "so why can’t you do it now?"

Robin, by C. Flint (October 31, 2016)

I was so relieved that I did not notice the ping pong paddle in one hand. I received the first swat on my bare ass before I could turn towards the bathroom. It stung like hell; she hit me as hard as she could. Robin followed as I hobbled to the bathroom swatting me with every step I took. She stopped when I started to urinate but, by then, my backside was pink and stinging. As I contorted myself to flush the toilet, Robin pushed me over to the washing machine in the corner. Before I could react she bent me over it, pushed her hand between my legs and, with strength that surprised me, hoisted me onto the washer. My feet were off the floor and although I could wiggle I was really trapped. She carefully folded my shirt up making sure that there was nothing to stand between my rear and anything Robin wanted to use on it.

Jack Goes Shoplifting, by B.C. & Wife (October 31, 2016)

WHACK! "She was right." SMACK! "Bad little boys should be spanked!" WHACK! SMACK! SPANK! She spanked him with long sweeping strokes of the heavy hairbrush. He kick, cried and begged her to stop, but he never tried to put his hand back over his ass or roll off her lovely thighs.

She continued to lecture him on his rude behavior punctuating her words with hard spanks that rang out through the house. Marsha watched as the slow spanking progressed and decide that when her turn came to spank him with the hairbrush, she would spank him fast and furiously.

Jennifer's Secret, by C. Flint (October 28, 2016)

This time there was a thunderclap that filled the room like a pistol shot. The shock of the impact traveled up her arm and started an ache in Jennifer’s shoulder that did not fade until the spanking was over. Rafferty’s backside turned white where the hairbrush had landed and, as Jennifer raised it for the next smack, blood rushed to the spot turning it bright red. Rafferty yelped in surprise. Pleased at the effect of the first hard swat, Jennifer raised the hairbrush and spanked Rafferty’s fanny as hard and as fast as she could. As the hairbrush rose and fell leaving red ovals on his backside, Rafferty bit his lip trying to hold back his outcries. He grunted each time the hairbrush landed on his bottom and his body bucked butt there were no further cries. Jennifer found this very unsatisfying. Jennifer wanted to hear Rafferty wail in pain as he did in her fantasies. Jennifer wanted Rafferty to cry like a little boy being spanked over his mother’s lap.

Shower Spanking, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (October 28, 2016)

He did. With his head bent slightly, his broad freckled shoulders rolled forward and his unbidden, pumping hardness, Jim surrendered and turned slowly to the wall again. I knew if he addressed this issue, if we spoke about his manners, his conceit, the spanking would be all that worse for him. The way we were proceeding Jim could just turn and take it, never having to address or defend what it was that he had done to prompt this _attention’ from me. If Jim had disagreed, I would have of course stepped away and let him continue his shower, all the time both of us aware that I would have to confront him someday with my open palm and he his bare ass. I had simply seen Jim’s excitement, his acquiescence under those first few swats and he knew, that I knew, he needed a spanking. I truly believe all men can benefit from one (some more then one)...and as in Jim’s case, very many men secretly yearn for one.

Reunion With Mama, by Jason (October 24, 2016)

As I stood still as she wanted, I wondered again why I was allowing her to do this at my supposedly adult age of twenty-two. Did I desire so much to never lose Mama that I was willing to be undressed and spanked over her knee like a five year old boy? I knew I would be spanked hard and long. There was nothing preventing me from getting dressed and walking out. Why didn't I do it? Was this part of trying to make up for all the years we were separated? A friend had told me that the best Mama and I could hope for was to be friends at my adult age. If he could only see me now, naked except for my underpants and waiting in a corner to be spanked. It was more than just the friendship he talked about.

I have to confess something else. Mama had pointed out that I had never had a real spanking like she would give me. I was curious about how it would feel when my underpants were pulled down, leaving my bottom totally bare. What would her hand and the hairbrush feel like as they pummeled my bare bottom? Would she make me cry and beg for her to stop? Would she say and do things to embarrass me? I was about to find out. The door opened and she walked up behind me.

Sharon's Revenge, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (October 24, 2016)

For Steven it was more then just standing here obviously erect for Bob's little raven haired wife, holding a hairbrush and wicked tight-lipped smile, that was making him hornier then all get out. It was Sharon's usual matter-of-factness, her confidence in the face of this, as yet unexplored territory for them. How she just assumed that he would allow a spanking, how indeed she knew Steven was hard not just from baring his boxers but how much he was indeedanticipating the smacks that brush would make hitting him.

For Sharon, well, she had always secretly wondered about Steve. For all the time she knew him he had been a bachelor and that simple fact intrigued her more then the man's sinewy long frame, his cold tiny blue eyes or how much she wondered if he was as hung as Bob. Silly 'school girl' questions she knew, but now that she had her brush in hand (and really why she had reached for it she had no idea, her and Bob never really got into anything kinky, despite her claim) and that Steven seemed open to the idea of her spanking him, she damn well wanted to give it a try.

Summer School, Getting There is Half the Fun, by C. Flint (October 21, 2016)

Donna looked at me with annoyance. She kept driving with her eyes straight ahead and her lips pressed tightly together. As we came to a picnic stop she pulled the car over to the side of the road. Silently she opened my door and pulled me out onto the grassy area. Grabbing me by the earlobe, she led me around the car and pushed me over the hood, my bottom facing out to the road. A flip of her hand and the loose pleated skirt was over my back.

"Sooner or later," she said, "you are going to realize that I expect total cooperation." Donna had the short strap that she had used on me the night before in her hand. I heard the swish as it cut through the air and smacked into the sodden panties clinging to my bottom. My buttocks were tender already and the first stroke fell directly across the base of the thing that she had inserted into my bottom. I began to blubber as soon as I felt the sting. Donna paid no attention to my wails. She gave me at least half a dozen swats before she stopped. By then I was crying and begging incoherently.

Sunday in the Colonies, by Michael (October 21, 2016)

At the house, Mother led me to the shed. I painfully removed my britches and assumed the required position over the barrel. But Mother, as only a mother can, felt sorrow for my welted flesh and only rubbed goose grease onto my painful backside. She helped me to my feet and admonished me only with her stony silence. I knew that when my backside had healed, she would re-welt every inch of my poor flesh. Thus I would have to endure two beatings for only one day of seeming fun.

It was eight days before my buns had healed enough for Mother. Each afternoon I would suffer through the indignity of removing my britches and allow her to inspect my flesh. My buttocks were well bruised for the first few days and I ate more than a few meals standing. By the next Sabbath my bottom had healed sufficiently to allow me to be a picture of decorum at the meeting despite Penticost's attempts at angering me with her too-smug smile. I was a virtual saint. Benoni Simkins had compassion for me in her eyes and I then vowed that as soon as she reached marrying age of sixteen the next year, I would ask her father for permission to wed this earth bound angel.

With a Pingpong Paddle in Her Hand, by Greg Babcock (October 17, 2016)

"Oh, stop it. I'm sure the paddling Laura gave you was much worse than what you've had up until now. By the time I finish your spanking, though, that may be another story. I'm aiming to top that paddling. I'm also aiming at your ass!" Again and again and again the horrible hair brush visited tongs of flame to my naked butt! I began to squirm, but she held me tightly as she continued to whack my exposed fanny. At one point, I put my right hand back in an ill-advised attempt to ward off some of the punishment to my right bottom cheek. I received a terrible rap on my knuckles for my effort. I didn't try that again.

She didn't miss a stroke, bringing the hard wood down upon my bare flesh back there in a staccato tempo that was building a fire of huge proportions in my rump. The sound of the CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! filled the room---if not the entire apartment complex. I wondered if the neighbors on each side--as well as those upstairs and downstairs are aware of the fact that I was getting a terrible spanking.

Playing with Patti's Panties, by H.B. (October 17, 2016)

Crack! She had her favorite paddle in her hand. Mama's Stinger. Just light enough to provide maximum sting with minimum bruising. It was round, about five inches in diameter, with a one inch hole in the center. A ten inch handle gave her plenty of room to play with. I could hear it whistle at me as each smack descended. She was picking up a steady rhythm. Crack, one, two, Crack, one, two, Crack, one, two. She moved the stinger around so that it had a chance to visit every part of my bottom. Every ninth or tenth smack seemed to wind up on an upper thigh. Crack, one, two, Crack, one, two. Each smack felt like a bee sting. It wasn't long until I had bee stings all over.

Faulty Directions, by Victoria (October 14, 2016)

During the summer, I went visiting. I had happened on a custom letter customer who matched my fantasies to perfection. He was a good customer who began to add a personal letter to his fantasy information. I began to answer this personal letters before I wrote the fantasies. He kept wanting to meet and since he doesn't really live far from me, I gave in and decided to meet him. I wanted to play out his fantasy as much as he did. After all, this one was mine too.

Anne Finishes It Off, by Pete (October 14, 2016)

Earlier I described my incredible summer in the country, where I was first introduced to the intermingled pains and pleasures of spanking. First the glorious Mrs. J, and then the nubile Ellie emphatically demonstrated the joys of submission...the erotic wonder of womanly control. From the time I returned home as a 14 year old up to the present, spanking has remained an important part of a rich fantasy life.

After Hours, by Victoria (October 10, 2016)

Harriet could hear the gritted teeth in the reply. John always hated to be wrong, and he hadn't had too much experience at it. He was excellent and always would be. He strived for excellence. Always. Harriet certainly admired him. However, she wasn't going to allow him to get away with trying to hide a mistake, no matter how small. John needed to be wrong once in a while. It was good for his character. This spanking would be very good for him. If he could take it'and live with the embarrassment afterwards. That would remain to be seen.

Reports from the Disciplinarium, W. Arthur (October 10, 2016)

V noted that once Monroe saw the hairbrush, he hesitated, even backing up a few steps. Following procedure in such cases, V began lightly tapping the brush on her thigh and looked at Monroe, stating calmly, “I’m going to start to count. If you are not over my lap by the time I reach 3, I will double your punishment and spank you in the waiting room. If you are not across my lap by the time I reach 6, I will leave the room and advise your employer that you failed to complete the punishment. What happens after that is between you and your employer. However, you will not be given another chance here. Do you understand?”

My Favorite Fantasy, by Ed (October 7, 2016)

She strolled across the room. I don't know how anyone could walk so slowly and so deliberately and so threateningly. She held the hairbrush in one hand, and she slapped it against her hand with each step. She watched me squirm and yell. I begged. I yanked at the restraints. I was caught. I kicked out with one foot and then the other.  "Stop that."

The New Governess, by F.P. (October 7, 2016)

"Very well, young lady. You have now earned 10 extra spanks for dawdling! If I have to come and get you it will be 25 extra!" Lisa finally snapped out of it and made her way over to her governess' side. Emily reached up and grabbed her, dragging her over her lap. She took a moment to adjust the naughty girl on her lap, then lifted her dress up to her slender waist. Although she knew it was coming, Lisa still cried out in horror as Emily pulled her white nylon panties down to her knees. With the decks cleared for action, Emily raised the hairbrush and brought it down decisively across both dimpled cheeks. Again the study was filled with the sound of a solid wooden hairbrush spanking soft feminine flesh and the anguished cries of one very sore teenager.

Mother Knows Best, by James Sondance (October 3, 2016)

Katherine had the key and led the way up the stairs. Mother motioned me to proceed her and brought up the rear. Sandwiched between the two, I was completely confused. I had hardly hoped Mother would be willing to watch when I was stripped for spanking. Now was she actually planning to do it herself? Surely she did not think long_ago reprimands of children qualified her as a Dom? Her daughter might not be much better but at least she had agreed to attempt the role.

At that moment I felt some light slaps on my trousers. The hand remained there afterwards as if testing target resiliency. "You are going to get it," Mother said and I heard Katherine snicker. We promenaded into the kitchen and I looked at Minerva expectantly. "It's hot in here," was all she said. "Put on some coffee, Kat. I'm going to get in something cooler."

Senator Lee's Day in Court, by B.J. (October 3, 2016)

"Oh, I think you'll find it's the most natural thing in the world once you get started. The important thing is to break down his false pride and remind him that he's not an adult yet. The best way to accomplish that is to take his pants down; spank him on the bare. That will begin to put him in his place. "On the bare or not at all," I always say. I would also suggest that you spank really hard, until he cries. Don't pay any heed to his apologies until you're absolutely sure you've driven the point home. It will hurt him now, but it will help him in the long run."

Nancy hadn't thought that she would be spanking Rodger on the bare. She hadn't seen him naked since before he entered puberty. Boys of his age were so conscious of their modesty around their mothers; Rodger especially so. Yet, she had changed his diapers and wiped his little bottom. If anybody had a right to spank him bare, she did. Besides it would take him down a peg or two. It would be humiliating, true, but he could use a dose of humility. It would also firmly establish their relative positions; she was the mother, he was the child.

Growing Pains, by Chantal (September 30, 2016)

I'll go home when I'm good and ready," he went on. "I'm eighteen, and I can do what I want now. Aunt Iris is just a lot of gas. She always threatens to spank me, but she knows I'm too big for that now."  He snatched a cigarette from Paul's pack. As he lit it, notwithstanding his outburst of bravado, he dreaded the ultimate showdown with his aunt, but at least it would come later. Most important, his friends would not be there to witness it. If the guys ever found out that Aunt Iris frequently left him hopping from one foot to the other while furiously rubbing a blistered bottom, he'd NEVER be able to live it down.  "Very enlightening speech, Denny."

Partners, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (September 30, 2016)

I faced my wall to wall bathroom mirror and waited as the tall man managed a few short wet steps. He crossed close in front of me, his clean scent filling my nostrils as he moved. I stole a glance at my reflection then: there was a slight blush to my soft cheek bones; the cool of the shirt’s color contrasted with my black thigh-highs; my bottom outlined perfectly in the starched material that covered it. I liked the fact that in the position we were in I would be able to see both Tony’s ass and face as he endured my swats and if he wished to, he could look up to the sexy reflection I presented.

Bert Gets It Good This Time, by Rachel Heath (September 26, 2016)

It wasn’t really hurting yet, at least not very much, so Bert did not cry out. However, he did feel ashamed at being in this embarrassing, childlike over the knee position.

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

"I won’t have a young man acting like a little brat," Aunt Shoshona told him. "But if you are going to act like one, you better believe you’re going to get treated like one." Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

"Now I think you’re going to have to get it on the bare bottom, Bert. Doesn’t it embarrass you to have your pants pulled down?"

"Yes! Don’t please!" he begged.

Bert's Butt Burns, by Rachel Heath (September 26, 2016)

Bert looked at her, a plaintive look in his eyes that reminded her of a begging puppy. “Do I have to?” he asked in a pitiful voice.

“Yes,” she replied firmly.

Slowly and reluctantly, the teenager draped himself across his aunt’s lap.

She pulled his pants down, then his jockey shorts. His buttocks were lean, very white, with light blond hairs across them.

Bert hated this most of all – having her see his butt! It made his face and neck get hot even as he stared helplessly at the dark beige carpet. A hand went to his blushing skin as the other hand steadied himself against the chair’s leg.

Shoshona brought the hairbrush’s wood down hard against naked flesh. Swat! The pain startled Bert.

The Basement, by Jason (September 23, 2016)

Roger walked as quickly as possible to the couch and bent over the arm. "No, Miss Matilda, I'm sorry. Please go ahead and strap me." His body shuddered in spasms when he heard her snapping the strap through the air, thinking it was going to land on his backside.

"Still as limber as I always was," she declared. "Your bottom is in the perfect position for the strap, Roger. I'll be able to bring it down from above and it will hurt like nothing you've ever felt before. I know you were never spanked while growing up. You should've been for all the rotten and nasty things you got away with. I think this will start to make up for it."

Be Careful What You Wish For, by Ed Finn (September 23, 2016)

He hurried to the dresser and retrieved the brush. On the way back, he noted it was a little bigger and a little heavier than the typical hairbrush. Also, it was made of wood and had a broad, flat back with most of its original varnish worn off. He gave his palm a little swat. Hmm! The bugger might sting a bit, at that -- even through a girl's panties. At least he sure hoped so.

"Hey, I didn't say anything about testing it out, Charles," said Aunt Dorothy. "Just give it here, if you please. Rest assured, you will have every opportunity to check it out later."

"Oops, sorry...and thanks," said Chuck as he handed the brush over. Later he would wonder at his naivete in missing the import of so many of his aunt's remarks. For now, he simply stood back, taking it all in like a kid on his first trip to Disney World. There was too much to observe and remember.

Anna, by Ricardo (September 19, 2016)

How bad will it hurt? I wondered as I waited for her to return. But if it does hurt a lot, that's sort of a measure of how much she cares, isn't it? I want that, the caring represented by the punishment, don't I? And I want to take it well, without whining or interrupting, asa gift to her for caring this much. It's a way for both of us to show our devotion to the other. I want to take it well so as to be worthy of her. I love her very much.

The self-talk ended when she came home from church. "Please come with me down to the basement, Richard," she said, her tone almost gentle. "I'm going to punish you now." Once we reached the family room, she said, "You may lower your pyjama pants, Richard, I'm going to get my paddle," and she opened a drawer in the chest of drawers and took out a wooden paddle. It was two feet long with its handle, a good half-inch thick and three inches wide, and it had two rows of half-inch holes down the middle of its business end. It was made of varnished hardwood. Where or when she had obtained it I had no idea.

The Aunt Fanny Show, by Jason (September 19, 2016)

"One thing, Sue, if he decides to spank you, it will hurt like the devil. Your bottom will turn red, sore, hot, and stinging. You'll cry, thinking you're shedding enough tears to float a battleship. You'll squirm and kick your legs. While you're undergoing the ordeal of being soundly spanked, you'll have to find enough willpower not to beg him to stop. That first application of hard hand or hairbrush will be a shock to your nervous system. Don't give in to the temptation to tell him to quit. After all, it was by your insistence that you're being spanked. When he's finally finished, give him a big hug and kiss, thanking him for taking the time to punish and correct you. Be sure and tell him that anytime he feels it's needed, to put you over his lap again, pull down your panties, and spank your bare bottom until he thinks you've learned a necessary andvaluable lesson. As time goes by, you and he may add more ritual like corner time and other complimentary punishments. Just remember, Sue, that once that first spanking is done, you've handed over a lot of control to him. From the way you describe your husband, he won't spank you unless he thinks it's absolutely necessary. Be careful about putting up any arguments when he says you're to be spanked. If he needs pointers on how to do it properly and what guidelines he should use for deciding you're to be spanked, tell him to write me. Let me know how things work out. I love you, Aunt Fanny."

Todd, by Jonsie (September 16, 2016)

SMACK Mary landed her right hand to my right cheek. I sighed, grabbed my ankles tighter but willed myself to stay bent.

“Very good," Mary said and SMACK, SMACK she landed two shots, one to my right one to my left as I breathed into my knees, spread my thighs a little more, but stayed where I was. These slaps had been loud; if someone was close enough they had to be hearing. I even thought I heard the birds stop singing for the instant.

“I hope you will remember this well Frank,” Mary said and SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, she landed three deadly swats, all to just under my left cheek, just where my thick thigh met my ass! I jumped up on tiptoes and rolled forward, but stayed bending.

“If you take to this as I think you are there will never be a need for us to repeat this day,” Mary said and SMACK, SMACK, SMACK Mary's hand said to my left cheek, then my right twice!

Boys Trip to the Principal's Office, by B.C. (September 16, 2016)

I feel like a bad little boy. I haven't felt like this for years. I feel like I did when Mom said, "Go to your room. I'll be in to talk to you about that." It meant, "I don't have time to spank you right now. I will spank you when I have time to do the job right." This is like waiting in my room, except I'm listening to a string of very big spankings while I wait, and it's Miss Mang who will spank me. I feel small and naughty. I just want to get it over. That's right, it will seem like forever, while it is happening, but it will be over. I will recover. It's no bad mark on my reputation around school. I will get over this, I keep on telling myself.

Todd's New Life, by Jonsie (September 12, 2016)

The little lady hit hard, I did feel it. I had thought my jeans would have softened the blow and I knew they had, but still…


Toni connected three more dead center. Ok, now I was doing all I could to just ride the thin sting and not rub against her!

SMAT. SMAT. Cheek to cheek this time and I felt my hips involuntarily shuck just once. Last thing I wanted was to show any reaction, least of all grinding my cock into Toni's knee, but I truly didn’t know if I could help myself. Would they all take me across their laps? And God, why the hell hasn't anyone said anything yet, I shouted in my head!

Tricked, by Jan (September 12, 2016)

She handed me a pair of bikini panties in silky pink. Obediently I slipped 'them up my legs. She presented me with a pink bra and taught me to fasten then twist around and into it. It was almost filled with my fallen pecs, but she added some stuffing of her own. While I attached the matching pink garter belt to the black seamed stockings working to get them straight, she gave me a couple of shots with a perfume atomizer. Black heels my size were added as well as an application of lipstick, earrings and eye shadow. In all the excitement and embarrassment of the moment, I had not noticed the loud level of conversation in the adjoining room. It sounded like thirty voices, mostly female.

"The next time I see you, those legs are to be shaven and kept shaven. We just don't have time tonight. We don't want to keep your friends waiting, now do we, Janice?"

he Nanny, by Pete (September 9, 2016)

"You slovenly, stupid boy," she fairly snarls. "The whole purpose of this morning's exercise is to teach you the rudiments of neatness and you have the temerity to fling your clothing all over the floor. I will teach you neatness, my lad, along with a lot of other things you seem to need." Saying that, she bends the thoroughly alarmed Henry over the soft swell of her left hip and commences to beat, whack splat whap smack, a merry tattoo on his already burning and blistered behind.

"Oh, wa WA WA!" Henry comments as her flailing hairbrush quickly reignites the roaring inferno in his quivering and quaking buttocks, making them glow an intense cherry red. After about two dozen crisp spanks have reduced Henry to caterwauling compliance, Miss Carruthers takes him by the ear and leads him over to the waiting chair.

The Sound of Close Thunder, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (September 9, 2016)

True, what Jimmy wanted was a bit _different’, but in a strange way, Jimmy’s fantasy involved me even less then I thought it would. And I really was excited by the thought of it all...and more then a bit wet (although I would never admit this to Jimmy). I found myself breathing a bit deeper in anticipation, knowing my cousin was right behind me, naked and hard (or at least I guessed he was), about to, well...

I had never given a spanking, and there were maybe two times I could recall in my past when someone had even attempted to swat me in a sexual way. My lovers have been few at my ripe age of twenty six; I tend to last long in any relationship I am being sexual in, so the sheer amount of different men who could have ever placed an open palm to my naked ass, or my hand to theirs, is simply too small a number. But I was intrigued that I would soon be hearing the sound of flesh meeting flesh; the sound of a spanking, and that my cousin Jimmy very well wanted to spank himself with me in the room.

Trophy Stepmother, by C. Allen (September 5, 2016)

She undid my two rear garter tabs and yanked up the back of the girdle. In contrast to the painful beating she had just administered, she ran her hand gently over the seat of my panties. Her touch felt so soothing that it almost made the spanking worthwhile. Unhappily, her ministrations were brief. She refastened my stockings and ordered me to my feet.

As I stood there massaging my bottom, Stephanie said to Catherine, “You should take the hairbrush with us, in case she forgets her manners again.”

Two Hours a Month, by Stephen (September 5, 2016)

You wince as she rubs the cool surface of the hairbrush over your tingling cheeks. Then she finds a spot, pauses before raising the instrument slowly, and SPATTT! A flick of her wrist flattens your right buttock. She takes aim on the other side, raises the brush a mere six inches or so, and then WHAPPP! She strokes and pinches the globes as if to make sure they're awake. Now she starts paddling the fattest part of the cheeks in a regular rhythm, from one side to the other, a little harder at each stroke. She works as though she were pounding a nail into the center of each buttock.

The spreading fire in your ass makes your eyes water; your breath comes and goes spastically, but you are determined not to make a sound.

Positioning, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (September 2, 2016)

It is a relentless few minutes of high cracks across that suffering backside. The man has felt my hand to be sure, but never the ferocity of the unyielding ruler; although he is covered, the ruler’s smacks do penetrate, I know. It is all my client can do not to cry out, not to wiggle away from me as I swat wrinkles to smooth below me and his ass endures this high beating form under the thin cover. There have been times that the man even bares a bit of skin, maybe the side of his hip emerges in the melee’, or even the beginning of his cheek. It’s at these times that I hit him even harder, willing that piece of flesh back to be covered.

Simple Rage, Simple Vengeance, by Lilith (September 2, 2016)

"Take the gag out, boys. I want him to be able to cry out. I want the Bitch to here him whimpering and screaming. Good thing there aren't any close neighbors out here in this dump." Of course they did her bidding, and as SH opened his mouth to spew crap in the woman's direction, she reached down and slapped him, back and forth, several times. "You are most definitely not in control here, boy. And that will cost you." Placing herself in front of him, feet near his face, she continued. "Move your ass up higher, and put your mouth on my boots. Don't move from this position until you are told to."Suddenly more stern than she had been, worked on the SH. Reluctantly, he placed his mouth on the toe of her boot, and wriggled his ass up higher.

Not Quit Dismissed, by Gregory Babcock (August 29, 2016)

"I told you, Your Horse's Ass Honor, that you'd not heard the last of this," seethed Marcia. "I told you that! I warned you! Well, Your Idiot Honor, this is it! Time for your come-uppance! And Vickie and I aren't the only one with a hard-on for you."

"She's right, Nelson" agreed Hilda. "I've never gotten over the fact that you were so penurious. The fact that you questioned every damn thing I ever said or did. The fact that you watched over me like a hawk. The fact that I couldn't even go to the john without you hovering over me!"

"Let me introduce our fourth member," said Victoria, with an almost sickening-sweet tone of voice. "This is Gladys Bennett. Does the name ring a bell, Judge? Does Gladys Bennett mean anything? Jog your memory at all?"

Measure by Measure, by Ralph Greco, Jr (August 29, 2016)

Gerri reached her arm back, grunted and began to slap Jake.

Jake was wiggling his ass side by side by the fourth cut across his cheeks, rolling his shoulders and raising on his toes by the eighth and screaming out loud by the tenth. Through it all Gerri kept the slaps aimed true and center of Jake’s ass and Patty literally licked her lips while Josie attempted to peek at Jake’s rising cock.


Chance Encounter, by C. Flint (August 26, 2016)

The spell was broken by a voice from the glass doors that led back into the apartment. "I'm ready, ma'am." I heard Mark say.

I turned and my knees buckled as I saw a symphony in pink and white. Mark was wearing a woman's short nightdress that ended in the middle of his buttocks. It's pink satin sheen was set off by white lace at the hem of the skirt and its short puffy sleeves. The white stockings that ended in the middle of his thighs were held in place by pink elastic garters and framed by the pink patent leather of the high heeled pumps he was wearing. His leather collar was complemented by identical bands of pink patent leather around each wrist. The final insult to his manhood were the pink satin panties I could see around his abdomen. The panties were cut full and there were ruffles of pink lace at the waist and legs.

Mark stood at attention with his hands at his side, silently waiting for his wife's next command. Claudia ignored him as she seated Cindy and me on the large couch in the living room. Claudia sat on a big upholstered chair which commanded the room like a queen's throne. She crossed her legs and, like a queen, beckoned her husband to stand before her.

Cold Nights, Warm Bottoms, by Alexandra (August 26, 2016)

Greg quickly pulled himself away from the woman's grasp, finding his pants some distance away on the floor. Though he tried to hide the fact, it was plain to see that Greg had quite an erection. Gabriella admired the manly display in silence, knowing that this was certainly not the moment to bring up his quite obvious response to the spanking. Certainly, under other circumstances there were lots of possibilities at such a moment; but this time, she'd have to let them go.

Once in his jeans again, Greg looked at her rather meekly, as if he'd just as soon she leave, but Gabriella was not yet finished with the ski instructor.

Can That be You?, by Gregory Babcock (August 22, 2016)

“ Look,” he said – after ten or twelve fidgety minutes, where I just could not hold still, “if I was in to that sort of thing, I’d give you a spanking! Just to take the edge off. Do you know any of the girls that’re gonna be here tonight?”

“ No,” I answered – suddenly deflated. “Is it … is it necessary that I … you know … that I do? That I have someone waiting for me?”

“ Naw. Not necessarily. Sometimes, with a new ‘bottom’ … especially one your age … it might take a couple hours. I mean the girls aren’t shy. Well, neither are the guys. No one is shy. But, you understand, no one has ever seen your bare ass before. None of our people anyway. So, usually, it takes awhile to … to … for them to … to begin to relax a little bit. Besides, almost all of them have hooked up with, maybe, eight or ten of the others in the past. So, there’s usually a lot of … ah … ‘get reacquainted’ spankings that need to be gotten out of the way, y’know. And those usually happen … right at the beginning. Right after they greet one another. Almost immediately after they greet one another. So, take a strain. I can just about guarantee you … that you’ll get your ass spanked. Sooner or later. Just don’t make a complete horse’s ass out of yourself. You should simply try and relax … which, in your case, it ain’t gonna be easy. Just let it come to you. If you play it cool enough … trust me … it will. It will come to you. Possibly in more volume …and maybe in greater degree … than you might actually want. Tell me something: Can you take a good one? A good hard one? Because, there’s no sense in bragging that you can if it’s not … “

Clean It Up, by Bellaroses (August 22, 2016)

While I finished straightening the bed, Wanda entered the bathroom, tsk tsk tsking again, this time about germs and sources of infection, repeating whatever horror story had been in the news lately. She tossed out our toothbrushes telling me that they should be replaced every few weeks, rambling on about bacteria. "Never use a toothbrush after you get over a cold or the flu!" she admonished, holding tight to my elbow in the cramped bathroom, swatting me several times with my wife's red plastic hairbrush. Personal hygiene is a very important subject and I understand that she needs to remind me of important things. But I do hate that plastic hairbrush and that position! I was almost flat against the wall and couldn't move at all. My bottom was clenched tight, my arms hugged at my chest. I put my forehead to the cool tile and was able to feel each whack swat crack smack very well. There wasn't even room to dance, it is a really small bathroom. I was a little disappointed, I had hoped she would use my own favorite weapon, my grandfather's old wooden bath brush, but we can't have everything we wish for! I do think plastic makes a nasty sting, wood is so much more personal somehow, but Wanda knows the way to make a point and she was very serious about replacing the toothbrushes. To make sure I remembered she sat down on the edge of the tub pulling me down over her knees. Wanda asked which toothbrush was mine and then soaped it up well with shampoo before inserting it almost up to the bristles to remind me to get new ones. I don't like that much, but she had to do it. It was for my own good. I tend to forget little chores.

Cleaning Man, by Rachel Heath (August 19, 2016)

Done with the bedroom, he headed to the bathroom where he sprinkled Ajax into the tub. Then he got down on his knees to scrub it. As he did so, he felt the exposure and bareness of his ass and it added to the pleasurable feeling of humiliation mingled with sexual excitement. He scrubbed the bathtub out thoroughly, rubbing especially hard around the ring. Then he attacked the sink and finally the toilet. He did not quit until they fairly sparkled with cleanliness. Again on his knees, bared bottom up in the air, he scoured the floor. It was probably just his imagination but he felt like his ass was still warm from Casey’s spanking.

Colin's Parole, by Johnson (August 19, 2016)

Colin didn't have a chance to protest as the hairbrush came down in a blur. The impact made him think somebody had exploded a firecracker on is butt. The loud smack and sting made him howl and squirm. Molly pulled harder on his right arm. "Settle down, baby brother, you've got a long way to go." It didn't get any better with the next one. He yelled just as loud and squirmed more. From reflex, he squeezed his bottom cheeks together and felt the hairbrush on his thighs. "I warned you, Colin." Three smacks on each thigh and he was screaming. He loosened his butt and Molly brought the hairbrush right back. After five more spanks, his legs went high in the air, and Molly went back to his thighs for five on each this time. Barely able to think through the pain, Colin still realized big sister meant business when she said keep his ass loose and legs down.

Martha's Dream Comes True, by Jason (August 15, 2016)

Snapping on a pair of latex gloves, Martha sat on a vanity stool near where the enema bag and nozzle were hanging. "Get over my lap, young man. We'll se if an enema will clean out your mind as well as your insides to make you behave." Alex obeyed, draping himself, his stomach rubbing against the wispy nylons.  "It will make your stomach cramp and you'll wish you could get rid of it, but you'll have to hold it for ten minutes. If you leak one drop, you'll be sleeping on your tummy for a month after I get through with the strap. Just to make sure you understand and to give you a little incentive to obey, I'm going to spank you some more before I insert the nozzle in your bottom." She applied twenty moderate force hand spanks, the latex gloves providing some cushion for her hand. Alex responded with quiet grunts and groans, but stayed still other than his rippling of his bottom as her hand struck. When Martha stopped, the skin had been restored to the same shade of pink off immediately after the spanking in the front room.

Good Neighbors, by Jason (August 15, 2016)

The embarrassment of being forced to undress and wear panties had rendered Steve and Laurel into a vulnerable passive state of obedience. They walked quickly to the little tables, and sat down with their backs to each other. Steve saw, written on his pad, "I'm sorry I lied, left the sprinklers on, and broke curfew. I request to be punished." Laurel's had a little more. "I'm sorry I lied, drank alcohol, broke curfew, and spoke disrespectfully. I request to be punished."

They wrote while Ed and Norma read, glancing at their young neighbors, scolding them for looking around the room and not sitting up straight. When Steve and Laurel finished, they presented their pads to Ed and Norma, and were told to stand in corners on opposite sides of the room. The Garveys pretended to read the papers, rustling them, wanting the Goodwin's fear and anticipation to build, and also give them a chance to think about what had brought them to this humiliating punishment. They could hear Laurel sniffling and sobbing quietly, but they were determined to carry out the whole plan.

Surprise Party, by Gregory Babcock (August 12, 2016)

"What did you do to me, Nel? You told me that you were not married! (SWISH - THWACK!) Didn't you? Did you not tell me, in so many words (SWISH - THWACK!) that you were not married?"

"Ouch! Oh, God! Please, Lisa! I'm sorry! I didn't. . ."

"You didn't tell me you were single? (SWISH - THWACK!) You didn't tell me that ? (SWISH - THWACK!) You didn't lie to me?"

Teaching Them to Respect an Officer of the Law, by Dr. Dlaniger (August 12, 2016)

“I’m sorry for the way I behaved. I won’t ever do it again. Please let me get dressed. I’m so ashamed.”

“Really?” She taunted. “You wouldn’t be the first punk to ever be brought into this station naked.” Ivan, defeated, just burst out sobbing. “All right, you little baby, I’ll let you put your clothes back on. But first…” She wrapped her arm around his waist, bent him at the waist, and slapped his buttocks 60 more times, making him cry from the spanking on such an already sore bottom. He sobbed like a little boy.

Three Spanking Scenes, by Ricardo (August 8, 2016)

She came back into the bedroom, pulled a straight chair into the middle of the room and faced me. "Look me in the eyes, Richard, and listen carefully," she said, and I raised my eyes to meet hers. "You've got some serious punishment coming for messing up that zoning story, and you made a couple of other mistakes, too, such as attributing a quote to the wrong councilman, and I'm going to see if I can impress on your bottom the old-fashioned way that you you need to be more careful. Do you agree you need to be punished?

Threesome, by Jason (August 8, 2016)

Not nearly as sorry as you're going to be, young lady," said Jason who couldn't help but laugh at the situation. He nodded at Dawn and they raised their hands and brought them down on Maggie's bottom.

SMACK! SMACK! The spanks struck together. "OWWWWWW!" said Maggie "Don't spank me, I'm a good girl."

SMACK! SMACK! "Good girls don't do such provacative dances in their bra and panties," declared Dawn.

SMACK! SMACK! "They sure don't," agreed Jason. "They get their pretty little bottoms spanked soundly for that."

Two of the Best, by Jason (August 5, 2016)

I don't know what possessed Helen to retort with, "Shut up yourself, you fat ugly hag, and concentrate on your driving." The bus pulled to the side of the road and slowly stopped. Mrs Anderson got out of her seat, quickly walked to Helen, and took her right earlobe between her thumb and finger. She forced a loudly protesting cheerleader to bend over at the waist. Flipping up the skirt, she applied ten hard swats to the seat of the uniform panties which made Helen scream and screech in protest. All ten from our driver's large hand sounded like pistol shots in the confines of the bus.

Helen was sobbing loudly, more from the humiliation for being spanked like a five year old than the actual pain. Mrs Anderson grabbed the shoulders, straightened Helen up, then pushed her down in the seat. Except for the spanked cheerleader's crying, the silence of the tomb reigned in the bus. She turned to the rest of us and loudly challenged, "Would anybody else like some too?"

From Up the River, by Gregory Babcock (August 5, 2016)

I can’t adequately describe the machinations that went on – trying to get organized in an attempt to take a picture of my “fanny”! For one thing, I didn’t have a Polaroid camera – and I was to find that they were hard to find. No one – not one store – in our little town had one. The nearest really big city was 70 miles away. But, it was worth the 140 round trip. I scored one – in about the sixth store I’d visited! Also, if I was going to go “shopping” – for ladies garter belt and stockings – I figured it would be better to do so up there, where I wasn’t known. Everyone around here knew me. Knew that I lived alone – with “The Head of The House”, my Golden Retriever. If I started looking through ladies unmentionables in either of the two stores in town, which (in theory) would carry such esoteric items, I can just imagine what people would be saying. (Maybe I can’t. I live in a sort of mini-Bible belt.)

Telemarketer Takes a Spanking, by Rachel Heath (August 1, 2016)

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

"Ow! Oh! Please stop! I’ll never do it again, I swear!" Fred pleaded.

"I’m sorry," Heather told him, "but that’s just not good enough. I’ve got to make sure you have learned your lesson, Fred. In fact, I think you need some stronger medicine." Heather reached for the large, black, fake leather purse that was right on her desk. She unzipped it and pulled out her big hairbrush. The brush had a thick, brown, wooden base.

Tenth Reunion, by Victoria (August 1, 2016)

"Get in, Sarah," Tom said.

She glared at him and in that moment decided that she would like a few moments alone with him. She climbed into the car. He would soon find out that he couldn't take that male superior stance with her and get away with it. It had been too long and obviously no one had stood up to him for a long time. Maybe with his good looks, no girl knew the way to handle him. Well, Sarah knew and Tommy was about to remember his manners with her... remember his manners or else. Ten long years. Too long.

Tom went by Susan's first and dropped her after the two women had arranged for a lunch meeting the next day. Then they headed for Sarah's aunt's house. One of the reasons that Sarah had made this reunion was that her aunt had finally agreed to giving up the old house. Sarah's aunt was in a nursing home and Sarah was about to decide whether to turn the old home into an antique shop and live in the upstairs or sell it. When she had walked through the house earlier, she had realized that it would be nearly impossible for her to give it up. It had been a dream in the back of her mind for too long.



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