Female/Male Stories

After Class, by Dr. Dlaniger(February 5, 2016)

While bawling like a baby and screaming, he noticed, to his horror, that three of his teachers, two women and one man, were now in the classroom watching his humiliating spanking. “I’m glad you three could make it,” Ms. Alvarez said to her colleagues. “I told you I was going to spank his bottom. As you can see, this method of discipline is very effective. That’s how my mother and father handled me in my five brothers and sisters when I was growing up in the Bronx. Except they used a strap,” She concluded humorously. “See how loudly he’s crying? Just like a baby. He’s going to be well behaved in your classes too by the time I’m finished with him. Won’t you, Ted?” With that she released a barrage of smacks in rapid fire. The sensation was white hot agony!

Applied Psychology, by Victoria (February 5, 2016)

Johanna's hands rubbed one cheek, rubs that stopped and allowed the fingers to tighten on the cheek. Her fingers slid into the crack and back out. She repeated the feeling of his bottom on the other cheek. She let her hands slip down to the tops of his thighs. She plunged her hand in between his legs and reached his balls. She slipped her hand around them and gave a nice, jiggling type squeeze. Then slowly her hand left them and stayed between his leg and came up his crack. Her other hand opened the crack.

Poker Game, by Jason (February 1, 2016)

"You'll take it because I want you to take it, Kyle. You're getting this spanking because you deserve it. Quit whining!" SNAAAP! The next one landed right under where the first one had struck. I would've sworn she laid a red hot poker across my poor posterior.

SNAAAAP! "OWWWWWWW!" SNAAAAP! "OWWWWWW!" PLEASE STOP, MS JACQUELINE!' SNAAAAP! She stopped but only to pull the panties down to my knees. "You're not worthy of wearing my most intimate female garment on your male body. I will finish this spanking on your bare bottom, Kyle, and you have a long way to go."

Over and over, I felt the hard snap and burning sting of the diabolical leather on my now exposed hindquarters until I couldn't yell any longer. I was crying, not so much from the pain, but the feeling of disappointing my love from failing to meet her expectations. Even though she was turning my butt into a mass of inflamed and bruised flesh, pleasing her seemed very important to me, in fact, the only thing that really mattered.

Seat of Justice, by Karma Sutra (February 1, 2016)

"Now you young pranksters you will remain down and you'll keep those hands out in front of you no reaching around for a rub until I tell you you may. You will say nothing to break any of these rules means you each will get ten extra swats and if you give me reason to, I will remove your pants and shorts and deliver this lesson directly to your bare behinds, so watch your step! I am going to begin now." With that, she flipped back her robe sleeve and arced her swatting arm all the way back, then brought it forward with formidable power and speed with the carpet beater landing squarely on Jordan's slender bottom. His head jerked up, eyes starting out of the sockets and a loud squawk left his lips. Then another and another and yet another found its mark on Jordan's wiggling seat. He was getting mighty uncomfortable , not at all sure he could keep his hands from jerking back there. Then with lightening speed the Judge lit into Kyle who screamed loudly with each whack. Denny was wincing wishing Kyle didn't scream quite so loudly. He knew his turn was next and he knew he would get an extra strong dose it came sooner than he had thought! God, did that HURT! His bottom was aching and throbbing deep down and the skin back there was sauteed! Those denims weren't helping things either, they were feeling too tight already! That awful thing kept up its rhythm on his poor sore rump and he was beginning to whimper, squeezing his brown eyes shut to hold back the tears he knew would come eventually and embarrass them all. How were they ever going to live this down? Denny just hoped he wouldn't be recognized by anyone. Was it his imagination or did it seem like he was getting a lot more "attention" than his mates? Then the Judge took the heat off and put it back on Jordan. Then Kyle and then it was Denny's turn again and he was in agony it hurt so bad he let out a loud expletive. The thrashing abruptly stopped and he felt the Judge's fingers grasping the waistband of his jeans as she hauled him to his feet.

One Down, Twenty to Go, by Jason (January 29, 2016)

Without saying anything, Monica picked up the hairbrush. SMACK... SMACK... SMACK... SMACK... SMACK... She began with a series of fast hard spanks on different spots, making them a little harder after each five. Lee gasped and groaned, his head bobbing up and down. He had never felt this helpless. His tied hands prevented him from trying to reach back and cover his bottom from the relentless assault of hard inflexible wood on his pliant bottom cheeks. SMACK... SMACK... SMACK... SMACK... SMACK... "That woman's spirit is reaching through my arm and hand, Lee, punishing you for using her for your selfish sexual desires, then dumped her like used merchandise. You told her how much you loved her and how you would always respect her, that you were giving each other a beautiful gift. She was a virgin, Lee, the chance to be one on her wedding night taken away by your smooth words and false promises."

Spankcakes, by Lenny (January 29, 2016)

When I felt her arm tightening around my waist I knew the spanking was about to begin. Gritting my teeth and expecting the worst from that ominous hairbrush, I was pleasantly surprised when she began handspanking me. SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, SPANK, her hand started beating a steady rhythm on my behind. It was a very heavy hand attached to an arm that was extremely strong from lifting heavy plates I imagined. SPANK SPANK WHAP WHACK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK. Up and down came that big hand warming every inch of my backside. The slaps were stinging pretty good as she continued on. "I hope" SPANK SPANK SPANK "that this teaches you a lesson" SPANK WHACK WHAP WHACK SPANK SPANK SPANK "about finishing your meals" WHACK SPANK, "a lot of people are starving" SPANK "and you throw away good food" WHACK SPANK SPANK SPANK, "aren't you ashamed of yourself" SPANK SPANK WHACK "being spanked over Mommy's knee like a little naughty boy?" SPANK WHACK SPANK SPANK. "WOW" I thought as I fought back the tears, she is really into this scene. The spanks were getting harder now, I had gotten about thirty or forty good ones so far and wondered in dread if she would finish me off with the brush. She didn't have to as hard as she was walloping m with just her hand. She must have sensed this as the entire spanking was given with her hand. But her hand was more than enough.

Amanda's Strong Stand, by Rachel Heath (January 25, 2016)

That didn’t hurt a bit, Leon thought, relaxing even more

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Amanda went from one ass cheek to the other. Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Leon’s bottom was starting to take on a rosy blush as the cheeks jiggled, moving apart, the compressing together.

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

The Burton Hensley Story, All For Her, by Rosy B. Goode (January 25, 2016)

Vikki swung harder when she moved onto his bottom, wrapping the wicked tip onto his thighs. He trembled with the effort of keeping his bottom raised to greet the lines of liquid fire that flowed over the curve of his bottom-cheeks and down his legs, drinking in wave after wave of pain, taking it deep into himself. He burned for her, over and over. She was moving the lash from side to side, still lightening up a little in the middle. Burton was afraid to move. The wrong wiggle at the wrong time and the terrible tip might land someplace even worse! He became a living statue for Vikki's desires as she turned his flesh molten, molding it to her will in the forge of her passion.

She lashed the right side of his groove with the end of the belt, over and over. He couldn't help moaning a little through the whip handle, but he kept his bottom high and didn't move a muscle. She moved to the left side. A muffled wail leaked out around the edges of the whip handle, and Vikki very deliberately lashed the spot even harder. He felt utterly scorched... it was almost a relief when she moved the tip of the belt back to his anus, though not for long. He'd almost forgotten the possibility of her reaching farther forward with the belt when it suddenly snaked out, wrapping itself over his balls, the tip flicking against the shaft of his cock!

Digging Jolene, by Rachel Heath (January 22, 2016)

I kept paddling. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Jolene pulled on her breasts, fondling and pinching her sensitive nipples, and yelping at the swats. "Owl Ohl Ouch!" She put one hand down to her pussy and started playing with herself. "Owww! Ohhhh!" I could hear the tone change a little as she got more aroused and my dick got hard and throbbed.

"Do you think you've had enough, you naughty girl?" I asked.Give a Damn - Greg Babcock
"You may wonder (SLAP!)," she continued, "why I'm the one to administer discipline around here. (SLAP!) Well, for openers, I'm one of the seniors with this company ... with this entire outfit. (SLAP!) Been with the production company for years! (SLAP!) Number two, I enjoy spanking a young fella's bum! (SLAP!) Enjoy it immensely! (SLAP!) You're far removed from being the first one to ever feel my paddle!"

"Yes, but Miss Fennerty, can you imagine what it feels like to be on the other end? To lie here and have a woman ... someone you hardly know ... spanking you? Can you imagine what that does to a man?"

A Woman After Her Own Heart, by Rod Birch (January 22, 2016)

Suzanne smiled. “Oh, yes, she did. Not only that, somewhere she’d heard about me and insisted on not only watching but also taking photos of the whole thing. Well, for my part, I was in seventh heaven. My dream was coming true. I finally had a macho male to spank who didn’t want to be spanked. Anyway, after the girl friend reeled off a few of the sexist things that gentleman had said and done, I decided he’d get a real tanning, one he’d never forget. So, after we settled on a safe word–he was pretty disdainful of a safe word and didn’t pay much attention–I brought out the handcuffs. He objected to those, and loudly, but the girl friend told him to shut up and obey me. So I made him take off his shirt, then cuffed his hands behind him.”

The Training of Houseboy Harold, by Rachel Heath (January 18, 2016)

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! His bottom was turning a mottled red as the cheeks bounced and jiggled, contracted and then relaxed. Lilac was getting a special enjoyment out of this spanking. She loved the way Harold’s bottom turned color and bounced and the knowledge that she was heating up the skin on those ass cheeks put heat in her pussy.

New Student Initiation, by Lady Mary (January 18, 2016)

She raised her hand above her head and brought the paddle down with all the force she had. Whack! Welts rose on his skin. She lowered her blows to the backs of his thighs, backing off on the force. She ignored no part of the body he presented to her, save his back. The backs of his thighs, the sides of his buttocks, even the tops of his ass cheeks, none of it was saved from the stinging force of her paddle.

Susan Takes Charge, by Rick (January 15, 2016)

"This is some of your own medicine , Susan," he said grimly, "Let's see if it works with you as well as it works with Kathy." He pulled up her skirt and slip revealing Susan's mature. round bottom encased in very pretty lacy panties and long black stocking tabs which held up her flesh colored stockings. SMACK....SMACK...SMACK.. George began to spank her in loud ringing slaps. "I am going to teach you to respect me, Susan...Smack...Smack...Smack Next time you're late call me or..SPANK..SPANK..SPANK.. I will turn you over my knee an spank...SMACK.....SMACK...SMACK.. you harder."

Wade Does His Duty & Gets His Due, by Rachel Heath(January 15, 2016)

"Seven. . . ow! . . . ow! Eight.." Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Wade's ass was already getting very red, Zola noted with satisfaction. She loved the way the cheeks bounced when the paddle hit a soft, relaxed ass. Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! "Oh! Eighteen." As the pain got more intense, Wade had to concentrate his attention powerfully on his ass muscles to keep them loose the way Zola like them to be when he got a spanking. His hands, though, were clenched tight around the chair.

Michael & His Sisters, by Jason (January 11, 2016)

She picked up a black wood hairbrush from a end table beside her chair. "As your big sister in the sorority as well as real life, I'll punish you if you screw up. If you don't do a good job on the bathroom or laundry, it's over my lap for this on your bare bottom." She smacked the hairbrush against her open palm. "After a spanking with this, your bedmates won't be able to spank you, and you'll have to spend the night alone until your butt heals." Michael gulped. The month would be hard to take with all the pussy he couldn't touch.

"Turn around and look at the far wall, Michael," said Arliss. He saw the "under the mill" round paddles used on him the night before. Next to them were four standard sorority paddles with long blades and identical Greek letters. "If you're downright disobedient or insolent, we'll tie you over a chair and use those on you."

It Never Rains, It Pours, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (January 11, 2016)

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK Carole landed cheek-to-cheek as I rose up on my toes, clenched my hands on the table. She was hitting hard, not searing shots like Betty's belt had made, but wider, thicker hits, almost pushing me as much as they bounced off of me. Tears actually came to my eyes then, not tears of pain really, but of shock and surprise over how much this lady liked spanking me and how much I craved, ached, loved taking it from her.

Patty by the Pool, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (January 8, 2016)

SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK, these she mercifully gave to my right cheek. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK, these dead center and SMACK. SMACK, two more to my right, which was now heating up as bad as my left. I realized someplace deep in my fevered addled mind that Patty really wasn’t even hitting me all that hard, she had certainly swat me harder when I had been standing. It was more Patty’s scolding that actually made the swats ‘feel’ worse then they were. Yeah, my dewy skin didn’t make matters any better but still I really felt it was Patty calling me ‘bad little boy’ now two times that had me so dizzy with desire I was nearly in tears!

SWAT on Campus, by Pete (January 8, 2016)

Obviously inspired by Luke, and somewhat sycophantic as well, John awaited her return with her hairbrush in his hand. Nodding her thanks, Mindy accepted the brush, hung up the martinet and seated herself on her self-proclaimed "throne." She patted her thighs and John, blushing fiercely, climbed across them. Turning up his robe, Mindy discovered what she considered the most attractive masculine derriere she had seen. Smooth and hairless, it was both nicely muscled and rounded at the same time. It rippled delightfully to express the young man's discomfiture. Mindy couldn't resist stroking and patting its pert plumpness a couple of times, giggling to herself as John squirmed in embarrassment. "I'm gonna see a lot more of him," Mindy pledged to herself, then, gripping the hairbrush firmly, she went to work. SMACK WHAP CRACK SPLAT WHACK WHAP CRACK WHACK SMACK WHAP Alternating between the prancing, dancing, chubby cheeks, Mindy confined the first volley to the fleshy summits of John's behind, then... CRACK WHAP SMACK SPLAT WHACK WHAP SMACK WHAP WHACK SMACK descended to the ripe bottomcurves and thightops, then... WHAP SPLAT CRACK SMACK WHACK WHAP WHAP WHACK SPLAT SMACK worked her way back up. Struggling, squirming, weaving sinuously over her lap, John was able to choke back the sobs the smarting spanks inspired until WHAP WHACK SMACK SPLAT CRACK SMACK WHACK WHAP there were just too many excruciating overlaps and he began to squeal in a soaring soprano voice as Mindy, satisfied by her performance quickly finished his spanking.

Babysitting, by Victoria (January 4, 2016)

"Please, don't! It hurts! No more!" The smacks didn't stop and didn't lessen in strength. His bottom was starting to hurt more and more. Of course the moisture from the cream only made it worse. How could he have forgotten that. But who would have thought that she would spank him without cleaning up first. As Tom kicked his legs, Vicky dropped down to the tops of his thighs. He kicked higher and yelled louder.

Teamwork, Bridget Striker (January 4, 2016)

Carl’s stomach was doing flips as he listened and knew in his gut that she was absolutely right; he’d spank the heck out of any one of them for doing what he’d just tried to do. But he knew from watching their reactions that it didn’t matter how big a person got; spankings still hurt! True, he hadn’t seen Cathy spank either of their young ones in ages: she’d pretty well quit spanking them when they were young teens and left that chore up to him. But his nerves calmed as he looked at his wife closely; she was way smaller than he was. He could probably handle whatever she dished out, yelp a couple of times to make her feel better, and have this over and done with in pretty short order if he just played along with her. Feeling a bit silly now, he rose and went into the bedroom to get “the” brush for her to use. He did wipe the smile off his face before he handed it to her, though.

Grandma's Family Tradition, by Rod Birch (January 1, 2016)

Squeezing harder, she hauled his scrotum upward. "Aaaah,' he squawked, much like a chicken having its neck wrung, but he rose on his tiptoes.

Julie gasped. "Oh, good heavens, Grandma. That...that must have hurt frightfully."

Grandma chuckled. "Well, as women we'll never know what it feels like to have our balls squeezed, but from what I've observed through the years, I'm sure it does hurt men something awful."

The Wedding Gift, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (January 1, 2016)

She was moaning, breathing hard from her work. All I could do was rub myself up and down, up and down, in that tight 'stockinged' space. She swat like a woman possessed. My ass was stinging like mad, but I couldn't stop lifting my ass to meet her palm. As she swat cheek to cheek, as the blood boiled across my tight bottom, I literally 'fucked' her thighs.

Aunt Mimi's Tradition, by R.G.J. (December 28, 2015)

Just as I was considering the front door and Mimi’s neighbors my aunt put both hands to the waistband of my jeans and pulled them down and over my popping butt!

“Let’s see,” my aunt said and SMAT. A’SMAT. SMAT. she bounced three hits to my right cheek.

Choices, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (December 28, 2015)

I am very sensitive on my ass, her swats had made me even more so and to know a woman-my cousin no less-was taking her time like this, caressing me, teasing me (and I was liking it) was stretching my resolve. I didn't want to be enjoying this spanking-any spanking-for just the spanking, but I was. And I certainly didn't want to be over a woman's lap enjoying it, but I was. And lastly, if I was going to be across a woman's lap, enjoying a spanking-as! was-I at least wanted Guy, the catalyst to me being here across a woman's lap enjoying a spanking, witnessing it all. The fact that he wasn't, seemed to be damn near indifferent to what was happening in this little peach and tan room, made me fear what I wasfeeling here in this little peach and tan room all the more:

Lying across Nancy, taking her swats, soft words and expert, caressing hands, I was growing as horny as I ever had when Guy had spanked me!

Fred Yamashita Feels the Sting, by Rachel Heath (December 25, 2015)

Fred was soon bound hand and foot on his belly with his face slantwise against a pillow. His wife swung her arm all the way back and brought the paddle down full force on his buttocks. Swat!

“Ow!” Fred exclaimed. He could hardly believe how much that hurt.

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! His ass cheeks automatically tightened in pain, then bounced apart with the next swat as they turned a mottled, sore-looking red.

Two for the Price of One, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (December 25, 2015)

Josh had been given much much more then any spanking he could have ever dreamed, so it was no surprise to me that he had come before me. Somewhere along the line Veronica had made a threat to him that she had nearly made good on and Josh had shown us all he could be broken to agree, no matter what the circumstances or if even he wasn’t pushed all the way. It was no surprise he came as quick as he did.

“Charles,” she sang and SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. Veronica continued to hit us. I was just about there, stroking so fast I thought I might loose my grip.

“The first one to come always gets it worse,” she said and again SMACK. SMACK she hit us. Veronica was right I knew, Josh had to be feeling more pain then I since he had come and his attention was fully on his ass now!

Caught and Spanked, by Chuck Wilson (December 21, 2015)

Mrs. Barrows watched with amusement as the lovely young woman was being taught a lesson in humility. An over-the-knees spanking on the bare buttocks will humble any girl, she thought, as was proven with the two daughters they had raised.

Bob continued to wait in the car, growing more nervous by the minute, and wondering if a patrol car might be rolling up behind him at any time. After such a spanking as he had witnessed, would Susan's employer still call the police? Surely, she had suffered enough

Collision Made in Heaven, by Greg Babcock (December 21, 2015)

"That's all good and well. That was a choice you made. Now, you're going to have to live with the result of that decision. One of those results is the fact that you don't have car insurance and you're in violation of the law."

"Yes, Ma'am." My voice was starting to waver and was beginning to climb the scale by a most an octave. It always happened when I was on the verge of losing control. "I also didn't count on having twins then months after we married ... which fell just two months short of being covered by my company's hospitalization policy. All the expenses are times two. Plus I didn't count on the little girl having a blood disorder ... they had to change all the blood in her body. Twice. All the guys at work and my mother ... my father's dead ... all donated blood to replace the twenty-five or thirty transfusions. But, still and all, the thing cost us something like forty-seven hundred dollars. That was just for the blood thing. So, I'm working my butt off trying to repay the doctors, the hospital, the technicians, the anesthesiologists, the medication ... the whole bullshit!"

Butt Double, by Miss Lee (December 18, 2015)

His hand held something large and heavy. I whimpered to see the wooden hairbrush, backing up a half-step. Stagehands prevented any further retreat on my part; then Brosnan pulled me down across his lap. I heard Zellweger say to me, "It's terribly difficult to lie across a man's lap, I know. My father was very strict." I felt her pat my head. "Pierce tickled me so my face would look all red and sweaty, as if from a hard spanking, and that was difficult enough. Of course, he did land a swat or two, the devil."

A Date with the Devil, by Mike Burke (December 18, 2015)

"Very (SMACK) well (SMACK)," the spanker said as she landed the final two strokes right on the highest points of the punished cheeks with the hardest shots yet. There wasn't much time for Heather to compose herself before she was ordered to stand. She made quite a sight as she tried to hop around with only one shoe on while her hands worked feverishly on her pained orbs. Tears streamed down her face as her hands could offer little solace. It certainly didn't get any better as the 27 year old watched through the tears as the chair her mother had just been sitting in was turned around with its back facing the two windows and her sister. Heather knew exactly what was going to happen next.

Caught in the Girl's Dormitory, by Dr. Dlaniger (December 14, 2015)

I pushed up her skirt and discovered that the crotch of her blue cotton panties was wet. In fact, it was soaked! I kissed the wet spot, feeling her vulva and pubic hairs against my lips through the wet cotton, causing her to moan, and then I pulled her wet panties down and quickly removed them from her ankles. I placed my mouth against her wet pussy, kissed and then licked—scooping up a tongueful of her secretions. She moaned and arched her back when I did that. Her secretions had a mild musky taste and smell that was very arousing. I licked her pussy with feather-like licks, concentrating on her nicely developed clitoris. I got off on her pheromones as she came three times in my mouth. I lapped up every drop of hersweet pussy juice.

Just Takes a Peek, by Pete (December 14, 2015)

SMACK CRACK WHACK SMACK WHAP WHACK SMACK "The very idea!" SMACK WHACK CRACK "A grown man!" WHACK WHAP SPLATT SMACK "Over his wife's knee!" WHACK SMACK SMACK "Getting his bare botty spanked!" SMACK WHACK CRACK WHACK SMACK SMACK WHACK "Howling and squalling like a little boy!" CRACK WHACK WHAP "Next thing you know you'll probably cry!" WHACK WHAP WHAP WHACK SMACK

Lacey, by DyAnne (December 11, 2015)

Both girls started dating. One night, while Lacey was waiting for her date, she cursed saying that her date was a stupid bastard because he was late. Mandy reminded Lacey that she was not supposed to curse. Lacey told her to shut the hell up. Before Lacey had realized what she’d said, she found herself face down across Mandy’s knees with her skirt pulled up and panties pulled down. Mandy had just started spanking Lacey when the doorbell rang. She told Lacey to go let whomever it was in and to get back in position. Lacey led a handsome young man in and told him to wait in the living room, then she walked back into the den. She told Mandy that her date was in the living room, then she placed herself back over Mandy’s knees. Mandy raised her skirt back up and started spanking her again. Mandy looked up to see the young man standing in the doorway watching with fascination as the spanking continued.

Sam's First Real Ass Beating, by BC and Wife (December 11, 2015)

WHACK!! “You’ll be good!” SMACK!! “You better be good!” SPANK!! “From mow on,” WHACK!! “when you deserve a spanking,” SLAP!! “you will be spanked!!” WHACK!! SMACK!! SLAP!! SPANK!! “You are through walking all over me!” WHACK!! SLAP!! “From this moment on, I am in charge!” WHACK!! SLAP!! “I’ll show you a bitch if you even look at another woman again.” Finding more hot anger still with in her, Barbara The Beautiful began to spank her helpless husband hard and fast once more.

Another Family Secret, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (December 7, 2015)

He was lying on his stomach on her bed, his legs spread, bare from the waist down. lie was hairier then I thought he'd be but my mom was right, he did have a great tight round ass, better even then when I had tried to stare at it all the times I had in the past. He had his head turned away from us, this must have been so embarrassing for him I thought. Sure he had been bare-assed for my mom with my aunt Anne all those years ago but now with inc in the room this must have been killing him!

A Career Decision, by Gregory Babcock (December 7, 2015)

The whippy, leather-covered rod didn't make much noise! Hardly any at all. There was a faint SWISH! as it cut through the air toward my seared seat! When the awesome thing landed, it pro-duced a slightly louder THWIP! Approximately the same sound as had emanated from Jim's room that one night! So that's what he got it with, huh?

You're Never Too Old, by Gregory Babcock (December 4, 2015)

“Now, you listen to me, you young whelp,” she hissed. “I’m up to here with you! I’m up to here with the way you treat your mother! First the truancy! Then this ... this ... this thievery! For one thing, all that is wrong ... absolutely sinful! But, I can’t understand why you don’t get off your lazy fanny ... and get yourself a job! A paper route! Something! Anything! Why should your mother have to give you a damn allowance? Why should she have to give you anything? Do you understand what it costs her to run that place? To clothe you? To feed you? To clothe and feed herself? And to pay the rent ... and the stupid damn light bill? Have you any idea? No! No, dammit! No you don’t! If you were any kind of man, you’d get off your fanny ... and you’d get a job. I think they’re hiring at Western Union! Delivering telegrams! On Saturdays and Sundays! What’s so special about you ... so special that you can’t get off this lazy fanny of yours?”

Anna, by Victoria (December 4, 2015)

"I want you to look me in the eye, Richard,' she said, and, as I complied, she said, "I want you to acknowledge now that you deserve the hard punishment you're going to get. And then I want you to ask for it."

"Yes, ma'am." I said, my voice quavering as I met her eyes with difficulty. "I deserve to be punished for my misbehavior, and I ask you to punish me." And then I added, "I have it coming."

Once More for Old Times Sake, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (November 30, 2015)

With this Paul leaned in far to my sink and thrust that wonderful bottom as far back to me as he could. Although hampered by the jeans and underwearat his ankles, he managed to get his ass back to me far and spread his legs wide in the process. With his leaning like that I spied a nice glimpse of his little balls tight up under him and I knew if I inspected him (and God knew I would do so soon enough) I would see and feel his cock hard, purpling and ready poking out straight to my sink! If I knew one thing this day as I had since the day Paul and I started our kinky fun, I knew spankings excited Paul as much as they did me.

Out There in Radioland, by Greg Babcock (November 30, 2015)

Once again, the crop descended upon my unprotected rump! Once again, the pain was unimaginable! Once again, I let out a blood-curdling scream! Once again, I clenched those fast-swelling mounds! Once again, I was commanded to relax back there. Once again, I managed to comply, but only just barely, which set off another round robin of delivery of more shots with the hated crop, screams, scrunching and admonition.

Would it ever end? Did I want it to end? At that point, yes, I did want it to end.

Fat chance! Again and again and again and again the crop burned welt upon welt into my bare rear. I found myself bucking around like an out-of-control bronco, and screaming obscenities by the dozen. The idea of my backside bouncing around seemed not to bother Rene. She merely increased the tempo, and the severity, of the cuts she was delivering to my misshapen buttocks.

Rebecca Remembered, by Pete (November 27, 2015)

Although it was dark in the boathouse, she could tell he was blushing like crazy. She firmly pulled down his slacks, then reached up and yanked down his shorts. Embarrassed, he kind of hunched over to shield himself. While he was off balance, she gave his elbow a quick tug and he toppled forward over her lap. Once over, he seemed to resign himself to his fate, and made no attempt to escape. "So far, so good," she thought to herself as she lightly patted the two plump mounds of pale flesh that peeped up at me so enticingly in the moonlight. Charlie squirmed a bit at this, and she could feel his "thing" pressing between her naked thighs. "Keep your eye on the ball," she told herself. Then told Charlie, "hand me my handbag, please, Honey." He groped in the dark, then wordlessly handed it back. She removed her brand new hairbrush, then moved its bristled side testingly over his quaking cheeks. He shivered, either in torment or delight, she couldn't tell which.

A Few Choice Refined Girls, by Rod Birch (November 27, 2015)

"Well, but," he glanced down at his limp cock, "I can't. I'd love to, but I can't. Golly, though, ma'am, like I already told you, I'm sorry, I'm truly sorry."

"Not half as sorry as you're going to be," she snarled, disdaining his apology. Climbing out of bed and donning her diaphanous outer garment, she turned the lamp up full. Then, before he realized what was happening, she quickly scooped up his pants and shirt and stalked to the door. Yanking it open, she disappeared into the hallway. "Hey!" he called after her, voice hoarse, "where ya goin' with my clothes?"

Alone and worried, he thought, Damnation, what can I do now, naked in a house filled with females?

Wyatt Gets Caught, by Rachel Heath (November 23, 2015)

Finally, Melanie put the instrument of punishment down. She began undoing the ropes that bound him, gently massaging the areas around his wrists as he continued weeping, although not as loudly as when she was spanking him. She unbound his feet. Then she took some tissues from a nearby Kleenex box and helped him dry his mottled, reddened, wet face. He blew his nose a couple of times and tossed the used Kleenexes into a trash can. He got up off the bed and, still with a bra, garter belt, and fishnet stockings on, still with his wife’s pink panties clumsily around his thighs, headed to the sink inside the bedroom to wash his hands.

Zrinka's Revenge, by Iona (November 23, 2015)

Despite myself, I felt a growing sense of excitement that began to eclipse all my righteous anger and frustration. There was something about the very idea of a spanking that sent a tremulous thrill coursing through my genitals, leaving them hot and wet.

It was a guilty secret that I had harbored for as far back as I could remember. And one that I had sought to deny and ignore. It just seemed so unnatural and well…kinky.

But now, as Stan unbuckled his belt with fumbling fingers, and dropped his jeans and under-shorts, it all came rushing back to me with merciless intensity.

Back to the Basement, by Jason (November 20, 2015)

Roger tried backing away, but it was as if he stood with his back to a wall. He couldn't move. He tried moving to the side with the same results. He wasn't going anywhere until the apparition of Matilda Owens permitted him to move. She shook her head again and sighed. "You're all alike. You come to me willingly, but become disobedient when actually faced with punishment for your misbehavior. Perhaps you pretend it's not going to be painful and embarrassing, that it's all a game. I can assure you, Roger, I'm not playing. You're going to be spanked on your bare bottom. It will be very painful. It will be far worse if you don't obey me within the next ten seconds."

Reunion with Mama, by Jason (November 20, 2015)

"I'll take your underpants down now." She grasped the waist band and slowly lowered them to my knees, leaving me exposed and embarrassed. "Lower your head and clasp your hands behind your back, Karl." I stood naked for several minutes while Mama again verbally reprimanded me for my inappropriate comments to the reporter. She finished with, "You'll be over my knee for your first real spanking in a few moments. I expect you to cry and beg me to stop since it will hurt like nothing you've ever felt before. You will not clench your bottom to avoid some of the pain and you will keep your squirming and leg kicking to a minimum or you will feel the hairbrush on your thighs. I will not tolerate any crude or coarse language. If that happens, the spanking will stop and I will take you by the ear to the bathroom and wash your mouth out with soap. When I bring you back here, the spanking will resume where we left off. You will also wear the panties on the bed and feel a hard taste of the leather strap after the hairbrush. Also, you will be doing chores around my house tomorrow in nothing but those panties. Am I understood, young man?"

A Rich Wife is a Servant Supervisor, by Rachel Heath (November 16, 2015)

"Why should I believe you?" his disgruntled employer asked, eyes narrowed and arms crossed across her amply endowed chest.

"I’ll prove it to you," Norman said earnestly.

"And just how do you propose to do that?" she queried.

"I . . . huh . . . uh . . . I’ll let you punish me for everything I did wrong today," he suggested.

"Punish you? You mean take money off of your wages?"

"Oh, no! Please don’t do that madam! Please! I’ve got two kids by my ex-wife and I’ve got to support them! Please don’t take away my wages!" he said in a voice full of anguish.

A Spanking Memory, by Suzanne (November 16, 2015)

She certainly made an impression on his bare backside with it. From age twelve, all through his teens, until he entered college, the strap was Mama's disciplinary device of choice. When caught in some misdeed or other, she would send Philip to fetch the strap. He remembered well the many trips up the stairs to Mama's bedroom to bring the strap from its place hanging in her closet. Each step seemed to take an eternity. As much practice as he got, he could still never seem to decide whether to hurry and get his punishment over with as quickly as possible, or dawdle, in an attempt to put it off. Too much dawdling, however, was punished with extra licks, so Philip usually walked fairly briskly. As many times as he had made the trip, the sight of the strap hanging from its special peg, like a poisonous serpent waiting to strike, never failed to fill him with awe and dread. Try as he might, he couldn't drive the picture of it from his mind.

Sweet as Sugar, by Victoria (November 13, 2015)

Victoria really didn't need any urging to spank a naughty bottom. She lifted the brush and sent it crashing down on one cheek and then the other. Back and forth the brush flew. Tom was jumping around on her lap and picking up one foot and one hand. The foot he tried to lift up to protect himself and when Victoria gave him one good smack on the back of his calf, he decided to take his spanking without foot interference.

Next Tom lifted his one hand and sent it back to cover his cheek. Victoria shifted to the back of his thighs and suggested that if he didn't like hard thigh spanks that he move his hand.

Sunday in the Colonies, by Michael (November 13, 2015)

Now some say Constance was beautiful in her younger days but bearing a large litter or fourteen children for the Deacon Lord had done little good for her. She stood of average height and weighed little more than 12 stone. Her arms were meaty yet strong from the work that she had to do through the rest of the week. It was rumored that she spanked her brood more and harder than my own mother. Well, I would soon find out if her presence helped my case.

The cold air hit my naked backside and I clenched it in anticipation of the first blow with the hickory withe that was customarily used on boys my age. It was about three feet long, as thick as a woman's thumb. It had been aged and had only a little spring left. I had seen it used before and i dreaded the whipping that was about to happen. When a man wielded the withe, blood was often drawn. How would it be in the hands of Constance Lord?

Summer School, by C. Flint (November 9, 2015)

Donna smiled. She reached up and released my hands. "Stand right here and face the car," she said. "You can rub until I tell you to stop."

I turned with my back to the road and lifted my skirt again. I didn't care about what the people in the passing cars could see. I put my hands down my clammy underwear and, bouncing from foot to foot, scrubbed at my throbbing bottom. Even though it didn't seem to do any good, I rubbed as hard as could.

Donna let me rub for a minute or so. "Break's over," she said. "Back into the car." Once more she made sure that my skirt was fanned out behind me and my arms were confined under the seat belt before she pulled back onto the road.

Sunday Afternoon with Pat, by H.B. (November 9, 2015)

Once again I can feel her change paddles. She is holding a leather strap in her hand and softly dragging it across my butt. I know why she does this. She wants me to be very aware of what is coming next. The end of the strap is toying with the most tender part of my backside. It is almost as exciting as her fingers, but not quite. The strap is thin and light. It stings like crazy but doesn't have the weight of the hairbrush, so it won't leave the soreness behind that the brush does. I can here the leather whistle before it makes contact. The sound of the crack is much lighter than the hairbrush. Seconds pass before I feel the stripe across both cheeks. Hot stripes like the splash of hot coffee over the edge of a paper cup, hitting my fingers. Every three seconds the splash of stinging heat crosses my bum, both cheeks at once, no rest, no relief, just the steady beat of the leather, kissing my already throbbing seat - painting a ladder of stripes up and down my butt. I can feel the welts rising. And once again I am blubbering. At first I tried to count the strokes but it is impossible. It must be hundreds, no thousands. I know for certain that I cannot take much more. But what can I do? I am at her mercy - tears are my only comfort.

Strike Night, by Victoria (November 6, 2015)

However, he couldn't stay neck to neck. Victoria kept getting strikes until Miles was ready to stomp out of the bowling alley. It was ridiculous to be beaten by a woman and then have the woman jumping up and down in front of a person crowing about beating him some more. And she was. To say that she was a poor sport was putting it mildly...she was being totally sickening.

"Boy, is your cute bum going to be bright red before this night is over. You'll feel my hand print all night long. You'll have to sleep on your stomach. You'll be sorry you ever thought about spanking me, you bad boy. Wait until I get you home. I'll spank you so hard...." Victoria clapped her hands and jumped up and down throughout this whole threat and finally she clapped her hands together very hard... "There...imagine that's landing on your bare bottom. You'll be as red as a lobster before I'm through with you. One hundred spanks for you. One hundred spanks for you."

Student Aid, by Gordon Thomas (November 6, 2015)

She rubbed the paddle over my bare backside then brought it down with a loud smack. Wow! did that hurt! My whole behind burst into white hot fire but I clenched my teeth and took it. Then the paddle landed again and again. My god how it hurt and I felt tears running down my cheeks. I tried to put a hand back to protect my poor behind but she grabbed my arm and bent it behind my back, pressing down on both the arm and my back. I started to plead, "That's enough. . .please not so hard. . .please stop. . .stop. . .please stop."

Tea at the St. Francis, by Rob Birch (November 2, 2015)

But, of course, Mary Lou, as I'm sure you realize, any such idea was pure nonsense, just kidding himself. Because, dear girl, when Jane took that switch far back, then stepped forward and, with all the force she could muster, brought it down across his defenseless bare buttocks, he simply couldn't help himself. Letting out a loud, quavery, "Aaaaaahh," he convulsively jerked upright.

Mary Lou, it was absolutely hilarious, watching his agonized surprise and the way he couldn’t help but rear up when petite Jane’s switch came down across this large male’s bare bottom. And you can imagine, can't you, how Jane's laughter and mine must've galled him. "Bobby, Bobby, what happened? Aren't you going to maintain some dignity, some masculine pride? Shame on you. Screeching like that. Haven't you noticed the windows are open? If you don't want every female in this park to hear you yelling and begging, you'd better keep it down. Control yourself. Don't yell so loudly."

The Landlady, by Pete (October 30, 2015)

"Don't fret so, Gerald, it is just a spanking after all," she chided, running her hands over my thinly clad bottom. It tingled erotically and I blushed even more deeply, for I felt myself becoming hard. She spreads her legs, revealing even more of the lithe flesh I had come to admire so. Her fingers slid inside the elastic of my PJ bottom's waistband and she slipped them 9ever so slowly down my thighs. My one-eyed-monster flopped out to confront her, eye-to-eye. She seemed to take no notice, but took my elbow and tugged me forward until I lost my balance and toppled gracelessly across the sinewy expanse of her lush legs. She scissored her legs together, firmly entrapping my throbbing erection between them. She swept back my PJ top, so I was starkly naked from my armpit to my ankles.

Laura Makes a Discovery, by Papa (October 30, 2015)

Laura stood. "Get up, Zachary...we're leaving! I'm going to introduce you to a real live Mistress of pain! At home! And tomorrow morning, you will meet another! You can compare notes with Richard next time you see each other. I'm sure you both will have much to talk about...now get my coat." Laura fixed her husband with a stare and deliberately began to unbutton her right sleeve, rolling it high on her arm. The effect was electric. Zachary realized he had a huge erection and no way to hide it. Then Laura did the same with her left sleeve. Still he did not move. A moment later she came around the table and took Zachary's ear. He yelped as she pinched the lobe. Her height, her bosom heaving, the size and dimensions of her breasts intimidating, the extra care she had taken to paint her lips earlier in the evening -- all combined to create the aspect of Dominant Woman in the view of everyone there (including Lettie, for the moment anyway).

Cooking With Jon, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (October 26, 2015)

As Janine cut across the quivering ass before her she was reminded again and again of that old adage that states that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Smiling as again she landed another for quick flicks of the terribly effective branch, Janine knew that the way to her husband was, and would always be through his ass!

“Enough?’” she asked and Jon turned then to face her, laying his ass as gently as he could on the table under him.

“Want to take care of that?” Janine asked, staring with Jon at his raging hard cock bouncing between the, Smiling up at the man’s flushed face, Janine nodded her head and Jon took himself in hand.

Cops, by B.C. and Wife (October 26, 2015)

When the black officer regained control of her voice, she said, "You're funny, white boy! Now get naked and kneel down!¼ Put your head on the floor." He did as he was told, knowing that if he didn't follow her orders, she would just beat him into submission.

Taking the hand with the cuff left on it, she pulled it back and snapped the other side of the cuff closed around his ankle. Snapping another cuff onto his other wrist, she cuffed it to his other ankle. This was too much! He was too exposed! What on earth did they have in mind for him this time.

He turned his head to see what they were doing and then turned away because he really didn't want to know. Too late! He had already seen them each pick up a wide leather strap. "No! Please, don't! EEEAAAAHAHAHAHOOOWWWAAAHAHAH!!!"

Cheaters Earn Smart Marks, by Kiara Sarong (October 23, 2015)

Her eyes narrowed, until they resembled tiny splinters of steel. "Do you want me to use Harvey's belt?"

He couldn't breathe, he could barely think. Every nerve in his body was keenly aware of her extraordinary power. Although he weighed close to 190 pounds, he was painfully conscious that at least 20 pounds were solid fat. Harvey looked close to 230 pounds of solid muscle. He couldn't hope to take on the bruiser and later he couldn't exactly advertise that he'd been spanked by his diminutive wife for cheating on her. What the Hell was he going to do, he wondered, frantically. She was looking at him, her eyes still very angry, and in the beautiful silver depths he saw her hurt. Swallowing hard, he shut his mouth.

Immediately Karisa returned her attention to Heidi. "Liam is going to get a spanking, and so are you," she said quietly.

College Brothers and Sisters, by R.J. (October 23, 2015)

"So," said the voice, loaded with sarcasm, "you want to shift the blame. Ok. We'll shift the punishment. If you're just pledges on a lark, you deserve to be punished like pledges. You seem eager to have some paddles, so we won't call the cops if you'll take the same kind of paddling we'd give our pledges for such a stupid trick." I can't say that this was how I imagined I would be paddled in the world of Greek letters, but we figured even without conferring that it was what we had to do. We were destined to get a whopper of a spanking to make up for any we had missed.

In a moment we found ourselves bent over. One of the women grabbed my sweatshirt at the bottom and pulled it over my head, leaving it as a combination blindfold and loose gag. Another pulled down my sweat pants in a single tug. I heard a couple of giggles and someone began snapping the elastic sides of my jock strap. I realized that this was not going to be fun, and yet I also realized that the front of my supporter was being stretched from within. I was excited. Then, whap, whap, whap! I sucked in a big breath; it hurt. Whap-ap, whap-ap, whap-ap! This time there was a kind of echo that told me Jerry was getting his, too. In less than two minutes we each had had ten swats. The voice of the leader then ordered a change of paddlers.

Taking Control, Part 3, by B. C. and Wife (October 19, 2015)

The thought never occurred to him that she had just taken firm control of his life. His thoughts were on the crime at hand and the punishment in progress. The spanking he still had coming scared the hell out of him. His precious corner time went by far too fast. When she called him out, he didn’t want to go but he went to her and the spanking she was about to put on his burning ass.

She was pleased at his obedience to her call. “Lie over my lap so you can pay for being so damn sneaky after you were so naughty,” she told him.

“Yes, dear,” he said as he put his sore ass in position for further assault. Lying over her lap was the scariest thing he had ever done. This was going to hurt like hell.

The Banana Man's Comeuppance, by Rachel Heath (October 19, 2015)

So Jeremy pulled his pants and briefs down. He lay across his betrayed wife’s lap.

She brought the wood down as hard as she could on his taut, slim, alabaster white buttocks. Swat!

That wasn’t too bad, Jeremy thought. More awful than the pain was the humiliation of position, of being across a lap bare bottomed like a naughty tot. He felt his face go fiercely hot with shame.

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Wanda brought the wood down with all the might she could muster. Pictures of Jeremy and another woman went through her mind and gave her arm power.

Taking Control, Part 2, by B.C. and Wife (October 16, 2015)

Ruth grinned as her friend lifted the long hard paddle over her naughty husband’s bare bottom. Watching the paddle come down on his handsome butt cheeks made her grin even wider. But when he started to bawl like a bad little boy, she was sold on the idea of spanking her husband, as well.

Sandy reached up high and spanked Felix very hard. She was angry about his disobedience. His muscular behind would pay a hard price for this software and he would send it right back. She spanked him with long hard strokes that use the wrist just at the end of the stroke to get the spanking end of the paddle moving faster still.

This treatment served to heat up the man’s rump to temperatures that made him scream in terrible pain. He forgot completely about the other woman in the room with them as his punishment was being carried out. His thoughts were of the pain, the paddle that caused the pain and the damn package of software that caused him to be paddled. He roared in agony as his bare behind was roasted by his wife’s hard spanking stroke.

And then Came Ellie, Part 2, by Pete (October 16, 2015)

"You little sneak! You, you Peeping Tom!" Ellie towered over me, the draped towel barely concealing her impressive charms. "Mrs. J had the right idea! You do need to be spanked!" She clutched the towel with one hand and my ear with the other and dragged me over to her bed. She managed somehow to tuck the towel around her in a kind of makeshift sarong, and snatched up a black wooden hairbrush - almost identical to the one Mrs. J had used with such telling effect. Still struggling with her unraveling towel she came back to where I was sprawled guiltily, and began to fumble with my belt.

Taking Control, Part 1, by B.C. and Wife (October 12, 2015)

“I noticed Joe being on his best behavior this evening,” Sandy told her friend. “Tell me please, how did you make him change?”

“I have a wooden paddle hidden among my undies. When he gets out of line I make him pull down his pants and bend over my lap, then I spank his bare ass with the paddle. I make sure he really feels his spankings. His cute little ass turns bright red and he bawls just like a bad little boy.” Linda’s eyes glowed brightly with the excitement of telling someone of the spankings she was giving to her errant husband. No one else knew why Joe had changed so much.

Sandy smiled, “It sounds like it just might make him think twice. But will he let me spank him? How do you get Joe to let you spank him? You are a tall strong woman, but I doubt you can wrestle him over your knee and yank his pants down like he was a bad little boy.”

In the Beginning, Mrs. J., Part 1, by Pete (October 12, 2015)

There was nothing either of us had to say. We both knew what was coming. She led me to the living room and nodded toward the couch. I sat down and waited anxiously, at the same time admiring the almost unobstructed view of Mrs. J's pert bikini'd derriere. She went to the bedroom and returned with the same black wooden hairbrush. When she came over to the couch, I stood up and meekly stood there while she sat down, unbuckled my belt, deftly unzipped my fly, slipped my pants down to my knees, and then yanked down the shorts as well. She looked up at me. Our eyes met. Then she smiled and patted her lush, sleek, naked, deeply-tanned thighs. I sighed and obediently sprawled face down across theme. They were surprisingly warm. I must've been right about the sunbathing.

Worshipping Betty Jane, by Greg Babcock (October 9, 2015)

"Young man!" she half-shouted. "I'll warn you that I'll not tolerate such language within these walls." (She didn't say "hallowed walls" -- but, you had to know that the word was part of the translation.)

"Look," I pleaded, beseeching my beloved. "Could we please go somewhere?" (Another gasp from my dream girl's landlady.) "Somewhere," I continued, "where we could maybe get a cup of coffee? I ... look ... I drove all the way up here to see you. From Indianapolis."

"I didn't ask you to do that. There was a reason, you know, why I didn't answer your letter."

"Please?" I heard myself whimpering. "Please, Betty Jane? Won't you please give me at least a few minutes?"

"Oh! All right," she finally replied -- after probably ten or twelve torturous seconds; during which I'd died a thousand deaths. "All right," she snapped.. "Let's go."

Entertaining the Boss, by B.J. (October 9, 2015)

"Yes, Jon. You're far and away the leading candidate. The real reason I wanted to come over tonight was to check out you home life. I didn't want you two to put on a special show for me. I wanted to see things as they really were. A senior executive needs a stable, well organized home. Well, you certainly have that. Knowing that Jane puts you over her knee when you misbehave only increases my estimation of you. It happens to the best of us!"

"You mean . . . ?"

"Of, course! Haven't you been listening? You should have guessed by now or at least had some idea that I was talking about spanking. Jane picked right up on it." Henry, all his former reticence gone now, went on in some detail. "Mildred's been tanning my hide since before we were married. Matter of fact, I proposed while lying across her knee. She accepted and just kept on whacking away! To tell the truth, I don't think I'd be where I am today if Mildred hadn't spanked some sense into me on a regular basis! So, do yourself a favor, Jon, go and get the hairbrush."

Bottoming Out, by Ed Majors (October 5, 2015)

Don't let him up until you make him promise to not repeat the fault.

After the spanking, you can comfort him, but don't stop until he is thoroughly punished.

If you follow these rules, you should be all set."

"Wow! Aunt Bea, you have it down to a science. I guess that comes from being a business manager. Good bye and thank you.

Beach Buns, by Alexandra (October 5, 2015)

A surprised look registered in his eyes, but he quickly brushed it off. "Are you sure you're not just jealous?" he suggested.

"No, Joey, this isn't jealousy. This is something I should have done a long time ago. The truth is, I think you've been wanting it!" I knew I'd been far too lenient with him. And now, the prospect of punishing him was proving very satisfying.

"Oh, no, you don't mean that!" Joey said, trying to beg off.

"I certainly do mean it. Come here!"

A Birthday With Patty, by H.B. (October 2, 2015)

I quickly got into the desired position and no sooner had I grabbed on to the edge of the desk than the first stroke of her crop landed fully across the beefiest part of my ass. It was not very loud. A muffled thwap at best, but I was already a little sore from the "introduction" and I really felt what I was getting now. The second and third stroke quickly followed, about five seconds apart. It felt like she was working me over about a half of an inch apart with each successive stroke. She worked her way down my thighs and then started back up. She covered the entire distance, up and down, twice before she came to 35. I was sniffing and gasping as she got to the end, but I hadn't really shed a tear yet. I had the feeling that she was playing with me. The strokes would be hard but not unbearable. I got as horny as all get out. I am sure she could tell. Then she would unleash a wicked cut and for a moment I would lose that horny feeling as the pain registered. When she was finished, I had the biggest case of lover's nuts on the face of the earth.

Bobby Jo, by C. Flint (October 2, 2015)

"How could this get worse?" he moaned.

Bobby Jo gave a laugh. "You will get used to it," she told him. "and it can get much worse. Have you any idea how it would feel with a handful of sand placed inside . . . . or if you were wearing a butt plug? Now that you are properly attired, it is time to start your discipline."

"But if I'm on a date . . ." Barry started.

Bobby Jo laughed. "What makes you think, young man, that you will be going out on dates where a young lady would expect to see your underwear . . . . . unless, of course, she was about to take you on a trip to the woodshed? I will control such matters during the duration of our contract and you can be assured that any young woman you escort will be instructed in the proper methods for correcting any misbehavior. Just as I am about to do now."

"What?" Barry cried out.

Bert Gets It Good This Time, by Rachel Heath (September 28, 2015)

It wasn’t really hurting yet, at least not very much, so Bert did not cry out. However, he did feel ashamed at being in this embarrassing, childlike over the knee position.

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

"I won’t have a young man acting like a little brat," Aunt Shoshona told him. "But if you are going to act like one, you better believe you’re going to get treated like one." Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

"Now I think you’re going to have to get it on the bare bottom, Bert. Doesn’t it embarrass you to have your pants pulled down?"

"Yes! Don’t please!" he begged.

Bert's Butt Burns, by Rachel Heath (September 28, 2015)

Bert looked at her, a plaintive look in his eyes that reminded her of a begging puppy. “Do I have to?” he asked in a pitiful voice.

“Yes,” she replied firmly.

Slowly and reluctantly, the teenager draped himself across his aunt’s lap.

She pulled his pants down, then his jockey shorts. His buttocks were lean, very white, with light blond hairs across them.

Bert hated this most of all – having her see his butt! It made his face and neck get hot even as he stared helplessly at the dark beige carpet. A hand went to his blushing skin as the other hand steadied himself against the chair’s leg.

Shoshona brought the hairbrush’s wood down hard against naked flesh. Swat! The pain startled Bert.

The Basement, by Jason (September 25, 2015)

Roger walked as quickly as possible to the couch and bent over the arm. "No, Miss Matilda, I'm sorry. Please go ahead and strap me." His body shuddered in spasms when he heard her snapping the strap through the air, thinking it was going to land on his backside.

"Still as limber as I always was," she declared. "Your bottom is in the perfect position for the strap, Roger. I'll be able to bring it down from above and it will hurt like nothing you've ever felt before. I know you were never spanked while growing up. You should've been for all the rotten and nasty things you got away with. I think this will start to make up for it."

Be Careful What You Wish For, by Ed Finn (September 25, 2015)

He hurried to the dresser and retrieved the brush. On the way back, he noted it was a little bigger and a little heavier than the typical hairbrush. Also, it was made of wood and had a broad, flat back with most of its original varnish worn off. He gave his palm a little swat. Hmm! The bugger might sting a bit, at that -- even through a girl's panties. At least he sure hoped so.

"Hey, I didn't say anything about testing it out, Charles," said Aunt Dorothy. "Just give it here, if you please. Rest assured, you will have every opportunity to check it out later."

"Oops, sorry...and thanks," said Chuck as he handed the brush over. Later he would wonder at his naivete in missing the import of so many of his aunt's remarks. For now, he simply stood back, taking it all in like a kid on his first trip to Disney World. There was too much to observe and remember.

Anna, by Ricardo (September 21, 2015)

How bad will it hurt? I wondered as I waited for her to return. But if it does hurt a lot, that's sort of a measure of how much she cares, isn't it? I want that, the caring represented by the punishment, don't I? And I want to take it well, without whining or interrupting, asa gift to her for caring this much. It's a way for both of us to show our devotion to the other. I want to take it well so as to be worthy of her. I love her very much.

The self-talk ended when she came home from church. "Please come with me down to the basement, Richard," she said, her tone almost gentle. "I'm going to punish you now." Once we reached the family room, she said, "You may lower your pyjama pants, Richard, I'm going to get my paddle," and she opened a drawer in the chest of drawers and took out a wooden paddle. It was two feet long with its handle, a good half-inch thick and three inches wide, and it had two rows of half-inch holes down the middle of its business end. It was made of varnished hardwood. Where or when she had obtained it I had no idea.

The Aunt Fanny Show, by Jason (September 21, 2015)

"One thing, Sue, if he decides to spank you, it will hurt like the devil. Your bottom will turn red, sore, hot, and stinging. You'll cry, thinking you're shedding enough tears to float a battleship. You'll squirm and kick your legs. While you're undergoing the ordeal of being soundly spanked, you'll have to find enough willpower not to beg him to stop. That first application of hard hand or hairbrush will be a shock to your nervous system. Don't give in to the temptation to tell him to quit. After all, it was by your insistence that you're being spanked. When he's finally finished, give him a big hug and kiss, thanking him for taking the time to punish and correct you. Be sure and tell him that anytime he feels it's needed, to put you over his lap again, pull down your panties, and spank your bare bottom until he thinks you've learned a necessary andvaluable lesson. As time goes by, you and he may add more ritual like corner time and other complimentary punishments. Just remember, Sue, that once that first spanking is done, you've handed over a lot of control to him. From the way you describe your husband, he won't spank you unless he thinks it's absolutely necessary. Be careful about putting up any arguments when he says you're to be spanked. If he needs pointers on how to do it properly and what guidelines he should use for deciding you're to be spanked, tell him to write me. Let me know how things work out. I love you, Aunt Fanny."

Todd, by Jonsie (September 18, 2015)

SMACK Mary landed her right hand to my right cheek. I sighed, grabbed my ankles tighter but willed myself to stay bent.

“Very good," Mary said and SMACK, SMACK she landed two shots, one to my right one to my left as I breathed into my knees, spread my thighs a little more, but stayed where I was. These slaps had been loud; if someone was close enough they had to be hearing. I even thought I heard the birds stop singing for the instant.

“I hope you will remember this well Frank,” Mary said and SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, she landed three deadly swats, all to just under my left cheek, just where my thick thigh met my ass! I jumped up on tiptoes and rolled forward, but stayed bending.

“If you take to this as I think you are there will never be a need for us to repeat this day,” Mary said and SMACK, SMACK, SMACK Mary's hand said to my left cheek, then my right twice!

Boys Trip to the Principal's Office, by B.C. (September 18, 2015)

I feel like a bad little boy. I haven't felt like this for years. I feel like I did when Mom said, "Go to your room. I'll be in to talk to you about that." It meant, "I don't have time to spank you right now. I will spank you when I have time to do the job right." This is like waiting in my room, except I'm listening to a string of very big spankings while I wait, and it's Miss Mang who will spank me. I feel small and naughty. I just want to get it over. That's right, it will seem like forever, while it is happening, but it will be over. I will recover. It's no bad mark on my reputation around school. I will get over this, I keep on telling myself.

Todd's New Life, by Jonsie (September 14, 2015)

The little lady hit hard, I did feel it. I had thought my jeans would have softened the blow and I knew they had, but still…


Toni connected three more dead center. Ok, now I was doing all I could to just ride the thin sting and not rub against her!

SMAT. SMAT. Cheek to cheek this time and I felt my hips involuntarily shuck just once. Last thing I wanted was to show any reaction, least of all grinding my cock into Toni's knee, but I truly didn’t know if I could help myself. Would they all take me across their laps? And God, why the hell hasn't anyone said anything yet, I shouted in my head!

Tricked, by Jan (September 14, 2015)

She handed me a pair of bikini panties in silky pink. Obediently I slipped 'them up my legs. She presented me with a pink bra and taught me to fasten then twist around and into it. It was almost filled with my fallen pecs, but she added some stuffing of her own. While I attached the matching pink garter belt to the black seamed stockings working to get them straight, she gave me a couple of shots with a perfume atomizer. Black heels my size were added as well as an application of lipstick, earrings and eye shadow. In all the excitement and embarrassment of the moment, I had not noticed the loud level of conversation in the adjoining room. It sounded like thirty voices, mostly female.

"The next time I see you, those legs are to be shaven and kept shaven. We just don't have time tonight. We don't want to keep your friends waiting, now do we, Janice?"

he Nanny, by Pete (September 11, 2015)

"You slovenly, stupid boy," she fairly snarls. "The whole purpose of this morning's exercise is to teach you the rudiments of neatness and you have the temerity to fling your clothing all over the floor. I will teach you neatness, my lad, along with a lot of other things you seem to need." Saying that, she bends the thoroughly alarmed Henry over the soft swell of her left hip and commences to beat, whack splat whap smack, a merry tattoo on his already burning and blistered behind.

"Oh, wa WA WA!" Henry comments as her flailing hairbrush quickly reignites the roaring inferno in his quivering and quaking buttocks, making them glow an intense cherry red. After about two dozen crisp spanks have reduced Henry to caterwauling compliance, Miss Carruthers takes him by the ear and leads him over to the waiting chair.

The Sound of Close Thunder, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (September 11, 2015)

True, what Jimmy wanted was a bit _different’, but in a strange way, Jimmy’s fantasy involved me even less then I thought it would. And I really was excited by the thought of it all...and more then a bit wet (although I would never admit this to Jimmy). I found myself breathing a bit deeper in anticipation, knowing my cousin was right behind me, naked and hard (or at least I guessed he was), about to, well...

I had never given a spanking, and there were maybe two times I could recall in my past when someone had even attempted to swat me in a sexual way. My lovers have been few at my ripe age of twenty six; I tend to last long in any relationship I am being sexual in, so the sheer amount of different men who could have ever placed an open palm to my naked ass, or my hand to theirs, is simply too small a number. But I was intrigued that I would soon be hearing the sound of flesh meeting flesh; the sound of a spanking, and that my cousin Jimmy very well wanted to spank himself with me in the room.

Trophy Stepmother, by C. Allen (September 7, 2015)

She undid my two rear garter tabs and yanked up the back of the girdle. In contrast to the painful beating she had just administered, she ran her hand gently over the seat of my panties. Her touch felt so soothing that it almost made the spanking worthwhile. Unhappily, her ministrations were brief. She refastened my stockings and ordered me to my feet.

As I stood there massaging my bottom, Stephanie said to Catherine, “You should take the hairbrush with us, in case she forgets her manners again.”

Two Hours a Month, by Stephen (September 7, 2015)

You wince as she rubs the cool surface of the hairbrush over your tingling cheeks. Then she finds a spot, pauses before raising the instrument slowly, and SPATTT! A flick of her wrist flattens your right buttock. She takes aim on the other side, raises the brush a mere six inches or so, and then WHAPPP! She strokes and pinches the globes as if to make sure they're awake. Now she starts paddling the fattest part of the cheeks in a regular rhythm, from one side to the other, a little harder at each stroke. She works as though she were pounding a nail into the center of each buttock.

The spreading fire in your ass makes your eyes water; your breath comes and goes spastically, but you are determined not to make a sound.

Positioning, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (September 4, 2015)

It is a relentless few minutes of high cracks across that suffering backside. The man has felt my hand to be sure, but never the ferocity of the unyielding ruler; although he is covered, the ruler’s smacks do penetrate, I know. It is all my client can do not to cry out, not to wiggle away from me as I swat wrinkles to smooth below me and his ass endures this high beating form under the thin cover. There have been times that the man even bares a bit of skin, maybe the side of his hip emerges in the melee’, or even the beginning of his cheek. It’s at these times that I hit him even harder, willing that piece of flesh back to be covered.

Simple Rage, Simple Vengeance, by Lilith (September 4, 2015)

"Take the gag out, boys. I want him to be able to cry out. I want the Bitch to here him whimpering and screaming. Good thing there aren't any close neighbors out here in this dump." Of course they did her bidding, and as SH opened his mouth to spew crap in the woman's direction, she reached down and slapped him, back and forth, several times. "You are most definitely not in control here, boy. And that will cost you." Placing herself in front of him, feet near his face, she continued. "Move your ass up higher, and put your mouth on my boots. Don't move from this position until you are told to."Suddenly more stern than she had been, worked on the SH. Reluctantly, he placed his mouth on the toe of her boot, and wriggled his ass up higher.

Not Quit Dismissed, by Gregory Babcock (August 31, 2015)

"I told you, Your Horse's Ass Honor, that you'd not heard the last of this," seethed Marcia. "I told you that! I warned you! Well, Your Idiot Honor, this is it! Time for your come-uppance! And Vickie and I aren't the only one with a hard-on for you."

"She's right, Nelson" agreed Hilda. "I've never gotten over the fact that you were so penurious. The fact that you questioned every damn thing I ever said or did. The fact that you watched over me like a hawk. The fact that I couldn't even go to the john without you hovering over me!"

"Let me introduce our fourth member," said Victoria, with an almost sickening-sweet tone of voice. "This is Gladys Bennett. Does the name ring a bell, Judge? Does Gladys Bennett mean anything? Jog your memory at all?"

Measure by Measure, by Ralph Greco, Jr (August 31, 2015)

Gerri reached her arm back, grunted and began to slap Jake.

Jake was wiggling his ass side by side by the fourth cut across his cheeks, rolling his shoulders and raising on his toes by the eighth and screaming out loud by the tenth. Through it all Gerri kept the slaps aimed true and center of Jake’s ass and Patty literally licked her lips while Josie attempted to peek at Jake’s rising cock.


Chance Encounter, by C. Flint (August 28, 2015)

The spell was broken by a voice from the glass doors that led back into the apartment. "I'm ready, ma'am." I heard Mark say.

I turned and my knees buckled as I saw a symphony in pink and white. Mark was wearing a woman's short nightdress that ended in the middle of his buttocks. It's pink satin sheen was set off by white lace at the hem of the skirt and its short puffy sleeves. The white stockings that ended in the middle of his thighs were held in place by pink elastic garters and framed by the pink patent leather of the high heeled pumps he was wearing. His leather collar was complemented by identical bands of pink patent leather around each wrist. The final insult to his manhood were the pink satin panties I could see around his abdomen. The panties were cut full and there were ruffles of pink lace at the waist and legs.

Mark stood at attention with his hands at his side, silently waiting for his wife's next command. Claudia ignored him as she seated Cindy and me on the large couch in the living room. Claudia sat on a big upholstered chair which commanded the room like a queen's throne. She crossed her legs and, like a queen, beckoned her husband to stand before her.

Cold Nights, Warm Bottoms, by Alexandra (August 28, 2015)

Greg quickly pulled himself away from the woman's grasp, finding his pants some distance away on the floor. Though he tried to hide the fact, it was plain to see that Greg had quite an erection. Gabriella admired the manly display in silence, knowing that this was certainly not the moment to bring up his quite obvious response to the spanking. Certainly, under other circumstances there were lots of possibilities at such a moment; but this time, she'd have to let them go.

Once in his jeans again, Greg looked at her rather meekly, as if he'd just as soon she leave, but Gabriella was not yet finished with the ski instructor.

Can That be You?, by Gregory Babcock (August 24, 2015)

“ Look,” he said – after ten or twelve fidgety minutes, where I just could not hold still, “if I was in to that sort of thing, I’d give you a spanking! Just to take the edge off. Do you know any of the girls that’re gonna be here tonight?”

“ No,” I answered – suddenly deflated. “Is it … is it necessary that I … you know … that I do? That I have someone waiting for me?”

“ Naw. Not necessarily. Sometimes, with a new ‘bottom’ … especially one your age … it might take a couple hours. I mean the girls aren’t shy. Well, neither are the guys. No one is shy. But, you understand, no one has ever seen your bare ass before. None of our people anyway. So, usually, it takes awhile to … to … for them to … to begin to relax a little bit. Besides, almost all of them have hooked up with, maybe, eight or ten of the others in the past. So, there’s usually a lot of … ah … ‘get reacquainted’ spankings that need to be gotten out of the way, y’know. And those usually happen … right at the beginning. Right after they greet one another. Almost immediately after they greet one another. So, take a strain. I can just about guarantee you … that you’ll get your ass spanked. Sooner or later. Just don’t make a complete horse’s ass out of yourself. You should simply try and relax … which, in your case, it ain’t gonna be easy. Just let it come to you. If you play it cool enough … trust me … it will. It will come to you. Possibly in more volume …and maybe in greater degree … than you might actually want. Tell me something: Can you take a good one? A good hard one? Because, there’s no sense in bragging that you can if it’s not … “

Clean It Up, by Bellaroses (August 24, 2015)

While I finished straightening the bed, Wanda entered the bathroom, tsk tsk tsking again, this time about germs and sources of infection, repeating whatever horror story had been in the news lately. She tossed out our toothbrushes telling me that they should be replaced every few weeks, rambling on about bacteria. "Never use a toothbrush after you get over a cold or the flu!" she admonished, holding tight to my elbow in the cramped bathroom, swatting me several times with my wife's red plastic hairbrush. Personal hygiene is a very important subject and I understand that she needs to remind me of important things. But I do hate that plastic hairbrush and that position! I was almost flat against the wall and couldn't move at all. My bottom was clenched tight, my arms hugged at my chest. I put my forehead to the cool tile and was able to feel each whack swat crack smack very well. There wasn't even room to dance, it is a really small bathroom. I was a little disappointed, I had hoped she would use my own favorite weapon, my grandfather's old wooden bath brush, but we can't have everything we wish for! I do think plastic makes a nasty sting, wood is so much more personal somehow, but Wanda knows the way to make a point and she was very serious about replacing the toothbrushes. To make sure I remembered she sat down on the edge of the tub pulling me down over her knees. Wanda asked which toothbrush was mine and then soaped it up well with shampoo before inserting it almost up to the bristles to remind me to get new ones. I don't like that much, but she had to do it. It was for my own good. I tend to forget little chores.

Cleaning Man, by Rachel Heath (August 21, 2015)

Done with the bedroom, he headed to the bathroom where he sprinkled Ajax into the tub. Then he got down on his knees to scrub it. As he did so, he felt the exposure and bareness of his ass and it added to the pleasurable feeling of humiliation mingled with sexual excitement. He scrubbed the bathtub out thoroughly, rubbing especially hard around the ring. Then he attacked the sink and finally the toilet. He did not quit until they fairly sparkled with cleanliness. Again on his knees, bared bottom up in the air, he scoured the floor. It was probably just his imagination but he felt like his ass was still warm from Casey’s spanking.

Colin's Parole, by Johnson (August 21, 2015)

Colin didn't have a chance to protest as the hairbrush came down in a blur. The impact made him think somebody had exploded a firecracker on is butt. The loud smack and sting made him howl and squirm. Molly pulled harder on his right arm. "Settle down, baby brother, you've got a long way to go." It didn't get any better with the next one. He yelled just as loud and squirmed more. From reflex, he squeezed his bottom cheeks together and felt the hairbrush on his thighs. "I warned you, Colin." Three smacks on each thigh and he was screaming. He loosened his butt and Molly brought the hairbrush right back. After five more spanks, his legs went high in the air, and Molly went back to his thighs for five on each this time. Barely able to think through the pain, Colin still realized big sister meant business when she said keep his ass loose and legs down.

Martha's Dream Comes True, by Jason (August 17, 2015)

Snapping on a pair of latex gloves, Martha sat on a vanity stool near where the enema bag and nozzle were hanging. "Get over my lap, young man. We'll se if an enema will clean out your mind as well as your insides to make you behave." Alex obeyed, draping himself, his stomach rubbing against the wispy nylons.  "It will make your stomach cramp and you'll wish you could get rid of it, but you'll have to hold it for ten minutes. If you leak one drop, you'll be sleeping on your tummy for a month after I get through with the strap. Just to make sure you understand and to give you a little incentive to obey, I'm going to spank you some more before I insert the nozzle in your bottom." She applied twenty moderate force hand spanks, the latex gloves providing some cushion for her hand. Alex responded with quiet grunts and groans, but stayed still other than his rippling of his bottom as her hand struck. When Martha stopped, the skin had been restored to the same shade of pink off immediately after the spanking in the front room.

Good Neighbors, by Jason (August 17, 2015)

The embarrassment of being forced to undress and wear panties had rendered Steve and Laurel into a vulnerable passive state of obedience. They walked quickly to the little tables, and sat down with their backs to each other. Steve saw, written on his pad, "I'm sorry I lied, left the sprinklers on, and broke curfew. I request to be punished." Laurel's had a little more. "I'm sorry I lied, drank alcohol, broke curfew, and spoke disrespectfully. I request to be punished."

They wrote while Ed and Norma read, glancing at their young neighbors, scolding them for looking around the room and not sitting up straight. When Steve and Laurel finished, they presented their pads to Ed and Norma, and were told to stand in corners on opposite sides of the room. The Garveys pretended to read the papers, rustling them, wanting the Goodwin's fear and anticipation to build, and also give them a chance to think about what had brought them to this humiliating punishment. They could hear Laurel sniffling and sobbing quietly, but they were determined to carry out the whole plan.

Surprise Party, by Gregory Babcock (August 14, 2015)

"What did you do to me, Nel? You told me that you were not married! (SWISH - THWACK!) Didn't you? Did you not tell me, in so many words (SWISH - THWACK!) that you were not married?"

"Ouch! Oh, God! Please, Lisa! I'm sorry! I didn't. . ."

"You didn't tell me you were single? (SWISH - THWACK!) You didn't tell me that ? (SWISH - THWACK!) You didn't lie to me?"

Teaching Them to Respect an Officer of the Law, by Dr. Dlaniger (August 14, 2015)

“I’m sorry for the way I behaved. I won’t ever do it again. Please let me get dressed. I’m so ashamed.”

“Really?” She taunted. “You wouldn’t be the first punk to ever be brought into this station naked.” Ivan, defeated, just burst out sobbing. “All right, you little baby, I’ll let you put your clothes back on. But first…” She wrapped her arm around his waist, bent him at the waist, and slapped his buttocks 60 more times, making him cry from the spanking on such an already sore bottom. He sobbed like a little boy.

Three Spanking Scenes, by Ricardo (August 10, 2015)

She came back into the bedroom, pulled a straight chair into the middle of the room and faced me. "Look me in the eyes, Richard, and listen carefully," she said, and I raised my eyes to meet hers. "You've got some serious punishment coming for messing up that zoning story, and you made a couple of other mistakes, too, such as attributing a quote to the wrong councilman, and I'm going to see if I can impress on your bottom the old-fashioned way that you you need to be more careful. Do you agree you need to be punished?

Threesome, by Jason (August 10, 2015)

Not nearly as sorry as you're going to be, young lady," said Jason who couldn't help but laugh at the situation. He nodded at Dawn and they raised their hands and brought them down on Maggie's bottom.

SMACK! SMACK! The spanks struck together. "OWWWWWW!" said Maggie "Don't spank me, I'm a good girl."

SMACK! SMACK! "Good girls don't do such provacative dances in their bra and panties," declared Dawn.

SMACK! SMACK! "They sure don't," agreed Jason. "They get their pretty little bottoms spanked soundly for that."

Two of the Best, by Jason (August 7, 2015)

I don't know what possessed Helen to retort with, "Shut up yourself, you fat ugly hag, and concentrate on your driving." The bus pulled to the side of the road and slowly stopped. Mrs Anderson got out of her seat, quickly walked to Helen, and took her right earlobe between her thumb and finger. She forced a loudly protesting cheerleader to bend over at the waist. Flipping up the skirt, she applied ten hard swats to the seat of the uniform panties which made Helen scream and screech in protest. All ten from our driver's large hand sounded like pistol shots in the confines of the bus.

Helen was sobbing loudly, more from the humiliation for being spanked like a five year old than the actual pain. Mrs Anderson grabbed the shoulders, straightened Helen up, then pushed her down in the seat. Except for the spanked cheerleader's crying, the silence of the tomb reigned in the bus. She turned to the rest of us and loudly challenged, "Would anybody else like some too?"

From Up the River, by Gregory Babcock (August 7, 2015)

I can’t adequately describe the machinations that went on – trying to get organized in an attempt to take a picture of my “fanny”! For one thing, I didn’t have a Polaroid camera – and I was to find that they were hard to find. No one – not one store – in our little town had one. The nearest really big city was 70 miles away. But, it was worth the 140 round trip. I scored one – in about the sixth store I’d visited! Also, if I was going to go “shopping” – for ladies garter belt and stockings – I figured it would be better to do so up there, where I wasn’t known. Everyone around here knew me. Knew that I lived alone – with “The Head of The House”, my Golden Retriever. If I started looking through ladies unmentionables in either of the two stores in town, which (in theory) would carry such esoteric items, I can just imagine what people would be saying. (Maybe I can’t. I live in a sort of mini-Bible belt.)

Telemarketer Takes a Spanking, by Rachel Heath (August 3, 2015)

Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat! Swat!

"Ow! Oh! Please stop! I’ll never do it again, I swear!" Fred pleaded.

"I’m sorry," Heather told him, "but that’s just not good enough. I’ve got to make sure you have learned your lesson, Fred. In fact, I think you need some stronger medicine." Heather reached for the large, black, fake leather purse that was right on her desk. She unzipped it and pulled out her big hairbrush. The brush had a thick, brown, wooden base.

Tenth Reunion, by Victoria (August 3, 2015)

"Get in, Sarah," Tom said.

She glared at him and in that moment decided that she would like a few moments alone with him. She climbed into the car. He would soon find out that he couldn't take that male superior stance with her and get away with it. It had been too long and obviously no one had stood up to him for a long time. Maybe with his good looks, no girl knew the way to handle him. Well, Sarah knew and Tommy was about to remember his manners with her... remember his manners or else. Ten long years. Too long.

Tom went by Susan's first and dropped her after the two women had arranged for a lunch meeting the next day. Then they headed for Sarah's aunt's house. One of the reasons that Sarah had made this reunion was that her aunt had finally agreed to giving up the old house. Sarah's aunt was in a nursing home and Sarah was about to decide whether to turn the old home into an antique shop and live in the upstairs or sell it. When she had walked through the house earlier, she had realized that it would be nearly impossible for her to give it up. It had been a dream in the back of her mind for too long.



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