Male/Female Stories

Jessica 2: Tiffany, by C. Flint (March 23, 2015)

I felt as foolish sitting in Dr. Lewis' office listening to the MRI report confirming the diagnosis of a torn rotator cuff as I had two days before when I felt my feet slip out from under me on the wet pavement. As visions of surgery danced in my head, I protectively put my left hand on the bicep of my right arm as it hung painfully at my side.

The doctor soothed my fears telling me that, with traumatic injuries, physical therapy was tried first. He made a telephone call and handed me a manila folder and directed me to another doctor. The sign on her door read "West Side Rehabilitation Center," and, in smaller letter, "Jessica Moyer, M.D."

Angie & Kyle, by Dyane (March 23, 2015)

Kyle Donovan headed toward his office. He wondered if Ms Corman was waiting for him. He grimaced in anger. He knew that the test he had given that afternoon hadn’t been that hard and yet he had seen Ms Corman looking at her neighbor’s test and copying the answers. He had even compared the two papers after class. They both had the same answers, both right and wrong. He knew who was at fault. He had seen the other student, Mr. Stevens, give Ms Corman a dirty look when he noticed her looking at his test paper. Kyle had no intention of punishing the innocent, just the guilty.

Jessica: Amber, by C. Flint (March 20, 2015)

Amber sprawled helpless in that embarrassing position. Her arms were fastened behind her back and her spread legs hung limp, the toes of her high-heeled shoes several inches from the floor. Amber's bare mound was pressed hard against my legs. I could feel a wet smear from her juices seep through my bluejeans.

Unsure of what to do I stared down at Amber's naked backside laying submissively over my lap. I looked down at her taut backside and the bright red letters emblazoned across the flesh. It was both an invitation and an instruction; it was almost a demand. Even spread over my lap her bottom seemed small. The white globes were round and hard with a wide crevice between them emphasized by the way her legs were spread. There was a dark ravine between her buttocks that displayed the brown circle of her anus and the shaven lips of her vagina. The flesh was smooth and white as though it had been polished for the occasion; it was not even disfigured by goosebumps. I held Amber in place and looked up at Kenny.

Angie & Trisha, by C. Dyane (March 20, 2015)

Trisha explained about their spanking games and how it turned them both on. The lady looked thoughtful as she called her partner to bring Alex back into the apartment. Trisha immediately went over to Alex, who put his arm around her shoulders and asked her if she was ok. Trisha put her arm around his waist and said she was fine. She looked up at him and said that she had deserved it.

They assured the officers that there was not going to be any more yelling that night and all was well. The officers left, saying that if Trisha changed her mind, she could still press charges.

A New Kind of Adult Ed, by Alexia (March 16, 2015)

Her dorm mates, all nine of them, were present, and her instructor Denny was making no attempt to keep his words private. When he first came in and strode down the line of cots with determination in his eyes, Sandy stood up in deference to him. So did the others, but he had only her in mind and soon enough the other girls returned to what they were doing. But all ears were on him as he verbally chastised her, by calling her a spoiled and willful little girl in need of some good, old-fashioned, discipline to teach her to mind her manners. Sandy was aghast that he spoke to her that way in front of the others. After all, she was their acknowledged leader and had some dignity to maintain, even if she did grant him the right to point out her shortcomings in private, Yes, she did refuse some direct orders from certain instructors, and she was slow in obeying others, and she knew full well that her arrogance had gotten out of hand on more than one occasion, but he had brought these matters up calmly, and in private she would have done her best to correct herself. After all, hadn't she done so on other occasions in the past week?

The Agreement, by Uncle George (March 16, 2015)

When a person takes the big step and decides to get married, there are understandable problems and worries. The biggest of these is that he/she may be making one of the worst mistakes that a person can make in this lifetime. You see, for me, the act of getting married is to commit yourself to seeing it through, regardless of what comes, for the rest of your life. Those people who wind up in divorce courts can't take the trials and tribulations that marriage almost guarantees. These people don't take their vows seriously, and have an inner weakness that permits them to quit rather than accept the challenges that go along with living with another person. This is, and always shall be, my philosophy about my marriage.

Alexia's Guardian, by Alexia (March 13, 2015)

It took five more minutes of patience for her to answer my question. "Please sir, I need to be spanked on my bare bottom. Would you take me over your knee and wallop me with a ruler for as long as you think necessary? I've been a bitch and need a licking."

Finally I nodded and said yes, I would indeed give her the tanning she asked for and richly earned. "Go to that corner and stand there facing the wall."

She obeyed me meekly, and at my command held up her dress around her waist. I told her to stay put, then left and went upstairs to Alexia, who hugged me fiercely and asked no questions.
"Alexia," I warned gently, quite certain that she would be obedient in this matter, "What is going to happen downstairs is between that woman and me, and I don't want to find out that it's been mentioned outside of this house. Do you understand?"

Allison, by C. Flint (March 13, 2015)

Careful that she was not feigning once more I let her stand erect. Alison assumed the position she always took at this point. She dropped her head as if to demonstrate her sincerity and clasped her hands behind her back so that I could deal with her pants without worrying about her nails. I unfastened her slacks and let them fall to her ankles thankful that I did not have to tug down the skin tight jeans she sometimes wore. Her black lace panties followed almost immediately. I admired my wife's slim body for a moment before I gently bent her over my knee again. Her buns were pi foot to foot her legs pumping each time the switch landed on her tender rear and thighs. As the stripes started to accumulate her gyrations became wilder and wilder. Her legs pumped high as she jumped around. Her free hand gesticulated wildly as she attempted to anticipate where the next blow would fall and protect that spot. She was not successful.

Careless Betty, by Alan (March 9, 2015)

Betty hardly had time to respond. For right after concluding his little speech her father took hold of her arm with one hand, placed his other arm around her shoulder, and in an instant she was being pulled down across his lap. Whatever resistance she put up was merely reflexive and without effect. “Daddy,” she gasped as she suddenly found herself on her dad’s knee. “Daddy, please!”

“Now never mind that, young lady,” scolded her father. “You’ve earned this,” he said as he pulled up her skirt to expose sheer, white panties and bare legs. “You’re going to get a good spanking over my knee.” Turning to his wife he said, “Harriet, please go to the kitchen and get one of your mixing spoons. The wooden ones. You know which ones?”

“Yes, dear,” said Harriet, nodding not only her assent, but also her approval for her husband’s wonderfully decisive action. “I know what you want.”

Big Girls Do Cry, by Barbie (March 9, 2015)

He clamped one leg over hers. She squirmed against him. She felt his hard. It seemed unfair to her that he should get excited about making her cry. Yet, for a second, it was a comfort too to know that in a few hours they would probably make-up in a time honored way. It would be incredibly exciting. It always was. However, first she had to take this spanking. A hard, long spanking that would make her cry and lose every bit of her dignity. For this split second she knew that hate and love were very close to each other. She hated Andy. She hated herself for making this necessary.

Curses! Foiled Again! by Caroline (March 6, 2015)

"Damn him to hell!" she shouted, loud enough for Mr. Fogarty to hear. "Yeah, he paddled me before, and the last time he paddled me, I got ten swats. And you know what?" she continued, her old cockiness and bravado restored, "I don't care what the Old Fart said... it didn't hurt a bit!" She wheeled around to face them all, and when she saw Mr. Fogarty, she had a defiant gleam in her eye.

"It didn't hurt? How did it feel?" asked Danny.
"Better than kissing you, honey..." And she leaned over to kiss Danny Witherspoon right on the lips. She glared at Mr. Fogarty again and ran away. She hated them all!

Corvette, by ZZ (March 6, 2015)

It was a warm Saturday afternoon in October and there wasn't much to do. Sally was idly flipping through the channels on the tv but there wasn't much on that was of interest to her so she wandered out to the back porch. She noticed the door to the garage was open.

Inside was the 1979 Corvette that her father was restoring. He had spent the last several months working on it. He just had it repainted and had a new convertible top installed. It was pretty much finished now. 17 year old Sally was fascinated with the car but her father had told her to stay away from it. It was his pride and joy and he didn't want anyone else touching it.

The Cousins, by Alan (March 2, 2015)

And this would be a lesson that Elizabeth Ann wouldn’t forget either. When her father shooed her away, she bounded down the stairway, but only part of the way when she stopped and stood where she could still see up into the hallway. She could hear her mother and her aunt Betty in the kitchen and hoped nobody would see her. She saw her dad disappear into the master bedroom. A minute later she saw him emerge with the hairbrush in hand. “Ohh!” she gasped, and felt her tummy tighten. She knew what the hairbrush was for and that it was just about the worst thing to be spanked with. Not that she had ever had it used on her. Her mom and dad had given her plenty of spankings but had never used the hairbrush on her. Her older sister, Janie, already in college when Elizabeth Ann was only 5, used to get spanked with the hairbrush. Elizabeth Ann was never allowed to watch, but Jane had told her once how bad it hurt. But even if she hadn’t, she could tell from Jane’s frantic and loud screaming and crying just how terrible it was.

Crash and Burn, by Tess (March 2, 2015)

"The Italian Spitfire," murmured Jason, known by the rest of the crew these days as Jigs. He repeated Angelina's new name, one given to her by one of the mindless glory-hunting reporters who was constantly following the act around for interviews. Jigs felt that this new nickname would stick, for it was appropriate enough. He shook his head, tossing the slick magazine to the floor as he stood up. Time to get back to work.

As he made his way down the dim hallway to the stage to check on the progress of the stage crew, he smiled a bit grimly to himself. Wasn't there an airplane called the Spitfire? The word didn't always apply only to sultry beauties of Italian descent, with their flashing eyes and haughtily-tossing mane of black hair. Jigs envisioned a sleek warlike airplane swooping in for a kill (much as Angelina might descend on yet another opportunistic stage hand)---then he enjoyed a fantasy of the airplane falling from the sky to disintegrate on the ground, a molten wreck of fiery shrapnel.

Carrie Got Spanked, Part 2, by Ed Finn (February 27, 2015)

Morning came early for Carrie. Virtually sleepless, she was on edge. Who can blame her? Knowing several days ahead that you're getting a spanking must weigh heavily.

I've never really experienced that. With my folks, it was more like, "I warned you, young lady! You're getting spanked - right now!" Into my parents' bedroom we'd march, pants down, bottom up. Smack! "Ouch!" Smack! "Ouch!" Smack! Smack! "Oww! Ouch!" Smacksmacksmacksmacksmack! "Owwwwwwweeeeee! And so on until...cry, cry, cry and promises to be oh so good. Don't misunderstand, they were good, hard spankings. My folks, especially my dad, are experts at corporally wringing every last vestige of ego and pride from their daughters, whether by hand, hairbrush, or the dreaded razor strap. Maybe sometime I'll write some of my childhood and teenage reminiscences for you. For some reason, I have amazing recall where spanking is involved.

Cassie Lee's New Attitude, by Cassandra (February 27, 2015)

"Yes, baby, all over again. You're going to pull your panties back up, and your skirt back down. You're going to go back out to the table and finish your supper. Then we're going to do the dishes and put the leftovers away, watch Jeopardy, watch the news, neck, make love, whatever. Do what we do. But just before bed," His voice was matter-of-fact and even, low against my ear as He moved in to press His hardening cock against my still-stinging ass. His hands moved up to cup my breasts, and as He kneaded them gently, I could feel myself beginning to get wet.

"I'm going to tell you it's time to get ready for bed. You're going to go to your room, and do what you do to get ready for a spanking. Go to your corner, make that ass naked, and wait for me. Are we clear so far?"

Carrie Got Spanked, Part 1, by Ed Finn (February 23, 2015)

Here was my first chance to actually help Carrie. I could have said, "Oh, not really. I think spanking is more for the spanker's benefit. You know, to make him feel like he's doing something. It stings, but only for a little while, then I'm back to normal. Basically a waste of time, I'd say." Granted, a specious argument, one I'd tried on my parents, to no avail. They knew better, so did I, and so did Carrie's father. He was simply looking for a little affirmation of his disciplinary policy. I gave it to him.

Centerfold Stories, by C.J. West (February 23, 2015)

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Ernie spanked Barbara's bare bottom until it was cherry red. His hand fell harder and more often on her backside than it had on her daughter's. And she was crying even harder than the teenager when she was lifted to her feet. "You two are a disgrace," he scolded. Barbara was almost bouncing around the room, shifting her weight from foot to foot while rubbing her butt with both hands. Elizabeth was also caressing her sore rear end.

Chastised Cheerleaders, by Maggie Amberson (February 20, 2015)

"Yee -- Ouch! Oh! Stop it! Please, I --" My free hand flew impulsively to my backside to protect myself from the onslaught. Of course Berkeley just joined it to my other hand, and held them both down with one powerful grip. He squeezed his legs tighter around mine, adjusting me more securely for the punishment. I stared at the floor, and as much as I struggled, I could barely budge an inch, and my bottom was now completely defenseless. I had never been so humiliated in all my life! I was trembling with rage, but I was also red in the face from the worst embarrassment I'd ever known.


Charlie Keeps the Upper Hand, by C.J. West (February 20, 2015)

When her dad was the spanker she was bent forward over the back of a chair or if it was in her room, over the bed. He would flip up her skirt or pull down her jeans. But her panties remained in place. Then he would take his belt, folded in quarters, and give her fifteen to twenty lashes across the bottom.

The one exception was the last spanking she got. The family was on vacation and Sabrina had broken her curfew, coming in nearly two hours late. To make things worse, it was not the first time. The following morning her mother scolded her and told her to get to her room. Sabrina resisted. They got into an argument. Unfortunately for the misbehaving teenager, her father was close enough to hear the entire thing.

All Rise, by Paula (February 16, 2015)

John smoothed her hair and shushed her as if she were a toddler. "Honey, listen to me. The judge and I have talked this out long and hard. Nothing else has worked. You KNOW I have tried to talk to you several times these past weeks, you won't listen." Without thinking, Susan's lower lip began to protrude. John glanced at the judge, who nodded. "Susan, you ARE acting like a defiant kid...won't listen, won't accept the judgments of those who are in a better position that you are right now to see what you are doing---or NOT doing, as the case may be. The judge has convinced me that this is the best method of dealing with this little character flaw of yours." He had maneuvered her to the end of the table, and had his hand on her skirt covered backside. "And as long as we are into disclosure, there is something else you ought to know, darling." She looked up at him, her eyes starting to fill with tears of rage, frustration, and fear. "The judge is giving me the a wedding present."

Amanda, by Ida (February 16, 2015)

The bombardment of her bottom had to be causing her some discomfort but Amanda's moans seemed to contain more pleasure than pain and the wriggling around she did seemed to indicate she was enjoying her spanking a bit more than he intended her to; David decided it was time to escalate the proceedings. He administered a particularly stiff whack to the soft globes. "OUCH, that one really hurt David." "Good, now will you take off your clothes?" Meekly she replied "Yes" and climbed off his lap pausing to rub her bottom a bit before disrobing. Just as she reached for the dress zipper he stopped her, "Wait, I'll do the dress but you take everything else off except the panties, leave those to me." He pulled her to him, pressed his lips to hers in a moist kiss, his hands slid down her body and up again to the back zipper, slowly, tantalizingly, the zipper slipped down. Amanda felt a surge of passionate excitement rush through her. The dress slithered off, David caressed her body, kneading the buttocks through the silky satin panties.

Spanking 101, by Taylor Moore (February 13, 2015)

His hand was spanking her hard, and she was yelping and jerking in response, but both of them knew there was more to this than a spanking. She didn't think he knew she knew though, or at least, she was sure he WASN'T sure.

She did the same trick she had the other night, throwing her right leg wide off his knee while twisting to one side. As before, he caught her, and the feel of his big rough hand cupping her pussy through the thin cotton, his end fingers pressing right up against the soft skin of her inner thighs, made heat gush through her

Unconscionable Acts, by Barbie (February 13, 2015)

"Nooooo... I'm doing it," Barbie took her time loosening the snap on the waistband of the shorts. It was always embarrassing to take her jeans or shorts off. Always. She hated to stand there in her panties and be scolded before the real punishment. However, this time it was much, much worse. She knew that she wasn't wearing any panties. She had a feeling that Uncle Grant wasn't going to be happy about that little fact. As usual he wouldn't understand that she didn't want the panties to stick out at the bottom of the shorts. She needed some new high cut panties and hadn't gotten them yet. At the moment she wished she had taken the time to get a pair. But who would have thought that Uncle Grant would ever find out what she was doing on a Friday afternoon all the way across town from him. He always seemed to work late on Fridays.

Beware, Angels, by Barbie (February 9, 2015)

"And now, young lady, over my knee," Steve said and watched her crawl over his knee on her own accord. She settled and he placed the paddle down across her cheeks. She squirmed. He rubbed the paddle over her bottom. Then he lifted it and swung. Annie cried out and kicked her legs. He took hold of her waist and held her tightly. She tried to roll from side to side as the paddle went from the base of her cheeks to the top of the curve and back down again. He gave her twenty, good, hard smacks before he stopped to scold. She was gasping and kicking and even crying.

Angela & the Professor, by Alexia (February 9, 2015)

"I'm very disappointed with your work this semester, Angela. You are capable of far better grades if only you'd apply yourself. There is a guest room upstairs, where you could stay while you rewrote the term papers and studied for your exams. I would be pleased to tutor you as necessary, and provide assistance with the work -- if you would like such help. If you stay, you will work harder than you've ever worked before. I'll make sure of it.

"But before you decide, there is the matter of your abominable grades, -- and cheating.” He took the hairbrush in hand and sat down. "Come here, Angela.”

Ara's Room, by Alexia (February 6, 2015)

Her tone of voice left no room for doubt in his mind nor negotiation on her part. He took the strap from her hands and set it beside him. Sylvia had edged away to the far end of the couch, and the loose circle of people pressed back to make room. Garrett grasped the trembling woman by her upper arms and encouraged her none-too-gently across his lap. She let out a soft, mewling whine of distress as the folds of her voluminous dress were gathered up at her waist and her panties were lowered, revealing soft white mounds that tensed and trembled with anticipation. The crowd murmured appreciatively.

Annabelle: The Caning, by A.G. Geiger (February 6, 2015)

In contrast to his usual procedure in carrying out a punishment, the boson didn't pick up the punishment cane immediately. Rather, after limbering up, he walked over to the figure of the bound girl and leaned in close, running a hand over the contours of her bare backside, raising the pathetic strip of her tunic higher so that the full buttocks were uncovered, getting a feel for the rump's present resiliency and texture--and a feel for other things as well--as the girl whimpered. This was, after all, a girl he was caning, which was different from a boy or one of those cadets, and offered some pleasures. Mustn't look a gift horse in the . . . mouth, he though, with a chuckle.

Satisfied with his original estimation of the girl's physical stamina, he stepped away. Bates picked up the cane, a finely made one--his favorite--three-eighths of an inch thick and 36 inches of limber rattan, with a final three inches hardened in fire. Bending it twice till it was nearly doubled, he swept it sharply through the air, once up and down and once from left to right, making a cutting sound like a sword through fabric and causing the girl to cringe in her bonds. Suddenly, all eyes were on the stick and its voluptuous target.

Cute, Charming & Adorable, by Caroline (February 2, 2015)

He shifted her around in his lap to a more comfortable position, and as he did this, Anabelle watched him. "He really is a darling man" she thought, "I like him." She didn't want to irritate him further, for her bottom was still smarting, so she tried a different tack. "Adam" she began gently, "it's nice of you to care about me the way you do. I like it, actually. But really, it's so silly of you to try to discipline me. I'm not a five-year-old. Let's be realistic, okay? I could say Yes, sir' or No sir' and behave the way you'd like me to when you're around, but that doesn't mean I'll change when I haven't got a you'll excuse the expression, watchdog around me. I'm a grownup. I know, I know, "she said putting her hand on his chest to still his argument" Sometimes I misbehave, and sometimes I 'm a brat, but I don't mean any harm to anyone."

Cynthia Comes Home, by Uncle George (February 2, 2015)

Cynthia didn't say anything, but silently walked down the five steps to the lower of the split level, and made use of the washroom. Her tummy growled, emptily, as she washed her tear-stained face, and tried without success to bring some semblence of order to her hair. She looked at her face over the mirror, and was ashamed at her reflection. Ashamed of what that person had done to two people who loved her, protected her, and cared for her. Two people who meant far more to her than she had ever realized or dared to admit, even to herself. She silently cursed her reflection for being so uncaring and unfeeling, and promised to do whatever she had to in order to re-establish a relationship with her parents. The sound of the front door opening, and the muted tones of her mom's voice, announced that her dad was home. Cynthia looked again in the mirror, afraid that her dad would turn his back on her, and leave her alone. She couldn't even face the possibility, and stayed in the washroom, rather than look him directly in the face. She didn't feel worthy of that yet. Here she could feel safe and secure, at least for the present, until reality came literally knocking at the door.

It Doesn't Pay to Cheat, by The Sergeant (January 30, 2015)

It all fell apart for both girls when the teacher took their papers, wrote a large "F" on the front of each and said, in a low voice "I want to see both of you when the other students finish testing. Make sure that you are available." Tears glistened in both sets of eyes, but the girls knew better than not to obey and they went out on the recreation field, sitting at a small picnic table, to wait to find out what their fate would be.

Understanding Emma, by Caroline (January 30, 2015)

Gary was livid when he hung up the phone. Livid as he grabbed his jacket and rushed to the house. Livid, as he burst through the bedroom door to find his lovely Emma, resting, pale, and still shaky after the morning's ordeal, on the green damask chaise lounge. Livid, as he crossed the spacious room and then he stopped. She had been hurt, afte

Lucky Seven, by Alexia (January 26, 2015)

"You were warned the day before that I wouldn't tolerate disrespect or disobedience any longer..." He raised the paddle and felt the girl flinch in anticipation, "...and now I'm going to show you how serious I. am."

Without another word he began to spank the girl, closing his ears to the rising wails and complaints applying the paddle firmly to her round buttocks and thighs. She tried to protect herself, but each time she reached behind, John walloped a single spot on her thigh until she had both hands well away. It would be bruised, but it taught her a lesson, The rest of her fanny reddened with the paddling, ached and burned, an

Man & Wife, by A.B. (January 26, 2015)

Now that she was firmly fixed in this ancient, face-down nursery position, Fran gave up the struggle and lay quietly. "Please, please," she continued to croon softly, but it was the automatic pleading of a naughty child who knows shehas no real hope of escaping her punishment.

Jim took the hem of his wife's skirt, which was already around her thighs, and began to work it upwards. The dress fit too snugly to be simply swept or pulled up. In fact, as he got closer to the fullness of her bottom, Jim began to doubt that he would be able to get the skirt up without damaging it. But up it would go, on that he was determined. He stretched the material as far as he dared, and heard a seam start to let go.

"Wait!" cried Fran. "Don't rip it! It's a

Flying by the Seat of her Panties, by A.L. Purvis (January 23, 2015)

She balked. She opened her mouth to say something, but thought better of it. Her blush deepened. Finally, she lowered her head, and then lowered her pants a little, to about where most plumbers wear their britches. She kept her head down as she shuffled over to my side and leaned over the landing zone. I eased her down over my knees and started to pull her stretch pants further down. "No!" she said. She reached back with her right hand to stop the decent of her waistband. I caught her right wrist and moved it to the middle of her lower back and held it there with my left hand. I pressed my left forearm down on her spine, so she couldn't get up. With her black pants at mid thigh, I was free to admire the seat of her sensible white panties, stretched as tight a the head on a kettle drum around her expansive rear end. The sound my hand would make on this drum would be much fleshier than the sound I make on the kettle drum I play in the orchestra, but I was sure it would make Jeannette want to march. I also knew she would soon provide vocal accompaniment, and no doubt a bit of high harmony before I was through with her.

Peeping Tom, by Don and Roda (January 23, 2015)

How does she constantly get herself into binds like this" I wondered what to do to leave an indelible impression on my brat, so I had her hike her skirt and stand in the corner while I considered. Resolving that whatever I did, it should include the aggrieved party, so I went down the three flights of stairs in my building, over to the next building, and up three flights. Penny was hostile at first, but when she understood that I wasn't there to defend my hot-headed wife, but to ask her opinions on a suitable punishment, she mellowed. She told me that she would be satisfied with a simple apology, but her husband was furious and her son, who had been questioned at his school, probably wanted a more strenuous retribution. When I told her that Maria was still subjected to corporal punishment she was dubious until we went into the boy's room, opened the curtains, and she saw Maria's panty-clad bottom as she stood in her corner. Now a believer, Penny fairly glowed with the prospect of punishing Maria, and came up with several ideas during our animated discussion. We agreed that any remedy should rightfully include the boy who, after all, had only done what any red-blooded boy would have done when presented with such a view. Heck, -I'd look myself! We came up with a plan that satisfied her need for retribution, but at the same time accommodated her limits on how much "education” her son was ready for and would be able to assimilate without emotional damage. We concluded with her promising to discuss our plan with her son and husband when they returned and, after obtaining the anticipated agreement, that she would call me with a "go” or "no- go” signal. "She'll never talk to me again” was Penny's parting comment, -but it was said with a giggle.

On the Job Training, by Dr. Ken (January 19, 2015)

Rita's bottom was literally bouncing under Mike's palm, and turning redder all the time. Rita began pleading for him to stop, and promising that she would pass the lesson. When her voice finally conveyed the right measure of sincerity, he stopped. She hung limply over his lap. He rubbed her backside for a few seconds, and then told her to get up. She slowly made it to her feet, wincing at the throbbing of her well-smacked bottom. She rubbed her behind for a moment or two, and then slowly and carefully pulled her panties and sweatpants up and into place

Painfully Sweet Memories, Part II, by A.G.A. (January 19, 2015)

Southgate smiled. “Good, this is good.” He walked around her and raised her skirt with the tip of the cane, looking at her bottom. “You are lazy, aren't you, Healey?”

“Yes, Sir,” she admitted weakly.

“Yeah, I know a lazy rump when I see one,” he said and let her skirt drop. “Raise your skirt, pull down your knickers and let everyone see how lazy it is.” Melissa Healey miserably did as she was told and Mr. Southgate tapped her bare bottom with his cane and said: “Each and every one of you! Take a good look because this is as lazy a rump as I’ve ever seen.” Then he walked in front of her, tipped her chin in his fingers and his eyes bore into hers.

“Been thrashed this year, Healey?”

Painfully Sweet Memories, Part I, by A.G.A. (January 16, 2015)

"You wouldn't dare!”

"I wouldn't, would I?" he'd said. He grabbed her by the arm, pulled her up, sat down in his chair and even though Cecilia was a big girl he could easily bend her over his knees where she hung like a fish out of water, arms flailing and legs kicking. Just as easily as he took her across his knees he held her in place and didn't pay any attention to her arms or legs.

There was just one part of her body he saw.

In her bent over position Cecilia's dress clung to that part as if its life depended on it and Sandgren contemplated the charming and inviting curves underneath. It was plain she wasn't wearing a girdle.

Paddle Burning, by Barbie (January 16, 2015)

Uncle Grant stood behind his desk and opened the phone book. He ran his fingers down the yellow pages and dialed. Barbie watched as he asked for a beautician to come to the house. He offered a lot of money for the service. As he placed the receiver back in the cradle, he said, "Mrs. Todd won't have to go around here with green hair or even be embarrassed to have to go out in the street, fortunately. But, I think you have a score to settle with her, don't you?"

Barbie nodded and crossed over to him. He pushed back the chair, and Barbie draped herself across his knees after handing him the paddle. As Uncle Grant reached for her skirt hem, BArbie's head came up.

Nasty Nancy, by Randy Slapp (January 12, 2015)

I was hyperventilating as I saw everyone watching Liz' performance. My mind reeled with fear of my three part torture to come. First I'd have my panties pulled down, then the extreme pain of the paddle, then I'd be the one bouncing around bottomless in front of my Auntie Cousin and Uncle!
After about a minute Liz calmed down enough to stand still her hands still clasped behind her. Mom asked her if she'd ever act up in church again, and she groaned "No, I promise, I promise!" Then Mom made her get the paddle from Dad and bring it to me. I took the wood and felt it heavy in my hand as Liz got sent to the corner, her underwear still pulled down, where she stood with her sorry-looking behind presented to us.

Mustang Sally, by Z.Z (January 12, 2015)

“But it stings!” Sally protested. Never the less she put her hands in front of her. She was frightened and did not want to anger her father further. The strap had made a white line across both buttocks when it landed but as blood rushed in the line was now turning a bright pink.
“CRACK!” The leather strap landed a second time making another line next to the first. Sally jerked her bottom and called out again but managed to keep her hands on the car hood.

Phone Manners Re-Learned, by Melissa (January 9, 2015)

I returned and meekly handed him the paddle. He sat on the bed and pulled me across his lap. Walt gave me no time to get comfortable (not that it would have been possible). He just started right in with the punishment. Stroke after stroke fell hard. I cried out as the paddle fell repeatedly in the same vicinity. As I struggled to get away, Walt got a firm hold on my waist and held me in place.


Party Time, by Annie (January 9, 2015)

Smack! "What about getting drunk?" Smack! "What about hanging all over half the guys at the party?" Smack! "What about telling your friend Pam that you wished you had never married me?" Smack! "What about causing a scene because you wanted to drive home?" Smack! "What about fighting with me all the way home AND after we got here?"

Smack! Smack! "I guess since all you did at the party was have a good time, then you can just stare at the floor for a time while I have a good time!" Smack! Smack!

I was really feeling each hard spank of Scott's hand. After everything he had just said, I had a sinking feeling that I wouldn't be getting up anytime soon. Just then he seemed to pick up the pace, with no more pauses for talking. Very quickly the heat in my ass felt like someone set me on fire! I was squealing, and wiggling as much as I could.

Sally's Stern Spouse, by M.S. (January 5, 2015)

And then, abruptly, it stopped. Mr. Cash, nearly breathless from his exertion, simply stopped the spanking as suddenly as he had begun. Still holding the hairbrush in his hand he released the girl to let her writhe and kick to her heart's content. And writhe and kick she did! Beside herself in burning agony, her hands shot back to try and rub some of the fire from the surface of her punished behind. Still kicking and bounding her hands furiously rubbed the burning nates as Mr. Cash, John and Sally looked on. A spanking as severe as this one took some time to recover from and so Cindy entertained the group with her bounding, and rubbing and sobbing for another several minutes. Her poor bottom was quite a sight to see. Reddened to a deep crimson, the upper summits presented a stark contrast to the whiteness of Cindy's legs and back. In some places one could make out the definite imprint of the hairbrush while in others the hairbrush had visited so many times as to make any one print invisible. The lower summits were an even angrier crimson, turning towards blue for this was where Mr. Cash had concentrated most of the stinging spanks. As Cindy writhed on her father's lap she showed another portion of white, that of the insides of her behind cheeks. Here the brush had not penetrated and this white stripe widened and narrowed with the arching and huddling of Cindy's bottom. The three spectators could easily see Cindy's most private portions when she arched but she cared not. The inferno of her behind was her only thought as she rubbed, kicked, writhed, bounded and sobbed in her desperate, but losing attempts to put out the fire.

Rob, by Alexia (January 5, 2015)

I scowled, but didn't stomp my foot. It was just my luck that Rob remembered that incident a year ago, when I was so engrossed in following an enormous blue-scrawled filefish that I got separated from the group and had to go to the surface and find my way back to the Bad Dog myself. Rob was furious, but Jess was cool and determined. He bent me over the starboard rail, peeled down my bikini briefs, and spanked me long and hard until I was howling with the sting of it and flailing like a fish out of water. After the spanking I had to go directly to Rob and apologize for my stupidity. If I wasn't already shamed enough to want to die, I then had to endure the dive-master's scathing lecture about safety, delivered in front of the rest of the group that had then arrived back on board. The crisp staccato of his voice echoed out across the water, and I imagined the whole resort knew of it.

Back to Normal, by Barbie (January 2, 2015)

Barbie got in that corner and stood there rubbing her bottom and sobbing. She felt very sorry for herself. First she had had a horrendous ride home. She had never been so frightened in her life. Actually, she had already taken a pledge to never get herself in that circumstance again--so the belt was really unnecessary. However, she didn't think Uncle Grant was in any mood to hear that at the moment. He was going to wear her out and that was all there was to it. She began to sob harder. She was scared. Her bottom felt terrible. She wondered how she ever stood to be spanked as often as she had been growing up. Was Uncle Grant spanking harder these days or was it that it had been so long between spankings" Did one grow used to having one's bottom bared and spanked" She didn't know how she would survive the belt. She began to shake as she thought about it.

A Necessary Return to Spanking, by Don Barton (January 2, 2015)

Debbie made every effort to take the sway out of her walk and be calm as she slowly walked up the stairs and down the hall to her room.

Entering her bedroom, Debbie plopped herself down on her bed - her bottom hitting the bed far softer than her bare bottom would be getting swatted very shortly - and waited - waited for her first bare-bottomed spanking - in fact, her first and only spanking since her last one a long three years ago.

Waiting on her bed, Debbie remembered how vicious the last spanking her father had given her had been (it had been one of the few times he'd ever used the razor strap on her), for yelling and swearing at her mother while her mother was scolding her for a bad report card, and over the years, she had been very thankful that it had been her last spanking. Her last one until now, that is.

Lay Over Spankings, by Al Purvis (December 29, 2014)

Two months passed without unpleasant incident. Then one Thursday morning Roger woke us all up himself for an urgent meeting in the parlor. Colleen and Erika scurried for some sort of clothing. "I have to go to the bathroom first," Bertie whined, but Roger herded her in her baby dolls right along with the rest of us, saying, "This won't take long." This was the second time we had seen him angry and we thought for sure we had overstayed our welcome this time. He sat us down on the sofa, then sat down in a straight backed chair on the other side of the coffee table, and explained, "I couldn't take you to dinner last night because I had a date with a woman I care for deeply." Sounded like the girlfriend wouldn't understand four flight attendants staying over so he would want his key back now. That wasn't it. He went on, "After dinner we came back here for a drink. We sat right there where you're sitting now. Guess what she saw?" We all looked around the room. Erika spotted it first and her mouth dropped open. The rest of us looked where she was staring. Behind Roger a big bra dangled from the lamp shade.

Joella Steps Out, by Tess (December 29, 2014)

Ken looked her up and down, then shook his head. "A fancy hairdo, a lot of makeup, a slinky dress ... what you look like, Joella, is a little girl playing at being a slut. And the immature, irresponsible way you've acted tonight goes a long way in showing me that you aren't grown up. Also that it's been too long since you got your butt blistered or you wouldn't even think of acting like you did tonight. I reckon your Dad can straighten you out real damned fast...but I'm going to add my bit right now if you don't get down here by the count of three. One...two..."

Lisa's New Job, by Alexia (December 26, 2014)

"Very well, young lady. You have now earned 10 extra spanks for dawdling! If I have to come and get you it will be 25 extra!" Lisa finally snapped out of it and made her way over to her governess' side. Emily reached up and grabbed her, dragging her over her lap. She took a moment to adjust the naughty girl on her lap, then lifted her dress up to her slender waist. Although she knew it was coming, Lisa still cried out in horror as Emily pulled her white nylon panties down to her knees. With the decks cleared for action, Emily raised the hairbrush and brought it down decisively across both dimpled cheeks. Again the study was filled with the sound of a solid wooden hairbrush spanking soft feminine flesh and the anguished cries of one very sore teenager.

Lottery Tickets, by M.D. (December 26, 2014)

Mark looked down at the sight before him. He'd viewed Nancy's pretty posterior from many angles, both covered and uncovered,but never this one. The full ovals of girl-flesh undulated slightly in the center of his lap and Mark's emotions stirred. Yes, he was angry with her and yes, she was going to get a sound spanking, but he still had to pause and admire the beauty of those opulent white globes. Impulsively, he leaned forward, planting a kiss on the summit of each buttock. But the time for gentleness had ended, the time to punish had begun!

Margaret's Enlightenment, by M.S. (December 22, 2014)

"Didn't I tell you to clean the kitchen yesterday?", he demanded. Without waiting for an answer, he delivered four more solid smacks to the bounding behind on his lap. "Didn't you tell me that you'd have it all cleaned by yesterday?", he demanded again, punctuating his question with yet another four firm spanks to the unfortunate Micky's bright red behind. "Well", SMACK, "didn't I?", SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. "Oww, ohh", sang back the unfortunate Micky, "oww, owww, stop. It hurts. It hurts. Ohh, please stop!" WHACK... "That's not what I asked you." smack, smack. "Answer the question!" SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. Micky's long legs both kicked into the air as the last spank burned across her up-turned heinie. The reddened behind first huddled then yawned open as she arched outward trying to relieve the fire imparted by the punishing hairbrush.

Molly & Mike, by Jason (December 22, 2014)

As Molly left the airport and turned on to Mockingbird Lane for the trip to downtown Dallas, she remembered the time she had become Mike's disciplinarian as well as his loving wife. It was their wedding night in the honeymoon suite of a luxury hotel near Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas. She was sitting on the bed in white lace bra and panties. Mike, in white cotton briefs, had finished shaving and brushing his teeth in the bathroom and was standing beside her. She had only meant to be teasing when she said, "You had a little trouble concentrating on the wedding vows, my darling Mike. The priest had to repeat them twice."

Little Red Riding Hood, by Alexia (December 19, 2014)

And then she was tumbling off his lap and landing on her tender bottom in the scratchy, coarse straw. The confused and smarting girl scrambled to her feet and hastily pulled up the dropflap to her pantaloons, dashed away from the shed as fast as her legs could carry her, and leapt to her pony's back. Her startled groan as her sore nether regions met with the pony's broad back frightened the beast into a canter, which in turn made poor Rosa sorer still.

Behind her there was a roaring, devilish laugh that faded as her pony plunged back into the forest.

It was a much shorter ride home for Rosa than the way out had been, for the pony took the most direct route and arrived in its own paddock less than ten minutes after its mistress ran from the shed, the spanking, and the forester's humor. Rosa flung herself down and ran for her room in the cottage where she stayed for the rest of the afternoon, shamed and once again angry.

Reading is Fundamental, by Ralph Greco, Jr (December 19, 2014)

"But Tom," Juli tried as Tom came around to her ass again.

Admiring the view of her long balancing legs, her tight bottom and the spray of her long chestnut hair across her turned cheek, Tom watched in delight as Juli continued to grind her hips against the hard table-top. Yes, she feared being hit by the book, but she also wanted it.

"Just five," Tom announced, spread his feet and brought the book back. Juli just stared wide-eyed over her shoulder as the book connected.

Round Robin, by Tess (December 15, 2014)

Ty had been afraid he was going to be saddled with a flighty young girl with stars in her eyes and romantic visions of cowboys in her mind. The stars were there, all right, and he had his suspicions about the romantic visions, but even with all that coupled with a her excitement at being on her own for the first time, Robin could handle the job as general roustabout. She fit right in otherwise too--she loved the life she had only known for too-brief vacations and it was obvious from the start that she'd made good use of her times on her grandfather's ranch. She was no dude, she'd told Ty when he expressed his doubts to her on the first day---and she'd subsequently proven this to be true.

I'm a Senior, by Barbie (December 15, 2014)

"I don't remember agreeing that you were too old to be spanked by one of your peers--er two of your peers. A jury of your peers seems to believe that you aren't too old to benefit from a good spanking."

"Uncle Grant, you can't be serious!"

"Perfectly serious, and now, who goes first. Want to flip one of these pennies?"

Peg Gets It, Alexia Watches, by Alexia (December 12, 2014)

That night was interesting, a milestone in my relationship with Jess. I'm not too hot on non-private spankings, especially if I'm on the receiving end of things, and neither is he. Usually. At least not if the one being spanked has any wits about her at all. He has the patience of a saint and normally will delay a spanking with the heart-chilling phrase, "You and I have an appointment in my study," or something to that effect. This isn't to say that I haven't gotten my bottom whacked in public, but that's different than a panties down, dress up licking. In fact the few times that he's done it, the others present probably hadn't a clue that I had gotten walloped.

Perkins Pleasure, by James Fox (December 12, 2014)

Perkins half-caressed, half-massaged the reddening mounds, and then redoubled his efforts. This time his hand was cupped a little, and flogged down relentlessly, first one globe, then the other. The bare arse of the Honourable Margaret began to buck and shudder violently, and the beat was almost unbearable, especially as his attention turned to the area round the base of her rump, and the pronounced crease where it met ample thighs, straying over some tender intimate places. The contrast between the white of her back and legs, and the deep, blotchy pink of her bum became ever more dramatic, and by now she was panting furiously in time with the sharp crack of palm on shuddering skin. Suddenly he ceased without warning, and released her from his lap. Mrs. Robinson clambered to her feet in an undignified scramble of knickers, petticoats and skirts, and stood there shamelessly rubbing her hot bottom.

Popcorn, Peanuts and Paddles, by The Sergeant (December 8, 2014)

Melinda James walked into the locker room turned office precisely at 11:30, her appointed time. She was casually dressed, wearing a pair of conservatively cut shorts in a bermuda length, and a white man's shirt, with the tails tucked into the shorts. She was a strawberry blonde, with long hair, well below her shoulder blades and a tall, willowy figure. Her face was framed by her hair, its soft shades accenting the rich amber tones of her skin. She had deep green eyes, and just a hint of freckles over the nose, and much more abundant on her arms. Despite these, she obviously tanned well, and frequently, since her skin tone spoke of hours in the sun. In fact, Morgan noted with glee, under the shorts and shirt she was wearing a bathing suit, the outline of the shoulder straps plain under the soft material of the shirt. Not only a bathing suit, but a one piece one. Either she had not heard about his policy, or she had no plans to accept the punishment--surely she wouldn't risk that much added exposure.

The Politically Correct Spanking, by AL Purvis (December 8, 2014)

" May I get up now," she said evenly. She had regained her poise. There, within reach, was the perfect paddle for her hot pink posterior. The little wooden cheese board on the coffee table behind me. It measured about five by six inches, exclusive of the four inch handle, and was half an inch thick. In addition, it had a four by four inch tile inset which gave it added weight as well as a harder, smoother, spanking surface. "No," I said.

A Trip to the Past, by BC & Wife (December 5, 2014)

She cried as she walked across the floor to him. He was positioning a chair in the middle of the floor. He meant to spank her right out there in front of God and everybody! He took her across his lap as he sat on the chair and lifted her dress. She waited for her panties to be taken down, but this was considered a public spanking so her modesty was preserved this much at least

Patricia and Ryan, by Alexia (December 5, 2014)

"Nonono! Nonono!" With agonizing slowness the shivering woman came away from the corner and inched towards Ryan who waited patiently for her to do as she had been told. This time he didn't hurry her; if she wanted the misery dragged out, well, he was happy to oblige. Finally she lowered herself across his lap and allowed herself to be shifted forward so that both her hands were flat on the floor and her feet were in the air, her rear end horribly bare, centered across his lap. He caressed the trembling haunches and said, "Should I use a paddle or a strap on you, Patricia? Which would teach you your lessons better?"

You Wood-n't Dare, by Frank Tenaya (December 1, 2014)

"N000000!" she yelled, followed by, OWWW-WWUH" as the paddle landed across her defenseless bottom with a ringing crack. Her legs, sheathed in a sheer green silk dress, flew up into the air, and her head rose as if to meet them. The pain of the first spank she had ever felt barely had time to register before Allen planted a dozen more, all as hard as the first and all bridging the summit of her finely contoured behind.

Broken Window, Broken Fanny, by Victoria (December 1, 2014)

He couldn't stand those smacks. Every smack his Aunt Vicky ever delivered hurt, but these were the worst. On a scale from one to fifteen, these were twenty. He couldn't take them without begging her to stop and kicking his legs quite wildly. Kicking as he did was quite dangerous because often the inner thighs felt the brush. He really couldn't keep from crying and yelling when that happened. What made it worse was that he closed his thighs hard to protect himself from another stroke, and Aunt Vicky would get his outer thigh. Then it would be back to the backs of his thighs until he was kicking wildly again.

The Speed Trap, by Cerissa (November 28, 2014)

My eyes had been getting progressively wider through this speech. Dampness on my palms made me rub my hands repeatedly down the gored denim skirt of the sundress. When he finally finished, I couldn't quite contain a semi-hysterical giggle. "You're kidding, right? Nobody does this sort... I mean, this isn't even legal!" I felt some triumph as the officers in the room exchanged glances. It was short lived. My heart sank as Officer Dunkirk finally replied, "Well Cathy, you have already agreed to accept our local remedy, and you have signed a consent form and an acknowledgment. But you are quite free to back out at any time between now and the end of your punishment, and accept the ticket that is rightfully yours."

Spring Break Spanking, by Eric Rosemont (November 28, 2014)

She choked back a sob as he placed her hands on the car's roof and jerked the back of her bikini down, exposing her bottom. She pressed her body against the car, hoping to hide from the dozens of people who must be watching. Julie's father smacked her clenched buttocks hard and fast. Julie gritted her teeth and fought back tears of pain and embarrassment as her bottom burned under the spanks.

Riding Crop Romance, by A.L. Purvis (November 24, 2014)

The day after Gram's birthday party, I had Brandi in her abbreviated riding togs (helmet, dickey, blazer, boots, and crop, but no jodhpurs or panties) kneeling on all fours on my bed. I mounted her from behind, standing on the floor. I gave Brandi her head at first, but then I let her know I was in charge. I raised her head and kept her face forward by holding back pressure on her single long braid with my left hand. That also kept her body pressed back against mine. She whinnied her approval. I drew the short riding crop from Brandi's right boot and increased her gait by showing it to her. The bed bounced faster and faster and Brandi's breathing kept pace. I slipped the crop under the front of Brandi's blazer and brushed her bra-less breasts with it. Her pace spurted each time the crop flicked one of her nipples. When Brandi thought she could go no faster, I taught her she could by whipping her rump with her riding crop. She was soon bucking and snorting through one orgasm after another. I released my grip on her hair and she fell face down on the bed in a gasping, twitching, jolting, pink puddle.

Ringless Steadies, by Barbie (November 24, 2014)

Barbie's opinions of Uncle Grant changed to opinions about what was happening to her bottom finally. The song changed to "It hurts! I'm sorry! Please stop! Please! I'll be good!" When the cries changed, the smacks slowed down. They might have been a little easier on her bottom but she was so scorched that she was unable to tell the difference. He continued the spanking and she continued yelling and kicking. Next came the tears. Barbie kicked and cried and looked back at Uncle Grant so he would know that she was really crying. While she hated to give into tears, she hadn't ever had such a hard spanking. Of course, she had never yelled at Uncle Grant that she hated him. She thought that she would be careful not to do it again. After all, it was a lie. She really didn't hate him...but she sure did hate to be spanked.

Mirabelle, by Helier (November 21, 2014)

Her breath was coming in gasps and the nerves were making her body jump wildly. He stepped across to her and caught her by the arm. He turned her around and without the slightest warning gave her three sharp cane strokes across the backs of her calfs. She shrieked and tried to leap out of the way but he had her fast and quickly she was given three more. She howled, clenching her fists with the pain then she burst into tears and crouched down to hold her legs. Stephen had no sympathy for her. He dragged her up and gave her two strokes across her thighs and two more across her calfs. Mirabelle danced in pain, wailing and stamping her feet. She was crying loudly now and clutching her legs continually.

The Reserves, by Victoria (November 21, 2014)

Dennis looked at the wooden paddle that Cindy brought over and held before him. He nodded. He thought about begging her not to use it, but he remembered how she had begged them last weekend not to spank her. They had not even taken a very sore bottom into account. Maggie knew that he was capable of taking as much as she had. She had proven that a person could live through it. He hoped that she was more merciful than he had been. However, he didn't count on it.

Punishment, Indeed, by Juliette (November 17, 2014)

Almost instantaneously, he grabbed the strap off the bed and proceeded to strap her soundly. With each stroke the strap whistled through the air to land with a solid CRACK! on her hot, throbbing bottom. Although sounding louder, the strap actually had less of a sting than the paddle, and she found herself thrusting out her bottom to meet it, hoping that the contact would lessen the ache between her legs. She moaned slightly each time contact was made, both from the fire in her bottom and the fire elsewhere. Wiggling her hips, she both wished he would stop and wished he wouldn’t. She was lost in that hazy, foggy mind-mist, somewhere between pleasure and pain, her mind swirling with images, viewing herself from outside her body, hearing the strap, feeling the strap, hearing her own breathing as she tossed her head around, her head spinning, spinning, spinning....

A Real One, by Barbie (November 17, 2014)

She never dreamed that getting a real spanking would make a person feel so humiliated. She really was too old for this. He couldn't treat her this way. She had never minded having her bottom bared for a spanking when it was part of the fun of an evening. But this time was different. He was like an angry father to her errant daughter routine. Why her father had never done this to her--she would be damned if she would let Ted. He didn't have the right to treat her this way. He didn't, and he had to be made to understand that. Those stupid keys weren't such a big deal. If he weren't such a fussbudget about safety--

A Feather and a Thorn, by Bruce (November 14, 2014)

Blushing, the three girls nodded and acknowledged that Mr. Ives’ was correct in his statement. Fixing them with a stern look, Jeremy said, “I have tried to be as lenient as possible while we all were getting used to each other. However, my lenience appears to have been interpreted by some of you as a sign that I do not intend to enforce discipline in my classes. Well, I am going to dispel that idea today. The three of you will report to my office on the second floor at 3:00 PM today. I will not have my assignments flaunted and I can assure you, when I finish with you today, you will not wish to do so again.” Turning on his heel, Jeremy went to the blackboard and began the day’s lesson, a review of quadratic equations. Stunned by his announcement, the three culprits could barely keep their minds on their work as visions of what might take place that afternoon dominated their consciousness. Their classmates were singularly unsympathetic and, when the class was finally over, several of them came up to the three girls and chided them about the fact that they were going to ‘get the strap’ that afternoon.

Fiona, by C. Flint (November 14, 2014)

Fiona bit her lip and closed her eyes in shame. The thought of a spanking worse than the one she had received in the office and a follow-up with the belt shook her. The thought that he would take her over his lap like he did his nine year old daughter only made her prospective ordeal that much worse. Fiona already felt like she had been stripped of all dignity and maturity; she realized that not only was she being treated like a small child but that she felt like one. Oh God, she prayed silently, don't let him beat me. Let him tell me he's only doing this to frighten me. If You make this be all over, I'll be a good girl for the rest of my life. Fiona stood as still as a statue for what seemed a long, long time.

His Girl, by Bobby Tawse (November 10, 2014)

Daddy was really angry at this and his face started ,to turn red. lie yelled at me to, "Stop being such a baby and eat" That made me cry. Whenever Daddy yells at me I cry. Through my tears I tried to tell him that I didn't like spinach and asked him not to make me eat it. Daddy said I had to eat it and again told me to open wide and, again I did not and, again he tried to force my mouth open and, again I shook my head. and, this went on until Daddy finally did spill the food. Daddy was so angry that he put down the spoon and without saying a word, pulled me out of my chair and over his knee. I was already crying and asked him not to spank me again because I was still sore.

Hollyville Festival, by Jack & Jean (November 10, 2014)

"NO! NO!! NO!!! Pleeeeeease," she screamed as he started her panties down the journey of her pretty legs. "Pleeease, not in front of Donna." As the realization that nothing was going to stop the removal of the last obstacle separating her husband's palm from it's designated target, Terri started to cry. Terri normally took her husband's discipline with barely a whimper, rarely a tear but this time it was different. Her bottom hadn't suffered even one stinging spank yet tears were running down her eyes and she was sniffling like a well-spanked young lady. Terri's attempt to place her legs together failed with the first descent of Bob's palm. Terri squealed and kicked her feet as his palm print appeared on her jiggling bottom. "Ohhhh! Oh Bob," Terri cried as she received equal treatment on her other sphere. This was not going to be a slow, building spanking. This was going to be true discipline. Bob was upset and planned to take it out on his wife's bared cheeks.

A Good Neighbor, by Dyane (November 7, 2014)

The rest of the week was uneventful and on Friday, the Taylor’s arrived home. It was after dinner time that Jesse came over. He asked how the week had been and then said that Lisa told him that I had spanked her. I said that I had and he asked me why. I asked him if he had seen his car and he said Lisa had not been home when they arrived. I told him what had happened and how Lisa had behaved. I told him I’d only spanked her 10 times and that was after she provoked me. I then took him outside and showed him the dent on my car and pointed out the dent on the rear bumper of his car. Jess had an angry look on his face and told me that had said I had spanked her for no reason but that she had come to my house. Then he started across the street and told me to come with him and he’d get to the bottom of this matter.

Daddy Brings the Hairbrush to Work, by Tess (November 7, 2014)

"No, what I'm going to do here and now is punish you for the way you've chosen to behave over the last few weeks. Then I'll tell you how I want things to be for the remainder of the time you have left at home. I'd hoped you'd show it wasn't necessary to make rules for you anymore, but you've done nothing but convince me you still need at least a few boundaries to keep you from forgetting everything we've tried to teach you. I intend to provide those boundaries and enforce them with the hairbrush if you push me to it." "No! Daddy! You can't! This isn't right! I'm not a little girl anymore!" I chattered, as he came closer and took my wrist. Then, all-too-conscious of the fact that there were people in offices next door, people likely to pass in the hallway at any time, and Corey just a few yards away, I jammed my hand in my mouth as Daddy led me over to one of the straightbacked chairs against the wall. Almost whispering then, I pleaded. "Please, no, Daddy. I'm sorry if I was rude, but I really think I'm in the right and you made me mad and..."

Joella Steps Out, by Tess (November 3, 2014)

Transfixed, Joella watched Ken lead her friend by the arm over to the picnic table next to the trees. There was just enough moonlight so that she could see the whole scene clearly. No matter that she knew her friend wouldn't like her watching, that she herself couldn't stand it if someone saw her being spanked, she couldn't take her eyes away. Ken sat down, still holding Nancy's arm. Then, with a sudden jerk, he flipped the girl forward to that she fell across his knees with a squeal of frightened anticipation. Nancy's hair fell forward and she frantically reached for something to cling to...then she yelped and grabbed one hand onto the edge of the bench, the other onto Ken's boot, as the switch swished down sharply.

Joyride, by Debra (November 3, 2014)

Jason sat on the front edge of the desk, folded his arms across his chest, and after a moment of consideration, he spoke. "I don't know where to begin, you've broken so many rules. What you did tonight was a dangerous and foolish thing. You put yourself and Chris in a position where you very nearly got yourselves killed. You left the house after dark without permission. You stole a valuable car that belonged to your brother. You were driving it at dangerously high speeds, and you don't even have a license. But I think the worst of all was the deceit. You left the house figuring you'd get back before you got caught, and then you were going to lie to us about what you'd been doing tonight." Jason paused for a moment, and then standing and taking a step toward Jessie, he continued, "I don't think I have to ask if you know what you did was wrong, but it's my responsibility to make sure you understand, this kind of behavior will not be tolerated in this house. I would ground you, but considering the fact that you left the house tonight, knowing it was wrong, I think that would be an ineffectual punishment. So, unless you have something to say for yourself?" He left it as a question.

It's Never Too Late, by Alexandra Stephens (October 31, 2014)

The original anger she'd been consumed by at actually finding herself being turned over her husband's knee like a recalcitrant child slowly becoming something…else, the woman who had always prided herself on fierce independence and fearlessness in telling people to go to hell if they irked her listened to her normally devoted husband ordering her to fetch him the hairbrush he'd apparently purchased for this purpose and felt, it was so bizarre, a renewed respect, different than she'd had for him previously, and…a strange, unwilling but overpowering desire to..please him and regain his good favor. Not believing she was really complying with his horrifying dictate, Jennifer shakily walked toward the end table where he'd left the Bath & Body labeled sack once he stood her on her feet, thinking on the return trip, "What in hell are you doing?! You're bringing the man something worse to use on you? Are you insane…?!!"

A New Idea, by Cassandra (October 31, 2014)

“Very good, Cassie Lee, very good. Now, pull the skirt up,” he demanded and she complied, feeling him walk up behind her. He tucked the hem inside the waistband and then reached down to stroke her still panty-covered ass. “I love your ass, little girl,” he told her, his voice low and seductive at her ear. He squeezed both handfuls of soft cheek, kneading and heating her flesh. She knew that the warmth from his caresses was going to be nothing compared to that of the stinging blows she knew were coming.

Reading is Fundamental, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (October 28, 2014)

"Juli," he started in a whisper. "I won't do anything to hurt you, not really hurt you. But the thought of you bent over here, your ass in full view of the store, is making me crazy." "Every time you walk into the store from now on, you'll think of being bent over this table," Tom continued and with the lightest push, he bent Juli across the hard smooth surface of the reading table. Juli bent at a perfect height, her crotch snug to the table's soft round edge, her ass high in the air. Tom again played with her skirt hem as the girl look up over her shoulder to the boy's wide smile.

Psychological Applications, by Barbie (October 28, 2014)

John watched as the red hand print darkened. He decided to see how many individual hand prints he could decorate the squirming white bottom with before he had to settle for a totally red butt. He would imagine he could get at least a dozen if he planted a few on her thighs. He thought her ivory thighs could take a few licks and add to her discomfort when she tried to sit for the next few days. This was one young lady who deserved not to be able to sit for a week, and he was going to try his utmost to make that threat a reality. It was too bad that he didn't know her daddy better--he could suggest a spanking every week for a year or maybe two. Better yet, he could give her a standing appointment himself and dedicate one lunch hour a week to the disciplining of Ms. Melinda Symthe-Carolton. He would even drop his fee for this pleasure.

Rhapsodies at Midday, by Asparkle (October 24, 2014)

"I want you," she whispered again. "I need you. I need you to strap me. I need to feel your belt on my ass, until my last resistance is broken and my body has collapsed onto the bed from helpless exhaustion. Until my control is completely gone and nothing exists but you and the leather strap between us. And then just you, inside me. In my sex, in my ass, in all of me. Because then, I need you to fuck me. Hard. Until walking is impossible and my muscles twinge with just the memories of it for hours and hours."

Rick Lends a Hand, by Chuck (October 24, 2014)

As the warmth spread over her entire sitting down area, Sandra wiggled about provocatively on the man's lap. When he began to use the hairbrush, her bottom moved about much more frantically. Tears were rolling down her face and, like her younger sister, Sandra's bottom was blistering by the time he quit the punishment. Moments later she was standing alongside Debbie, both girls showing the effects of a sound spanking on their bare, crimson backsides. Pam was about to feel the same effects, but she refused to approach the man when he motioned to her. Angered by her defiance, he got up, walked over and grabbed her by the wrist and then pulled her over to the chair.

Roger & the Mystery Woman, by Alexia (October 21, 2014)

Flabbergasted, he drew back and gave her a lick as hard as he thought he could. Suzanna bellowed and her hips wove back and forth in his sight. One dark, crimson streak appeared across her upper buttocks. WHACK A second band, as red as the first, and he thought he heard her whine. WHACK! Both the woman's feet came up and kicked frantically. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" When her feet were still and she no longer moaned, he gave her another fearsome stroke. WHACK! "Oh! I'm soooorrry! I'm sooooorry!" she wept. Her shoulders trembled and her legs beat the air. WHACK! The last lick of the strap fell just where her legs joined her buttocks, and the effect was electrifying. Suzanna threw her head back and sobbed out loud, wordlessly. Her backside, now banded with scarlet, bounded before him, legs kicking and her whole body arching with the effort. Where the strap had landed the skin was scarlet, and each stroke seemed to be slightly swollen.

Rookie Mistake, by Chuck Wilson (October 21, 2014)

Captain Warner cinched her in tighter around the waist and her wrists being bound, Jennifer found she was unable to protect her denuded bottom. The cheeks colored rapidly under his hard palm and the whiteness was soon replaced by a dusky red shade. "Owww ... Please, Captain ... Ouch ... I'm sorrryyy ... That's enough ... Please don't spank me any more ..." Once again, Captain Warner was hearing the pleas of a little girl while spanking the fully developed buttocks of a grown woman. Jennifer certainly did not resemble a police officer with her pants and panties tangled around her ankles and her reddening behind on display.

Spanked Sister-in-Law (October 17, 2014)

Kristi knew what Paula meant--she knew her sister got spanked by her husband, although she couldn't understand why she put up with it. It was one of those old-fashioned traits of his that she could never come to grips with. "The problem," injected Louis, "is that no one has ever given you the kind of discipline you need. And now, you're about to find yourself out of a job. Vornholt told me today that unless you learn some discipline, he's going to have to let you go."

Please Spank Me! by Chuck Wilson (October 17, 2014)

The first 20 minutes passed quickly for Barbara as she hurried to undress, take a shower and get into her pajamas for her spanking. It was something she had asked for, but only at the insistence of her conscience. Although she had never experienced corporal punishment before, she was aware that it must hurt considerably. On numerous occasions, she had seen her brother return with red eyes and, presumably, a red bottom after a session with his father and noticed that he sat very gingerly for the next few days. As the final 10 minutes ticked away, she stood in front of her dressing room mirror, dropped her pajama pants and observed the white cheeks of her behind. Uncovered, they looked so helpless, which they would be once they were over her daddy's lap.

The Sequel, by Courtney (October 14, 2014)

"Naughty, shameless little girls need to be punished. Isn't that what he'd say, Theron, me girl? Well brought up young ladies need a good dose of discipline to keep them from doing wanton things like this!” Jimmy turned Theron around to face him, and bent to sear her lips with a bruising kiss, their tongues fencing frantically. His hands teased her aching nipples. His tongue then savored each bared bud. Theron threw her head back and moaned in rapture. Jimmy teased her with his tongue until she was writhing in his grasp.

Going Shopping, by T. Moore (October 14, 2014)

Peter tugged up on the chain, forcing her to her toes, then pulled it forward and slipped the chain over one of the hooks. Since there was a shelf at about the height of her belly this left her bent forward, her behind pushed out invitingly, legs spread somewhat for balance.

Training a Princess, Part 2, by C.J. West (October 10, 2014)

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Jenny watched her sister's fanny wiggle and bounce under the attack. Though the teenager was proud of her own figure, she had always envied the sexy shape of her older sister's buttocks. Seeing them wiggling under a spanking hand like any little kid was strange, no matter how often she had seen the sight before. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! "Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Please stop. Noooo. Yeeeooww. Please. "Diane wasn't acting like a college graduate. She didn't look like the professional reporter. Lying there - completely naked - with her backside getting more and more red, her legs kicking, her arms flailing and her red face twisting from side to side as she begged for mercy. Her eyes blinked back tears as the stinging and burning got more intense.

Wake Up Call, by Cerissa (October 10, 2014)

“I didn’t say that I wanted to paddle you, Catherine. This is a method of last resort. But the only alternative you’ve left me is to fire you. So I have to weigh the options. On the one hand, I can lose a good writer and have to train someone else. On the other, I can give you a spanking that you’ll never forget, followed by one last opportunity to prove that you can remember to show up on time. The mere fact that I’m offering you the option should tell you which I prefer. I’d hate like hell to lose you. But the final choice is up to you. Which will it be?

Two Sisters, Part IV, by S.E. (October 7, 2014)

After an eternity for the young lady the palm smacked smartly against the crest of the further globe. The sudden change from gentle exploration to sharp spanks startled the girl as she gasped at the bite of that spank. Noisily the spanks were administered over the dancing arches. Each palm print on that pale creamy backside blended in with the others offering a bit brighter shade of pink. Again that palm was attending to the girl's left buttock only this time with smarting swats that made her hips twist over the back of the chair. As the spanks descended to the base of that charming hillock, Mr. Jeffries could feel a momentary brushing of the girl's hairs against his fingertips as the palm flattened the firm yet resilient lower arch of her seat. Since the base of each mound was the focus of extra spanks in all of Mr. Jeffries' spankings, he proceeded to repeat the spanks at that point just where buttock arched away from the tanned thighs. Too overcome by the stinging of that open palm, Kathy was too busy crying to protest this strategy. From his vantage point the man looked down on the deeply divided hemispheres as they yawned and danced under the rain of spanks. Upward the palm cracked until both cheeks glowed brick red and the young lady was crying openly. "Watch it," the man snapped once again, "watch those hands" as the fists jerked at the dress and strove to hold the dress up just inches above the fiery globes of her behind.

Turnabout is Fair Play, by The Mysterious R. (October 7, 2014)

Then he began the spanking. She had been yelling from the beginning, threatening his life and everything else that was his, but as Daniel’s open palm turned her pretty white bottom to a dark shade of red, her yelling changed to pleading. First to Daniel then to Charlie. I loved it. Oh, God I knew how much it hurt too. She kicked furiously as Daniel continued the chastisement by slapping her thighs. Surprisingly he looked up at me when she began crying and remembering that day awhile back and asked, ?Do you think she’s had enough, Claire?”

Training a Princess, Part One, by C.J. West (October 3, 2014)

He then walked over to Jenny, took her elbow and half-dragged her to a nearby chair. Over the lap she went, with her firm hips landing in a perfect position across his thighs. In a second, he stripped her panties down. Jenny's bare bottom, the same one Ellemaia had seen wiggling and squirming in the kitchen earlier, was doing quite a bit of squirming already. In the background, Diane stood watching the scene. The bottom half of her bathing suit was at her ankles and she was covering her pubic area with both hands. From her angle, Ellemaia could see her naked cheeks from the side, a few pink blotches already visible.

Two Spankings for the Record, by The Sergeant (October 3, 2014)

“I was only spanked once in my whole life.” There was a dreamy look in Lisa's eyes, and the sparkle seemed to have gone out, she was somew here far away, in a memory that was unpleasant. “It was my Dad, and he spent years apologizing, but what he did was horrible.” There was a pause then finally she begin again “I was fourteen and had saved up from baby sitting to get me a bikini. It really wasn't that brief, but he took one look at it and forbid me to wear it anywhere outside of the house and not even there if he or my brothers were home. I wore it to the public pool. Bad move. He came home early, and Mother told him I was at the pool. He looked in my dresser and didn't find the bikini. When he got to the pool he dragged me out of the beach chair I was in, dragged me to the men's dressing room, made sure everyone in there was dressed, took me in, put me over his lap, pulled my bikini bottom down and whaled the tar out of my bottom for nearly five minutes. There were at least ten to fifteen men in that dressing room, all of them were dressed. I wasn't. He made me get off his lap before I could pull the bikini back up and I was never more humiliated in my life.”

Uncle Gus, by G.R.M. (August 26, 2014)

"I will be glad to do so, young lady," he said sternly," Mr. Thompson, here, is extremely adept in the fine art of spanking disobedient young woman. I asked him to deliver the punishment I suggested if you choose that option. However, Mr. Thompson is married now and does not feel it would be appropriate for him to spank you ladies. However, by a coincidence, Mrs. Thompson has been disobedient and is due a spanking from him. Therefore, the proposition is that there will be a meeting in my home in which we all will be present. Mr. Thompson will deliver a sound spanking to his wife ( here lovely Jennifer hung her blonde head) and Mr. Martin will spank Mrs. Martin, Mr. McKenzie will spank Mrs. McKenzie and Mr. O'Hanlon will spank Mrs. O'Hanlon. If you choose to reject this option, that is perfectly all right. However, in the event, you will be sentenced to a 30 day jail term for larceny and fined $500 a piece. I await your decision before proceeding further."

Wait Until I Get You Home, by G.R.M. (August 26, 2014)

"I told you that I was going to "deal" with her and I am. You may be present during that, since I consider her words and actions toward you to be unconscionable. Right now, we're going downstairs and she will apologize to you for her actions. Some kind of an apology from you might not be out of order. Then we're going to have dinner. After dinner, I'm going to find it necessary to discipline my wife. Is all of this clear?"
"Yes, Peter," she said. "I'll unpack my suitcase and I'll be down in ten minutes."

What to do With Paulette, by Don Barton (August 22, 2014)

But Paulette was not about to admit to her intentional, illicit trip to the mall... not while the safety and welfare of her butt was at risk. “See, umm,” she continued, making an intense effort to quickly come up with an explanation to plug the hole in her story, “this was a new girlfriend and I haven't given you guys her number yet,” she privately congratulated herself, “so that's why you weren't able to talk to the right girl. I know I should've given you guys her number last week, but I forgot.”

Tom and Cindy frowned. Both of them were very displeased with their daughter's desire to lie. Tom was first to speak up. “You're sticking to that story!?” he firmly asked.

Why I Do It, by Uncle George (August 22, 2014)

At twenty whacks, Ginger had regained control of herself, and was consciously relaxing her bottom as much as possible. The shock produced by the sounds of the spanking, no longer scared her as much, and by sheer will power she resisted the temptation to kick her feet, or to reach back and try to block Mr. Davis' hand as it came down again and again on her defenseless posterior. SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! At thirty, Ginger was becoming aware of the stinging sensation that was starting to build in the summit of each cheek of her bum. To counter it, she concentrated on counting the spanks to herself, SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! Forty whacks, and like that rabbit in the battery commercial, Mr. Davis kept going and going. SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! As her mental tally approached the fifty spank mark, Ginger had expected the spanking to end because that was how many he'd delivered to poor Cindy's behind. But she had not counted onhim remembering her request verbatim.

Three Gifts, by C. Flint (August 19, 2014)

The crisp report of the back of the hairbrush banging against Crissy's wiggling backside echoed regularly off the walls of my den. I knew how Crissy felt. I knew she thought that the spanking would never end. I knew that she thought that her backside was so sore that she could not bear another smack but felt helpless knowing that the hairbrush would smack her again. And again. And again.

I watched with wonder as Crissy's bottom turned a dark and angry red from the small of her back to several inches on the tops of her thighs. I felt the heat rising from the inflamed surface of her buttocks. As small purple splotches began to blossom on the crimson, I knew Crissy had been spanked enough.

True Master, by Rianna (August 19, 2014)

“Here.” He braced himself against the wall and drew me down to the step where he stood. I faced him and he put his hands on my waist and slowly pulled up my skirt. I heard the rasp of his zipper and he lifted me. He tugged my panties down for the second time that night. I spread my legs and reached for the steel rod that pulsed between us. I brought him to the entrance he wanted and he shoved his thick rod all the way in with one thrust. I came immediately. He rocked me back and forth against him, pushing higher and higher inside me until he groaned. I felt the warm rush of liquid down my inner thighs and came again.

Memories of Days Gone By, by Uncle George (August 15, 2014)

Even in the dream, Heather couldn't take her eyes off the sight as Wendy's pants and underwear were lowered, and she turned her bare bum over her dad's knee. In real life on that day, she couldn't take her eyes from the plump curves of her friend's bottom which was quickly covered by her father's hand. Then, as if in slow motion, the hand was raised and the second spanking was administered. It was a carbon copy of the first, taking only a maximum of fifteen seconds from first spank to last, with Wendy's bottom cheeks bouncing with each slap, at the same rate as her sister's had done earlier. She too was crying very quickly and Heather was torn between the wish that it would soon be over for her friend, and the fear that when it was over, her behind was next in line. Her heart beat faster, and her breathing quickened with the anticipation and fear that could be felt as a heavy lump in the middle of her tummy.

Miranda, by Helier (August 15, 2014)

Sobbing like a child Miranda straightened her shaking legs, clutching her ankles tightly. She heard the swishing in the air behind her and squealed even before she felt the cane. The last stroke was like a white hot rod branding her across the lower buttocks and catching her thick wet pussylips. Her squeal turned into a long wail but, almost as if to prove to Steve how much she was trying to be good, she stayed bent down, weeping and holding her ankles until he lifted her and pulled close.

Ministering to the Faithful, by Gordon Richards (August 12, 2014)

"It is supposed to hurt, my dear, and it doesn't hurt half as much as it will, believe me." The hairbrush continued to punish her behind which was now turning red. I continued the spanking, making sure that I covered the whole behind, including the most rounded part were the legs met the behind. She was now crying and pleading for real, but I increased the pressure on her wrist and she could not move. Finally, after about four minutes, I stopped so I could assess the damage. She was quite red with some bruises beginning to show. When she stopped crying and lay there softly sobbing, I spanked the back of her thighs ten times each. Now she really was crying.

Spanked in Mink, by Al Purvis (August 12, 2014)

She tried to cover her blazing bottom with her hands, but her left hand was blocked by his body and he held her right elbow away, preventing her from reaching back far enough to do any good. She tried to cover her spanked spots with her shoes, spreading her knees wide apart and crossing her ankles in the attempt, but he pushed her feet down and trapped her lower legs on the sofa under his right leg. She twisted back and forth in panic and started to cry continuously. She knew she was at his mercy and he hadn't shown any so far. She had never suffered a long or hard spanking as a child and had certainly not been spanked as an adult, so it seemed to her that he was never going to stop spanking her. She thought her genuine wailing only encouraged him to spank her harder, but she couldn't help herself.

Cathy's Spanking, by Ralph Greco, Jr (August 8, 2014)

She looked wonderful and as I remembered. Her bottom was round, yet tight, her legs tan and a bit bent at the knees. She had her thighs open just the slightest bit so I could see just a hint of the blonde hair of her sex. I really wanted to see all of her, but I knew we had to go slow here. We had spoke about a spanking, about her bare butt up and over my knee, and while I wanted to have her stand naked before me, have her parade around the room in her birthday-suit, have my body mingle with hers in a sweaty tirade of kisses, hugs and touches, I had to keep to this least for a little while.

Lay Over Spankings, by Al Purvis (August 8, 2014)

Cheryl, of course, pleaded for him to stop, but her vote didn't count. By the time Roger gave her another six widely spaced smacks, Cheryl's tears were quite real enough to satisfy even Bertie. Roger stopped and explained that he thinks a dozen spanks with the hand constitutes a proper spanking, and we should all remember that whenever we're changing our underwear in his apartment. That was another day when none of us could sleep. Cheryl was one demure little First Flight Attendant on the outbound flight that evening, but by the time we returned to New York the next week she was more than ready to go back to Roger's. More than ready because we had cooked up a lie for Cheryl to tell him, which she did, when he took us to dinner in a glorious restaurant that night. Cheryl said Colleen had been treating the rest of us horribly and deserved to be spanked. We all agreed, even Colleen. Cheryl asked Roger if he would spank Colleen for us, even though she had done nothing to offend him, and he said he would be happy to spank her on behalf of the rest of us. We returned to the apartment after dinner all excited by the prospect of Colleen's spanking. She was so agitated she could barely walk. We had another drink and then Roger announced, "Well, Colleen, I guess it's time for me to paddle your panties."

Peg's Party, by Lizbeth (August 5, 2014)

"Oh my god please no more!" Chris wailed over and over again, but Nathan, true to form - as a well-practiced dominant man - knew exactly when she'd had enough. He'd been listening to the pleas of naughty women for years, and knew that the harder more impassioned and longer a spanking, the more satisfying it would be in the end. He knew that Chris and Jacob would have one wild rollicking time when this was over, and that pleased him almost as much as seeing the sight of Chris's wiggling bottom on his lap.

Playing School, by Eric Rosemont (August 5, 2014)

Mr. Warren took aim at the base of her cheeks and swung the paddle firmly. Angela threw her bottom from side to side shamelessly. Another swat landed a minute later, and just and inch higher, causing her to hop from one foot to the other and wail hopelessly. Mr. Warren patted the inside of her thighs to get her to spread her legs more, and then whacked again, right across the crest of the cheeks.

Carrie Got Spanked, Part Two, by Ed Finn (August 1, 2014)

I've never really experienced that. With my folks, it was more like, "I warned you, young lady! You're getting spanked - right now!" Into my parents' bedroom we'd march, pants down, bottom up. Smack! "Ouch!" Smack! "Ouch!" Smack! Smack! "Oww! Ouch!" Smacksmacksmacksmacksmack! "Owwwwwwweeeeee! And so on until...cry, cry, cry and promises to be oh so good. Don't misunderstand, they were good, hard spankings. My folks, especially my dad, are experts at corporally wringing every last vestige of ego and pride from their daughters, whether by hand, hairbrush, or the dreaded razor strap. Maybe sometime I'll write some of my childhood and teenage reminiscences for you. For some reason, I have amazing recall where spanking is involved.

Catherine Gets It, by The Mysterious R. (August 1, 2014)

So with paddle in hand, he began with broad, stinging smacks to her bared buttocks. The pain was so severe so quickly that she began to panic. She arched her back and started kicking, but he held her in such a way that even while she squirmed her bottom was so presented to him that he proceeded to give her the most unhurried, systematic, thorough, painful paddling that she could remember. When she thought bearing any more was impossible he began to apply the hard, relentless smacks to her thighs. Her screeches were continuous now and even continued after he put down the paddle and checked all areas of her backside to see if he had sufficiently chastised her. Upon inspection of the punished area, he seized the paddle again and applied two final very firm smacks to her left buttock. When this was completed, he released her.




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