Male/Female Stories

Two Sisters, Part Three, by S.E. (May 23, 2016)

The man seated himself on the corner of the girl's bed and drew Wendy up and over his lap. The towel lay discarded on the floor. The bikini clad girl lay with her hips resting on the man's left thigh. He worked his right leg over the backs of her bare thighs just above her knee hollows. Her legs extended on the bed to his right. Purposely he sat at the corner of the bed so that the girl's upper body was extended off of the bed forcing her to support herself with open hands pressing to the rugged floor. In an instant the disobedient young lady was positioned in a painfully helpless pose, her rump jutting almost lewdly , owing to the force angling of her upper body off of the high bed. The nubile body lay draped most effectively for the disciplinary swats of the hairbrush. The man's heavy right legs easily kept the girl's feet from thrashing about. Yet her feet were free to kick uselessly at the bed.

Uncle Gus, by G.R.M. (May 23, 2016)

Well, Mrs. Martin," intoned the Judge," It has long been my feelings that today's divorces rate is directly attributable to the fact that husbands are losing their once dominant position in the home. Wives are so-called "feminists---tommy rot. When young wives misbehave what they need is not more license to be independent . . .what they really need is a good bare bottom spankings from their husband! So, when young woman are brought before me to be sentenced for minor offenses, I give them the option to receive the punishment they deserve . . .if you wish to accept fines or a "cooling off" in jail . . .that's fine with me. But I give then the option to have a "bottom warming" rather than a "cooling off" period in jail. I leave it up to you ladies . . .which is to be?" Catherine Martin's mouth dropped when the Judge's short speech concluded. She looked at Janet in amazement . . .Janet looked at Helen in horror and for a few moments, silence reigned. Catherine Martin looked at Judge Discipline with an icy of her icy blue eyes. "Will you kindly be more specific as to your absolutely incredible statement?"

Two Sisters, Part Two, by S.E. (May 20, 2016)

"Enough...enough pleaseee!" she wailed, her fisted right hand waved along her right hip caught between the desperate need to rush back and intercede on behalf of her burning behind and the knowledge that such an act would be inviting, possible, even an angrier and prolonged punishment. Just as the case for her behind was winning out the spanks stopped. Kathy continued to writhe and grind her hips about as the sting of those spanks tormented and burned. The distraught young lady felt herself being put back onto her feet. She stood trembling as her guardian's fingers fumbled at the snap and zipper at the side of her pants. "Ohhh nooo, no, ohh!" was all she could babble as the undoing of her pants proceeded. The pocketless seat of those thin cotton pants had offered little protection but even this was being tugged down. Burning anew with humiliation, she struggled to remain in place, fists clenched tightly at her side as the pants were rolled inside out down to her knees. Kathy shut her eyes, tears streaming down her feverish face as the fingers returned to grasp her panties. Mr. Jeffries' voice could be heard but his words were lost to the young anguished lady as she felt the waist band of her panties slip easily over the sore moons of her pert behind, down, down until the feminine undergarment was stretched twix the firm slender columns of her thighs. Wendy was hypnotised by the sight of her sister's naked bottom facing her. Both sisters were plenty old enough to be embarrassed by the sight presented to their guardian, but he seemed oblivious to this as his lecture continued, a lecture that was falling on burning ears.

Trouble at the Mall, by Mike Burke (May 20, 2016)

The 23-year old didn't have time to ponder the questions of the universe. One look toward the back of the store and the pretty young woman's heart skipped a beat. Standing just outside the doorway is her mother, dressed in her normal, conservative attire with a no-nonsense look on her face. In front of a store full of customers, the woman raised her right hand and beckoned with her index finger for her oldest to follow in her sister's footsteps. Cindy felt that everyone in the store was watching her childish comeuppance. Still, what could she do? The last thing she heard before putting her right foot in front of her left was the sales woman whispering, "ouch, another spanking." Walking between the many racks of new clothes, Cindy couldn't believe the way her mother was reacting. 'What did I do?' What did I do?' was the thought that raced through her head over and over as her feet got heavier and heavier as she moved closer and closer to her angry parent. Before Cindy could blurt out "mom I'm sorry..." she felt her left ear lobe grabbed between a powerful thumb and forefinger as she was dragged back into the hallway and down a line of small dressing rooms until the two were at the very last cubicle.

Two Sisters, Part One, by S.E. (May 16, 2016)

The man patted the panty encased globes for the longest of times, drawing new outbursts of blubbering from the once stoic youngster. As he patted her, the girl's guardian proceeded to lecture her on the need for obedience and submissiveness. The palm smacked smartly now and then to this or that arch of gyrating buttock. The girl's seat was extremely firm and compact, the cheeks desperately trying to clench as if to diminish their vulnerability and compromise the indecent display that caused the girl's face to burn hotly. With a most casual and unhurried manner the man's fingers began to pull the girl's undergarment downward to bare her yawning behind. This slow disrobing was clearly meant to make perfectly clear to the young girl who was in charge .... that she was subject to whatever actions her guardian deemed necessary .... that she would remain helplessly before him until he was quite satisfied with the thoroughness of her chastisement. And so she struggled and sobbed as her panties were worked down to just below the base of her rounded and protruding backside. What a sight &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. softly pink from the initial manual correction, the girl's bared behind was flexed in flawless perfection over her guardian's lap. The young lady's hips and seat were pale in contrast to the deep tan of her legs and arched back. The creamy flesh revealed the modest cut of her bathing suit bottoms and provided an ideal canvas for the rosy handprints that were glowing warmly atop the arches and lower summits of both hillocks.

Margaret's Enlightenment, by M.S. (May 16, 2016)

What I saw when I burst into the room drew me up short and stopped me in my tracks. My son-in-law was later to tell me that my eyes came wide open like saucers and for the first time since he had known me, I was speechless. There before me, was my own little Micky receiving a SPANKING!!!! Imagine my surprise! I couldn't believe my eyes, but there she was right before me; my own beautiful blond-haired daughter getting her behind paddled like a little girl! Nearly swooning, I stumbled backward a step or two and caught my balance on the edge of a vanity table. I blinked once, and then again, as the reality of the situation began to sink into my prattled brain. I shook my head, blinked yet again and finally focused on the amazing scene before me. David was seated on a straight-backed chair that belonged to the vanity upon which I was leaning.

Day of Reckoning, by M.D. (May 13, 2016)

The months had diminished the memory of her last spanking and now she was startled by the pain of these new blows.

"Ooooo! Noooo!," she cried," Oooo, it hurts!!" She twisted her hips trying futily to avoid Dan's hand, but Dan too was returning to a familiar scene after a long absence and he was warming to his task. His hand rose and descended all over Jennifer's pretty bottom, punishing the summits of her hillocks, then working down to where bottom flesh meets thigh, and up again.

A Warm Engagement, by Barbie (May 13, 2016)

Barbie watched Ken get out of the car and come around it for her. She wiggled in the seat. She scraped her top teeth across her bottom lip. What would he spank like? She had only had one other spanking from any one other than Uncle Grant and that one had been directed by him. This was entirely different. She had never dreamed that the man she married might spank her. She had really thought that once away from Uncle Grant she would be free of the threat of a spanking when she did something wrong. Of course, she knew if she ever went to another wild party, ever, somehow, some way, Uncle Grant would find out and then she would get it. She was sure that Uncle Grant wasn't really God; however, when it came to her, he seemed to have some omniscient ability. He always knew when she had broken his rules or gotten herself into some kind of trouble. There were some behaviors that would get her spanked even if she were a grandmother. She knew it and she accepted it. However, she had never considered having two men in her life who would spank her. She had always thought that things would get easier when she got older.

Uncle Gus, by G.R.M. (May 9, 2016)

"I will be glad to do so, young lady," he said sternly," Mr. Thompson, here, is extremely adept in the fine art of spanking disobedient young woman. I asked him to deliver the punishment I suggested if you choose that option. However, Mr. Thompson is married now and does not feel it would be appropriate for him to spank you ladies. However, by a coincidence, Mrs. Thompson has been disobedient and is due a spanking from him. Therefore, the proposition is that there will be a meeting in my home in which we all will be present. Mr. Thompson will deliver a sound spanking to his wife ( here lovely Jennifer hung her blonde head) and Mr. Martin will spank Mrs. Martin, Mr. McKenzie will spank Mrs. McKenzie and Mr. O'Hanlon will spank Mrs. O'Hanlon. If you choose to reject this option, that is perfectly all right. However, in the event, you will be sentenced to a 30 day jail term for larceny and fined $500 a piece. I await your decision before proceeding further."

Wait Until I Get You Home, by G.R.M. (May 9, 2016)

"I told you that I was going to "deal" with her and I am. You may be present during that, since I consider her words and actions toward you to be unconscionable. Right now, we're going downstairs and she will apologize to you for her actions. Some kind of an apology from you might not be out of order. Then we're going to have dinner. After dinner, I'm going to find it necessary to discipline my wife. Is all of this clear?"

"Yes, Peter," she said. "I'll unpack my suitcase and I'll be down in ten minutes.

What to do With Paulette, by Don Barton (May 6, 2016)

But Paulette was not about to admit to her intentional, illicit trip to the mall... not while the safety and welfare of her butt was at risk. “See, umm,” she continued, making an intense effort to quickly come up with an explanation to plug the hole in her story, “this was a new girlfriend and I haven't given you guys her number yet,” she privately congratulated herself, “so that's why you weren't able to talk to the right girl. I know I should've given you guys her number last week, but I forgot.”

Tom and Cindy frowned. Both of them were very displeased with their daughter's desire to lie. Tom was first to speak up. “You're sticking to that story!?” he firmly asked.

Why I Do It, by Uncle George (May 6, 2016)

At twenty whacks, Ginger had regained control of herself, and was consciously relaxing her bottom as much as possible. The shock produced by the sounds of the spanking, no longer scared her as much, and by sheer will power she resisted the temptation to kick her feet, or to reach back and try to block Mr. Davis' hand as it came down again and again on her defenseless posterior. SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! At thirty, Ginger was becoming aware of the stinging sensation that was starting to build in the summit of each cheek of her bum. To counter it, she concentrated on counting the spanks to herself, SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! Forty whacks, and like that rabbit in the battery commercial, Mr. Davis kept going and going. SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! ... SMACK! As her mental tally approached the fifty spank mark, Ginger had expected the spanking to end because that was how many he'd delivered to poor Cindy's behind. But she had not counted on him remembering her request verbatim.

Three Gifts, by C. Flint (May 2, 2016)

The crisp report of the back of the hairbrush banging against Crissy's wiggling backside echoed regularly off the walls of my den. I knew how Crissy felt. I knew she thought that the spanking would never end. I knew that she thought that her backside was so sore that she could not bear another smack but felt helpless knowing that the hairbrush would smack her again. And again. And again.

True Master, by Rianne (May 2, 2016)

“Here.” He braced himself against the wall and drew me down to the step where he stood. I faced him and he put his hands on my waist and slowly pulled up my skirt. I heard the rasp of his zipper and he lifted me. He tugged my panties down for the second time that night. I spread my legs and reached for the steel rod that pulsed between us. I brought him to the entrance he wanted and he shoved his thick rod all the way in with one thrust. I came immediately. He rocked me back and forth against him, pushing higher and higher inside me until he groaned. I felt the warm rush of liquid down my inner thighs and came again.

Memories of Days Gone By, by Uncle George (April 29, 2016)

Even in the dream, Heather couldn't take her eyes off the sight as Wendy's pants and underwear were lowered, and she turned her bare bum over her dad's knee. In real life on that day, she couldn't take her eyes from the plump curves of her friend's bottom which was quickly covered by her father's hand. Then, as if in slow motion, the hand was raised and the second spanking was administered. It was a carbon copy of the first, taking only a maximum of fifteen seconds from first spank to last, with Wendy's bottom cheeks bouncing with each slap, at the same rate as her sister's had done earlier. She too was crying very quickly and Heather was torn between the wish that it would soon be over for her friend, and the fear that when it was over, her behind was next in line. Her heart beat faster, and her breathing quickened with the anticipation and fear that could be felt as a heavy lump in the middle of her tummy.

Miranda, by Helier (April 29, 2016)

Sobbing like a child Miranda straightened her shaking legs, clutching her ankles tightly. She heard the swishing in the air behind her and squealed even before she felt the cane. The last stroke was like a white hot rod branding her across the lower buttocks and catching her thick wet pussylips. Her squeal turned into a long wail but, almost as if to prove to Steve how much she was trying to be good, she stayed bent down, weeping and holding her ankles until he lifted her and pulled close.

Ministering to the Faithful, by Gordon Richards (April 25, 2016)

"It is supposed to hurt, my dear, and it doesn't hurt half as much as it will, believe me." The hairbrush continued to punish her behind which was now turning red. I continued the spanking, making sure that I covered the whole behind, including the most rounded part were the legs met the behind. She was now crying and pleading for real, but I increased the pressure on her wrist and she could not move. Finally, after about four minutes, I stopped so I could assess the damage. She was quite red with some bruises beginning to show. When she stopped crying and lay there softly sobbing, I spanked the back of her thighs ten times each. Now she really was crying.

Spanked in Mink, by Al. Purvis (April 25, 2016)

She tried to cover her blazing bottom with her hands, but her left hand was blocked by his body and he held her right elbow away, preventing her from reaching back far enough to do any good. She tried to cover her spanked spots with her shoes, spreading her knees wide apart and crossing her ankles in the attempt, but he pushed her feet down and trapped her lower legs on the sofa under his right leg. She twisted back and forth in panic and started to cry continuously. She knew she was at his mercy and he hadn't shown any so far. She had never suffered a long or hard spanking as a child and had certainly not been spanked as an adult, so it seemed to her that he was never going to stop spanking her. She thought her genuine wailing only encouraged him to spank her harder, but she couldn't help herself.

Cathy's Spanking, by Ralph Greco, Jr. (April 22, 2016)

She looked wonderful and as I remembered. Her bottom was round, yet tight, her legs tan and a bit bent at the knees. She had her thighs open just the slightest bit so I could see just a hint of the blonde hair of her sex. I really wanted to see all of her, but I knew we had to go slow here. We had spoke about a spanking, about her bare butt up and over my knee, and while I wanted to have her stand naked before me, have her parade around the room in her birthday-suit, have my body mingle with hers in a sweaty tirade of kisses, hugs and touches, I had to keep to this least for a little while.

Lay Over Spankings, by Al Purvis (April 22, 2016)

Cheryl, of course, pleaded for him to stop, but her vote didn't count. By the time Roger gave her another six widely spaced smacks, Cheryl's tears were quite real enough to satisfy even Bertie. Roger stopped and explained that he thinks a dozen spanks with the hand constitutes a proper spanking, and we should all remember that whenever we're changing our underwear in his apartment. That was another day when none of us could sleep. Cheryl was one demure little First Flight Attendant on the outbound flight that evening, but by the time we returned to New York the next week she was more than ready to go back to Roger's. More than ready because we had cooked up a lie for Cheryl to tell him, which she did, when he took us to dinner in a glorious restaurant that night. Cheryl said Colleen had been treating the rest of us horribly and deserved to be spanked. We all agreed, even Colleen. Cheryl asked Roger if he would spank Colleen for us, even though she had done nothing to offend him, and he said he would be happy to spank her on behalf of the rest of us. We returned to the apartment after dinner all excited by the prospect of Colleen's spanking. She was so agitated she could barely walk. We had another drink and then Roger announced, "Well, Colleen, I guess it's time for me to paddle your panties."

Peg's Party, by Lizbeth (April 18, 2016)

"Oh my god please no more!" Chris wailed over and over again, but Nathan, true to form - as a well-practiced dominant man - knew exactly when she'd had enough. He'd been listening to the pleas of naughty women for years, and knew that the harder more impassioned and longer a spanking, the more satisfying it would be in the end. He knew that Chris and Jacob would have one wild rollicking time when this was over, and that pleased him almost as much as seeing the sight of Chris's wiggling bottom on his lap.

Playing School, by Eric Rosemont (April 18, 2016)

Mr. Warren took aim at the base of her cheeks and swung the paddle firmly. Angela threw her bottom from side to side shamelessly. Another swat landed a minute later, and just and inch higher, causing her to hop from one foot to the other and wail hopelessly. Mr. Warren patted the inside of her thighs to get her to spread her legs more, and then whacked again, right across the crest of the cheeks.

Carrie Got Spanked, by Ed Finn (April 15, 2016)

I've never really experienced that. With my folks, it was more like, "I warned you, young lady! You're getting spanked - right now!" Into my parents' bedroom we'd march, pants down, bottom up. Smack! "Ouch!" Smack! "Ouch!" Smack! Smack! "Oww! Ouch!" Smacksmacksmacksmacksmack! "Owwwwwwweeeeee! And so on until...cry, cry, cry and promises to be oh so good. Don't misunderstand, they were good, hard spankings. My folks, especially my dad, are experts at corporally wringing every last vestige of ego and pride from their daughters, whether by hand, hairbrush, or the dreaded razor strap. Maybe sometime I'll write some of my childhood and teenage reminiscences for you. For some reason, I have amazing recall where spanking is involved.

Catherine Gets It, by The Mysterious R. (April 15, 2016)

So with paddle in hand, he began with broad, stinging smacks to her bared buttocks. The pain was so severe so quickly that she began to panic. She arched her back and started kicking, but he held her in such a way that even while she squirmed her bottom was so presented to him that he proceeded to give her the most unhurried, systematic, thorough, painful paddling that she could remember. When she thought bearing any more was impossible he began to apply the hard, relentless smacks to her thighs. Her screeches were continuous now and even continued after he put down the paddle and checked all areas of her backside to see if he had sufficiently chastised her. Upon inspection of the punished area, he seized the paddle again and applied two final very firm smacks to her left buttock. When this was completed, he released her.

An Expensive Shopping Trip, by Steve Ivy (April 11, 2016)

Mike was quite impressed with his handiwork as he was treated to the sight of the three punished feminine posteriors bustling around the kitchen. Even Teresa retained a hot reddish glow and all three sets of buns displayed dark spots where the speeding hairbrush landed with particular ferocity. It is doubtful that any of the three penitents really enjoyed their meal as there was an unusually large amount of fidgeting and shifting of weight as tender, hot bottom flesh came in rude contact with hard kitchen chairs.

Mama Gets What For, by The Sergeant (April 11, 2016)

Ten, eleven, twelve, she counted in her head, even as she cried out with the pain of each stroke. Her mother was hitting her lower now, at the juncture of leg and thigh, a distinctive shelf in Rebecca’s figure. It hurt more there, both when it was struck and later when she had to sit down and that portion of her anatomy was in constant contact. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, all the strokes to the same place, all hit with a wrist snap. Damn, her mother knew how to swing that strap. Better only think that first word, she couldn’t take thirty. Sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, at least these were some higher, not back to the summit but not quite on the shelf. Nineteen! Rebecca almost came off the handle of the couch with the force of the blow, right on the summit and harder than any stroke had been. But not as hard as TWENTY! Rebecca screamed out the word, rolled to the floor and grabbed her bottom, massaging as fast as her hands could move. “That was twenty, that was twenty.”

The Cadillac, by Amy Shelton (April 8, 2016)

I know my cheeks were flaming as I complied with his request, and we ate our dinner with no further mention of my missing undergarment. We talked about work instead, and he told me a little about his family. We compared siblings, and laughed a lot. But despite the pleasant conversation with a man I was growing very fond of, my bare behind was constantly in my thought.

Carrie Got Spanked, Part One, by Ed Finn (April 8, 2016)

As he continued his rhythmic smacking, I stole a moment to examine the hairbrush. It was old. And big - half again as large as the one my folks use. And heavy. The hard, wooden back showed more wear than the bristles. I wondered how many times this worn, smooth brush had impacted unfortunate girls' bottoms. I was sure glad it was not me who had to look forward to a rendezvous with that old hairbrush.

Caught in the Act, by Barbie (April 4, 2016)

Angie scrambled to comply. She hoped that she was going to get spanked on top of her panties. All of a sudden receiving a bare bottomed spanking from an infuriated husband didn't seem the best idea in the world. It didn't feel so romantic or so sexy. It felt scary. Dread walked up and down her spine and as it reached her bottom, she clinched her buttocks. She felt like her heart was in her stomach and the lump in her throat might choke her. She shivered as if something had walked on her grave and a chill ran down her body. She was about to get a spanking. This was not a fantasy. She was really in Sally's place only she had a feeling that Bill's spanking was going to be a lot worse than any she had ever given out.

A Spanking Business, Part One, by Chuck (April 4, 2016)

Rick brought his right hand down with a stinging blow on the right cheek of his girl's behind, then watching the pink palm print appear in its wake. A second quickly followed on the other side, bringing a squeal from Heather's lips. He landed moderate to heavy spanks as he worked his way up and down the two mounds and then moved his attention to just under the base, the part she actually sat on.

Apple Tree Switches, by Al Purvis (April 1, 2016)

I looked at the two women looking back at me in anticipation. I took a deep breath and unbuttoned my silk blouse. My abbreviated push-up bra drew 'oohs' from Lilly and Sue. I assumed they were less impressed with its perfect fit and color than they were with the cost of it, probably more than their entire wardrobes, combined. I put my arms in the babydoll dress and lowered it over my head. I had to remove my hand-tooled cowboy boots to get out of my designer jeans. While I was putting my boots back on I remember that the bikini panties I wore weren't much more than a thong! My panties matched the bra and don't make visible panty-lines in my tight fitting jeans, but, of course, should never be worn under a short dress. I was afraid to mention this to Lilly or Sue, since one of them might have a spare pair of panties and, clean or not, I would never wear panties another woman had worn, nor would I consider donning undies from Wal-Mart. I would simply have to avoid bending over or standing too close to the front edge of the stage.

Chrysalis, by C. Flint (April 1, 2016)

Suzanne felt a warmth spring up in her groin and a damp spot grow between her legs. As her body quivered with excitement, she braced her shoulders waiting for the firm grip of his hand. She could feel the muscles of her abdomen tighten as she imagined how it would feel as his fingers pressed against her flanks, tugging her panties over her derriere and down her legs. As the heat in her groin intensified Suzanne slowly rose to her feet. She stood motionless with her hands at her sides waiting for Mr. Tompkins to unbutton her jeans and bare her bottom. While she feared the pain, she wanted desperately to feel his body against hers and the hard slap of his hand on her bare bottom. She put her hands behind her back to allow him to unbutton her jeans and thrust her abdomen slightly forward. The heat in her groin was almost unbearable.

Ava Learns to Spell....Definitely, by Ida (March 28, 2016)

"Yes...Yes I would...Booohooo" much as I hate to cry in front of him, I can't help myself. I know I look a mess as it is and mascara-streaked eyes will only making me look more like a thoroughly spanked baby. But it feels so good. Howling and crying like an infant helps my emotions as much as wiggling helps my buttocks. How much longer? Surely that wicked paddle has kissed my buns for far longer than fifteen minutes, his single mindedness frightens me. I am beginning to think he will never stop, perhaps if I try a few more sorrowful looks and pleas? Nothing seems to be working, you'd think he would have the decency to get tired of smacking my poor ass! At least now I can move around. Yes, this is a lot better, squirming from side to side helps a lot. Judging from the hard thing pressing my fuzzy mound, I'd say it's helping me too. Maybe this is my way out.Nothing seems to be working. Oh Hell, better to just give it up and lie here and cry my eyes out until he is tired of slapping my behind. Occasionally he smacks the dying embers in my asscheeks into a slowing, intolerable forest fire.

Barbie Grows up Courting Trouble, by Barbie (March 28, 2016)

"You will never act in such a cheap way again, do you understand that? You are just a little girl trying to act like a big one. You are nowhere near big girl status yet and until you are, you will not be dating older guys. If you haven't realized it already, older guys are very interested in their hormone levels. That is their preoccupation with life for several years. I will not have your innocence stolen because you are in some crackpot scheme to get your way. I care too much for you for that. If you can't care about yourself more, I'll at least make you care about what will happen to your bottom if you ever try anything remotely like this again."

At the Old Ballgame, by Dr. Ken (March 25, 2016)

For a brief moment, Elaine felt faint. "Once you have arranged your clothing,” the principal went on, "you are to bend over this desk. Extend your arms in front of you and grasp the far side of the desk. Do not let go. Do not attempt to stand up until you are instructed to do so. Standard punishment calls for anywhere from 6 to 12 spanks with the paddle, the exact number being up to my discretion. Since this is the first offense for all of you, I think 6 strokes apiece should be sufficient. Mrs. Scoggs is in here as an observer, as required by law. Any questions" No" Then please prepare yourselves, and get into position.”

Elena, by Helier (March 25, 2016)

Glen reached out and stroked her legs softly. They were very hot where he had smacked them. Her shorts were cut very high and the feeling of him stroking almost all the way up to her crotch was very erotic. She wanted him to touch between her legs but he didn't. After a moment or two his hands drifted up to the button on her waistband. He unfastened that and then one by one unfastened the other buttons until her shorts were completely loose. He stroked her tummy a little and down inside her shorts until he reached her panties. His fingers were so gentle on her skin. They tickled just a little but it was as if she could feel his fingertips all over her body. The feeling made her catch her breath and she closed her eyes and moaned quietly. He tugged her shorts down until he could see her panties. Then he tugged both garments down until her panties were tucked just under the cheeks of her bottom although her pussy was still more or less covered up.

You Wouldn't Dare, by M.D. (March 21, 2016)

Her face turned white. He couldn't possibly mean it, he was bluffing. He wouldn't spank her here, at least not bare-bottomed. But the already well-chastised coed was in no mood to gamble, she would do what he said. Obediently she made little shifts and adjustments in the confines of the booth and winced as the spanked girlflesh made contact with the wood. She wondered what the waitress would think if she knew that the beautiful young woman she was offering the menu to was at that instant sitting with her bare, spanked derriere against the booth bench

Ms. Stoner's Week of Shame, Part Two, by R.L.C. (March 21, 2016)

Tom watched intently as Kathy tentatively started down the stairs. From his vantage point below her, he could partially see up her short skirt, and caught just a glimpse of her white cotton panties with each step. Her head was bowed, as though she were solemnly looking at the hairbrush she held with both hands in front of her lower stomach. The pony tail tied with a bright red ribbon completed the scene. He wanted her more than anything he ever had before at that moment. He was becoming extremely aroused. Even though he had seen and had all of her only an hour earlier, it was much more provocative seeing her in this context.

Joella Steps Out, by Tess (March 18, 2016)

Ken looked thoughtfully at the trembling girl, then snapped the switch decisively against the pick-up. "No," he agreed, "I can't say that I think it would be any more right for me to spank your bare butt than it was right for men at the bar to come on to you. Your Dad would have a right to take a horsewhip to me, if I went that far. I reckon I can make this switch felt plenty through that skimpy little dress you're wearing though. Let's get on over to the bench..."

Mrs. Stoner's Week of Shame, Part One, by R.L.C. (March 18, 2016)

"Yes... Yes... I'll never ever smoke again... please stop....pleeeease." The spanking stopped and Kathy felt momentary relief. It was short-lived however, as she felt Sue's fingers reach into the tops of her panties. "I'm not so sure you've learned your lesson yet, young lady. We'll just peel down these panties and work on your bare bottom a while to make sure." "No...No...please let me keep my panties... please." As Kathy pleaded the panties plummeted downward. Kathy about died of humiliation, as in the mirror she saw her most private parts being exposed for all present to see. Shortly the spanking resumed and until it was completed Kathy was kicking and crying like the 5 year old she was dressed like. The spanking eventually ended, and Kathy was set upright. Her hands immediately went to her hiney trying to rub the sting out. She looked through tear-stained eyes at the shocked expressions on the faces of the women who had observed her shameful experience, and just cried harder. Sue left the stall and closed the door behind her, giving Kathy some privacy. She reached down and pulled up her panties from her knees. This was particularly painful due to their tight fit. Outside she heard Sue telling the ladies that the show was over. Sue then knocked at the door and told Kathy she had 5 minutes to compose herself and to meet her outside. If she wasn't outside by that time she was going to get Mr. Edwards who would spank her bottom out in the terminal itself. She also was told to wash off all her makeup. Naughty little girls were not allowed to wear makeup and if Mr. Edwards saw any she would be sorry.

The Attic, by Gregory Babcock (March 14, 2016)

"Did I say you did? I want to give you a good whipping. That's all it takes. All I have to do is to want to whip you. So, I'm gonna whip you. Whether you did anything wrong is beside the point. Now, get your clothes off. I want you naked for this whipping. I've been looking all over for a real-life, true, razor strop! And today I found one. Stopped at this yard sale, in Piscataway, and ta-DAH! there it was. Only cost me four bucks. Can you imagine? I've got girl friends who'd give sixty or eighty bucks for one. All of 'em they've all said that they wanted to use a razor strop on their old man's bare ass! But, I'm the one who's got one."

Katrina and I, by Vanessa Fielding (March 14, 2016)

Katrina takes the hairbrush now and moves it gently through my hair as I let the play of my fingers gradually become gentle strokes of my hand on her thighs. We are both silent now, a little shy with one another, but a little competitive, too, each wanting to look daring in the other's eye. As Katrina brushes my hair, I feel every tension flow away with me, and I move my face over her camisole, brushing my lips once over each nipple, then slowly bringing my mouth close to her center, intending to nestle at the silk there that covers shapes even prettier and more tempting than Katrina's legs.

Daddy Uses the Borrowed Paddle, by Caroline (March 11, 2016)

"Watch your language, young lady," growled Bob. "I'll wash your mouth out with soap after I finish whomping your butt." He spanked in a slow steady rhythm, his big hand coming down hard. To Cathy, it felt like his hand was hitting her whole bottom at once. She cried, sobbed, squirmed, flailed her legs in the air, apologized, and pleaded for it to stop. Bob kept on, deaf to her suffering. When he struck the rapdly reddening skin for the twentieth time, Cathy was lying limp over his lap, just sobbing and yelping with each new spank. Bob wanted to make sure the young lady knew she had paid a high price for her misbehavior and added five harder swats before stopping.

The Stanley's Family Scrapbook, Part 2, Krusty's Long Weekend, by Mike Burke (March 11, 2016)

Beth then paused when she felt her daughter’s bottom had had enough and Kristy thought that the punishment was over until she felt her mother’s left arm tighten around her waist and the legs stiffen under her. At that, there was an explosion on the back of her left leg. Coming on previously untouched territory and on bare skin, this shot brought a pained cry from the spankee. The cries continued, as did the leg kicking, as Beth worked on the backs of both legs.

Understanding Emma, by Caroline (March 7, 2016)

"No! No, Gary, please...please. I'm sorry." Her voice choked with panic. The brush was awful, but the strap was both the object and agent of torturous imaginings. He had used it only once, on their honeymoon, and that seemed such a long time ago, but she remembered the burgundy welts and purpling bruises he forced her to see in the bedroom mirror. She remembered the shame and humiliation she endured as he left her, bottom bared and up over the low sofa back while she waited for him. Emma cringed at the memory of the lecture he subjected her to as she waited in that position. Gary then removed his jacket and slowly rolled up each shirt sleeve to elbow length, and then snapped the belt in the air to prolong her discomfiture...

The Stanley Family Scrapbook, Part I, Connie's Brush with the Law, by Mike Burke (March 7, 2016)

Gene then reminded Connie to put both of her palms flat on the floor and to have her toes touching the carpet. According to tradition, after a spank, the culprits hand could leave the floor, but had to return immediately. The girls’ legs could kick, but could not interfere with the workout. While the hand s could come off the floor, putting them back to protect a sore bottom was strictly prohibited and was grounds for added spanks. Rolling off of the spankers’ lap, which had not occurred for either girl in a long time, was considered the most serious offense and meant starting the spanking again.

Daddy Uses the Borrowed Paddle, by Caroline (March 4, 2016)

So it was that my father gave me a spanking right there in the den, in front of Mr. Perry. And it was unfortunate that my own respectful attitude towards Mr. Perry had a lot to do with my father deciding that spanking must have more to recommend it as punishment than grounding or loss of privileges. Daddy was impressed with how I obeyed Mr. Perry when sent to get the paddle out of the closet.

A Smoking Bottom, by Mike Burke (March 4, 2016)

"I don't have to tell you how disgusting your father and I think smoking is young lady." Donna Baker added. "It's not very pretty and it's definitely not good for your health. Neither of us smoke and neither your brother or sister has this nasty habit. As we have said many times before, YOU - WILL - NOT - SMOKE - AS - LONG - AS - YOU - LIVE - IN - THIS - HOUSE."

After that lecture, the center of attention in the small room was ordered to turn around in her corner. Penny's first full view of her parents caused her heart to skip a beat and her knees to become rubbery at what she saw.

Up to her Husband, by M.S. (February 29, 2016)

Vonnie kicked ferociously, her panties holding her knees together. She raised her head and howled. She writhed her behind upward, the cheeks parting, exposing the inner reaches of her most private parts. But she didn't care, couldn't care. The pain and burning were just too much for her to care about modesty. Each spank was a burning kiss; each spank was Hell on Earth; each spank was unendurable. But endure it she did, for she had no choice. She was a naughty young girl being spanked by her Father. And her Father was intent on exacting retribution for her misdeeds. She cried and howled and kicked and writhed as though the world was ending. Tears were flowing like a stream now. They sprayed about the room as Vonnie shook her head in her agony. Her bucking caused Father to stop for a moment and readjust her on his lap. Mistaking the pause as the end of her punishment Vonnie's howling receded. But only for a moment. Vonnie's heart sank as, through her tears she felt Father get a better grip on her right hip and felt the unmistakable movement in his right thigh that signalled the raising of the punitive hairbrush. Screeching anew, she responded to the burning kiss of the brush as it visited her poor punished behind again. Remorselessly Father continued the spanking, snapping the brush onto the purpling flesh of his daughter's writhing behind.

The Prima Donna, Part III, by G.R.M. (February 29, 2016)

However, the temperamental diva was every bit of that backstage in hairdressing room following her performance. She refused to see any of her friends and the only ones permitted to be with her were her parents, Guilio and Tony. She pouted and was generally miserable. Guilio and Tony and her parents all assured her that her performance was still splendid but she still pouted. Tony, as proud as he was of her, was beginning to get disgusted with her and gave her that "you're in trouble" look but she did not heed the warning and proceeded into a near tantrum.

The Visitor, by M.D. (February 26, 2016)

The rapid cascade of slaps to Courtney's backside ended abruptly and she was placed on her feet. Tears trickled down her face as she rubbed her bottom and found herself being marched to a nearby corner of the room. She was instructed to hold her dress above her waist, thus exposing her bare bottom Stewart had things to attend to elsewhere in the Davidson home, but he permitted himself a moment to admire the beauty of Courtney's freshly spanked bottom as it glowed from its position against the wall. A curvaceous, womanly posterior, but now a distinct shade of red spread evenly across the two hemispheres of girlflesh. He knew the shade of his hostess's bottom would deepen further before he left her for the evening. It was time to prepare for the remainder of their time together.

Winston & Company, Part One-Marie, by G.R.M. (February 26, 2016)

"I hope you are learning your lesson, young lady!" he lectured, "HOW ABOUT THIS" -----SMACK-----SMACK-----SMACK! over marie's blazing left bottom cheek. "AIEEEECH! ARRRRROUCH! BOO HOO HOO BOO HOO BOO BOO," blubbered Marie, the tears rolling down her cheeks, "NO MORRREEE! I'M SORRRREE! I'M BURNING UP! I'M ON FIRRRREEEEE! PLLLLLEASE SIRRRRR!"

Holy Smokes!, by Caroline (February 22, 2016)

Mr. Fogarty moved behind Kitty, and lifted the paddle. It came down hard and fast, like burning lightning, on the tops of her thighs. SWAT! THWACK! SWAT! THWACK! (The paddle came down on the left cheek, the right cheek, and the center of both, causing Kitty to cry out) (Tears stung Kitty's eyes and she tightly gripped the edge of his desk) THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! OW! OW! Please, Mr. Fogarty! Not so hard!" she begged.

Mexico, by Stroller (February 22, 2016)

The erotic aspect of the spanking was becoming much plainer. Rosita was taking sharp, fast breaths and her replies to me were now moaning 'yeses'. My hand rose and fell on her naked bottom with increasing rapidity. I only stopped for an instant to pull her panties fully down to her calves so I could see the full wonder of this glorious bottom.

Kelly's Luck Runs Out, by Donna (February 19, 2016)

The Franks' family paddle - which was used quite often on the families' three teen-aged daughters - was a sturdy piece of heavily varnished hickory measuring three-eights of an inch thick, with a total length of twelve inches, in which the business end was an eight inch long oval having a maximum width of four inches. And most dangerous, were the twelve wickedly painful quarter-inch holes, which were spaced in three rows of four along the length of the oval.

Kelli, who also had just seen Mr. Franks exit his front door, had her eyes glued on the paddle. And Kelli knew just from looking at the paddle, that she would suffer greatly. With Jim holding Kelli's right arm, Tom grasped the naughty girl's left arm. “Let's go,” Tom smartly said. And with their respective spanking implements in hand, the two men, walking in an aggressive gate, escorted Kelli down the street toward her parents' house.

The Prima Donna, Part II, by G.R.M. (February 19, 2016)

"Please, Tony," she begged "not in front of all these people!"

His answer was a lusty hand spank to her right bottom cheek and she "lifted up" promptly as her blue panties were to her knees. Tony arranged her over his lap to his satisfaction. Her long blonde hair was nearly touching the floor at his left side and to his right Renata's high heeled shoes were airborne.

Cheyenne, by Jaie Helier (February 15, 2016)

"Ow! Ouch! Ooow!" she yelled, jigging about in agitation at the sting. Big red stripes were appearing across her buttocks and legs now and Ben could clearly see where she still needed paddling. Briskly, he gave her three more strokes, one after the other, across her bottom, making her buttocks shudder pitifully with each stroke.

The Prima-Donna, Part One, by G.R.M. (February 15, 2016)

Renata was no heroine about it----she kicked her stockinged legs, she lost her high heels in the process but could not halt the descent of the avenging hairbrush. Her bottom turned from its usual ivory sheen to pink---then to red---then to an ANGRY red---and the small blisters began to make themselves evident before her father released her. By that time, the young soprano had tears gushing down her pretty face and was howling and screaming---but it was not"Tace Le Notte Placido" from "Trovatore" that could be heard----it was the whimpering and howling of a well spanked young lady!

My Best Friend's Mother - W Arthur
As soon as I got within a foot or two, she grabbed me by the right arm and skillfully pulled me across her lap, which is almost exactly where I wanted to be thirty minutes before. Now, my once proud and expectant erection was hanging down like a dead mango. Once I was across her lap, she positioned me so that my bottom was right between her slightly spread thighs and my legs were left dangling. I had to put my hands on the floor to keep from falling. Quickly she put her left arm around my waist and locked me into position.

Ordeal in Suite 101, by Gene Hyatt and Don Campbell (February 12, 2016)

"Gene, the deal was that during supper Rosa was to tell you about what she had done and ask you, politely, to punish her in a suitable manner. Then she would accept whatever punishment you thought fither childish behavior. Her alternative was to be punished by me with a guarantee that it would be severe. I knew she felt bad about what she had done. The only question was how bad did she feel? She was almost trembling as we left for the hotel, sat silently during the drive, and could hardly walk as we approached your room."

A Teacher Learns a Lesson, by Mike Burke (February 12, 2016)

The shapely high school senior was familiar with the procedure as she had been through it twice in the last month. Still, with an outsider just a few years older in the room, the unveiling was not an easy one. Nervously, Belinda sent her hands to the clasp of her faded jeans and, after turning away from the two witnesses, stuck both hands into the waistband and pushed the rough material down to her knees. Without being told twice, the girl bent over the edge of the desk and then slid her hands across the smooth top until she could run her fingers over the edge.

An Afternoon by the Pool, Part II, by Mike Burke (February 8, 2016)

With a sob and a pleading look at each other, the two sisters slowly carried out the humiliating task. For Tabitha, that meant just reaching up between her melon-sized breasts and unsnapping a simple clasp before letting the lace material fall off her back and arms. It took a little longer for Mandy who was wearing the old traditional back clasp model in cotton that did little to show off her high set and firm young breasts that the girl was very proud of. With a slight bend forward at the waist, the 19 year old let the soft fabric slide down her arms before catching it in her right hand.

Three Gifts, by C. Flint (February 8, 2016)

It would have been easier to make Crissy take down her own pants but that was not how Crissy delivered a spanking. I wanted Crissy to feel as embarrassed and as helpless as I did when she had fumbled at the buttons and fly of my trousers. Her denim shorts hugged her waist tightly and my fingers had trouble undoing the brass button until Crissy sucked in her waist. I zipped down her fly and spread the waistband of her shorts to reveal a pair of violet silk panties underneath. The denims hugged her bottom and her thighs. Crissy shivered as I worked them down her legs and let them form a pale blue puddle around her ankles.

The bikini panties came next. I let Crissy stand for a moment anticipating what she knew would happen next. The shiny fabric that stretched tightly over her mound vibrated slightly as Crissy trembled. Her muscles rippled as I worked my fingers under the waistband and stretched the elastic wide. I pulled them down slowly, revealing her flesh inch by inch. There was a soft whisper of silk as I drew the material over the swell of her buttocks, then she stood revealed. Crissy squeezed her thighs together, holding her panties suspended at the fork of her thighs. I pulled gently and the panties slid to her knees and then to her ankles. Modestly, she tried to cover the golden curls that covered her pubis with her hands.

An Afternoon by the Pool, by Mike Burke (February 5, 2016)

Finishing off with 10 consecutive blows to the girl's left cheek, which she felt had not gotten quite as much attention from the switch, Tabitha's mother brought the paddling to an end as quickly as it had started. Draped over the lap, the 24 year old did not end her sobbing quickly as it had started. Instead, she just lowered her head and cried away. When more than a minute passed without an effort to rise from the girl, Jackie Bentley gently pushed her daughter back off her lap to a kneeling position to her right.

Cassie Gets Started, by Ida (February 5, 2016)

Over the next couple of minutes, Michael began to vary his method. Raising his right knee slightly to bring her bottom/thigh joint into a more prominent position, he raised his arm still higher. Swinging down in a half curve the sandal slapped into the tender underside of her behind. "OOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!" Twice more it slicked into her right cheek like a hot knife slicing into butter."AAAAAHHHH, OOOOOOUCH" The action was repeated on the left cheek. "OOOOWWWWW, OOOOOOUCH, OOOOOH, NO MORE, PLEASE! NO MORE!!! NOT THERE, OH PLEASE NOT AGAIN, NOT THERE !!!!!!!!! OUCH!!!! THAT HURTS, Oh, Got, that really hurts!!!!!!!! OOOOOOWWWWW, I'm sorry, I'm sorry - really" she sobbed. "No more, Please, I'll be good, Oh please, I'll be good, I promise. PLEASE, YEEOWW!!! Please don't spank me any more, I'll be good" SPANK...."OOOWWW, not there again. Please I've learned my lesson" she sobbed.

Ringless Steadies, by Barbei (February 1, 2016)

Barbie's opinions of Uncle Grant changed to opinions about what was happening to her bottom finally. The song changed to "It hurts! I'm sorry! Please stop! Please! I'll be good!" When the cries changed, the smacks slowed down. They might have been a little easier on her bottom but she was so scorched that she was unable to tell the difference. He continued the spanking and she continued yelling and kicking. Next came the tears. Barbie kicked and cried and looked back at Uncle Grant so he would know that she was really crying. While she hated to give into tears, she hadn't ever had such a hard spanking. Of course, she had never yelled at Uncle Grant that she hated him. She thought that she would be careful not to do it again. After all, it was a lie. She really didn't hate him...but she sure did hate to be spanked.

Retribution, by A.B. (February 1, 2016)

By now she had a neat red oval on each buttock, marking the area where the hairbrush kept landing. Its top edge was at the crown___the place where the tape measure would go if she were to stand up and measure her hips at the point of greatest fullness. Its bottom edge was on her upper thigh, a couple of inches below the soft crease that marked the delightful boundary between thigh and buttock. Each of these red spots was shaped suggestively like a ping-pong paddle. A few pinkish blotches spread outward from the edges, but for the most part the redness in Janet's bottom was confined with rather surprising strictness to the area where the hairbrush actually made contact. Between the top of these ovals and the garter belt a broad band of skin was still lily-white, as were her thighs just above the stocking tops.

Pamela, by C. Flint (January 29, 2016)

Andy knew that in a contest of endurance between the sting in his hand and the sting in Pamela's bottom it was not his hand that would give out first. Gradually Pamela's kicks became more pronounced and her bleats of pain more frequent. Andy knew, also, that his silent determination was also working on Pamela's psyche. Pamela body started to jump each time Andy spanked her. He knew her bouncing was not in response to the spanks but the beginning of her usual attempt to escape his lap. He knew that when Pamela started to wiggle that she was near the end of her endurance. Andy paused to tighten the grip on her waist.

Southern Man, by Caroline (January 29, 2016)

"Then I'll just have to show you,"he said grimly, rising from the couch. He crossed the room quickly, but instead of running away, she waited for him. He took her hands in his. "Okay. Let's go."

"No!" she squealed. She pulled her hands back, and kicked his shin. He dropped her hands as he gasped in pain, giving her the opportunity to dash across the room."You'd have to catch me first." Now she stuck out her tongue again, and ran into the hallway. Travis quickly recovered, and started after her. He found her as she was opening the bedroom door, and despite her kicking, wriggling and squirming, she was no match for his strength. Before she knew what was happening, Travis corralled her into a corner, and as she tried to dodge past him under his outstretched arm, he wrapped it around her tightly and whacked her bottom.

"Ouch! Ouch! Ow! Stop it! I'm sorry!

The Primal Fantasy, by Courtney (January 25, 2016)

"No, no, no, no! I won't! You can't make me. Just go away and leave me alone!” He stepped back from her, and swung her around to face him. He pulled her face close to his - he saw her eyes clenched shut. A smile escaped his lips. He drew her closer, and captured her lips in a tender embrace. Jamie's eyes now flew open! She looked directly into Captain X's...uh...Mr. X's brown eyes smiling down at her. Before she could speak, he kissed her again, more vigorously this time. She gave herself over to the impulse... "That was very nice, my dear, however, I'm very disappointed in you.”

Jenny's Learning Experience, by Lisa (January 25, 2016)

She was flirting with danger, and she knew it. Michael hated being contradicted or made sport of in front of his friends and especially by her. The way he was looking at her now made the cups in her hand rattle, and she found herself inwardly cursing this girlish reaction. Who did he think he was, anyway? As she passed behind his chair, she dared to give him a chiding little tap on top of the head, and to say breezily, "For heavens sake, luv, stop glaring at me like that! Don't take everything so seriously!

Hard Time Spanking Style, Part Four, by Chuck (January 22, 2016)

Jason tried to place the first five strokes one under another so that he covered the entirety of both behinds, including the upper thighs and sitting down areas. He would be the only one sitting down at breakfast the next morning, he told himself. The final five covered already strapped territory and had the bottoms bouncing as their owners tried valiantly to stay in position.

He put down the razor strop and let the victims lie on the bed for awhile to cry out their misery. After a few minutes, he ministered to the blistering cheeks by applying cold cream. Then he helped Jennie to rise, handed her the pajama pants and sent her back to her room.

The Pick Up, Annie, by Tess (January 22, 2016)

Annie had just gotten the first spanking of her life.
Now she was on her way to get more of the same, just as she'd planned. It was going to be on her bare bottom again, but the man who'd picked her up would use more than his hand. The time had come for her to experience it all. At this point she was no longer sure she wanted to go further; yet here she was, sitting in the cab of a pickup truck with a man she'd just met a bit over an hour earlier, going to a fairly certain fate.

She'd been determined on this or a similar course when she set out for this evening's unprecedented adventure. It had to be now, she'd told herself as she carefully made herself up and dressed as an ingenue hooker. Now was when it was going to finally happen, one way or another. Even if she eventually had to go up to a man and tell him exactly what she wanted, what she'd fantasized about for almost ten of her twenty years.

Hard Time Spanking Style, Part Three, by Chuck (January 18, 2016)

"MR. THOMAS! PLEASE STOP! OWWWOUUCHHH! MY BUTT'S ON FIRE!" the pretty blonde screamed, feeling the devastation the paddle was creating on her precious behind. Her legs kicked wildly, sending her pajama pants flying across the room and leaving her completely nude from the waist down.

Using an upward motion, he landed the paddle over each half moon where it joined the thigh, causing an even louder shriek of distress from the young woman's throat. Then he moved further down the thighs before returning to the bottom proper. Her tears were now dropping onto the carpet just beneath her face as her legs scissored and then spread apart on the other side of Jason's lap.

The Pick Up, Annie, by Tess (January 18, 2016)

"Wait a minute here. You start a game and lose, you have to expect to pay the price. And Annie," Nick reached over again and turned her to face him, "before you pass out from fear, the only thing you have to worry about is getting your bottom blistered before I take you home, like I told you earlier. I just wanted to impress on you that it easily could be otherwise."
Annie stared into his eyes and saw only sincerity. She shuddered with relief at the reaffirmation of her gut feelings about this man. He wasn't going to hurt her...well, not beyond a spanking, and she already knew that was more exciting than anything else.

"Got the message?" he asked.

Daddy Brings Out the Hairbrush, by Tess (January 15, 2016)

"Young lady, you're lucky you aren't over my knee on the couch in the living room right now, with your bare bottom blistered. You know if you do something you shouldn't in the presence of other people, you can expect to get punished in front of them. I'm only conceding you the right to this much privacy due to the age of the young man out there and the fact that I do believe you thought you had reason to be angry. I don't believe you can ever justify actually attacking someone though. That's just not how differences of opinion are handled by responsible adults. Do you agree with that?"

Hard Time Spanking Style, Part Two, by Chuck (January 15, 2016)

Thus, her skirt-clad seat was propped up helplessly over his lap and he proceeded to give her some 25 hard spanks. It was then that she learned how hard his hand was and it was also then that she determined he was the man with whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life. She had regarded all of her other dates as wimps, but she respected Jason as a man strong enough to protect her as well as to keep her in line.

Hard Time Spanking Style, Part One, by Chuck (January 11, 2016)

Back and forth went the practiced hand of Jason Thomas and Allison's bottom, having the fair skin associated with that of a blonde, began to color rapidly. After only one round trip up and down the twin mounds, a rosy shade covered the entire area except for a white strip along the inner edges of the valley. He evened the decor by spanking along the central cleft and then moved down onto her upper thighs.

View to a Spanking, Jack Kennedy (January 11, 2016)

Nikki stood there bare footed in a blue silk dress, Her hair was straight and silken as her dress. I her hand and walked into her apartment. A fluffy gray cat darted act of the room. I led her to the couch and told her to sit dawn. She sat or l the edge of the. couch, back straight, hands folded in her lap, eyes downcast. We did some serious talking, or rather I did - most of it any way. I told her I was serious about what I said about spanking her. Her voice was almost shy when she asked what she had done to be spanked. I took her hand. She wouldn't look at me but her thumb rubbed mine. I explained that there were two reasons. That she had gotten important to me real fast and it scared me to know that she had been 'racing through traffic, something I had found out later. The second reason had more to do with what we had talked about at lunch: that she was a very pretty and desirable woman, that she knew it and used it. I admitted to being physically attracted to her but that behind her appearance there was a person who really attracted me. l sincerely felt that this person needed for someone to care enough to see behind the facade and to care for her behavior as well, to demonstrate that caring in a very direct way.

Jennifer and Brian at The Falls, by Lisa (January 8, 2016)

"The hell you are Brian I am NOT some child and you can't spank me I am too old and I won’t let you. You hear me Brian you are not going to spank me." Jennifer was yelling now. Brian calmly picked Jennifer up and tossed her easily over his shoulder again and headed back to the log he had sat on before. Jennifer kicked and struggled and shrieked and Brian kept on walking. She gave a mighty pull on his hair and Brian responded with a hearty swat to her bottom.

Jennifer was stunned into silence. He was not kidding he was really going to spank her. Her mind set into motion trying to figure a way out of this. Brian sat down on the log and took Jennifer over his lap. "Jennifer as much as it pains me to have to do this I amgoing to get your attention some way and I may be wrong but since you were acting like a child earlier I am going to treat you as one and see if that works. Now you know you were wrong in being so reckless don’t you? Jennifer said nothing. Jennifer I am talking to you young lady and don’t make me wait for answers or this will only go worse for you."

See the Light, by Don Barton (January 8, 2016)

"I'm nineteen now, Mom, and I think I deserve some freedom to do my own thing. And sometimes that means I've got to disobey him to do it. I guess I don't really want to disobey him. Well, okay, sometimes I do. But he pushes me so hard I feel I have to fight back. And the only way I know to do that is to disobey him. And now... now he says he's going to start spanking me again!... I'm too old to have my pants taken down and get spanked! It's not right! It isn't even right for him to ground me! I'm just too old for that stuff!... Sure, both of you guys spanked me when I was a kid and I misbehaved. But I'm not a kid anymore. I mean I'm in college!... Spankings and groundings should be a thing of childhood and no more... So I've left home, Mom, and I'm never going back!" Andrea said, tears beginning to fall from her face.

Ginny's Surprise, by Scherezade (January 4, 2016)

He gripped her firmly in his left arm and raised his hand high over her clenching bottom. It was such a rush of sheer, intoxicating power, to have his beautiful, imperious wife upended over his knee, struggling and pleading like a frantic child even as her womanly curves enticed him. It was a perfect moment in itself, one he almost regretted bringing to an end.

Headmaster's Solemn Duty, Richard Watson (January 4, 2016)

SPANK, SPANK, SPANK.......the Headmaster began Alice's punishment with a series of sharp spanks alternating between her delightful bottom cheeks - now bouncing under the sting and starting to redden even with this initial volley. "Keep your buttocks soft, young lady, you're over my knee to have your attitude changed, and I want to see you taking your spanking without any hint of resistance. Do you understand?"

Driver Education, by Nancy Levy (January 1, 2016)

'In that case, missy,'' said Uncle Joe sternly, “I may as well give the sergeant--and everyone else--a real look at that naughty behind of yours." He slid his spanking hand under the waistband of Nancy's panties and tugged them down over the round curves of her fanny. Nancy twisted around as best she could, reached back and grabbed her panties, trying desperately to keep them in place. ''No, please, Uncle Joe,'' she wailed frantically. ''I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. Please, PLEASE don't take my panties down in front of them. Take me home and spank me. I-I-I de-deserve to be punished for breaking the rules and for driving when I shouldn't but PLEASE not with people watching."

New Girl at Oak Hall, by Alexia (January 1, 2016)

He paid no attention to her objections and calmly set about his task. He shifted the woman far over so that her feet were kicking inches above the ground, got a good grip around her waist with his left arm and hiked up her skirt. She still had on her nylons and underwear. He put his right hand on her thigh and smiled as she bucked and twisted and roared indignantly at the intimacy of the touch, and though she gave his ribs a few hearty thumps with her elbow he neither released her nor lost his humor. The ranting went on and on. If she was frightened of him before, she was furious now, and the oddness of the situation was temporarily unimportant. She kicked and bellowed, and Grey simply held her there and rubbed her thighs gently until frustrated and winded she finally lay still, her head down on the cushions and between her arms, her fists clenched and her shoulders tense.

A Caring Father, by Chuck (December 28, 2015)


With the application of the hairbrush, her cries picked up in volume and, had the windows been open, might have been heard by several households along the block. She was in extreme pain as the wood impacted deeply into her soft gluteal muscles and would leave an ache that would last for hours. And she knew she would be sitting very uncomfortably for at least the next couple days.

The punishment session seemed to go on and on and exhaustion was beginning to set in for Pam. Her bottom had almost become a stationary target despite the intensity of the heat within. All she could do at that point was grip the pillow at the head of bed and bury her face in it.

Kindred Spirits, by Elizabeth (December 28, 2015)

There was a certain look of gentleness in his face now as he spoke, and I was trying to contain my shock and anger over the situation as I looked at him. In my confusion I shrugged my shoulders defensively and said, "I don't know!" My Uncle just stared at me for a moment before finally saying "It's up to you, Michelle. I want your stay to be a pleasant one for all of us, but your behavior will determine that. Do you understand me?"

"Yes," I said sassily, and Uncle Phil's face changed back to one of suppressed anger. "Young lady," he said, "I won't be sassed.. you want to try that again?" I didn't feel up to pushing it at that moment, so I calmed myself and said quietly, "Yes, sir." His features relaxed and he sat down on the swing next to me. I felt his arm cross behind my neck to go around my shoulders and I looked up at him mistily. I felt like crying I was so confused, and I think he knew that. He gave me a hug, and told me again of how much he loved me and how he wanted me to grow up happy and safe.

Slowly, I think a little bit of it began to sink in, but it took awhile. I was nowhere near ready to submit in the way that he expected me to, which became apparent just two days later. He and Aunt Angela had gone into town to buy some things in preparation for April's visit, and I had begged to stay at home. I had had time to think about everything that had happened, and to let my stubborn pride take hold. As soon as they were out of the house, I ran downstairs to call my friends back home. I was doing a 'slow burn' and this was my small way of rebelling again.

Cat Burglar, by Miss Lee (December 25, 2015)

Kenyon Griff checked his watch. 1:28 AM. Time to move. It would take him a little more than 90 seconds to cross the wide expanse of lawn, hugging the gloom of the hedges so as not to be seen. The mansion's alarm system would be turned off at 1:30 AM exactly and stay off for thirty minutes. That meant he had quite a bit of time to search for the goodies. Bless old Mugg for his impeccable timing and knowledge of the latest quirks in security systems. He pulled down the black balaclava, hiding most of his face, and glided from shadow to shadow until he reached the back entrance, a noir figure, powerfully built, yet lithe as a dancer.

Memorable Experience, by M.D. (December 25, 2015)

He was kneading me, pinching and rolling my slightly heated skin, bringing my blood to the surface. My cock was pounding through the combination of his touch and Veronica’s slow masturbation. Last thing I wanted was to get so turned on, but I knew what my best friend really wanted, beyond seeing two well-hung men naked before her, was to watch me take this spanking, feel it and most of all see how I enjoyed it. It was the slow tease of the thing, the witnessing the event, the sound of the smacks as they landed as Veronica sat back, watched and participated in this most superficial of ways that was getting to her. Sure she had ‘participated’ plenty with me in the past, but I knew what my best friend was getting-off on now.

Angela Lends a Hand, by Chuck (December 21, 2015)

Barbara worked at the base of her friend's buttocks, bringing the brush up in such a motion that it caused the cheeks to roll upward, shake and then return to their normal shape. It was Angela's real sitting down are, Barbara realized, and she wanted to make sure that it would remain tender long after the session was over.

The sounds of smacks and girlish cries reverberated around the room as Angela's first spanking neared its conclusion. The hairbrush made a final trip down one side and up the other. Barbara then spread the cheeks for a volley of spanks inside the crack.

The Burton Hensley Story, Obsession, Confession, Absolution, Rosy B. Goode (December 21, 2015)

She snuggled closer, listening to his heartbeat and thinking. Could she give him this? He'd given her his pain over and over. Could she give him hers? She doubted she'd lose her job... she hadn't made a mistake at work in a long time...but could she face the pain and humiliation again? The thought frightened her. Getting through that last time was one of the hardest things she'd ever done. Could she go through it again? And it might be worse. Mrs. Hamilton would be very disappointed, and she always knew ways to make it worse. She tried to imagine holding herself open for punishment as Burton had had to do, and managed to suppress a shudder. Yet there was undeniably a kind of fascination in the idea too. Would it be easier or harder if she knew Burton was watching? And how could it be arranged with some assurance that he would be allowed to watch? Surely it would be fair for her to dish back out to him everything Mrs. Hamilton had given her, if she gave him his fantasy. Would it help to know that she'd be doing those things to him later? She felt a quiver deep inside herself. Maybe it would make it... well, if not easier, more interesting perhaps. She thought a bit and then took a deep shuddering breath and spoke softly, "I think I know a way to do it. I can't promise she'd let you watch... even though you're past your probationary period, you're still my junior at work... but I think I know a way to tip the odds."

The Burton Hensley Story, by Rare Jewel, by Rosy B. Goode (December 18, 2015)

" You were naughty in the shower, Burton?"

His face flamed, "Yes."

" Tell me more about it."

He bit his lip. "I took a shower on Tuesday after work, and when I was w-w-washing my... ummm... bottom, I thought of you. I wondered if it stings more on wet skin, and Mom and Dad were out of the house, so I slapped myself a couple of times to see. Then I thought... well... that... ummm... maybesomeday you might want... uhhh... to s-s-shower with me sometime and s-s-spank me when I'm all wet... and then I was... uhh... washing a certain part of me and... well... ummm...."

She laughed. "That was quite naughty, Burton. So," she eyed him speculatively, "did it sting more?"

BMW (A Bottom Made Warm), by Victoria (December 18, 2015)

"All right, Scott. Are you ready?"

"Yes, ma'am," Scott had hardly let that out of his mouth when the hand lifted and descended. Scott had forgotten. He heard the startled "oh!" escape before he could stop it. Then another came as the other buttock was smacked. By the third smack on the first cheek this time, he had a little control. He gritted his teeth harder and tried not to yell. He couldn't keep from wiggling on her lap as the spanking continued. And he couldn't stop the little jerks of sound from escaping from his mouth as the hand landed over and over again. He still could keep from making too much noise until she reached down and smacked his thigh and then his other one. My was that ever tender.

Can't Run, Can't Hide, Part Two, by Chuck Wilson (December 14, 2015)

While Denise's bottom was warming over her parents' knees, Jim's dinner that night consisted of cold chicken and potato salad. Whatever faults she may have, cooking was not one of them and he was missing his warm evening meals.

That aside, he could not keep his mind off his beautiful wife and the fact that she had either already been spanked or was in the process of undergoing one. Why did she have to run home to cry to her parents about the spanking he had given her days earlier? The matter had already been forgotten by him and he had planned to treat her to a night out on the town when she felt well enough.

Promises, by Ray (December 14, 2015)

"Listen!" I spoke to her in a quiet, measured tone so that she couldn't possibly misunderstand me. "I'm not kiddin' around here. I won't let you take these crazy risks any more. I'm not about to let you get hurt, or killed. So you'd better do as I say, because if you ever do something as stupid and dangerous as this again, I promise you...I'll put you across my knee and give you the paddling of your life."

I was a little surprised at myself. I hadn't planned on saying anything like that, though I was angry enough at that moment to simply go ahead and do just that. God knows the thought had crossed my mind more than once since I'd met Laura, but it still startled me to hear myself say it. But if I was surprised, Laura was absolutely stunned.

Cindy and Ellen, by Alexia (December 11, 2015)

Cindy was furious! "Rot in hell! Let me go, you brute! Flea dirt! Putrefying jackal! You are worse than pond slime! Get your hands off me! How dare you, you refugee of a leper's compost heap!"
Harder and faster he whacked away, determined to give the foul-mouthed brat something to think about. The slipper, held by its heel, did an admirable job. The toe seemed to be weighted, and each resounding thwack brought a little squeal and a frenzied twisting from the insolent wench, but not the apology he wanted, nor a vow to be good. She was a saucy thing indeed

Can't Run, Can't Hide, Part One, by S.E. (December 11, 2015)

Jim lifted her legs up onto the bed and adjusted her pretty seat into the exact position he wanted it before sliding her panties further down toward her ankles. He then reached into the bedside table drawer where he kept a bottle of rubbing alcohol, which he often used to ease pain in his back caused by an old football injury. This time it would be used to prepare Denise's skin for the impending spanking.

Beach Bum, by Miss Lee (December 7, 2015)

“I’m gonna warm up your ass first, Biff.”

“Yes, Miss Lola.”

A sensation of heat spread across his bottom, meaning only one thing: she’d found his Tiger Balm.

He felt her spread his cheeks. He gasped.

Motivational Telephone Techniques, by The Sergeant (December 7, 2015)

She flushed, gritted her teeth and bent forward again. She took hold the side, gripping it, shuffling her feet to get a better balance. She waited. It seemed like an eternity before she finally felt the displacement of air once again, followed by the flashing pain of the ruler. He struck higher this time, more on the meat of her bottom and though she cried out in pain, she maintained her position.

The Chess Club, by Jason (December 4, 2015)

At least he's not scolding or making any humiliating remarks, thought Casey. She bent over and pulled her skirt and slip up, then reached underneath, tugging her pantyhose down, then finally her panties. She blushed, lying over his lap with her bare bottom sticking up for all to see. Her arms were dangling, not quite touching the floor, but her toes were solidly on the floor behind her. She was surprised at the strength of Clarence's bony thighs and the firm grip of his left hand around her waist. He maybe skinny, she thought, but he's certainly no weakling.

Views of Spanking, by Jack Kennedy (December 4, 2015)

Lightning shot through me and I jerked, like a puppet. I couldn't help myself. It HURT! His hand came down and again. I tried. to get away but couldn't move an inch. I felt his legs under my hips and breast. A wild thought ran through my head - I belonghere. NO!, NO! I struggled and kicked wildly but his hand kept spanking me and spanking me. I could feel tears running down my forehead. I put my hand back to cover me, it hurt so. He said "No!" and I pulled my hand. away. He said "no" and I obeyed. I grabbed on to him and hugged his leg with both arms. He spanked and spanked. I felt a pressure in my heart, my soul, my eyes. A wave passed through me sweeping everything clean, I bawled like a baby. It was like every hurt, and loneliness and guilt, rejection and unhappiness just poured out of me and I was FREE!

Sister-in-Law, Part 3, by S.E. (November 30, 2015)

After an eternity of so exploring her body he began to administer a slow but sharp series of spanks flattening the arching feminine flesh with each impact of his palm and feeling the globes quiver under the impact of each spank. Soon Patty was crying again from the devilish sting, her legs forgetting their task of remaining tightly closed and with each spank kicking about more and more. Without pause Ken continued to deliver the spanks until the girl's legs were once again scissoring about providing glimpses of her sex as her hips jerked up and down over his lap. Ken's gaze was fixed so as to catch these exciting revelations, knowing full well the girl's arousal from the session she was receiving and Patty, now overcome by the pain, begged for him to stop over and over again.

Reflections of a Domnant Man, Part 1, by B.C. & Wife (November 30, 2015)

The next day, Dad and I were talking. The subject of my big sister’s disobedience came up. He said he didn’t know what to do with her over this coming home late business. I told him the story of my revenge spanking.

How I had concentrated on one spot, and stood her in the corner afterwards. I said, “After I had given her a very thorough spanking, I felt it wasn’t enough. You know, like she hadn’t really learned what I was trying to teach her. So, I put her in the corner, like a bad little girl. It worked. She never gives me any crap anymore.”

Dad said it sounded like it was worth a try. That night, she came in forty minutes late. First, Dad gave her forty hard paddle whacks. Right on her already red, bare bottom. Then it was forty minutes in the corner, with her dress and slip held up and her fancy lace panties at her ankles.

Truant Officer, The Honeymoon, Part 4, by Patricia (November 27, 2015)

"But Don, I didn't disobey you," Susan said quietly. She looked around but the chairs nearest them were unoccupied. "What did I do?"

"First, you put on this suit that has your entire butt exposed. I told you that I wanted you to save your more exposed suits for my eyes only." Don paused, looking down at Sue's concerned face. "I also told you last night to stay away from Sin. He's just looking for a shipboard romance to help him forget about his divorce for a moment. He's always on the lookout for a new fling. What do I find when I finally get up and come looking for you? Sin massaging your naked behind." Don took a deep breath, telling himself to calm down. "I intend to give you the tan you are trying to get out here."

"Don, do you mean to spank me on our honeymoon?" Sue was appalled.

Sister-in-Law, Part 2, by S.E. (November 27, 2015)

Retrieving the slat of wood from the workbench, Ken positioned himself to the now sobbing girl's left and patted the hard surface across both hillock summits. The firm globes gyrated slightly from this moderate testing of wood against girlish bottom. "Five," he announced and slapped the slat with a noisy spank across both huddling cheeks. Sandra cried out, her legs wobbling, her seat waving about, her fingers gripping her ankles til knuckles turned white.... An angry stinging welt decorated both arches of her bared seat, curving around to the far slopes of the further hillock revealing how her behind had flattened out under the impact of that devilish slat of wood. For a full minute Ken waited as his wife babbled and twisted as the fires of that spank gnawed at her. "One" she hissed and was quickly awarded a second spank a bit lower on her curved behind which only renewed the performance which followed the first. Patty trembled as she stared at the yawning and pertly presented behind. A full minute after "two" was gasped by the older girl, the slat was delivered a third time across the quaking seat so invitingly arched towards the man.

Truant Officer, Part 3, by Patricia (November 23, 2015)

Yet," he responded with a grin. He stood up and moved toward the door. "All I can say is if you go, the consequences are on your own head - or bottom. Of course if you do make the mistake of going, you will come home early and you won't do anything more intimate than a handshake. I'll be angry if you get too friendly with this guy." He turned and took her in his arms and kissed her lingeringly. Drawing his head back, he looked into her surprised face, then bent his head once more. His lips became persuaders, molding hers and opening them to the intimate invasion of his tongue. When he finally felt her surrender to his sensual mastery, he released her. Turning, Don walked down the sidewalk toward his car. "I'll see you later."

Sister-in-Law, Part 1, by M.E. (November 23, 2015)

For a long moment Ken surveyed the tautly presented orbs as his wife maintained a position apparently learned from many previous such sessions. The man's large right hand squeezed the column of Sandra's thigh just below her left buttock as he made her wait. Patty held her breath as the open hand raised and spanked atop the further summit. The firm cheek quaked a moment before resuming its inviting jut, only now a reddening imprint marked the creamy flesh. Slowly Ken swatted the resilient globes as Patty stared feverishly through the window. The spanking progressed with a slowly increasing tempo to the slaps, each swat resounding noisily and contributing a fiery handprint to the soon evenly reddened behind. Sandra's composure quickly dissolved as the fires ignited by the constant rain of spanks gnawed at her.

Truant Officer, Part 2, by Patricia (November 20, 2015)

Susan sobbed quietly as she compared this spanking with ones she had gotten from her late husband. Bill never spanked me this hard, she thought. And he loved me. Don is just trying to be cruel.
"You're just being cruel to me," she sobbed, voice breaking. "Bill never spanked me like this, and he loved me."

Sorority Row, Part 2, by M.C.P. (November 20, 2015)

When she assented, he had taken her hand, led her to his desk, put his left foot up on the chair rung, and casually tossed her over his knee. She felt more helpless than she ever had in her life; she was completely naked, with no way to move or cover herself.

Then he started paddling her in earnest. She had cried and shouted and struggled, but there was nowhere to go, no one to hear. He methodically slammed the paddle into her, over and over, staying low, never hitting anywhere except the very bottoms of her cheeks where they met her thighs.

She had never imagined such agony, never thought that each and every stroke would hurt so distinctly, never believed she could stand so much. Time stopped, and by the time he was done, she wasn't sure if he had hit her twenty times or a hundred. Her ass was raw and burning when he finally picked her up, threw the paddle aside and wrapped her in his arms.

The Red Card, Session Three, by Kevin O'Toole (November 16, 2015)

But Luther Dampley was a disciplinarian, both proud and accomplished, and his concept of a good spanking did not include passive acceptance of the spirited punishment he was providing. Tracy's stoic resolve could not have been more misplaced, although her innate conformism combined with the pride with which she performed her duties to deprive her of any awareness of the mistake she was making. The slaps arrived with more vigor and ferocity as the powerful man matched Tracy's determination with his own, oblivious to the sting which the relentless impacts brought forth in his palm. By the time the count reached fifty without pause or any sign of his fury diminishing, the abashed young lady could hold out no longer.

"Aaaaiiii!” Tracy shrieked while unseen by her, Mr. Dampley permitted the faintest hint of a smile to creep across his face and the force of his slaps relaxed, only slightly but perceptibly nonetheless. However, the smarting in her tortured rear had already reached unbearable proportions and the commencement of her physical response was equally dynamic. By now, Tracy was wiggling and squirming around in a frantic attempt to avoid the continuing slaps, but her boss was just now reaching full stride. The arrival of each additional solid whack seemed to hurt worse than the one before, reminding her beyond any shadow of doubt that her boss delivered a far more merciless spanking than her loving mother ever had, hairbrush or no hairbrush. "Eeee-yaaa!”

Truant Officer, Part 1, by Patricia (November 16, 2015)

"" Janette begged as she heard him take the cup up and run the shaving brush around the edge of it. Janette squirmed and rolled to one side and then the other. She got a smack for that and a command to take her shaving like a good girl. She stopped wiggling so much until the cloth was picked up from her bottom and the brush started making circular motions there. She sighed and tried not to moan. It was so sexy and so scary and so all kinds of things. It was embarrassing and exciting at the same time. She had never been over a man's knees and had him tend to her bottom. She dreaded the spanks. She was embarrassed by the intimacy. She was embarrassed and confused by the strange feelings that the brush stroking her bottom forced her to confront.

The Red Card, Session 2, by Kevin O'Toole (November 13, 2015)

Teresa simply could not believe that she, a grown woman, could be expected to put up with being treated so childishly and she even opened her mouth to protest. But Dampley's icy glare silenced her before she could speak and compelled her to shuffle over and meekly stand in the corner like a pre-schooler. With another stab at her vanishing aplomb, the unpleasant realization that the caller might easily have overheard his embarrassing instructions intruded upon and magnified her misery as humiliation washed over her. The last time she had been `stood in the corner' was when she was ten and her mother had just spanked her for riding her bike along the highway.

Sorority Row, Part 1, by M.C.P. (November 13, 2015)

"The number of strokes you will receive depends on you. I will administer five sets of strokes to each of you, beginning with six, and increasing by one with each set. Six, then seven, then eight, et cetera. Don't bother trying to add it up, it comes to forty apiece, with the exception of Miss Jennifer there, who has already earned herself an additional five.
"However. Forty is the minimum that you will receive. The slightest disobedience, the very slightest, and I will repeat the set, and with each repetition, the punishment will grow progressively more severe."

The Red Card, Session One, by Kevin O'Toole (November 9, 2015)

Dampley closely observed the chubby mounds as they momentarily flattened from the force of each slap and then bounced back immediately to resume their deliciously rounded shape. Daisy's smarting rump was pink all over by now and gradually coloring even further. He systematically covered every square inch of bare hindquarters with hard, stinging slaps, numbering well over a hundred, and still his strong arm continued to fly. As always, the relentless supervisor was determined to spank an increased sense of responsibility into his "girl's" errant bottom. Again he raised his hand over her ruddy seat.

Profits Down Panties Down, Part 4, by M.C.P. (November 9, 2015)

"" Janette begged as she heard him take the cup up and run the shaving brush around the edge of it. Janette squirmed and rolled to one side and then the other. She got a smack for that and a command to take her shaving like a good girl. She stopped wiggling so much until the cloth was picked up from her bottom and the brush started making circular motions there. She sighed and tried not to moan. It was so sexy and so scary and so all kinds of things. It was embarrassing and exciting at the same time. She had never been over a man's knees and had him tend to her bottom. She dreaded the spanks. She was embarrassed by the intimacy. She was embarrassed and confused by the strange feelings that the brush stroking her bottom forced her to confront.

Dean of Discipline, Part 8, by A.B. (November 6, 2015)

“Now, Miz Marinetti,” he said suavely, “perhaps you will honor us by taking a position across this desk”” Kate, apparently trying to master her voice, did not answer. “Well, then, I’ll be glad to help you,” he said, taking her wrists and backing around the desk. He pulled in and down, and the tall young English professor found herself stretched belly-down across the surface of the desk, her wrists pinioned tightly and her already stinging bottom in the air. Her leggings were down around her knees, but the skirt of her tunic covered all but the lowest part of her backside. With a nod, Bob indicated that Liz should raise this. She did so, tucking the skirt into the tunic’s belt for security. Kate now stood completely revealed, except for the white band of the tiny panties. The rosy glow of her buttocks made a charming contrast with the olive-sheened whiteness of her thighs.

Profits Down Panties Down, Part 3, by M.C.P. (November 6, 2015)

Roger's voice broke in as he asked Gladys, "Are you enjoying the view?"
Gladys had her eyes shut and wasn't answering him when he smacked her bottom and commanded her to open her eyes and watch. Gladys was mortified for Laura as well as for herself. Her face was right on a level with Laura private parts. When Laura kicked, Gladys was given a view of everything.

Larry stopped again and Roger said, "Want to tell Laura how modest she is?"

Dean of Discipline, Part 7, by A.B. (November 2, 2015)

Seven, eight, and nine went to the upper part of her buttocks, each line fitted neatly into its slot. Connie sang out loudly at each blow. Clearly they didn’t feel lighter than the first six, and in fact there was not much difference in the force. Although she still managed to stay in place, the agitation of her body increased, and her high heels beat a flamenco dancer’s tattoo on the floor as the pain built up after each stroke, causing her martyred hindquarters to wriggle back and forth adorably. After the ninth, she appeared about to stand erect, but rose only a few inches before she forced herself back down, breathing heavily.

There were only two spaces remaining between the lines I had laid down earlier, and I would have to fit three strokes between them. Both were in the ripely rounded lower part of her buttocks, the narrower gap uppermost. Waiting until she was still, I snapped the tenth stroke into this space. It seemed to be the final straw. “Ahhowowowowowoww” cried Connie shrilly, her tears bursting forth at last. “Aahowoohoohoohoooo!” As Kate had done before, she came helplessly erect and rubbed hard at her peppermint-striped bottomflesh.

Profits Down, Panties Down, Part 2, by M.C.P. (November 2, 2015)

When the men let her go, she came up from the table with a shout and grabbed at her bottom. Realizing that it was too sore to touch, she began to stride about the room, hopping from foot to foot part of the time. She shook her bottom and she hit at her hips with her fists. She scratched at her bottom with her nails. She cried and squealed and moved all over the room in a spanking dance like none of the men had ever seen before.

Dean of Discipline, Part 6, by A.B. (October 30, 2015)

So I gave every girl a good, sound, workmanlike Emberley paddling, as nearly identical as I could make them. One by one they came in, reluctantly approached the punishment bench, and blushingly reached up under their skirts to lower their panties, or unzipped and slipped down their jeans. One by one they bent over my knee, rump uppermost for me to uncover by raising a hem or tugging down a scrap of cotton or nylon. One by one they bit their lips as this last covering slipped away, baring their helpless buttocks completely to the retribution about to descend.

Some bottoms were broad, some were slender, some were flat, some were firmly rounded, some were pale, some were olive. One was dark brown—it belonged to Consuela Sanchez, whose father owned hotels in the Dominican Republic. A couple were mottled with the bruises of paddlings they had received only a few days ago. No matter—I spanked them equally hard. They might be sore for a while, and a rear view in the mirror might be shocking, but their young flesh would soon recover, and it was kinder than making them wait another week.

Profits Down Panties Down, Part 1, by M.C.P. (October 30, 2015)

Roger took a few steps toward her and laughed as she backed up. Her hands were out warding him off as if she thought she was about to go over his knees again. "If I decided to spank you again, you would be a spanked young woman--don't think you could get out of it. But I don't need to spank you, the world will do that. I suggest you check on your business life, I believe you are dying and don't realize it. Only some really fancy foot work will save your company. Perhaps you have promoted some woman who will do it for you. If not--well, honey, I imagine you'll have a long wait in the unemployment line."

"What do you mean? How dare you suggest that I can't run this business! Get out of here! Get out! Get out!"

Dean of Discipline, Part 5, by A.B. (October 26, 2015)

I had worked my way downward, away from Frances’s marks, and had reached the tender underslopes of the girl’s buttocks. The last stroke lifted the flesh slightly, and brought forth a shrill squeal and a renewed frenzy of stamping. To my disappointment, the line was not parallel to the rest; on the left it touched the crease between buttock and thigh, but it angled upward and on the right ended at least two inches higher.

“Not bad at all, for a first attempt,” pronounced the Games Mistress judiciously as she took the cane from me and examined my handiwork. “I’ll just finish the job, shall I?” Expertly she placed the last four strokes in the largest remaining spaces, waiting hardly at all for the girl’s gyrations to cease after each stroke. This may have been a merciful gesture on her part, since I had drawn out my part of the procedure and she may have wanted to end the ordeal quickly, but four strokes of the cane in less than a minute gives the body little or no time to recover between strokes, and Bronwen squealed louder and squirmed uncontrollably as the agony in her hindquarters grew more intense. I had to admire Frances’s skill in placing the cane strokes so precisely across the girl’s heaving buttocks; I also had to admire Bronwen’s discipline in not trying to escape before the full dozen had been delivered.

New Masks, Part 2, by Alexia (October 26, 2015)

She didn't take to the corner often, only when she had erred tremendously and knew that ,Jonathan would be furious. That isn't to say that Karen wasn't disciplined fairly regularly; her temper often earned her a session across his knees, and her procrastination in regard to bill paying and chores was remedied in the same way. There were even frequent occasions when her playfulness and taste for role playing got her bottom warmed. But this, putting herself in the corner and virtually asking him to punish her, was saved for momentous occasions like insulting his family or friends, -wrecking the car or letting insurance policies lapse, In the eight years that they had lived together he had come home to find her in such a position only four times, and each time he had. been incensed enough to take a strap to the woman's butt and teach her a lesson she wouldn't forget. After the first incident Jon went out and bought a proper razor strop for the purpose rather than use his doubled. belt again, and Karen's reaction to this instrument had been more than satisfactory.

Dean of Discipline, Part 4, by A.B. (October 23, 2015)

We entered the living room. Kate’s black eyes took in the sofa, the armchair, the stereo equipment and shelves of CDS, and finally came to rest on the bare wooden bench. They grew round when she saw what was lying on it. “Are you going to spank me with that?”

“I don’t have a duplicate of the official college paddle here at home. Perhaps I’ll have to do something about that. In the meantime, this is the best I can do. I don’t think you’ll have any cause to feel cheated.” I lifted the walnut clothesbrush and smacked my palm with it, provoking an involuntary flinch. “Well, I think we may as well get started.” I sat down on the bench and laid the clothesbrush next to me. “Come here, Kate.”

New Masks, Part 1, by Alexia (October 23, 2015)

Her thighs were now well reddened and she shifted her weight back and forth and fought the urge to straighten and defend herself from the paddle. Jon could see her gritting her teeth to bear the heat in relative silence and decided that it was enough for now.

"Put on that underwear, girl, and get yourself into the living room." She hurried to do his bidding, gingerly tying the scrap of green satin over her smarting fanny, then followed him, dry-eyed and still defiant, to the living room. She gestured rudely to his back, not really caring if he turned around and saw it. He calmly took his seat.

Dean of Discipline, Part 3, by A. B. (October 19, 2015)

Connie pressed her face against my shoulder for a few seconds, then took a deep breath. “So. I stood back and swung the paddle in with both hands, like a tennis racquet, and it connected, and poor Marie hollered and jumped as if she was going to take off for the moon. I could see that the paddle, when you swung it that way, had a harder impact than it probably did in the standard, over-the-knee position, so I was careful not to get carried away, but I didn?t take it easy on her, either. Marie yelled and cried and danced up and down, and I had to tell her twice to keep her hands in front of her on the desk. I don?t think I gave her as many as Harve would?ve, but the hits were harder, and judging from the way her bottom looked when I was finished, she got a typical Emberley spanking—maybe a bit on the high side of medium, but no worse than what our friend Jennifer got this morning.

Debbie in Iowa, Part 3, by B.C. and Wife (October 19, 2015)

The terrible ruler went up and began to give the red faced girl a matching bottom. Watching the ruler caress her bare bottom like that was a scary thing. I could see everything happening to her that had just happened to me. Each and every time the ruler spanked the screaming girl it put a bright red line across both cheeks of her bouncing bottom. As the red lines began to fall on the same place over and over again, the skin on the lower half of her bottom turned darker and darker red.

He really spanked her until she had blisters on her bottom before he stopped spanking her and sent her to her seat. She pulled up her panties and went to her seat still bawling and cried harder still when she put her burning, blistered bottom on the hard chair.

“Well, that’s a bad sign,” Mr. King said. “Is anyone else in need of a spanking today? Tell me now and we can get it all out of the way first thing. Come on now! Anyone who didn’t do the homework? Or just has to tell her neighbor something?” he sounded serious.

Dean of Discipline, Part 2, by A.B. (October 16, 2015)

She grinned. “And may the Lord have mercy on her bottom.”

I grimaced. “A disciplinary dean is never the most popular guy on campus,” I said. “I’ve gotten pretty used to that. But the way the job is done here at Emberley, they’re going to run when they see me coming. I’m not sure I’m ready to have an entire student body thinking of me as a monster.”

Connie laughed. “It isn’t that bad. Harve Jordan actually made quite a few friends among the students—though I admit they were mostly juniors and seniors who’d learned to stay out of trouble. Remember, the student understands that you’re just as much an instrument of school policy as the paddle in your hand, and she won’t take the punishment personally.”

Debbie in Iowa, Part 2, by B.C. and Wife (October 16, 2015)

Those round young bottoms seemed to stick out even more in contrast to the red and welted skin that was all around them. They seemed to be begging to be spanked. I knew that Uncle Henry and Aunt Mary did not spare those bottoms to be kind to the girls and make it easier for them to sit down. They had saved those bottoms for a very special punishment and everyone knew that they would really get it good.

Aunt Mary called the two miscreants from the corner. They stood before her, sore and teary eyed. “You two go out to the apple tree and fetch a fine pair of switches!” she ordered.

Dean of Discipline, Part 1, by A. B. (October 12, 2015)

A dim light came through the door when it was opened. Leaning down, I saw that I was looking through a peephole about three inches in diameter into a large room below. Like all the rooms I’d seen so far in the administration building, it was paneled in dark wood. There was a massive desk, some bookshelves, a couple of comfortable chairs, and a fireplace. I paid no attention to any of this, however. What riveted my interest was the scene directly below and opposite the peephole. On a leather-padded bench sat the venerable dean, with a large wooden paddle gripped firmly in his hand. He was busily applying this to the bare, squirming bottom of a young woman who lay stretched across his knees, twitching and squawking every time the paddle came down. I could hear clearly the loud splat! every time the hard wood of the paddle made contact with tender, wincing flesh. Though the girl’s backside was thoroughly reddened, the dean kept right on paddling, until she kicked both heels in the air and screeched. I watched, hypnotized, as the dean delivered his final volley of spanks, and the weeping victim was allowed to pull up her panties and depart.

Debbie in Iowa, Part 1, by B.C. and Wife (October 12, 2015)

I hung over his upraised knee as he quickly raised my dress and pulled down my panties. As always this process brought a deep blush to my face. Once he had prepared me he spanked me hard and fast with his big hard hand.

My embarrassment was, for the moment, forgotten. The pain of Uncle Henry’s big strong hand slapping my bare bottom drove all else from my mind. His hand spankings were worse than a paddling from anyone else. My dad paddled me hard. Aunt Mary paddled me harder than that with her hairbrush. The principal at my new school paddled me harder still. But none of them paddled me as hard as Uncle Henry spanked me with his hand. When he picked up a paddle it meant that someone was in for a truly awesome spanking.

Naughty Nancy Has a Bad Day, by Cathy Scott (October 9, 2015)

Nancy quickly hobbled over to the desk and bent forward, reaching her hands out to the other side. Her tummy fluttered nervously, her hands were sweaty and her bottom clenched and unclenched spasmodically. She was not looking forward to this experience! Never in her entire eighteen years had she ever had her bottom bared and paddled! Never had even a few swats landed on the seat of her ragged and stained panties! Frankly, she was just as happy to keep it that way! But that was not to be. Mr. Barnwell was already moving into position behind her and old prune-face was pulling her even farther forward over the desk. She gripped Nancy's hands in hers and held them there, a grim smile on her parched face. Nancy shook all over, waiting nervously for the first paddle stroke. She didn't have long to wait. It landed with a loud thwack across the center of both cheeks. Oh, how it burned and stung! Nancy let out an almighty howl and lunged forward across the desk. Her bottom cheeks bounced and wobbled under the impact while Nancy squirmed and kicked. The second swat landed on her right cheek only, leaving her gasping and jiggling. From then on the swats landed with dire regularity . . . middle, right, left, middle, right, left!

Re-Education of Cheryl, by C.J. West (October 9, 2015)

"Cheryl, get up to your room. We'll see if we can solve this problem up there."

She knew what that meant but she wasn't in the mood to be ordered around.

"I'm not going to my room," she said, "or anywhere else with you. I'm 22 years old and you can't spank me anymore when you disagree with me. I'm going out."

She turned and started to leave as her father warned her. "Young lady,"he said, "you have 30 minutes to get yourself together and come back into this living room. If you don't, you will move out of this house next week."

Cheryl slammed the door as she left. She was upset by the way he'd treated her and she needed to get away. But, as she drove around the block, she thought about what he'd said and what had happened that night.

The New Regime, by Annie (October 5, 2015)

"Mom, it's no big deal! I stay late all the time and you don't give me a hard time. Why now?"

This time Neil answered, "Because now things are different. We had plans for a talk after school. You didn't even have the common courtesy to call and say you'd be late. You had your mother worried needlessly, and it's RUDE! I think at the very least you owe your mother an apology."

"I don't have to listen to you! You're not my father! You're NOTHING to me!" Kim yelled.

Revenge Turned Sour, by Barbie (October 5, 2015)

Roger looked at Phil and asked, "If you had warned Kathy about a particular bad habit and promised her so many licks with the strap if it happened again, would you let her off with half of them?"

Kathy dropped her head. She already knew the answer to that one. As Phil quietly said, "No." Betty put her arm around Kathy and thanked her for trying. She even gave a little embarrassed laugh and said that at least it would be over tomorrow night. When she added, "I'll watch the clock better next time." Kathy began to cry. Phil guided her out of the house and back home.

Kathy hardly slept a wink that night, imagining Betty on the bed again, tied up, being beaten when it wasn't her fault. She remembered how sore and frightful her bottom looked after the last time. She shuddered to think of being in Betty's place. But the time morning came she could hardly sit through breakfast with Phil. She was so jumpy that at last he asked her about it.

Kerry Robbins of Oak Hall, by Alexia (October 2, 2015)

This was too much! She arched her back and roared. Every ounce of energy she had left she put into breaking free and salvaging her pride, while Herlihy calmly bared her for punishment. She tried going forward. She tried wriggling off backward. She heaved from side to side. Herlihy was delighted with the girl's persistence and determination. If she ever learned to control and channel that intensity she could do wonders, but right now what she needed most was to learn that someone was stronger than she, mentally and physically. He worked her panties down until they were at mid-thigh. Now she was bared and there could be no mistake as to what was forthcoming

Over Daddy's Lap, by Alan O. (October 2, 2015)

"I know you didn't intend to get into an accident, Nancy, but that's not really the issue. Is it?"

"No, Daddy, it's not," she said, finally finding the courage to meet her father's eyes. "I should never have taken your car. I guess I was kind of angry at you for forbidding me to use it; like you didn't trust me. But now I know you were right about that. I shouldn't have taken it. It's your car--not mine. You didn't want me to drive it, and I was wrong not to respect your wishes."

"You certainly were wrong. You may see yourself as quite the sophisticated and independent young lady, Nancy, but I am still your father, and you are my daughter. You're living in my house, under my roof, and under my protection; and I take my responsibility to you very seriously because I love you." He hesitated for a moment, gathering his thoughts, before continuing. When he resumed, his voice was softer; not nearly so stern. "Nancy, I know you're not a child. I don't mean to keep you under my thumb, but I don't think its unreasonable for me to want you to respect my wishes. I'm the head of this household and your father, and even at your age there are times that I have a right to expect you to obey me. A case in point being this car business. That doesn't make me such a tyrant...does it?"

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